Peer Reviewed Scientific Evidence Exposes Chemtrail as Crime Against Humanity

A peer reviewed, court admissible scientific evidence of the deliberate annihilation of the global population has been released to the public by a very prominent scientist. This explosive revelation was made through the peer reviewed International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health.

This would mean that any interested party can file a class suit against government agencies and private entities authorizing and performing chemtrail operations around the globe, most especially in America and its allied countries.

The days of highly intoxicated pro-chemtrail trolls are officially over.

Evidence of Toxic Coal-Fly-Ash and Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health

by J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.

Peer-Reviewed, Court-Admissible, Scientific Research Paper Published Exposing Geoengineering

Scientific evidence now exists which indicates the presence of “toxic coal combustion fly ash” in the Earth’s atmosphere. The following abstract excerpt comes from a peer-reviewed paper recently published in the August 11th issue of the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health – State of the Nation

[CENSORED: Click here to download research paper by J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.]

“The widespread, intentional and increasingly frequent chemical emplacement in the troposphere has gone unidentified and unremarked in the scientific literature for years. The author presents evidence that toxic coal combustion fly ash is the most likely aerosolized particulate sprayed by tanker-jets for geoengineering, weather-modification and climate-modification purposes and describes some of the multifold consequences on public health.”[1]


What makes these scientific revelations so explosive is the source — J. Marvin Herndon, Ph.D.  Not only has the highly experienced and well-regarded scientist utilized rigorous scientific methods to arrive at his firm conclusions, the research paper has been published in a prestigious, peer-reviewed open access journal.

The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health has in fact permitted the publication of many highly consequential research papers over the years. However, this particular scientific study on chemical geoengineering is as serious as it gets.  Which begs the question: Just who is J. Marvin Herndon?

Marvin Herndon is no ordinary geophysicist.  According to his Wikipedia page he has been dubbed a “maverick geophysicist” by The Washington Post.  It is his extraordinarily diverse background, deep and broad knowledge base, as well as unique skill set which distinguishes him from his peers. In order to better know the source of this critical information, regarding the ongoing and nationwide covert geoengineering program, PhD Herndon’s wiki-profile is presented below.

J. Marvin Herndon (born 1944) is an American interdisciplinary scientist, who earned his BA degree in physics in 1970 from the University of California, San Diego and his Ph.D. degree in nuclear chemistry in 1974 from Texas A&M University. For three years, J. Marvin Herndon was a post-doctoral assistant to Hans Suess and Harold C. Urey in geochemistry and cosmochemistry at the University of California, San Diego. He is the President of Transdyne Corporation in San Diego, California.

He has been profiled in Current Biography, and dubbed a “maverick geophysicist” by The Washington Post.[1][2] He is most noted for deducing the composition of the inner core of Earth as being nickel silicide, not partially crystallized nickel-iron metal.[3] More recently, he has suggested “georeactor” planetocentric nuclear fission reactors as energy sources for the gas giantouter planets.[4] as the energy source and production mechanism for the geomagnetic field [5] and stellar ignition by nuclear fission.[6][2]

With credentials like these, it will be very difficult for the U.S Federal Government to deny the fact that toxic Coal-Fly-Ash is being systematically used in the now ubiquitous geoengineering program that generates chemtrails on a regular basis around the world. Dr. Herndon’s exceptionally thorough and authoritative paper goes on to state the following about these toxic and/or poisonous components found in the chemtrail aerosols.

“The consequences on public health are profound, including exposure to a variety of toxic heavy metals, radioactive elements, and neurologically-implicated chemically mobile aluminum released by body moisture in situ after inhalation or through transdermal induction.”[1]

For those who are uninitiated in the science of geoengineering, the preceding excerpt basically intimates that whoever lives, works or plays under chemtrailed skies is exposed to a whole range of chemical contaminants and toxic pollutants.  Therefore, the longer those individuals (read: every resident of the USA) are exposed to such chemtrail aerosols, which eventually fall down to Earth, the more likely they are to be directly involved in this developing public health disaster.

