9/11 Destroyed America & The World

The War of Terror did not end with the departure of George W. Bush, nor with its succeeding Obama administration. Likewise, the United States military under the present Trump administration has continued the destruction of Syrian lives in the City of Raqqa, under the same pretext of combating terror.
And just because it is the United States that is doing the killings, the mainstream media is not talking about it, as the toothless UN can only pay lip service to it.

The US Deep State is aiming for the partitioning of Syria as its Plan B, since the Russian-led coalition helping the Assad government disagrees with the latter’s departure.
The ongoing operations against Syria and North Korea are a very useful distraction for the Americans who have their lives systematically taken away from them by the Corporations.

9/11 Destroyed America

Paul Craig Roberts
The events on September 11, 2001, changed the world. It was the excuse for the US government to launch military attacks on seven Middle Eastern countries, causing civilian casualties in the millions and sending waves of Muslim refugees into the Western world.
The US government wasted trillions of dollars destroying countries and murdering women and children, while public infrastructure in the US deteriorated, Americans’ homes were foreclosed, and American health needs went unattended. 9/11 was also the excuse for the destruction of the protection that the US Constitution provided to ensure the liberty of the American citizen. Today no American has the protection of the civil liberty that the Constitution guarantees.

  • http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/04/20/freedom-democracy-tyranny/

On September 11, 2001, when a neighbor called and told me to turn on the TV, I stopped what I was doing and turned on the TV. What I saw was the two World Trade Center Towers blowing up. I had often enjoyed lunch in the rooftop restaurant in one of the towers across the street from my Wall Street Journal office.
A minuscule by comparison frail aluminum airliner hit one massive steel tower and then another aluminum airliner hit the other. There were some plumes of orange outside the buildings. Then approximately after one hour, less in one case, more in the other, the two towers exploded floor by floor as they fell into their own footprint.
This was precisely the way the news anchors described what I was seeing. “It looks exactly like a controlled demolition,” the news anchors reported. And indeed it did. As a Georgia Tech student I had witnessed a controlled demolition, and that is what I saw on television, just as that was what the news anchors saw.
Later that day Larry Silverstein who owned, or held the lease on, the World Trade Center, explained on TV that the free fall collapse in the late afternoon of the third WTC skyscraper, Building 7, into its own footprint was a conscious decision to “pull” the building. Pull is the term used by controlled demolition to describe a building wired with explosives to be destroyed. Building 7 had not been hit by an airliner, and suffered only minor and very limited office fires. Silverstein’s statement was afterwards corrected by authorities to mean that the firemen were pulled from the building. However, many videos show the firemen already out of the building with the fireman stating that the building was going to be brought down.
As there is no doubt whatsoever that Building 7 was wired for demolition, the question is why?
Because Americans are an insouciant and trusting people and confident of the inherent goodness of their country, years passed before even experts noticed that the official story stood in total contraction to known laws of physics, was in total contraction to how buildings collapse from asymmetrical damage, and could not have collapsed due to being hit by airliners as the buildings met all code requirements for withstanding airliner collusions. Many did not even know that the third skyscraper, Building 7, had collapsed.
Professor Steven E. Jones, a professor of physics at BYU, was among the first to see that the official story was pure fantasy. His reward for speaking out was to have his tenure contract bought out by BYU, many believe under orders from the federal government backed up with the threat that all federal support of science at BYU would be terminated unless Stephen Jones was.
Cynthia McKinney, a black woman who represented a Georgia congressional district in the US House of Representatives was either much brighter or much braver than her white colleagues. She raised obvious questions about 9/11, questions begging to be asked, and lost her seat.
Approximately five years after 9/11, San Francisco architect Richard Gage noticed that the three WTC buildings did not fall down in any way consistent with the official explanation. He formed Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, currently about 3,000 members. This group includes high rise architects and structural engineers who actually are experienced in the construction of skyscrapers. In other words, they are people who know what they are talking about.
These 3,000 experts have said that the official explanation of the collapse of three skyscrapers stands in contradiction to known laws of physics, architecture, and structural engineering
In other words, the official explanation is totally impossible. Only an uneducated and ignorant public can believe the official 9/11 story. The US population fits this description.
A&E for 9/11 Truth is gradually gaining assent from architects and engineers. It is very difficult for an architect or engineer to support the truth, because the American population, which includes patriotic construction companies, whose employees fly American flags on their trucks, don’t want to hire architects and engineers who are “enemies of America aligned with Arab terrorists.” In America, if you tell the truth, you are in great danger of losing your customers and even your life.
Think now about physicists. How many physics faculties do you know that are not dependent on federal grants, usually for military-related work? The same for chemistry. Any physics professor who challenged the official story of 9/11 with the obvious fact that the story contravenes known laws of physics would endanger not only his own career but the careers of his entire department.
Truth in America is extremely costly to express. It comes at a high cost that hardly any can afford.
Our masters know this, and thus they can dispense with truth at will. Moreover, any expert courageous enough to speak the truth is easily branded a “conspiracy theorist.”
Who comes to his defense? Not his colleagues. They want rid of him as quickly as possible. Truth is a threat to their careers. They can’t afford to be associated with truth. In America, truth is a career-killing word.
In America, truth is becoming a synonym for “Russian agent.” Only Russian Agents tell the truth, which must mean that truth is an enemy of America. Lists are being prepared of websites that speak truth to power and thus are seditious. In the United States today people can lie at will without consequence, but it is deadly to tell the truth.
Support A&E for 9/11 Truth. These are heroic people. 9/11 was the manufactured excuse for the neoconservatives’ 16 years of war crimes against millions of Muslims peoples, remnants of which now seek refuge in Europe.
Neoconservatives are a tiny number of people. No more than a dozen are of any consequence. Yet they have used America to murder millions. And now they are fomenting war with Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea. The world would never survive such a war.
Are Americans so insouciant that they will stand aside while a dozen neoconservatives destroy the world?

