The Situation is So Intense, it Involves the Entire US Government | FBI Insider

A thread on 4chan with an FBI insider confirms everyone’s worst suspicions. The Hillary Clinton email server was merely a distraction from the Clinton Foundation and most of DC is in up to their necks in what could be the biggest scandal of all times.
This inside info from someone claiming to be a high level FBI analyst whose job was to look at the records, with NOTES added to clarify some of the responses.

The smoking gun is about to arrive and there are “a lot of people involved”. To save everyone time, here are the choice bits with the link to the entire archive, where you can decide for yourself if this is for real or not. Looks like Trump and Putin hold some of the cards. This could be the most interesting election ever. (Language Warning):
This level of corruption is something expected in a developing country or a place like China, where they openly persecute good people and have industrial scale organ harvesting of Falun Gong and others. The Clinton Foundation is up to their neck with Jiang’s vile regime in China, but there is so much to see here…keep reading.

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Why Hillary was Not Indicted
>>79480356 (OP)
Will she be indicted?
{NOTE: This thread was from BEFORE the announcement by Comey that there would not be any indictment}
There is intense pressure for us not to do so. I am posting from a position of near anonymity and enough plausible deniability to evade prosecution, as we have all been given gag orders.
There is enough for her and the entire government to be brought down. People do not realize how enormous this whole situation actually is. Whether she will be or not depends on how much info about others involved gets out, and there are a lot of people involved.
The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the e-mail server. We received the server from Benghazi, then from the server we found data on the CF. Then we realized the situation is much worse than previously thought.
Super Classified Materials on the Clinton Email Server
She had SAP level programs on her server, which if made public, would literally cause an uprising and possibly foreign declarations of war.
{NOTE: A Special Access Program is an intelligence program classified above top-secret. They are held on closed servers at secret locations. The only way to get one is if you are specifically read on to a program, have a need to know, then you must physically go to a location and pass through several layers of security to even look at the program. A good example in non-classified terms would be the locations and operations of our intelligence operatives around the globe, or our missile silo locations.}
The Clinton Foundation is the Key
The real point of interest is the Clinton Foundation, not the e-mail server. We received the server from Benghazi, then from the server we found data on the CF. Then we realized the situation is much worse than previously thought.
{NOTE: This explains why the investigation took so many people and so long}
A Bigger Problem than Hillary
Killing HRC would not cause this problem to go away. The problem is with the Clinton Foundation as I mentioned, which you should just imagine as a massive spider web of connections and money laundering implicating hundreds of high-level people. Though I do not have a high opinion of Hillary, she is just a piece -albeit a big piece – of this massive shitstorm.
Legal is asking preliminary questions about whether or not she has been coached (she has) and setting up the general line of questioning. I am a high level analyst though, so my job is only to look at her records.
The DOJ is most likely looking to save itself. Find everyone involved in the Clinton Foundation, from its donors to its Board of Directors, and imagine they are all implicated.

The ENTIRE Government is Involved
My opinion is the entire government is guilty of treason, which is why HRC’s death would not cease the investigation or prevent further scandals. Many, many people are involved.
There already is enough to indict. Comey has been trying to stall because he does not want to face the Clinton Machine, as well as the rest of Washington D.C. But this case would explode into a million other cases if fully brought to light, and then we would be one agency competing against the entire government and a hoard of other interests. It is a very tense and uncomfortable position.
What Lynch is saying is she will accept whatever they do and make her determination as she will. Nothing about her responsibilities has changed, she is simply trying to keep her hide intact.

