Complete Failure of Ukraine

Russia has even gained superiority over NATO in sustained industrial military production.

Spend 5-10 min. to listen to an update from the front. This video is sympathetic to Ukraine’s lost cause, but the desperate report you hear is censored by Western media.

Ukraine is constantly beaten back already by Russia’s forward positions.

Ukraine cannot even reach Russia’s first defensive lines – see this earlier update.

Ukraine is weak — completely incompetent – and completely losing everything for nothing.

Ukraine’s ridiculous attacks are neither “probing” or “shaping” operations, nor a real big offensive.

Sending forces – losing them – sending more forces – losing them too.

This is just a rambling waste of Ukraine’s best forces – all the best NATO had to supply and train.

Ukraine will NEVER get such a force again, as the one it is wasting away right now.

Ukraine has probably in less than a week lost more than 80 tanks and 200 armored vehicles. At this rate, Ukraine will after 15 days more have wasted 60% of the heavy equipment they received, still gotten nowhere – and be too thin to resist a devastating Russian counterattack.

But what else could you expect?

Ukraine is running out of everything – even brainpower.

Ukraine is running out of air defense.

Ukraine is running out of artillery ammunition.

Ukraine is running out of its last aircraft and helicopters.

Russia has lots and lots of cheap drones, guided bombs, and precision missiles to send from outside the reach of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s ammunition and fuel depots are being blown up all the time by Russian air attacks.

As Ukrainian front-line troops are grinded to nothing, Ukraine’s rotations of troops to the frontline is being destroyed by Russian air attacks.

All over Ukraine, Ukrainian bunkers and command posts incl. their content of NATO officers are being destroyed by Russian air attacks.

Ukraine’s electrical power supply is being destroyed by Russian air attacks, and Ukraine’s logistics are breaking down as electrical trains are deprived of electricity.

We don’t even know if Ukraine’s top-general Zaluzhnyi is mentally capable of leading the forces after reportedly suffering an air attack.

Ukraine is running an inferior force in numbers and firepower up against Russian superiority in defensive positions, fire positions, trenches, and minefields, artillery and air support.

Russia has superiority in numbers. Russia has superiority in heavy weapons, tanks, armored vehicles, and artillery. Russia has a navy, Ukraine just lost its last war ship.

Russia has superiority in logistics. Ukraine is reduced to a total population of 18-20 million.

Russia has got 15 million soldiers which it could mobilize, if need be. Russia has even gained superiority over NATO in sustained industrial military production.

As we could expect, neocon ex-general & secretary of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen now speaks of a NATO force to prevent Ukraine from collapsing.

But even with Americans, Poles, and Danes, any NATO intervention force will be weaker than the Ukrainian army was.

Karsten Riise is a Master of Science (Econ) from Copenhagen Business School and has a university degree in Spanish Culture and Languages from Copenhagen University. He is the former Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Mercedes-Benz in Denmark and Sweden.

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