  • http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/04/24/911-destroyed-america/

Are Americans so insouciant that they will stand aside while a dozen neoconservatives destroy the world? – Paul Craig Roberts

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    Every time America had a Good President he died and was replaced by a complete Arsehole. There were two in particular that were going to make big changes to America and the World but our Enemies made sure they did not.
    The first was FDR and he was Replaced by Truman that undone a lot of good that FDR had done this put the British Empire back in Control of America.
    Then the Next Great President was JFK and his death believe it or not was what destroyed America. It was the last time the British Empire had to take serious action to retain its Grip on the USA after JFK it was All the way to the Vietnam with LBJ. While at home every one hid their heads in an Alcohol /drugs /and a Music haze instead of standing up for America.
    You read all the reasons why JFK was killed but only one Organisation done the research that shows the truth but they have had a Mass Media Blackout for decades and the founder of the Organisation had the worst deliberate travesty of justice by the courts on the order of one of the most corrupt Presidents.
    The biggest danger to the British Empire was the American System and there has been a large number of people killed due to wanting to keep or reintroduce the American System.
    Mrs Roosevelt was a hands on first Lady and learnt with her husband as after he lost his mobility it became a great learning time. He learnt about working for the Good of All and about the American System and Alexander Hamilton not the Bullshit that has been spread since British Empire Asset Andrew Jackson took the American System down. Most people don’t know what FDR had planned for after the War but it shook #10 & Buckingham palace to the core.
    Just Prior to his death JFK was being tutored by Mrs Roosevelt on the American System and FDR’s plans for after the war and Mrs Roosevelt only took the time when she realized the Kennedy Brothers were interested in continuing FDR’s work.
    Read the 28 Pages of the 9/11 Report the British Empire was involved and a British /Saudi Slush Fund was used to finance 9/11,

  2. ”We’re at a point where we must decide if we will live consciously, or literally give up our entire reality for a thin veneer of lies. In the US these lies include cheap propaganda that passes for journalism, police-state measures that promise security, and mountains of debt that paint a picture of wealth. The official conspiracy theory of 9/11 is a key part of our current self-deception. More importantly, this story may be our last chance to see just how critical our situation is so that we can all stop, and begin working together to solve the real problems we face” – Kevin Ryan https://mpbondblog.wordpress.com/2013/12/02/911-truth/

  3. I disagree with you all, has nothing to do with destruction of US or 9/11. Started way back in the mid 70’s and intermittently before this time. The problem is ISLAM around the world. Tolerating this infamous theocracy and depending on Islamic Oil is the biggest problem. In ’67 we had Russia vs US in the 6 day war, Israel in the middle fighting on behalf of US & Egypt Russia. The most ridiculous thing is to repeat this idiocy in the 21st Century. Before ’67 we had the Iron curtain. Before this, Turkey vs Europe, doesn’t a single one of you academic intellectuals get it? ISLAM is a problem look at Europe, Turkey the rise of the second Ottoman Empire. German defense minister wanting to enlist Muslim men into the German Army? Saudi supplying200 mosques and barracks for 8,000 men? Well there are plenty of Jihadi terrorists who can be enlisted! As for the US Trump needs to dump the US Muslim problem and Canada has lost it. WWIII is exactly what is needed utilizing MOAB’s and not nuclear, take out the enemy in surprise attacks can’t be that difficult with all the technology at our finger tips. Take the strike on the Taliban as an example, what a surprise the world got next morning.