For those who are unaware of the chemtrail phenomenon, please view the following comprehensive photo-doc. Should any questions or concerns arise about chemtrails or chem-clouds, geoengineering programs or chemtrail operations, please watch the videos posted here and here.

CHEMTRAILS: A Planetary Catastrophe Created by Geoengineering (UPDATED)

Health Concerns and Medical Consequences

What is particularly alarming are some of the “Keywords” which are listed in Marvin Herndon’s journal article as follows:
• Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
• Alzheimer’s disease
• Parkinson’s disease
• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD);
• Neurological disorders

Keywords: geoengineering; coal fly ash; aerosol particulates; chemtrails; autism spectrum disorder (ASD); Alzheimer’s disease; Parkinson’s disease; attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD); neurological disorders; chemically mobile aluminum » [download research paper]

There are many other medical ailments and health conditions which are caused and/or exacerbated by chemtrail-disseminated coal fly ash and their other toxic contaminants. There is even a quite common illness that is now well-known as Chemtrail syndrome which is further explained at the link below.

CHEMTRAIL SYNDROME: A Global Pandemic Of Epic Proportions

Just what is coal fly ash and what does it contain?

According to the research paper coal fly ash is one of four major byproducts of the industrial coal-burning process.  Here is a more complete breakdown:

Industrial coal burning produces four types of coal combustion residuals (CCRs): fly ash, bottom ash, boiler slag, and flue gas desulfurization product (FGDP), i.e., gypsum. Bottom ash is heavy and settles out; coal fly ash, on the other hand, is comprised of micron and sub-micron particles that would go up the smokestack unless captured and stored. Because of its well-known adverse environmental health effects, Western nations now mandate that coal combustion fly ash is to be captured and stored.[1]

The research paper introduction goes on to explain the “potential environmental health risks” that are associated with the many trace elements which are concentrated in the coal fly ash repository.  Some of the more toxic and/or potentially poisonous elements are “arsenic, barium, beryllium, boron, cadmium, chromium, cobalt, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, selenium, thallium, thorium, vanadium and uranium“.[1]

Two Test Methods Were Used That Produced Almost Identical Results
The results of two different test methods, both of which compared the composition of the aerosolized particulates with the known elements from coal fly ash, were not just compelling, they were overwhelming similar. That virtually identical results were arrived at provides an excellent legal basis for class action suits to proceed successfully. Both individuals and families, communities and businesses, which have been injured by ongoing geoengineering operations, now have sufficient scientific evidence to sue the government for both compensatory and punitive damages.

The test results as reported in the abstract are as follows:

The results show: (1) the assemblage of elements in rainwater and in the corresponding experimental leachate are essentially identical. At a 99% confidence interval, they have identical means (T-test) and identical variances (F-test); and (2) the assemblage of elements in the HEPA dust and in the corresponding average un-leached coal fly ash are likewise essentially identical.[1]

Given the information which has been presented thus far, who in their right mind would not want to immediately get to the very bottom of how this extremely hazardous waste product — Coal Fly Ash — is being SPRAYED IN OUR SKIES ON A DAILY BASIS!

Geoengineering Programs Must Be Terminated; Chemtrails Must Be Stopped

Now many will better understand why so many health advocates and environmental activists within the anti-geoengineering movement believe that the geoengineers are truly mad, clinically insane, certified crazymakers, or all three.  Who but mentally incapacitated geoengineers would ever implement such an exceedingly dangerous and destructive atmospheric engineering program?  Across the planet, no less!

This toxic/poisonous chemtrail pollution is now constantly permeating the air that we breathe — all of us.  The coal fly ash falls on the water bodies and water courses of the world.  Coal fly ash now rains on the crops and the orchards and the grain fields below. The coal fly ash descends on the forests and fields, the cities and suburbs.  The toxic chemtrail brew ends up on our homes, our lawns, our vehicles and our previously organic gardens.

In light of this ever-worsening predicament, one question emerges.  How do we stop this slow-motion genocide?

Michael J. Murphy, Producer/Director of Why in the World are they Spraying? is initiating a class action lawsuit which addresses the damaging effects from the ongoing, worldwide geoengineering programs. He has been informed that a scientific, peer-reviewed research paper on geoengineering process and procedure, aerosols and their chemical composition will have sufficient legal weight in a class action lawsuit.

