Top-level Assassinations & Large-Scale Military Exercises as Covert WW3 Peaks

Upon the toppling of the Deep State from the White House, the assassinations of high-profile personalities have gone up and military exercises continue to increase in numbers and size.
The White House, of course, is just one of the key positions by which the Deep State wields its immense power. Nothing has changed in Congress. The Rothschild media networks are still there. EU countries have yet to replace their Khazarian puppets with independent leaderships.
There are so many ways to sabotage an “outsider” presidency.

  • Clandestine insider trading, large-scale market speculation, etc.; interest rigging by the privately-owned central bank known as the Federal Reserve, to plunge the economy and create dissent;
  • Covert operations from a rogue faction at the Pentagon defense hierarchy and private mercenaries to initiate retaliation from governments;
  • The CIA and other components of the Intelligence Community feeding false intelligence to the media and the president;
  • Continued false reporting from the corporate media networks to sow dissatisfaction and unrests;

Of course, the Trump government has already addressed some of the items stipulated above, but other pertinent issues remain.

In fact, the Trump government is showing signs of getting very strong influence from the military hierarchy and the arms industry sector, as it plans to upgrade the military capabilities as a way of generating employment. This is in parallel to the wide latitude given to the oil industry sector, without due regards to reservations such as in Dakota.
With this unclear foreign policy towards the Eastern Alliance, the latter can only make certain preparations and strong expression of readiness towards any aggressive intentions.

Large-Scale Military Exercises

FILE PHOTO More than five thousand air, sea and ground troops take part in a multinational NATO maritime exercise in the Baltic Sea © Agencja Gazeta / Reuters
FILE PHOTO More than five thousand air, sea and ground troops take part in a multinational NATO maritime exercise in the Baltic Sea © Agencja Gazeta / Reuters

NATO continues to conduct war preparations along the Russian border. Just recently,

  • Germany sent additional troops to Lithuania [here]; Germany also wants to deliver 100 tanks and increase its defense budgets in response to Trump’s request for burden sharing [here];
  • US delivers 49 helicopters and several trucks from the US 10th Combat Aviation Brigade [here];

All of these recent provocative military preparations are in addition to the previous US  deployment of thousands of troops and heavy weaponry to the Baltic States, Poland and southeastern Europe, and a buildup that was intensified in the final months of Barack Obama’s presidency.
US military helicopters arrive in Germany amid NATO buildup in E. Europe (VIDEOS)

In January, 2,800 pieces of US military hardware, including US Abrams tanks, Paladin artillery, Bradley fighting vehicles and 4,000 troops arrived in Europe as part of the operation.

Russia considers NATO’s continuing military buildup in Eastern Europe as a real threat to its security. So that, just weeks prior to the assassination of its permanent ambassador the UN, Putin ordered a snap Air Force drill.
A Russian multipurpose MiG-35 jet fighter flies during its presentation at the MiG plant in Lukhovitsy, January 27, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

The Russian president emphasized that “special attention should be paid to combat alert, deployment of air defense systems for a time of war and air groupings’ readiness to repel the aggression,” Shoigu explained, adding that Putin thus ordered tactical drills at all relevant military bases and within all relevant units.

Other large-scale military drills were also conducted much earlier which included a 50-million strong bomb-shelter civilian drills across the federation.

Russia continues to upgrade its military armaments with more long-range aerial bombers and sophisticated high-precision missiles.

Russia’s Aerospace Forces and naval aviation will have their air fleets boosted this year by a total of 160 planes and helicopters, Col. Gen. Viktor Bondarev announced on Sunday…
Col. Gen. Bondarev’s deputy Lt. Gen. Pavel Kurachenko said last December the Aerospace Forces could count on getting more than 900 new aircraft by 2020.

Russia is also building an Integrated Eastern Defense Line facing Japan and the United States.

