East-West lines drawn—will it be make love instead of make war?

It is looking more likely now that we will see a world government rather than a world war in the coming months and years based on what is happening around the world.
First of all, a year after the World Forum at Davos featured Chinese President Xi Jinping as its star, this year Western leaders gathered at Davos in force with U.S. President Donald Trump as the top attraction.  What’s interesting is that this year’s Western-dominated Davos theme, “Creating a shared future in a fractured world,” is very similar to China’s theme of “Building a community with a shared future for mankind.”
Of course, the Chinese and Americans are still duking it out over who will be in charge of this “shared future.”
Pentagon sources this week were gushing over the top about Trump and his Davos performance, noting, “Trump rocked Davos, with globalist CEOs from EU multinationals promising to invest and create jobs in America.”  They added that “With the cabal defeated and unable to stage any more false-flags or start World War 3, Davos established the Trump world order and may have launched the global currency reset.”
Even more alarming, though, was the Pentagon source’s assessment that “a cabal underwater base off Alaska may have been nuked as the military rally behind Trump, who has been promoted from POTUS to GEOTUS (God Emperor of the U.S.).”
The Chinese, for their part, had the following to say about Trump at Davos via their official Xinhua News Agency:  “The United States is like the boxer who vows to obey the rules when dominating the fight, but claims the rules must be changed when he is losing.”

The U.S. military government under Trump was able to buy time for itself last week by threatening “immediate arrests” of Democratic Party politicians, who “caved in to end the U.S. government shutdown in less than 72 hours,” Pentagon sources note.  The sinking of an Iranian oil tanker off the shore of Shanghai also postponed the start of the gold-backed petro-yuan as a replacement for the U.S. petro-dollar.  However, as things stand, the still-bankrupt current U.S. regime has only bought time until February 8th.
It is clear that the United States, the most indebted nation in world history, is untenable and needs a complete reboot of the current world system in order to survive.  The Chinese, for their part, are the biggest beneficiaries of the current system and would like it to continue to evolve in their favour, as it has been doing for years.
What to do about this situation will be the topic of high-level talks in Asia this week on the day of the January 31st Super Blue Blood Moon between representatives of the White Dragon Society (WDS) and representatives of the 13 bloodline families who control the current system.
The WDS will be proposing a genuine jubilee, or one-time writeoff of all world debts, public and private, as an initial step, according to a WDS member who will be attending the talks. The talks will also discuss how to harmonize China’s trillion-dollar One Belt, One Road (OBOR) infrastructure initiative with the Western military-industrial complex. The fact that the Chinese are already paying U.S. military contractors to take charge of security for the OBOR project shows there is more harmony than strife in the real world between the two great power centers. The fact that the U.S. military has invited the Chinese to join their RIMPAC naval exercises in Hawaii this year shows that, at a working level, relations with the Chinese are already good. Overall, the WDS will be promoting a strategy of “make love, not war.”

In any case, the old world order, as represented by the P2 Freemason Ordo ab Chao (Order out of Chaos) lodge and their Vatican subsidiary has failed in their pledge to make 2016 a jubilee year as dictated by their calendar. Instead, what has happened since then has been an unprecedented money grab by the Western super-wealthy.
The result has been a dangerous destabilization of Western civilization. Clearly they need to step aside.
The U.S. military white hats are helping make this happen, noting that, “The storm made landfall with 90,000 pedos arrested worldwide, 45,000 arrest warrants pending, and the amount of sealed indictments approaching 14,000.”
Furthermore, Trump got MI6 and GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters, the British intelligence agency) to hand over incriminating intelligence on Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the cabal before his meeting with [UK Prime Minister Theresa] May at Davos,” the Pentagon sources say.
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are also on the trail of the Clinton mafia, now that they have officially recognized the deaths of Canadian pharmaceutical billionaire Barry Sherman and his wife Honey as murders. They have seized computers and will be following money trails to find the suspects.
Our sources in the CIA say the trail will almost certainly lead to the Clinton Foundation and Haiti, where Sherman’s cheap generic drugs were sold at high prices to the International Red Cross to generate off-the-books funds for various operations.
A video of Red Cross Cash in Haiti was sent to us as evidence. The video was sent with the following comment: “Notice that no people were shown in the video, which to me means that this was recorded by someone who knows way more than what is being said—which is nothing. Someone/government is about to get a very large cash injection. There are potentially billions of dollars in these cases.” The source added, “This is off-the-books money for sure. We both know that the International Committee of the Red Cross, based in Geneva, Switzerland, has always been a front for the Khazarian mafia. A perfect way to move off-ledger cash around the world—from neutral Switzerland, of course. (The current hiding place of the Rothschilds and their top agents).”