This irrefutable evidence will be presented in Michael’s upcoming documentary An Unconventional Shade of Gray.
A class action lawsuit will surely bring to light many of the facts and figures that Mr. Herndon has meticulously ferreted out and confirmed.  Through the legal process of discovery the government agencies, military installations, and corporate contractors, which directly participate in this crime against humanity, will be forced to disclose their many closely-held secrets. The following link provides more information about what a class action lawsuit initiative might look like.


The bottom line here is that “NATIONAL SECURITY” will no longer prove to be an acceptable justification for poisoning the skies of the world.  That is exactly what the U.S. government and military will invoke — ‘national security’.  

They are used to getting their way — every day — over many decades by committing their many crimes against humanity in the interest of ‘national security’. The following article presents firsthand testimony about how well this strategy has served their covert geoengineering programs over decades.

OPERATION INDIGO SKYFOLD: The Most Secret Covert Operation In World History

Times have now changed … profoundly.  Many are now waking up to the serious medical consequences that Dr. Herndon has identified.  When the health of all human, animal and plant life have been placed at great risk, something radical must be done about it.  Clearly, the implications of the Herndon study are so vast and grave that the American people must respond appropriately.

For starters, perhaps they ought to consider how to peacefully militate — POST HASTE — against all geoengineering programs which spray chemtrails.  Doing so “post haste” is highly recommended because of the current international push to legalize geoengineering as a means of combatting global climate change.  Should sky chemtrailing become unlawfully legalized by international treaties or legislation, the challenge of undoing those measures will be formidable.  As the following article indicates, the upcoming December 2015 climate conference in Paris is an important milestone in their drive to legitimize geoengineering worldwide.

Whistleblower Activist Exposes Covert Agenda Behind Geoengineered Global Climate Change


When scientists like Marvin Herndon risk their careers, their reputations and even their lives in order to reveal the details about highly classified geoengineering programs, it’s time to rally around them and support their efforts.

Marvin’s paper is 1 out of only 2 peer-reviewed scientific research papers ever written about the connection between geoengineering and environmental contamination.  He wrote them both.  Because they are peer-reviewed, they can be used in a court of law with great effect.  They can therefore be used in a class action lawsuit.

Marvin is collaborating with other scientists in an effort to get more tests and peer- reviewed papers out into the public domain.  In those future studies they will endeavor to prove the direct correlations between chemtrail contaminations and other diseases/ailments/conditions. Aluminum-related illnesses are of particular interest to these courageous investigators.  So are other known toxins and their health complications which are now frequently showing up in human populations everywhere. 

For more info and future updates, please go to:
State of the Nation
August 13, 2015
Author’s Note

This chemical geoengineering exposé is so explosive that it will surely come under all sorts of attack.  Ad hominem attacks in the form of baseless claims are usually the first type of criticism to be leveled.  In the interest of further solidifying Dr. Herndon’s credentials to expertly investigate chemtrail composition, the following excerpt is offered for the reader’s consideration.

“In 2005 Herndon postulated what he calls whole-earth decompression dynamics, which he describes as a unified theory combining elements of plate tectonics and Earth expansion. He suggests that Earth formed from a Jupiter-sized gas giant by catastrophic loss of its gaseous atmosphere with subsequent decompression and expansion of the rocky remnant planet resulting in decompression cracks at continental margins which are filled in by basalts from mid-ocean ridges.”[2]

*Coal Ash is a generic term for Coal Combustion Residuals or CCR.  Coal Fly Ash, also known as “pulverised fuel ash” is one of the primary residuals generated by coal-fired power plants.  Hence, Coal Ash often refers to any of the 4 main hazardous waste products produced by burning coal, including Coal Fly Ash

Editor’s Note

SOTN previously published an essay under the title How The Hard Science PhDs Have Wrecked The World.  The subtitle of this scientific and academic commentary is:

The Geoengineer PhDs are especially dangerous and deadly in their doings.
This particular piece deeply penetrates the existing institutional arrangements and pervasive ‘political correctness’ which have created an environment for so many scientists to do things which are relentlessly destroying the biosphere.  So many among us have misplaced their trust in exceedingly misguided scientists and their destructive junk science.  The aforementioned commentary lays bare how the whole corrupt academic and scientific research system really works.  Hence, the unbeliever(s) ignores this crucial info at their peril.

