The Death of America’s Hyper-Power Fantasy

In 1987, Paul Kennedy, a British professor of history at Yale University, unleashed a political and intellectual firestorm with the publication of his great (677-page) book, “The Rise and Fall of the Great Powers.” Kennedy produced a magisterial overview of the competition for global power over the past 500 years from 1500 AD to the present.
Kennedy proposed the thesis that any power that achieved, imagined it had achieved or sought to achieve and maintain a dominant hyper-power role of global dominance was doomed to lose it and then rapidly decline in overall power, wealth, prosperity and influence.
Kennedy argued – with a wealth of detail drawn from different nations over his vast period of half a millennium – that the very attempt to achieve and maintain such power forced every nation that attempted it into a ruinous pattern of strategic overstretch.
This demanded every major global empire in their turn to devote ruinously far too many economic resources to unproductive military power and ever more costly global commitments and conflicts.
The more ambitious the commitments, the quicker came military defeat, economic ruin and national collapse, Kennedy documented.
Kennedy published his book however at exactly the wrong moment for its abundantly documented conclusions and arguments to be taken seriously in the United States. The Cold War was just ending. The heroic actions of the Russian people in rejecting communism and leading in the dismantling of the Soviet Union were being misinterpreted as an eternal and lasting victory for the United States and for the forces of free market capitalism and minimum government regulation.
Kennedy was therefore subjected to a furious firestorm of abuse, especially from the emerging neoconservatives who under President George W Bush succeeded in imposing their reckless policies on nations across the Middle East and Eurasia. Kennedy, unlike his enraged critics was a gracious and tolerant gentleman as well as great scholar and took the firestorm in his stride.
Now more than 30 years after Kennedy published his great work, we can see how prescient, wise and visionary it truly was.
In 2016 President Donald Trump was elected on a platform of dealing with domestic crises raging from economic ruin and impoverishment to an out of control drug and opioid abuse epidemic and the collapse of law and order across the long US land border with Mexico.
That outcome provided telling testimony to the previous US policies of wasting at least $2 trillion on entirely unsuccessful nation-building and government-toppling projects ranging from Iraq to Afghanistan and since extended into such nations as Ukraine, Syria, and Libya
All the national pathologies of bankruptcy, exhaustion, decline and ever spreading human misery that Kennedy in his book traced in previous empires can now be clearly delineated in the policies of the post-Cold War United States.
The bottom line lesson to be drawn from Kennedy’s great book that so outraged neoconservatives at the time was a simple and stunning clear one: Unipolar Moments are just that and nothing more. They last for moments not ages.
Instead, the very attempt to maintain a unipolar moment of apparent global supremacy by any power automatically instead will raise up a host of challenges to that power that will rapidly exhaust and then doom it.
Kennedy traced this process of inexorable over – commitment and decline in 17th century Habsburg Spain. He followed it again in 18th century Bourbon France. He documented it once more in the rise, pride and inevitable fall of the British Empire and in the rash German attempts to create dominant global empires in both world wars of the 20th century.
A generation before Kennedy published his great work, British historian Correlli Barnett, focusing only on the British Empire, published in 1972 his own classic “The Collapse of British Power.” Barnett focused on a one, single unipolar moment – the 1920s and 1930s when the British ruling class, like their American successors today imagined that they were the divinely-appointed global policeman charged by Providence with maintaining their own conceptions of right and wrong over the whole world.
The British at least were reluctantly forced to cede independence to their vast global territories. It is doubtful whether the American people will be so lucky: The US Deep State establishment and their tame, unthinking media puppets remain blindly committed to inflexible expansion, conflict and strategic gambling with the peace and even survival of the world.
Thirty years after his magnum opus was published, Paul Kennedy’s message of warning remains unheeded. America’s Unipolar Moment is long since dead and gone. America’s pretensions to rule supreme as the world’s unchallenged hyper-power have become a dangerous and unsustainable fantasy.
A wakening to sanity is long overdue and the hour is late: National catastrophe can be the only other outcome.