    1. The current conflict between religions was described in 1871 by Albert Pike. Read up and then realize what and, especially, WHO you are supporting by encouraging WWIII.

      1. I don’t have a problem with any religion since most apart from Islam keep their religion to themselves. Atheists are threatened just as much by Islam as other religious dogma’s. So I say again and mean it, WWIII the rest of us against Islam then we can go back to minding our own business. Need to focus on what happens after WWIII? I hope different from today, one thing is for sure the population will be culled. Robots will probably be a necessity maybe & men and women will see each other for what they are instead of competing against one another. I

    2. USA was hypocritical since 1776. Just Google all the wars America has been in since even 1600’s. We have an Imperial government that SHOULD have been a democratic Republic. In current day it is NOT Islam, but FANATICISM from Jews, Arabs, Christians, Agnostics, and just plain greedy Politicians, Intelligence Agencies, and the Eisenhower warned about the Military Industrial Complex. All these wars are taken to protect the US Dollar as a WORLD currencies. BRICS has now broken that dream and the Deep State does not, and cannot, accept the Flat Fact Brutal Truth that the world is trading in things OTHER than the US Dollar. If America does not put America FIRST, then we’re doomed to fail and start WWIII, same as all other Wars we got involved in, ALL False Flags when you get into the weeds and discover the root truth of HOW such events started.

      1. Really good point but as I’m not a US citizen it is not my place to criticize the States. You’re right protecting the $, there are other powers on this planet. You probably know about the time when the Arabs wanted to trade Oil in €’s. Every dog has its day is all I can say, Imperial US is coming to the end but its had a good run.

      2. To Michael, I have KNOWN that the NSA CIA DIA were collecting data since the beginning with a project called “Echelon”. In 1983 I was using a Commodore 64 dial-up 64kbps per second from one phone # to another. I also know that Google, Facebook, ALL calls, emails, faxes, etc are collected and RECORDED. Whether you’re an American, Canadian, Mexican, European, Middle East, even before the False Flag of 911. But Wikipedia is “mostly” honest because of the Flat Fact that we the PEOPLE can make adjustments if we can prove something. I’ve just always presumed that my on-line activity, including this answer, is collected and stored in mass databases in Utah. It’s just that I also know @65 years old, 4 open heart surgeries, and very physical weak, I am also not going to harm any other living thing on this planet, or off this planet that may visit me. My time for any physical destruction is long long past. You can’t ban an idea that is based on Flat Facts forever. At some point, unless destroyed like the “Torture Video Tapes”, and even then. I would not be surprised that the NSA still has them, or some CIA database STILL has them. Even if 100 years goes by, like the JFK Assassination files, those have been “Classified” until 2063. Truth is like a weed, and WILL crack roadways, concrete sidewalks to seek the LIGHT of Day. It’s Naturally Inevitable.

  4. Larry Silverstein, Lewis Elsenberg, Ronald Lauder, Jerome Hauer, Jules & Jerome Kroll, Michael Chertoff, ICTS Int. N.V., The Dancing Mossad
    “We Jews, we, the destroyers, will remain the destroyers for ever.” –Maurice Samuel, “You Gentiles”
    “Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” J. Robert Oppenheimer
    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

      1. Yup. I used to gloss over those verses, as they didn’t make any sense to me. After becoming Khazarian/Jew-Wise, I learned that the current day “Jews” are really Asian interlopers–High functioning Gypsies in actuality. Shock would be an understatement as to my new appreciation for those verses now.
        Even God and Jesus would be lodged in the ADL’s database.
        I also came to understand what Orwell was really warning us about in “1984.”
        One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

  5. Controlled demolition of the twin towers? I think Dr Judy Wood’s “dustification” thesis offers a more accurate and complete explanation, including of the destruction of Tower Seven. Either way, the official explanation is – as usual – a lie.

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