Dr. Herndon has obviously escaped that same system.  Not only does he run his own company, he appears to enjoy a high degree of investigative research license.  In other words he can investigate serious matters which the system scientists are forbidden from doing.  For this reason Marvin Herndon deserves every form of material and spiritual support.  Whether it is his stated cause or not, the research mission he has embarked upon is nothing less than saving humankind from certain self-destruction.

After all, what is more essential to life — vital to human existence — than the very air that we breathe … 24/7 … everywhere and anywhere we go?

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    1. These patterns in the sky are actually known as contrails, or condensation trails, and scientists have shown they’re the result of water vapour condensing and freezing around aerosols in aircraft exhaust for years.

      1. Exactly!
        But you left out the fact that the patterns are actually flight patterns made by commercial airlines as they fly from one airport to another. They are the same patterns observed on air traffic controller radar screens.

      2. You are a moron, pure and simple. It’s people like you that perpetuate the decline of human consciousness and awareness. It’s people like you that threaten the safety, well-being, and future of MY CHILDREN – so I take your ignorance, or perhaps your purposeful disinfo agent agenda – PERSONALLY. Contrails, dear simpleton, do not stay in the sky for hours and even days on-end, turning into sun blocking, milky white haze, or “fake clouds”. I mean seriously, how dumb can you get? Do planes only fly on certain days? LOL There are days where there are beautiful clear skies, and then all of the sudden, there are hundreds of planes putting deliberate criss cross LINES in our skies of white crap; the weather suddenly CHANGES, people get SICK. Contrails do NOT behave the same as CHEMTRAILS and you have to be an incoherent fool suffering from serious cognitive dissonance to not SEE what’s in front of your own GMO face. Oh and by the way, geoengineering isn’t a “Conspiracy” theory anymore, didn’t you know? Or is that rock on top of your head too heavy? Troll…

        1. I can back you up on the subject of contrails. Modern jet engines have a ratio of 1-60 area of airflow. 59 parts is clear air and 1 part from the actual core of the engine so 1 in sixty by volume is exhaust. Modern engines therefore cannot expel contrails in such volume so cannot be confused with chemtrails. The chemtrail nozzles are near the jet exhausts just to confuse onlookers.

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      4. So is there no such thing as geoengineering and scientists such as David Keith are just making all these know facts up . You obviously do not observe what is going on in the sky’s above you or the rest of the world . You can deny as much as you want but it doesn’t mean it’s not happening or that we will all including all living things on this planet be impacted from this omnicide.

      5. 😆 Yeah. And when it’s-30, you can turn around at the end of the block and still see your breath from where you were 5 minutes earlier. 😉

      6. Hello & LOL. Any honest pilot, air traffic controller will dispell the laughable fallacy that routine air travel “con-trails” explain away what are now widely called out & colloquially recognized as “chemtrails”. Pilots with years of intense training & scrutiny & bonafide objective observation inform all who care to listen, that ice crystallized con-trails dissipate far faster even in very cold conditions. Contrails from commercial aircraft combustion emmisions in the atmosphere typically do not linger more than a few minutes, at most. Whereas lines & delineated grids of sprayed toxic chem-trail particulates stay suspended & conspicuously opaque, even in moonlight for remarkably & measurably longer periods of time. Precious little vitamin D can be sourced for immune function from
        artificially filtered sunlight. Photosynthesis is elemental to almost all planetary life yet it is in jeopardy from this terraforming SNAFU “new normal”. Officialdom, MSM, trolls & AI censors spew forth the contrived “contrails cover narrative” & comically scorn truth tellers ad nauseum. Reasonable observant & decidedly critical folks, who are not “Googullible” & study this urgent issue know the publically unaccountable “geoengineering gig” is UP.