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20 thoughts on “The Death of America’s Hyper-Power Fantasy”

  1. Well I’ll be damned!!! The rise and fall of the British Empire?? It has not fallen and in fact has become much stronger than ever before, it still maintains universal control.
    This is easily seen as in the ownership of the Falklands, Gibralter to name just a few of the islands that Britain still holds uncontested even with their motherlands being Argentina, and Spain respectively. All resources are priced in London as is all world currencies.
    The difference is that many people in the US are waking up which could spell trouble for the British and hence some of the drastic measures taken lately.
    Need I say anymore.

    1. To Add to this, just look at DAILY news HERE and you will something about the so-called “Royal Familie’s” News and latest developements.
      The STILL very much “Corporate USA” still in power does NOT deserve to become a so-called “Great Nation” because of IT’S HISTORY of a “Violent Invasion” arriving here from Europe, and the FORCED take over from the INDIGENOUS AMERICAN’S
      almost to the point of THEIR “Extinction”…WITHOUT even considering COMPENSATION for ANYTHING they have STOLEN.
      The Corporate USA will wind up just like Their “Roman Empire” Counterpart.
      THEY had their BEST chance to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, on September 11th, 2001 at 8;45am Tuesday morning by executing NESARA laws….BUT, WHAT did they do?! THEY BASICALLY SENT A “MESSAGE” TO THE ENTIRE WORLD BY ATTACKING THEIR OWN “CITIZENS” VIA “FALSE-FLAG”…Then blaming it on countries that had NOTHING to do with it (Muslims), so that they could create a “Perpetual WAR on “Terror” that has proven to be a FAKE as TWEE – DOLLA-BILL.
      It was really about ATTACKING ALL “GLOBAL CITIZENS”.

      1. Ooooh! and to ADD to HOW “MAD” they are, Ask any so-called “American” What they would DO, If ANY other country attempted to INVADE HERE???
        They wouldn’t even give it a second thought about retaliating FULL FORCE!
        And get THIS…They call themselves “CHRISTIAN NATION”???

      2. “To Add to this, just look at DAILY news HERE and you will something about the so-called “Royal Familie’s” News and latest developments”.
        Being in the UK I am afraid I do not have access to the material written there. However I am not surprised Kenneth as the truth is coming out, but there are many sheeples that follow this family with their entire being and will give their entire being to protect these perpetrators – I am not one of these…
        You are absolutely right about invasion here and coming from Zimbabwe much the same reaction is expected. More to this is apparently the lack of people that roamed the land before whiteman arrived?? With all this land ‘vacant’, well it was a free for all and the land grab ensued. Sure we shouted and fought those who tried and eventually took the land back, back to their rightful owners. Many argue that the country has gone down hill since then, but one must still realise that that is the intention of every ex colony, achieved by the ex slave masters which many deny is happening.
        Perhaps the future may change for these ex( and current) slave states of the British empire – perhaps not…… Time will tell.

      3. Do you forget that monument in Washington ???? The US. Corp was recolonized after the British Empire incited our so called civil war , last attempt to break it up . We have two governments . One in DC . That was hijacked a d decidedly used us and our military as a front to fight for power over Germany , now Midfld East .
        The Real republic will burn underneath them unless the people take the original republic jurisdiction of DC back . It was English colonized …. as many others in the world . No American wanted any of 9/11 nor Pearl Harbof ( the other false flag that was designed to get US into world wars for Britain … to bring up theme srate if Israel , bring down Germany , Churchill said if himself ! SMH
        British colonized many portions of land around the world wish the French . Who invaded Indigineous populace’s for resources ? They did . The BAR association , The Jesuit control same as UK . All of it was forbidden after we fought war of independence . We will be just another invaded country as usual .

        1. Mary, BAR is either used as an acronym for the Bering Iysh Accredited Registry tracking the privately owned hierarchy or “bar” which is an Irish Cuthite word meaning – $aturn. $aturn or the British pound EL is also a $aturnian symbol. British is a Hebrew phrase meaning “contracted man” – a 7 tiered hierarchy – groom, yeoman, squire, Knight, lord, monarch, crown. The crown is a committee of members from the 13 Illuminati families. Hybrids from the Orion empire. Shapeshifters. Hosts to walk in entities from $aturn. Within $aturn is a holographic hypercube AI intelligence. $aturn rules the red root chakra in men and the crown chakra in women.
          Christianity and the other Abrahamic based faiths in clouding Hindu worship this masculine hypercubic processor as Abraham means $aturn. Brahmin? The white skinned Aryans who are Orions from Aries the red planet Mars who control our planets Martial Law by teaching duality as math.