As we have mentioned before, the trail from the Haiti earthquake and its aftermath will lead to Fukushima and the P2 Freemason lodge, as well as the Rothschilds in Switzerland.
The cabal is also under heavy attack for their recent murder attempt against Trump in Las Vegas. The latest casualty is casino mogul Steve Wynn (aka Weinberg), who was forced to resign as finance chair of the Republican National Committee. Officially, he is resigning because he was exposed “as a serial sex predator and may lose his gaming licenses and be fired from his publicly listed company Wynn Resorts and from his own board, just like fellow Jew Harvey Weinstein,” the Pentagon sources noted.
U.S. military intelligence has been given a trail to follow that will connect Wynn with a Macau front for the Dutch branch of the Rothschild Saxe Gotha family. This in turn will lead to the downed Malaysian Air Flight 370/17 and the ongoing anti-Russian hysteria campaign in the Western corporate media, WDS sources say.

Blockbuster: Dutch agencies provide crucial intel on Russia’s interference in US-elections

Also, the cabal is clearly aware that its fiat financial system is headed for collapse and thus there has been a lot of skullduggery going on, as usual involving gold. A source close to an Asian royal family has said the Japanese government is looking for a mining company to launder dragon family gold that is stored under the parking lot of a temple in Nagano Prefecture, Japan.
There has also been a lot of intrigue going on concerning the gigantic gold deposits in Bougaineville, with the French Rothschilds, the Russians, and the U.S. military all vying for influence over this geopolitically significant gold. The WDS believes the gold should be used to benefit the people of Bougaineville as well as the poorest people on the rest of the planet.
On a final note, last week a flurry of articles appeared in the corporate media claiming to report on George Soros. The articles claimed he was speaking at Davos, yet once again, if he was speaking at a public forum in Davos as reported, dozens of news outlets would have put out independent footage of this. That has not happened, and our sources continue to tell us George Soros is no longer active and probably no longer on this earth.
Right now, video technology allows disinformation operatives at various intelligence agencies to put out fake videos that purport to show people like Hillary Clinton, Stephen Hawking, etc. talking. To understand how far this technology has advanced, please take a look at the first few seconds or minutes of the clip below.

In a sense, the Gnostic Illuminati may be right when they say the real enemy is an artificial intelligence. As things now, most of the information we get, as well as our financial system, are based on computer networks that have shown multiple signs of autonomous intelligence. That is why it is very important for us analogue humans living in the original creation to place most of our trust in things we actually experience first-hand.

  • https://benjaminfulford.net/2018/01/29/east-west-lines-drawn-will-make-love-instead-make-war/

Ben is a little off on the subject of the AI being the “real enemy” of the people, and that will have major implications later on.
While the software being used to manipulate a video of someone through video capture and overlay technology, it is not enough to allow anyone to control anybody, although it can be used for a false flag operation and may cause the people to respond in such a predictable way. But it is not a control mechanism by itself.
There is, however, a system being developed using quantum computers to synthesize all of the data collected in the second half of the last century and onwards, to identify sources of future dissent. The people behind that system is the real enemy of humanity, and not the machines themselves. Deliberate diversions of this kind is highly condemnable.
Let it be known that here at Covert Geopolitics, we interpret David Wilcock’s operation with Goode regarding the Secret Space Program as another one of those elaborate diversions to distract us away from the reality that we are that Secret Space Program, which involves our intergenerational enslavement, solely for the satisfaction of the galactic corporate interests.
The different religions of this planet indicate that we have been ruled by Orion slave drivers, and there have been attempts at removing these parasites by entities from friendly constellations.
So, when you see people coming out of the wood work just after the Asian secret societies revealed their decisive and elaborate plan to defeat the barbarity that’s been reigning for thousands of years, you need to verify it with what’s really going on in the real physical world, too.
Surely, there’s a lot of things that’s been going on to establish a saner civilization through multipolarity. But to deliberately shield the guilty by blaming the machines instead of the people controlling these machines, which did not create themselves into what they are now capable of, is to sway us away from our real enemy.
Understand that we haven’t seen the arrests of the pedophiles as of yet. It would have been a real education if it were true and the people could see the whole operation onscreen.
For as long as the Vatican Church remains standing, there is no real hope for individual freedom.
Recall that the Jesuits had been banished across Europe in the later part of the Reformation, and what they did is to go underground and established a very strong foothold in Asia. Now, they have vast investments in major corporations in the region, aside from owning huge tract of lands and brainwashing institutions.
They have weathered the storm and they can do it again if what some people are doing is to deliberately divert our attention from these culprits.
Bear in mind that until today, we are being made to choose between the Jesuits Liberation Theology and subservience to Monarchy. The method might be different, i.e. the former being more sophisticated than the latter, but they’re just two sides of the same madness — the insatiable appetite for control of another.
We are far better than this, and we could do more than this in enlightening the public. Lies and more lies, just don’t cut it.

