A New System of International Relations Emerges Everywhere on the Planet

While the West is still dealing with the Cabal’s continued aggressive moves to hang on to its undeserved privileges and power, the other side of the planet is busy organizing a better system of expanding humanity’s horizon.

A new system of international relations is now emerging everywhere on this planet. We are truly embarking on a New Paradigm for all mankind.

by Kesha Rogers

This new paradigm can been understood through the beautiful expression of State Councilor Yang Jiechi of China, in his description of the upcoming Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation, to be held on May 14-15:

“The Belt and Road Initiative was proposed by China. Yet it is not going to be China’s solo show,”

… Yang said, adding that…

“A better analogy would be that of a symphony performed by an orchestra composed of all participating countries.”

As UN General Assembly President Peter Thomson of Fiji expressed it, in referring to the New Silk Road in a recent interview with Xinhua, Xi’s vision “is the only future for humanity on this planet.”

One can also say that the related vision of the great German-American space pioneer and rocket scientist, Krafft Ehricke, is the only future for humanity, on and off this planet! It is coherent with President Xi’s vision. We should celebrate Ehricke’s upcoming 100th birthday, just a few days from now, on March 24.

Krafft Ehricke with space station model, April 17, 1958. San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives
Krafft Ehricke with space station model, April 17, 1958. San Diego Air & Space Museum Archives

Just as China today speaks of a multipolar world, and a system of win-win cooperation through the development of the Belt and Road Initiative (the New Silk Road), and the development of space infrastructure platforms for the mutual benefit of all nations, Ehricke similarly envisioned what he called an “open-world” system, a world of unlimited growth, and expansion throughout the universe. Ehricke called it a polyglobal world. A world not bounded by so-called “limited resources” in which we believe that we are “running out of everything,” or the “closed-system” of geopolitics, in which mankind is limited to one small planet.

The development of a permanent lunar colony is key to mankind’s expansion throughout the Solar system. How will this be accomplished? Not by privatized, commercial spaceflight and “public-private partnerships” for so-called cheap tourist flights to the lunar surface and other planetary bodies. The achievement of a permanent lunar presence is the gateway to the development of a human economy in space. And that requires the creation of a new system of economic value, not defined in monetary terms, but using national credit to fund those great projects that will “provide for the general welfare” of our Nation, as referenced in the Preamble to our Constitution.

The realization of such a goal requires the immediate implementation of Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws, starting with the immediate reinstatement of Franklin Roosevelt’s original Glass-Steagall Act. Second, a new National Bank must be created. Third, this new national credit must be directed into energy-dense projects in the productive economy, new technologies, and infrastructure platforms. Finally, crash programs must be adopted to finally achieve thermonuclear fusion technologies and restore an energetic, imaginative, and purposeful space program. (See the video,

LaRouche develops his entire Four Laws platform around the principle he defines as “the essential distinction of man from all lower forms of life.” Recognizing this distinction, he says, the Four Laws platform “presents the means for the perfection of the specifically affirmative aims and needs of human individual and social life.” Advances in human creativity and productive capacity are key, not money!

We must make sure that our government immediately takes up these policies. We must restore our national mission for physical economic development, including space exploration and colonization, for the benefit, and with the cooperation of all nations, and in fulfillment of what Ehricke, the great space pioneer and aeronautical engineer, called “Mankind’s Extraterrestrial Imperative.”

A permanent manned lunar presence can only be realized through the vision of lunar development outlined by Ehricke, most emphatically in his 1984 report titled,” Lunar Industrialization and Settlement—Birth of Polyglobal Civilization.” In this work he writes,

This makes very clear Ehricke’s understanding that space travel and exploration are not for cheap thrills and billionaire fantasies, but are absolutely essential to new scientific discoveries and economic platforms, needed for the advance of human civilization.

Ehricke outlines five essential stages of lunar development. He recognized the Moon as an essential proving ground for our development in space:

Ehricke’s five stages of lunar development are these: First, we examine the Moon from Earth. Second, we examine the Moon from lunar orbit, consider what might be the optimal site for an industrial base, and establish automated laboratories and pilot facilities on the surface. Third, we locate the best spot on the Moon for an initial industrial base, and establish it there. Fourth, from this base we establish a larger industrial zone that can return resources to Earth while expanding around the Moon. And fifth, we expand and diversify from this base to create a translunar space-faring civilization, a civilization that has gone beyond the Moon to other bodies.

These five stages of lunar development are centered on the growth of what Ehricke calls the “human sector”:

State Councilor of China Yang Jiechi Widmann/MSC
State Councilor of China Yang Jiechi Widmann/MSC

This is the outlook and perspective that any U.S. President requires in defining a serious national mission for space exploration and development. This is what is required for a permanent lunar colony and cooperation among nations in the creation of a truly “polyglobal,” “open-world” system. The United States must reject the existing, failed economic paradigm and join in the “win-win” paradigm offered through cooperation with China and Russia. President Trump’s meeting with China’s President Xi on April 6 could be the beginning of a new relation between the two nations and the opening for the United States to join in cooperation with China and many nations at the upcoming Beijing Belt and Road Summit.

Our national mission for space exploration and development must be based on a vision of cooperation in scientific and technological advance for the common aims and the peace of all mankind.

Krafft Ehricke reminds us of Mankind’s Extraterrestrial Imperative:

Let us proceed, as indeed we must!

This article appears in the March 17, 2017 issue of Executive Intelligence Review.

