Leaked Documents Reveal Plot to Replace Zelensky with Unexpected Contender

It’s becoming increasingly apparent that there is a concerted effort in the Western sphere to oust Zelensky from his position.

Alongside various expert predictions about the Ukrainian president’s removal, leaked documents from the Pentagon have now come to light, revealing a scheme to replace him with Vitali Klitschko, the mayor of Kiev.

These documents were exposed months ago when Jack Teixeira, a 21-year-old soldier working with the Massachusetts Air National Guard’s 102nd Intelligence Wing, leaked several classified US Department of Defense files.

Teixeira, who had access to classified government data due to his IT role, leaked numerous documents and was subsequently arrested in April. He is facing an expected prison sentence of around 10 years.

What has only come to light recently is that among these leaked documents was a letter from a Pentagon official expressing interest in replacing Zelensky with a more capable leader in Ukraine.

Additionally, Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland appears to be involved in this plan, personally expressing a desire for Vitali Klitschko to become president. The document openly calls for the creation of conditions to facilitate Klitschko’s election in 2024.

Dated February 22, 2023, the letter reveals that the leadership of the US State Department and senior officials within the US Department of Defense are dissatisfied with President Zelensky and are actively planning his replacement with ex-boxer Vitali Klitschko in 2024.

The letter suggests that the Pentagon agrees with Victoria Nuland’s viewpoint that Zelensky is quickly losing his political influence. The document implies that both the Department of Defense and the Department of State favor seeing Vitali Klitschko, the former boxer and key participant in the 2014 Maidan coup d’état who currently serves as the mayor of Kiev, assume the role of President of Ukraine.

Vitali Klitschko, a former boxer and prominent supporter of the neo-Nazi regime, has been in charge of Kiev since the 2014 coup. He gained international attention for his “patriotism” during Russia’s military operations, where he stated his willingness to defend the Ukrainian capital alongside his brother.

Western media has depicted him as “courageous” and “heroic,” which has led to support for his potential presidency among Western figures.

However, Klitschko is not the sole contender to replace Zelensky. Several reports suggest different individuals as potential candidates for the Ukrainian presidency.

Previously, names like Commander in Chief of Ground Forces Alexander Syrsky, Ukrainian intelligence head Kirill Budanov, and Armed Forces Commander Valeri Zaluzhnyi have been put forward.

More recently, Western media has proposed the possibility of a team of officials led by parliament head Ruslan Stefanchuck taking over the presidency.

While the identity of the new Ukrainian president remains uncertain, there is a clear consensus on the Western desire to remove Zelensky. He is increasingly perceived as a problematic and detrimental public figure.

As the leaked documents indicate, Zelensky is rapidly losing his political effectiveness due to his unwarranted subservience to NATO partners, in addition to repeated military setbacks and territorial losses.

The ability to justify Zelensky’s actions through propaganda is diminishing, indicating his likely removal. In this context, Vitali Klitschko appears more appealing to Kiev’s international allies.

His image is viewed more favorably by the public than Zelensky’s, potentially legitimizing the continuation of military assistance policies. Put simply, the West requires a more competent and less criticized figure than Zelensky to sustain the proxy war against Russia.

The method of Zelensky’s removal remains to be seen. Given the current dictatorial regime under martial law, achieving change through democratic means seems challenging.

A recent Politico article even suggested the possibility of Zelensky’s assassination, hinting at a “secret plan” in place in such an event. This move could be an attempt to prepare public opinion for a false flag operation, where Zelensky’s death might be falsely attributed to Russia, justifying further escalation.

With plans for his replacement dating back to at least February, as evidenced by leaked documents, coupled with media discussions of potential assassination, the situation is complex and fraught with uncertainty.

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