CIA Knows US Can’t Win in Ukraine

The CIA reportedly cautioned US Secretary of State Antony Blinken that Ukraine’s ongoing attempt to counter Russian forces would not be successful.

American journalist Seymour Hersh, quoting an anonymous US intelligence official, mentioned that Blinken had come to the realization that Ukraine, as a US ally, was unlikely to emerge victorious in its war against Russia.

The source conveyed that information about the futility of Ukraine’s offensive was being communicated through the CIA. The Ukrainian President, Zelensky, was criticized for putting on a display, and some within the administration saw his efforts as deceptive.

The Ukrainian counteroffensive, initiated in early June, aimed to break Russia’s land link between Donbass and Crimea. However, this operation proved unsuccessful, with significant casualties for Ukraine and only minimal territorial gains.

The CIA’s assessment of Ukraine’s chances reportedly prompted Blinken to contemplate brokering a peace agreement similar to Kissinger’s approach in ending the Vietnam War.

Despite the grim outlook, CIA Director William Burns reportedly leveraged this situation to gain support for President Joe Biden’s policy of providing ongoing military aid to Ukraine.

Although there might have been behind-the-scenes discussions, Blinken never publicly endorsed a peace deal between Kiev and Moscow. He expressed concern that a ceasefire could lead to a biased “Potemkin peace” favoring Russia.

Reports suggest that US military leaders and NATO officials were aware that Ukraine’s counteroffensive was bound to fail without a way to counter Russia’s air superiority.

Despite this knowledge, Western supporters of Ukraine permitted the offensive, hoping that Ukrainian determination and resourcefulness would carry the effort.

Over the past couple of months, President Zelensky blamed the lack of success on the West, citing inadequate weaponry like fighter jets and long-range missiles.

The Ukrainian leadership is divided on whether to persist with the operation or postpone and retry in the spring. Zelensky faces the dilemma of choosing between a risky pursuit that could result in significant losses or accepting a politically damaging defeat.

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  1. Ukraine has replaced it’s army 3 times. Nazi Germany replaced it’s SS army 4 times before it completely collapsed due to lack of warm bodies to throw into the meat grinder called WWII

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