6 thoughts on “A New System of International Relations Emerges Everywhere on the Planet”

  1. NEW WORLD ORDER moves forward with its standard occult mindgames! Nothing more or less. China is and has always been an end.goal major player in the NEW WORLD ORDER. The outline above is mere suicide for Humanity and Physical Life’s Natural Natures.

    1. There is NO New World Order – it has been around for a very long time , It’s real name is British Empire


    William Tompkins, aerospace engineer and author of SELECTED BY EXTRATERRESTRIALS, December 9, 2015, all about the Nordic and Reptilian involvement in building the secret space program, the nature of the predatory reptilian species, the roots of pedophilia and satanic rituals, the quiet coup and the people taking back their power in the U.S.

    Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot interview with William Tompkins

    [45:20] Tompkins: Nordics and Reptilians are ET beings who shape-shift to look exactly like humans. Nordics live 3,700 years in one lifetime due to extended life and can reverse age to 29 or men and 21 for women, at the oldest, with same physical condition the individual had at those ages plus a minimum of 400 percent greater capability of their brain.
    [49:15] … [52:56] dinosaurs did not become extinct; rather, they either went underground or off planet to become the Raptors
    [53:53] Draco and Reptilian human child sacrifice, Luciferian child killing and eating, and enslavement off planet, the whole blood situation [54:35] if we disclose that information, and Tompkins says he knows all about it, then 70 percent to 80 percent of the persons listening to the disclosure is going to say, “You’re smoking pot. I don’t believe that, and I don’t believe anything you talk about on extraterrestrials.” And it is going to kill what disclosure is trying to do. … but people are not protected if they are not fully informed about ETs and their human child blood sacrifice practices
    [58:02] … [1:00:23] 1946 Naval program known as Operation High Jump … USA did not win WW2. The Navy had been involved with the Germans in Antarctica and the Draco Reptilian facilities in caverns in the Antarctica. Operation Paperclip took German technical elite to Antarctica (70 percent including slave labor), Russia, England and the USA (5% including NASA scientists). Very large tunnels were built under the Antarctic Sea that contained German trucks that received submarine shipments of very large German technical facilities. ET produced UFO vehicles and German produced UFO spaceships were also in the Antarctic tunnels. Admiral Nimitz and Admiral Byrd joined forces and led the largest battles group of ships and supporting airplanes in history against Antarctic facilities, and all 400 airplanes were destroyed by UFOs in 20 minutes of entering battle range. All U.S ships and personnel who had begun landing operations were sunk off the coast. Nimitz and Byrd fled back to the USA as fast as they could and never went back, like the USA going to the moon and never going back. [1:06:29] …
    [1:09:18] you have Draco Reptilian guys running your governments of every country on your planet [Earth]
    [1:09:29] Pacific Tectonic Plate is overdue to push down the American Tectonic Plate, and it is the next most likely catastrophic event to occur on Earth, before the next mass volcanic event or mass earthquake event. Spirit survival and multiple lives. His cousin John Walters was told by his boss at TRW corporation the date that he was going to die and which of seven of his prior lives he was going to live a new version of. Thousands of invisible AI (Artificial Intelligence) beings are among us on Earth; again, both pro and con, white hats and black hats, some helping anti-human Draco Reptilian missions and some helping the human-supporting ET Nordic and the ET Blue people.

    Note: POTUS G.H.W. Bush, Bill Clinton and Barak Obama (nee Barry Soetoro) are Reptilian, but Donald Trump is not Reptilian.

    Amazon.com Selected-Extraterrestrials-secret-think-tanks-secretaries/dp/1515217469

    Selected by Extraterrestrials: My life in the top secret world of UFOs, think-tanks and Nordic secretaries
    December 9, 2015

    by William Mills Tompkins (Author), Dr. Robert M. Wood (Editor, Preface)

    Exopolitics.org navy-admiral-oversaw-29-spies-in-nazi-germany-started-us-secret-space-program/

    Navy Admiral oversaw 29 Spies in Nazi Germany & started US Secret Space Program

    Dr Michael Salla
    Rear Admiral Rico Botta was an extremely busy man during World War II. In addition to his official daytime naval duty as “Assembly and Repair Officer” at Naval Air Station, San Diego, in the evenings he led a covert Navy program operating with 29 spies embedded in Nazi Germany’s most advanced aerospace programs which were developing antigravity flying saucers.
    According to retired aerospace engineer, William Tompkins; from 1942 to 1946, Admiral Botta seamlessly performed his official and covert Navy duties. The covert program learned from the Navy operatives (Lieutenants in rank) that the Nazis had developed up to 30 prototypes of antigravity craft, some of which were capable of space flight.

  3. Disclosure is already happening via shows like Ancient Aliens on the History Channel and, more importantly, via Hollywood sci-fi and superhero films like Transformers, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Superman, Wonder Woman, Independence Day, Fantastic Four, and the latest I’ve seen: Kong, Skull Island where Hollow-Earth theory is introduced. I think we’re heading to an official disclosure once the current financial system collapses.

  4. Watch “Cosmic Disclosure” on Gaia .. with David Wilcock .. and you will find that humans already inhabit the Moon .. Mars .. and space beyond!

  5. Does this mean we don’t have to read puerile slang about KoolAid and ziotards and sheeple and Kazars any more? Or see those horrible entrainment musical introductions to conspiracy sites complete with trance inducing circles? There are more cute nicknames in the alt. press than the pharmas have for diseases and drugs.
    Everything is looking like Elizabethan England with spies spying on spies. The nonsense in this article is soul-less and ludicrous.

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