  2. 50-50 is duality or mirroring
    Nature does not branch like that, nature’s follows phi Based rooting/branching fractal.
    The planet is not so complex it could not be under controlled 50-50 chaos!
    The mascuLINEAR zero centered numberline is a left brain trick and a devolving set back if not seen for what it does to thinking; thinking is logic or rational deduction. This is the tool taught to think with:
    …, -5, -4, -3, -2, -1, 0 , 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, …
    Nature, which means number follows
    …, 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1, 2/1, 3/1, 4/1, 5/1, …
    As all numbers are fractions of the all; Fractal.
    Our Archonic rulers from $aturn and their Moon-ey, control the military industrial complex globally and occupy the geometric power points on the Earth Grid. Recruiting $atanists into these corpse-orations allows them access to torturous acts-TORTS. Not the best use of the TORus. Trump can’t do much except go public with the Space Program and get into a tech race. Once you get an axial flux motorized mode of transportation you want a UFO. Save some time for inner space.

  3. A very important book in my intellectual journey, and still an important book to read and understand. However, it is rooted in the Khazarians’ Keynesian economic propaganda, and it does not cover the influence and impact of the Judaic virus on those nations covered. It also does not cover the Khazarians’ grift-machine plundering and willful destruction of the societies and civilizations of those nations and underlying countries.
    At present, the US Tyranny is not locked in a battle with some nefarious enemy originating in Islam. The US Tyranny is instead being miked dry under the guise of some great danger by the Khazarian fifth-column that runs it. Ditto the “Cold War.”
    “It’s the Jews, stupid.” –Edgar Steele
    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

      1. @Shalemau
        On on eof your last comments, you mentioned, or implied that You live in AFRICA in Zimbabwe..If so You probably are AWARE that the “Incorporated Europeans & American’s (Fakes) along with the “Sneaky Chinese” are trying to “Divide & Conquer ” your country too…RIGHT?
        If so DO NOT support ANY of it…It’s going to prove a “Waterloo” for ALL of the Attempts to take over any part of AFRICA.
        IT was the “First-Born” of ALL Hu-Manity….Divinely Melaninated Beings.

      2. Kenneth,
        I agree whole heartedly on what you say, and you are quite right in saying that both factions are trying to split us. There are many whites still dedicated to the crown – the blind unseeing ones and there are a few that see the situation as it is. It is perhaps why Robert Mugabe hated the British to the end, because he was never really in control of that country and it never really was truly emancipated.
        The blacks are watching as now the Chinese move in and sweep away resources which make their way to Europe anyway. Most ex colonies had the same thing happen when the British, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegians or Dutch pulled out of said countries that void was then filled by the US. Now it looks like the chameleon has changed form, but the same ‘masters’ are still very much compensated.

    1. To be VERY Clear!…The ADL is made up of FAKE JEWS, or Converts…because the REAL Jews ARE Melaninated (Black Beings).

    1. There are many that have fallen and still there are those crumbling. They have been very clever in getting us to attack one another for their complete gain.

  4. Ah, thats all very well, BUT you have forgotten these evil bastards called ziofakejoos are ‘gods chosen ones’, we are but animals to them, beneath contempt. they have the book they wrote saying so……
    With that sort of conviction rational common sense stands no chance of them abating…….
    until they are forcibly eradicated.

    1. That is NOT correct Rodney…The CURRENT “Occupants” in Israel are NOT the ORIGINAL Hebrews…THEY “ARE” MADE UP OFF THE “BLACK RACE” BE-INGS.
      They are Not so much called “Chosen” as much as they are actually “The First-Born” of ALL Creation…a MUCH better description of What happened at the ‘BEGINNING of Hu-Manity.
      Only Converts and “Impostors” Kharzarian Satanic “Creatures”!

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