Foreign Powers Have Some of the Documents
Trump Has Some of the Documents
Russia Will Probably Leak All Info they Have
Foreign powers are in possession of some of the documents we have analyzed, because they were hacked from the Clinton server. Trump has some files as well, and likely plans to leak them and use them to his advantage soon.
The leaks will have to be made in a non-transparent fashion.
If we recommend, we literally hand over documentation implying the entire government is involved in treason at the highest levels and everyone is about to duck and cover, as well as some sensitive details of SAPs which would obliterate national security.
I am not sure, but some of my war strategy buddies are estimating a high probability that Russia will leak all of the info they have to the world, since Clinton wants to go to war with them and they have no desire to be in conflict with the US.
If we do not recommend, it will look like a cover-up and Trump will use the perception to bolster his message. I did work in PsyOps once, and Trump’s use of confirmation bias is legendary.
Bill Clinton Will Likely Die This Year
If Trump Wins, Hillary Goes to Jail
Bill Clinton will likely die this year.
Everything is Corrupt, Even Trump is Dirty
Impossible to say. The entire government is corrupt. No one is clean, not even Trump.
Trump has donated to the Clinton Foundation in the past, though for fairly innocuous things like building permits and such. He is smart, so his tracks are covered well. But if any prosecutor wants to go very in-depth Trump would be brought on bribery charges. He could easily get out of them, but he would be charged nonetheless.
We have our hands tied. My message to you and everyone on this board is do not get distracted by Clinton’s e-mails. Focus on the Foundation. All of the nightmarish truth is there. The e-mails will pale in comparison.
I do not know of Trump’s record, but from the case he definitely knew to limit his exposure and make it only look like a donation.
If Trump wins, HRC will be prosecuted. I have heard rumors Christie will be his AG, and Michael Flynn will be his VP pick.
A Multitude of Scandals
Saudi Arabia visits and donations to the CF. Russian Uranium fiasco. HRC and the Israel lobby, the Council on Foreign Relations. AIPAC. The list is endless.
Three Choices – Could Crash Everything
I will put it to you this way: You have three choices,
A) turn over all of the information to the DOJ, make public a recommendation, the truth comes out, the entire world realizes how much the US is meddling in foreign affairs and we go to war, the civilian population realizes how much foreign money influences our government, and a civil war begins.
B) You cherry-pick the data to implicate the people already in the eye of public opinion, so the chips fall on the heads of a select few and the whole system does not crash.
C) you do nothing and watch the unstable political climate to gauge how you will respond.
I am confident if Trump wins she will be going to jail.
The Problem is the Entire Government
Comey will likely resign in any case. FBI is being very quiet for a reason, most of us want to keep our jobs.
Snowden has nothing to do with any of this.
Possibly. I don’t know for sure.
Obama and HRC do hate each other. HRC hates black people and Obama dislikes recklessness. As far as the investigation, some details are correct. As to the outcome, no one knows.
Truthfully, not many. The FBI is rather fond of /pol/. We study more than we investigate.
The problem is with the entire government. HRC is one component of that government.
Hillary Sold SAP’s to Overseas “Donors”
All I can tell you about the SAPs is HRC had them, and she did not have proper authority to have any of them. They were leaked to her by someone, and she did sell them to overseas donors. Possessing them alone makes her guilty of treason.
Obama is loosely tied to the CF, but much more tied in with the same people who donate to the CF.
Russian borders, Ukraine, everywhere NATO is, the South China Sea, the Phillipines, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Africa.
Soros is at the heart of all of this.
If it comes down to it, I would fight. But most of us are of the opinion that HRC will not be president, and having Trump in office makes our job that much easier. But right now we have to carefully wade through the mud.
As I stated before, BC likely wanted LL to focus on the e-mail server and shy away from prosecuting the foundation.
We will go to war with Russia and possibly China if she wins.
Obama Wanted to Postpone the Case Until 2018
Didn’t Obama push to have the case postponed until 2018 as well?
There is talk of it. I do not know where the order came from.
A Difficult Position for FBI Insiders
If leaking data en mass destroys my country, we betray the country. If we do nothing, we betray the country. I am not disagreeing with you. I am saying the situation is more complicated when you are inside, and you do not have the breadth of info that I have that would make your eyes fall out of your skull if you knew what all was going on.
It benefits her because her donors have paid for it. I do not want to post any information about me or where I am, because if any hint got out that I posted anything, I would be fired and blacklisted. Possibly killed.
Soros Guiding Everything – Global Government
Soros funds, instructs, and influences every layer of US government. right down to the tax code.
Correct theories: Huge Jewish influence, Soros as a puppet master, red team planner. You would have to ask specifically.
The goal (of Soros, since I assume that is what you are asking) is to create a global government where all people intermingle and breed and become one people ruled by a racially pure Jewish race. They sincerely believe under their rule all human conflict will cease because there will be no more cause for division. This desire is born out of a fear of the horrors of WWII. The Holocaust is a lie, but the death toll was still massive nonetheless. And many people were brutalized by it.
Russia Hacked the Clinton Email Server 100%
do russia (or others) have enough info to bring down clinton if they leaked it? would they be more likely to leak it or use it for blackmail?
They have enough to take her down. I am not sure of the totality of what they have. I can tell you that they 100% hacked her server.
Orlando and LA Gay Parade Attacks were Inside Jobs
are the incidents manufactured with the intent of harsher gun control laws?
Yes. They gay bar attacks were inside jobs.
If Everything is Exposed, Human Trafficking and all the Payoffs
>In regards to the Clinton Foundation, what would happen if all of this information ended up being released to the general public?
I said in the last thread, total chaos. The government would be exposed at every layer, who pays who, who buys what, and no one has yet asked about the human trafficking bits I have been laying out.
>What if you, you personally, leaked all the documents to the darkweb or some other online outlet. What would happen?
Silencing and/or death. Some places are trying to leak but we censor them too fast.
>Would the countries that would be named in the documentation declare war if there was a large change in government?
No, they would declare war because all of our secret operations in their countries would be exposed.
>Couldn’t you have the AGs of some of the right aligned states indict her? If they were given enough information and documentation?
We have thought about this. It is on the table.
9/11 Was a Mossad Inside Job
>>79489525 (OP)
What do you know about 9/11? Was it an inside job?
9/11 was Mossad.
Get Smarter About Civil War (The FBI’s Main Concern)
If a civil war broke out, 100% certainty China and Russia would get involved.
>Also, what fears would need to be resolved in order for the FBI to be willing to go nuclear on this bitch and the foundation?
This would be like launching a nuke at NYC. We would hit the target, but we would then be at war with the whole US.
The FBI is facing the entire federal government in this case. It is why we are so quiet.
Sex Rings in All Governments