  2. ADHD is caused by amph in food, as well as Insomnia, invented to control the mind by HAARP, scallar waves, US army mind control

  3. hey but nanodust, is to create an artificial nervous system in the body, so they can affect the frequency of organs, and disrupt their activities

  4. astma, Alzheimer, Parkinson, multiple sclerosis, weakened immune system, miscarriage, and many more

  5. J. Marvin Herndon’s article in Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health (IJERPH) was retracted on 2 Sep 2015.
    Here is the announcement:
    and here are the details in a PDF:
    Why was it retracted?
    1) He used the wrong value of average unleached concentration of Aluminum to normalize the data in Figures 4 and 5. This error makes the conclusions invalid.
    2) He did not attempt to compare his rainwater HEPA air filter results to chemical compositions of potential sources other than coal-fly-ash. For that reason, the work is preliminary since the actual source of those chemicals is not clear.
    3) The language of the paper is often not sufficiently scientifically objective for a research article.

  6. First; this paper has been recalled by the journal on September 2. Second; it’s not really peer-reviewed. It’s “open peer-reviewed” which means it’s optional. This is a vanity press for scientific papers to be published with a minimum of review and very few rejections. Third; the idea of this global conspiracy is paranoid madness. Try checking with an actual atmospheric scientist. I have.

  7. and yet another site for the ignorant (Anybody here taken an upper division physics course of statistics course, let alone have a degree in the subject??) and gullible to fall prey to fear mongering psychopaths.
    This article did not pass the smell test. Here is just one article that debunks it, and does so on exactly the grounds that I suspected. The main source for crap in the air are all those “free market” coal fired power plants whose owners idea of capitalism is that they can make profits by poisoning our environment, and that government regulations are a needless burden.
    I mean, you are all sheeple, and really no one cares if we poison you, so stop with all this do-gooder regulation stuff, and do what you should do. Consume, and die.

  8. Another site where stupid and scientifically ignorant people can be scammed by fearmongering psychopaths. This article is not only wrong
    Not only wrong
    for the very reasons that I thought — viz. the chemicals in the air are from coal fired power plants, often owned by “free market” “capitalists” whose version of the marketplace is that they should be allowed to poison the environment to make a profit, and regulations are just a pesky nuisance. Really, the purpose of you sheeple is to consume and die. But the paper was also dishonest.
    All you people who believed it. Well, just stupid suckers

  9. Chemtrails don’t pass the common sense test. If they, (whoever they are!!) are spraying chemicals into the atmosphere (for what reason?) are “they” not going to be just as equally affected adversely as the rest of us joes? This Chemtrails business seems to me to be nothing more than paranoia.

    1. These chem-trails target certain areas and they do NOT dump when the wind is blowing. Contrails will NOT I repeat will not cause the sky to lose it’s blue color within a few hours of this dump.

    2. Move to year 2022 and there’s evidence of chemtrails. The equipment and chemicals are listed in the Patent Office. The equipment has been photographed and so have the nozzles on the aircraft near the jet outlets.

  10. Herndon’s flawed paper ‘Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health’ was RETRACTED in September 2015. You can check yourself –
    Refer to and for full retraction details and
    As explained on the Metabunk site “There are multiple problems with these papers: figures are incorrect, values given are off by several orders of magnitude, masses are calculated incorrectly, data sets appear to have been chosen arbitrarily. But the biggest problem with the paper, even if we take the data at face value, is that there’s no actually correlation of the data sets, and no control is used. Statistical significance tests are applied incorrectly.” His own statistician told Herndon the statistical analysis he did “was not valid.” Herndon’s ‘evidence’ of ‘aerial spraying’ includes a few pictures of clouds and contrails he shot in the skies above San Diego, where he lives.
    Herndon also once tried to pass off bird poop containing fruit remains as evidence of “chemtrail” spraying. No joke –

    1. I agree with Sabra Lee. Why is it going on still? What happened to the class action suit? I see it with my own eyes. Grids of trails show up at least every few weeks in Ohio. Yes please explain. We are waiting for this madness to end. I am losing hope

  11. You mentioned the “days of highly intoxicated pro-chemtrail trolls are officially over.” It’s the year 2021 and they are still doing it!
    Can you explain?

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