7 thoughts on “East-West lines drawn—will it be make love instead of make war?”

  1. If there is a form of evidence to support an idea of “truth,” that can not be created, or obfuscated and obscured, I would like to see it.
    Instead, what free people of the world have had to rely on is their absolutely free ability to think critically as they follow the work of many researchers who have sacrificed much over the years.
    All must decide what is true for them, lacking evidence, in the end, and this power cannot be taken away- unless we allow it.
    This is why Corey Goode’s testimony has received the support it has in recent years- because many people who have been following many researchers over the course of many years decided there could be truth in what he has to say- but this is not to say it is true.
    You have the freedom to write-off that testimony as an elaborate distraction if you wish, but I would suggest you be sure to take a hard look in the mirror and ask yourself what is it that you know, and what is that you want to believe?
    While you’re at it, you might as well write-off the self-sacrificing and painstaking work of many other researchers and insiders who independently corroborate the same picture Corey Goode’s testimony has painted.
    You did not sign your name to what you wrote after Ben’s article, but I would address you and correct what you put forth as an absolute while at the same time urging discernment- you should have written that you feel, based on your information, that Ben’s sources are off-base regarding the threat that is Artificial Intelligence, not Ben. Instead you chose to call out Ben as if he is telling us what we should call truth.
    I don’t feel he is doing that, however, instead, he is passing on information he received as a journalist in the here and now as he should do, and I am extremely grateful for that, regardless of what he personally believes or decides is true.
    Forgive me for repeating myself- but the true enemy of humanity is within. Perhaps we have been manipulated from behind the shadows- still, it is up to us, ourselves, to think critically and grow beyond the chains.
    Then, no matter what buildings still stand, one can be truly free, within, armed with the power of their own free will and the ability and freedom to ask a question- nothing can ever take this away, unless we allow it through our own fear and prejudice.
    Due to the sacrifices of many, humanity is well aware that there is indeed a level of technology and science that has been intentionally kept from the world in order to secure our enslavement. I feel that Now is the time to understand how this knowledge applies to us in our own lives- and demand full disclosure, now.
    Let the truth be the ultimate equaliser, and until that time has come, the people of the world will continue to evolve beyond these methods of control such as religion and money, through the power of their own critical thinking and consciousness, and there is no power strong enough to prevent this evolution of consciousness.
    As more people become aware of more, more becomes possible- but as this potential is fought against, I feel that only more conflict and adversity is due to transpire as a result- for all parties involved.
    Hence my truth – we all must demand full disclosure, here and now.
    Thank You

  2. I see you’re still in the “EVERYTHING IS EVIL AND WE’RE ALL GOING TO DIE” camp. Sad, I hope you get help. And for the record, Wilcock and Goode could run circles around you with their knowledge. My guess is you’re just jealous that no one cares about you and this pitiful site. I’ve stopped coming here on a few occasions because you added your own incredibly misguided thoughts. Never coming back to this place.

  3. In my book “The Secret History of the New World Order”, I document the Jesuits merely went underground in Catholic controlled countries by creating the Illuminati after they were outlawed by the Catholic Church in 1773. This Illuminati took over many Freemason Lodges and organized the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Bolshevik Revolution. After the French Revolution

    1. The Illuminati gained control of Napoleon, who invaded Italy and arrested the Pope. The Pope was informed that he would be released from prison if he would reinstate the Jesuit order.. After 5 years in prison, the Pope relented and had the Jesuit order reinstated in 1814.

  4. Ben you are a liar and probably a instigator for Trump what a joke have not heard a word of anything you ever speak of you are a liar and a joke

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