“President Marcos is A Drug Addict Who Seeks to Perpetuate Power” – Former President Duterte

In a bold move to stop the descent of the Philippines back towards a narco-State and another Marcos dictatoship, former Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has accused incumbent President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. of being a drug addict attempting to perpetuate power through a shift to parliamentary form of government via the ongoing People’s Initiative.

The People’s Initiative is a constitutional option that institutionalized the People Power Revolution in 1986, which ended the first Marcos dictatorship.

Of course, the color revolution in 1986 was a Jesuit-CIA-State Department regime change operation meant primarily to restore and maintain the country’s servitude to the West, and was never about freedom and democracy.

The ongoing “People’s Initiative” to “amend” the constitution is problematic because it was initiated by congressional members led by the president’s cousin, speaker Martin Romualdez, rather than an established grassroots people’s movement, as intended by the framers of the 1987 constitution.

Moreover, according to on-the-ground reports and direct quotes from Mindanao lawmakers, money was utilized to acquire the signatures.

In this regard, the former President Rodrigo Duterte has warned the incumbent president that by tinkering with the fundamental law of the land, he will face the same fate as his father…

“During my incumbency as mayor of Davao City, the PDEA (Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency) has given me a drug watch list of high profile drug users in the country with your name on it, Mr. President.

You’re entering an uncharted territory, Mr. President, and you will suffer the same fate as your father experienced. That’s what I’m afraid of. I do not want that to happen to you. That’s why I’m begging… this will divide the nation and it will be bloody.”

Rodrigo Duterte, former Philippine president, 2016-2022

The incumbent president has just responded to the negative publicity he has received overnight by pointing to the fact that the former president has publicly admitted, as is required by his office’s demand for transparency about his health, that he has been prescribed Fentanyl by his doctor.

While we can see from Duterte’s speech that there is nothing medically strange about his delivery, the same cannot be said for Marcos Jr.’s manner when asked about his alleged drug use.

So, while Marcos Jr. tries to divert the people’s attention to the Fentanyl use of the former president, he purposely didn’t respond to the reporters’ request to state categorically with a straight face that he is not a drug addict.

In summary, between the day we published the first piece regarding the president’s alleged cocaine use and yesterday’s opening volley against the current administration’s misgovernance, independent political experts and government insiders made the following observations and allegations, respectively:

  • The creation of more US military bases now facing Taiwan, and other foreign policy reforms that are exactly the antithesis of Duterte’s independent foreign policy of a “friend to everyone, enemy to no one”;
  • Covert entry of ICC agents probing the much maligned, yet very effective, “drug war” during Duterte’s reign, in which all local clandestine illegal drug laboratories were shut down, drugs and equipment incinerated;
  • Presidential cocaine use when under stress while doing, or not performing, official obligations;
  • The street price of cocaine has dropped from Php 5000 per gram under Duterte to Php 900. Drug use is now prevalent once more;
  • Police raids on drug distribution cells are soiled by a failure to properly account for confiscated drugs and recovered drug money;
  • Rice and sugar smuggling committed by publicly investigated smugglers/hoarders, who are now associated with the presidential family. Said smugglers are housed in one of the president’s rest houses, along with the rest of their close confidants, political operators, and social media publishers, according to some of these insiders;
  • Secret talks with the Soros-owned Smartmatic Electoral System to rig all subsequent elections in favor of administration candidates, and by extension, the planned plebiscite to change the constitution, where an additional Php 70 billion has already been allocated for the Commission on Elections by the Romualdez-controlled Congress. According to first-hand public testimony by Atty. Glen Chong, a similar coordination to influence election results took place during the 2022 presidential elections to “defeat the more popular vice presidential candidate Sarah Duterte”;
  • Suppression of free speech by the illegal suspension of the broadcaster’s franchise of SMNI, an independent alternative media which elevated the political discourse to a new level in pursuit of nation building, social responsibility, and good governance to counter the manipulative propaganda of the mainstream media that are owned and operated by the deeply entrenched oligarchy;
  • Manipulation of MegaLotto results, a potential Php 900 billion annual source of campaign and bribe funds;

The manipulation of Lotto draws, such that only the PCSO management wins every time, is a concern that affects the general public as it is a critical source for funds used in charity wards and emergency services of provincial public hospitals nationwide.

