The Uncertainty Principle of Power Politics

As most of us know, Werner Heisenberg formulated his ‘uncertainty principle’ for quantum mechanics, a subject I know as much about as I know about the intricacies of general relativity – both being domains of science to be admired for their ability to account for profound phenomena of the natural world.

But these domains, intellectually fetching as they may be, don’t enhance my experience of a casual walk or an apprehension of a beautiful piece of music. I seem to know that they underpin much of the foundation of humankind’s technical abilities, and for this I am hazily grateful.

I understand too that this famous principle of uncertainty has been taken up by philosophers and laypeople of all stripes and applied metaphorically to support a relativistic notion of truth, admonishing us that we can never be really certain about anything, and that, in essence, virtually everything is ‘relative’.

I trust that the Nobel-laureate Heisenberg will forgive this layman an inaccurate rendering of his mathematical achievement, but I will use the general notion of uncertainty and apply it to our political landscape in general, and the Corona Operation in particular.

When wealthy and high-flying movers and shakers meet to execute their programs for the underlings (us), they, being human, are subject to the usual human frailties and foibles: arrogance, hubris, stupidity, emotionality, misunderstandings, propensity to conflict, and egoism.

Even a well-oiled phalanx of the Elite will be riven by disagreements and confusion, and breaches in unity are enough to give a keen-eyed conspiracy detector headaches. The best laid plans of mice and men, not to mention psychopathic reptiles, ‘gang aft agley’ – which is not to say that their plans are unsuccessful or not cogent, but that uncertainties inevitably creep into their execution.

  • Yes, the world was effectively and astonishingly shut down in 2020,
  • and yes, the imposition of a permanent control and surveillance world government has been relentlessly plied and,
  • yes again, most unwitting and unthinking people believe that weather is climate and that climate change is disastrously upon us and that carbon credits are necessary to prevent man-made catastrophe,
  • and that global vaccination of virtually every living mammal is an ideal to aspire towards – but then again, there must be dissension in the ranks of the Overlords as well as opposition from their subjects,

thanks to the cantankerous few who stand their ground against the onslaught of State-sponsored propaganda.

But just as there really was no magic single bullet that made phenomenal and sudden changes in course as it ripped through JFK and Texas Governor John Connally on that fateful day in Dallas, despite the strenuous efforts of Arlen Specter to convince the Warren Commission and thence the public that a lone gunman and only a lone gunman killed the President, there is not now, for us, any single and complete theory to explain the everything about the covid operation.

We have questions about not only the origin of the pathogen that set off the supposed pandemic, but also the whereabouts of the origin, the appearance of the virus, the sequences of the virus, the problems in isolating the virus, its infectiousness and fatality rate and the highly variable responses to the pathogen around the globe.

We have questions about the very nature and existence of viruses in fact, and their role in illness and disease, just as we have even more questions about how many people really died of covid – whatever it was – or the flu or the plethora of other maladies that generally account for normal death.

We have questions about the nature of an operation designed to cull the overweening numbers of human souls because it wasn’t so immediately apparent or devastating – even as the second punch of the combination (I am referring to the Jab) may yet produce deleterious effects long into the future.

There is the very human tendency to seek for a single cause of any event, something nice and neat and devastatingly clean. Even in psychoanalytic treatment there is a particular tendency to ascribe the root cause of a person’s malady to a particular memory or fantasy or mental ‘structure’ responsible for pathologic reverberations.

Causality, however, in anything outside highly controlled experimental conditions where single variables may be isolated, is inevitably very complex.

The mapping of the human genome gave rise to cheerful expectations of precision in the diagnosis and management of human illness, but this has not panned out because the presence of a gene does not necessarily imply a clear and simple consequence. In fact, genes and the enveloping cellular environment make for an increasingly baffling series of challenges for biomedical researchers.

Despite the condensation and concentration of enormous technical – and financial – power into the hands of a relatively few, the inevitable divisions among these few and the inevitable interpolations of chance, create an inevitable uncertainty. We must be prepared to accept that we can and will never know the complete and inviolable tale of this Corona War.

But this does not mean that our humility in accepting the complexity and unpredictability of human relations blinds us to broad and definitive truths.

There is no question that we ‘little’ people have been under siege, that governments and corporations and other entities have sought to diminish our freedoms, to censor us, and to monitor and control our every moves. There is no question that the organized media outlets that have been the repositories of trust for so many decades have betrayed our trust. There is no question that once-revered authoritative bodies in Medicine have destroyed their credibility by promulgating falsehoods and undermining the very principles of what they purport to espouse as authorities.

As I have written many times before, we are in the biggest and most fateful fight of and for our lives, despite the insufferably obtuse zombie indifference of so many around us who either cannot or will not accept the irrefutable.

Will the zombies be revived in time? Will the transnational Deep State Cabal implode? Will the citizenry stand strong? Who can be sure?

I’ll end this excursion with a brief observation about the recent film that swept Disney aside during the blockbuster 4th of July weekend: Sound of Freedom. I watched with great interest this dramatic exposition of an episode in the battle against human trafficking, an industry reputed to generate 150 billion dollars annually.

A courageous agent attempting to rescue enslaved children is pitted against a ruthless gang of cut-throats, pedophilic abusers and violent criminals who inhabit a secluded jungle retreat. The agent masquerades as a doctor, a doctor on a mission to help the rural population, a doctor who brings vaccines …

I smiled wryly during this scene. Even the most hardened, cynical, suspicious and street-smart low-life bowed down to the Church of Vaccinology and let the agent into their lair. Their belief – nay, their certainty – in the utility and benevolence of vaccines led to their downfall.

Dr. Garcia is a Philadelphia-born psychoanalyst and psychiatrist who emigrated to New Zealand in 2006. He has authored articles ranging from explorations of psychoanalytic technique, the psychology of creativity in music (Mahler, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, Delius), and politics. He is also a poet, novelist and theatrical director. He retired from psychiatric practice in 2021 after working in the public sector in New Zealand. Visit his substack at

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