Russia will deploy a division to the Kuril Islands this year, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Wednesday. Moreover, the first Bastion coastal defense system has recently been deployed to Kamchatka. The moves are part of Defense Ministry’s plan to build an integrated defense system in Russia’s Far East.

In an astounding announcement, which did catch the UK’s attention, no less than the Russian defense minister admitted that 99% of ICBMs are combat-capable and 96% of it is ready for immediate use.

Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said 99 per cent of Russia’s intercontinental ballistic missile launchers are combat-capable with 96 per cent ready for immediate use.
Mr Shoigu told Russian MPs: “The intercontinental ballistic missiles launchers are being maintained in a way that allows to ensure a nuclear deterrent.
“99 per cent of the launchers used by the Strategic Missile Forces are combat-capable, and 96 per cent of them are permanently ready for immediate use.”

The Pentagon, on the other hand, has sent a nuclear powered aircraft carrier into the South China Sea area. This is in response to China’s naval drill after Trump’s provocative pre-inauguration speeches against the latter.
Meanwhile, Iran is also refusing to be intimidated by US defense rhetorics and conducted the biggest naval exercises, so far.

“The aim of the Velayat 95 drill is to upgrade the country’s defensive capabilities and send Iran’s message of peace and friendship to the regional countries,” the Navy chief said aboard the Sahand warship.
The Iranian Navy successfully test-fires Nour cruise missile in the Strait of Hormuz, southern Iran, in January 2016.
The exercises are being held in an area of 2 million square kilometers, spanning the Strait of Hormuz, the Sea of Oman, north of the Indian Ocean and the Bab-el-Mandeb Strait.
Surface and subsea vessels and naval helicopters have been deployed in operational formations to carry out missions across the waters.
The drill also involves Special Forces stationed across the Makran coastal strip on the Sea of Oman to rehearse defending Iranian waters.
Additionally, reconnaissance patrol aircraft, hovercraft and drones are on the look-out, monitoring the movements of foreign troops.
Advanced radars, sonar systems and domestically-manufactured chaff dispensing systems used to distract radar-guided missiles are also being tested in the drill.

Aside from the naval drills in the Strait of Hormuz, Iran is also planning a similar exercise in the Indian Ocean.

Political Assassination vs. China

But the most significant development in the East Asian region is the assassination of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un’s half-brother, Kim Jong Nam, which is sure to provoke increased tensions between China and the Deep State. Kim Jong Nam is supposedly the preferred leader for China, and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, an asset of the Deep State.

Kim Jong Un looked the part, dressed up in the uniform of a four-star general, and trained in the operation of the torture camps and punishment gulags which fill his blighted land. But the world will have to see whether his prolonged exposure to the west and its values during his school days in Switzerland have imbued him with any democratic values that might bring his decrepit and starving country back into the international fold after years of isolation.

Father and son: A rare image of Kim Jong Il and his third son Kim Jong Un during his youth
Father and son: A rare image of Kim Jong Il and his third son Kim Jong Un during his youth

Despite having thousands of pounds lavished on his education at a top private school in Switzerland, he didn’t leave with even the equivalent of a single GCSE. When he was just 15 his father took him out of the costly International School Of Berne, where fees now cost around £16,000 a year. He moved him to a nearby state school to save money but he was quickly put in the lower tier in class.

That doesn’t look very impressive to the Chinese, but could be used for nefarious purposes by the West.
So, China has thumbed its nose at President Donald Trump once again. Beijing insisted Friday that North Korea’s nuclear proliferation and missile defense programs were a problem between Washington and the totalitarian of Kim Jong Un after Trump insisted China could squash the issue “easily,” Reuters reported.
Since North Korea is protesting about the Malaysian probe into the death of Kim Jong Nam, we can speculate that the assassination may have been ordered by a third country to provoke a war between North and South Korea, to drag China and the United States into the fray.
At the very least, it may force the South Koreans to accept the installation of THAAD surface-to-air missile system of the US to protect itself from the North, when in fact the goal of the US is to continue to provoke China into war.