Sex rings are popular in all governments, but pedophilia is primarily in British parliament & Saudi Arabia, and that’s why HRC and BC love foreign donors so much. They get paid in children as well as money. Dig deep and you can find it. It will sicken you.

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Thanks a lot, John.

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  1. I say go with choice C (“bide time and watch the unstable political climate to gauge how you will respond”), BUT the ‘response’ being to ensureTrump becomes president and use that public hope as the cover to go after these people behind the scenes and stop them from doing it again and throwing it in our faces publically (ie shillary’s whole prez campaign).
    Definately not choice A bc america does not need russia/china invading upon civil war and turning it into a broken draconian colony- only a chickenhawk would go with A in my opinion. And not choice B becuase there has already been too much “you cant handle the truth/we will decide what’s good for you” big brother crap, which has proven not to work but simply compound the spiders web of intrigue.

  2. Interesting scare expose’! Doesn’t mean crap! If the commenters would take the time to click on ALL of the so-called references they would find that ALL of them CANNOT be found! Some reporting! Is it all BS?

    1. It was there but taken down — these posts don’t stay forever, so you have to grab them and save them when you can. This appears legit.

  3. so she shit on everyone in congress, it’s all going to come out, why don’t people start outing themselves so she can’t blackmail anyone else.

  4. If this is all true, and deep down most of us knew there is vast corruption within our government (and all others). We as a nation , not a country, must do what is correct and g-d willing, and if necessary rebuild our nation from the ground up. The good people of this nation under g-d, will prevail if we do not give in to the fears of what may happen because of the evil actions of those who chose to dwell in the dark. This nation was specifically created and equipped by righteous law to stand up to this type of tyranny. We must restore the constitutional republic, and hang all the traitors as prescribed by our just laws. This may be our nations greatest moment to shine, or our last.

    1. They’ve probably been taken down by “outside” sources. This has been up long enough, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was purposefully cut off on attempt of someone trying to save themselves…

  5. Ayn Rand wrote Atlas Shrugged 60 years ago… and it seems like she’s describing today’s politics, especially that of the Clinton Foundation.
    “Money is the barometer of a society’s virtue:
    – When you see that trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion
    – when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing
    – when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors
    – when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you
    – when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice
    – you may know that your society is doomed.”
    “Hillary and Bill truly are above the law. The couple built a fabulous fortune and unassailable power by auctioning political favors to the highest bidder and building a global network of insiders.”