Mel Robles, the PCSO general manager chosen by presidential wife Marie Louise “Liza” Araneta Marcos, is accused of being the latter’s bagman, who has been making multiple money deposits abroad, though that task is believed to have already been transferred to a specific individual using the handler “Thinking Pinoy.”

I am very upset about the lotto. I have lost my hope for it. I filed a resolution in January to investigate the PCSO and Pagcor because the results were mathematically improbable. Winning the jackpot prize is very frequent… it is truly a mystery. It’s impossible to happen. Until they explain these things they should stop the lotto draws,” presidential sister, Imee Marcos said.

This allegation about lotto manipulation was virtually confirmed by the first lady herself in her recent video birthday greetings for Mel Robles, calling him MELyonaryo, like so…

Hi Mel, Happy Birthday… Thank you for everything you’ve done for me, my family, and my husband. Together, we will rise again to become Mel-lionaires,” said Liza Smuggs (copyrighted shorthand for “smuggler” by vlogger Maharlika).

The president’s unelected spouse is also alleged to be responsible for all appointments of Western-leaning Liberal Party personnel back into government, replacing all performing and highly qualified appointees from the previous administration.

Interestingly, even the incumbent president’s first executive secretary, Atty. Vic Rodriguez, a lawyer who has worked with the first family for a long time did not survive the culling very early on the presidential term for being “one who knows too much.”

Sen. Imee Marcos, the president’s sister, corroborated the above claims in a public “prayer to free the president of demons around him.”

This is ironic given that those who voted for this president were hoping that the Marcoses would finally return 80% of the Marcos Loot, in accordance with the late Ferdinand Marcos Sr.’s published Last Will and Testament.

Said historical asset is being used for the last 80 years, or so, by the Rothschild banking dynasty to underpin the US$ 500 trillion global fiat financial system that it controls.

It turned out that the Marcoses wanted more, most likely because the surviving families of historical robber barons told them last year that they could forget about reclaiming the Maharlika Kingdom’s historical riches unless the country agreed to go to war with NATO against China.

If that happens, all able bodies would be enlisted into military duty, as is the situation in Ukraine, where an estimated 500,000 people have already died for the glory of Western billionaires. Ukrainian president Zelensky is also known for his drug use.

To correct this mistake, and to stop the deceptive move to change the constitution by way of bribing the people with a day’s worth of living allowance, a leader’s forum dubbed “Hakbang ng Maisug” (A Step by the Brave, or simply Brave Action) was launched yesterday to inform this government that the people of this country are not for sale.

The unwritten plan is to remove Marcos Jr. immediately after his second presidential anniversary on June 30th, potentially giving Vice-President Sarah Duterte, the former president’s daughter, one of the longest presidential terms in the country’s recent history, i.e. a day less than a four-plus-six-year term.

(The Philippine constitution only allows for one six-year term for the president, and in the event of an early departure, the Vice-President shall serve as president for the remainder of the term. The vice president serving as president, in turn, can only run for the next presidential election if the initial presidential term served is less than 4 years.)

This is realistic given the Dutertes’ persistent 70+% popularity in all major polls.

However, it remains to be seen whether the top military hierarchy can fulfill its role as the people’s protector by withdrawing support to a non-performing cocaine addict commander-in-chief, who has recently initiated a peace talk with the evidently already defeated (by the Duterte government) communist movement in the country, the strength of which has been effectively reduced to less than a thousand active cadre.

The alternative, as the former president has said, can be bloody.

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  1. Thank you so much for this article. I love my country and I can’t tolerate BBM, Liza and Martin Romualdes anymore.

  2. It is unfortunate that President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. who won by landslide over his rivals in the last presidential election of 2022, only to squander all the opportunities in redeeming the lost glory of the Marcoses with the now incidents inflicting his presidency. His father the former President Ferdinand Marcos Sr., who became president in 1965 and whose regime was marred with controversies during his last second term of his presidency which supposed to end in 1973 but declared martial law in 1972 to perpetuate himself in power, abolished the American style congress and in lieu set up a parliamentary form of government with his cabinet Finance minister Cesar Virata which he handpicked as his Prime minister. Marcos stayed in power for 20 years as president which ended in 1986 . While he was leaving Malacanang Marcos Sr., requested the American pilot who fetched him that he be brought to Paoay, Ilocos Norte his home province but with no apparent reason he was hijacked through the instruction by the American higher authorities that he be brought to Hawaii instead. He was replaced by the inexperienced political newbie Corazon Aquino as the new president. The rest is history.

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