Political Assassinations vs. Russia

Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, attends a farewell ceremony for the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov at the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016. Karlov was fatally shot by a Turkish policeman Monday in a gathering in Ankara, Turkey. (Alexei Nikolsky/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)
Russian President Vladimir Putin, center, attends a farewell ceremony for the Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov at the Foreign Ministry headquarters in Moscow, Russia, Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016. Karlov was fatally shot by a Turkish policeman Monday in a gathering in Ankara, Turkey. (Alexei Nikolsky/Sputnik, Kremlin Pool Photo via AP)

In just a span of 3 months, 4 Russian ambassadors lost their lives either under a highly questionable circumstance, or outright daylight assassination.

Earlier last month, Andrei Malanin, a Senior Russian Diplomat to Greece was found dead in his bathroom. The causes of death remain unknown.
Just last month, Russia’s Ambassador to India, Alexander Kadakin, an always prestigious role, died of a heart attack, although no one was aware of any previous health issues.
In December of last year Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey was assassinated by a lone jihadi gunmen in an art gallery.  There was no effective security as the killer simply walked up to Ambassador Andrei Karlov and shot him multiple times in the back.
Vitaly Chirkin is the highest profile member of Russia’s diplomatic corps to die in recent years…
Who Stands To Gain? 
In the matter of Karlov, any derailment of restored Russo-Turkish relations would be good for those happy for Turkey to continue her support of jihadists in Syria rather than moving towards accepting a Russian and indeed Iranian brokered peace process which respects the sovereignty of Syria as Russia and Iran always have, but Turkey has not.
In the case of Lesin, anyone wanting ‘vengeance’ for RT’s popularity would be able to say that a kind of former media boss was taken down.
For Malanin, many fear that if ‘Grexit’ happens, Russia will become an increasingly important partner for Greece. The EU would not like one of its vassal states enjoying fruitful relations with Russia, a country still under sanctions from Brussels.
For Kadakin, it is a matter of interest for those wanting Pakistan to continue favouring western powers and not wanting Russia to be able to mediate in conflict resolutions between New Delhi and Islamabad.
Churkin had come to dominate the UN in ways that his counterparts on the Security Council simply could not. No one really stood a chance in a debate with Churkin. His absence leaves open the possibility for a power vacuum that would makes other peoples’ jobs easier.

Notably, all of these assassinations are against the Eastern Alliance, although there are reported plans of mass arrests of at least 30% of DC politicians implicated in the Pizzagate pedophile scandal, but that is yet to happen.
There are other unexplained high-profile deaths around the world which could only mean some form of retaliations are being made.


There are at least two ways to interpret all of these interrelated events:

  1. That the covert hybrid 3rd World War is nearing its climax, or;
  2. All of the above are mere parts of one elaborate drama to unite the population by keeping everyone submissive to their respective government, or keep them busy, pre-occupied and distracted, always on the edge, to mitigate dissent.

The #2 scenario requires the likes of Putin and Xi to volunteer their retirement time and efforts to see their comrades die in vain, and witness the George Soros’ ideology triumphs. It doesn’t make any sense, right?
There’s a real war going on, and the Eastern Alliance is winning it for the world.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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  1. A short article appeared with a video of President Putin on RT within a year of the coup by the CIA in Kiev speaking about NATO. He clearly stated any form of attack on Russia would require nuclear weapons as Russia’s first response. I remember it because the first thought was “what happens if a rogue missile was launched or a human error happened..and we know they do”.
    You’ve done a terrific job of lining up all the pieces so they make the picture much clear. In fact Russia has long range capability to use single purpose elector-magnetic impulse armed missiles. Those who consider almost everything fake would be fun to watch as their cell phones suddenly black out. Perhaps President Putin would give them long enough to watch fake nuclear missiles hit a few cities before everything electronic shuts off. Thank you for doing a lot of good work.

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