  6. America’s corruption is beyond salvaging, and ripe for divine justice on the polluters of this promised land. When the majority of the people are unrighteous, it’s time for heaven to clean house. 2016 is the year. BW

    1. @ Bob Webster If you do read your bible, you should know that our lord Jesus Christ warned us as to how things were going to develop, on the last days, He said that there was going to be wars and RUMORS OF WARS, but for us believers not to be concern with, He also mention that first there was to be a PERIOD OF WORLD PEACE THAT AMOUNTED TO 70 WEEKS or equal to 3 and 1/2 years, then the ANTICHRIST WAS TO REVEALD TO THE WORLD AFTER RECIVING A HEAD WOUND AND THEN COMEING BACK TO LIFE. THEN IS WHEN SATAN WITH TAKE POSETION OF THAT HUMAN BODY THAT HAD THE HEAD WOUND AND THEN IS WHEN REAL CHAOS WILL DEVELOP AROUND THE WORLD, UNDER SATAN’S LEADERSHIP THAT WILL BE WHEN REAL ARMAGEDON WILL COME TO LIFE AND IF IT WAS NOT FOR THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST AS OUR LORD AND SAVIOUR NO FLESH WOULD BE SAVED.

  7. All true! HRC also has a hidden bank account in China from when she was Sec. Of State. The initial deposit was 500,000,000,000-that’s five hundred Billion. Authorities around the world, including the UN Members are aware of this and do nothing. This money is a drop in the bucket. Everyone believed Bill and Hillary left Arkansas to the Whitehouse bankrupt, not even close. They were profiting $100,000,000 a month smuggling in cocaine in to the Menna Airport. Over 100 witnesses are all dead. Most by suicide. One guy shot himself in the head-TWICE! Now that is something I have to see. Get ready for HRC as president and Bill as Secretary General of the UN.
    Scott not Tra

  8. More likely Shotgun Joe Biden will be suddenly thrust into the presidency and will nominate HRC as Veep. BHO will go on to lead the UN as king of the world. Jesuit Pope Francis is the False Prophet & Allah is just another name for the devil. I hate Big Brother.

  9. I am not at all surprised by the information that has been provided, which is nothing compared with actually coming to face the truth which most Americans are still not willing to accept.
    the great thing about the internet is that you can find the truth if you really want to learn it. so it depends on the searcher how much truth they are willing to accept. by separating it from the half truths which are nothing more than selective truths. equal to full lies and deceptions.
    America has been in a state of coma for more than 100 years, but even more so right after the second world war.
    all the Jews that had the soviet union under their control, did what they always do cry to the idiots on the west for help to get out of the soviet union right after they had DISMANTAL IT TO THE POINT OF BANKARUPCY, and the idiots on the west like always do did provide the finances to get them out of there, and bring them to the united states to be able to DESTROY AMERICA FROM INSIDE, in the same manner they have always destroy their HOST NATION, and move on to a fresh Christian nation to bring down, America was the first choice however not the only choice since they also did spread themselves down all the way to south America, and even Canada to the north.

  10. After the last couple weeks, I will say go with option A, blow all the globalist traitors out of the water and let the chips fall where they may.

  11. Not really sure why the sudden panic……..the US gov. has been run by ‘other’ shadow deep state elites for 200 years! nothing new here, other than the fact that ‘we the people’ have caught on to this corruption[ at our expense], and we arent going to stand for it anymore. They [the elites and the DC politicians] better be afraid of whats about to happen!

  12. A cesspool of criminality and inhumanity exposed in this article and I can’t believe someone commented solely on being glad that Chelsea Clinton ‘s braces are finally off. People are so far removed from reality, and that is why we are in this mess. Society has been so unbelievably dumbed down.

    1. We have been Cecille Chan.
      I was watching a program last night( only because the old woman that I look after from time to time) that was called ‘Millionaire Weddings'( An Asian Entrepreneur that organises very glamourise and expensive weddings for the so called ‘elite’) . The reality they seek is not reality and are far what is happening on this planet.
      There is change coming, they also know change is coming but in a different light. Mankind and Humankind are in for an awakening – Humans also will not be free of this wrath unless they also seek and accept the true Creator.
      Where I live I watch also horses been sold to other slave masters for the purposes of financial gain and ego. He will be most upset that we do not put the same energies into seeking him/her.

  13. Hillary smiles and dances away, flipping off lady justice and all Americans. Barr is done. He’s the latest empty suit to shrivel up under the deep state cabal. We are done. Trump has no chance now. Thanks Barr. Hillary just spit in your eye schmuck. Justice will be denied again..and again…

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