Germany Makes Game Changing Move, Prepares for War to Defeat Khazarian Mafia

For the past few weeks the wheels of geopolitics have been churning the mud during a summer “ceasefire.” That is now ending.
The German government has made a decisive break with the Khazarian mafia and has ordered its citizens to stockpile 10 days worth of emergency food supplies in preparation for a war of independence, according to both CIA and MI6 sources. In addition, the German government is mobilizing 600,000 militia members in preparation for this war, the sources say.

The trigger for this mobilization was a request by the Khazarian controlled US government for Germany to accept a massive false flag attack on its territory as an excuse for totalitarian Khazarian rule. The Germans have decided to refuse this request and are instead allying themselves with the Russians and effectively joining the UK and Turkey in a Western led move against the Khazarian controlled American government, the sources agree.
This information can be confirmed in a series of German government statements seen in the corporate media. These include the announcement of the emergency food supply request, a statement by the German foreign minister that Germany needs to work with Russia and a statement by the economy minister that the US Khazarian led TTIP trade agreement was dead in the water.
The German move is just the opening salvo of what is expected to be a decisive campaign to permanently end Khazarian control of the West and its remaining slave states. Expect similar moves in many countries as the autumn offensive against the final Khazarian mafia strongholds goes into full gear. As the snowball effect continues, keep your eyes on France, Japan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Brazil among other places over the coming months.
Another clear signal that things are not as normal is the fact that Khazarian Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has become too scared to meet actual real people and has begun using green screen to tape her campaign performances.
That is because the people on the bounty list issued by the White Dragon Society have been vanishing from public view one by one. That is also because her mass murdering Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller mafia bosses are hated by a vast portion of the world’s awakening public,
The Chinese, for their part, have given up on Hillary and, since they also have no love for Republican Candidate Donald Trump, are now considering a more radical move. They have invited Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to visit China before the big September 4-5 G20 meeting the Chinese are hosting. Sources in Asian secret societies say the Chinese will ask Trudeau if he would be interested inleading a Mexican/American/Canadian North American alliance.
It is not clear, however, just how aware of reality Trudeau is. The Canadian corporate press parrots its US counterparts like the New York Times in presenting outright lies as facts. In their world view it was not the Saudis and their Bush/Clinton allies who used Sarin gas in Syria but rather the “dictator Assad” (never mind that he was elected in an internationally observed poll).
In their world view as well Russia’s Vladimir Putin is an evil dictator who invaded the Crimean Peninsula. The same press holds to the world view that Hillary Clinton is the reasonable status quo candidate and that Donald Trump is a crazy maniac who must not be allowed to have power.
This writer’s own mother, who gets her information from Canadian Newspapers and the Canadian Broadcast Corporation (CBC) held views along these lines. Robert Fulford, a prominent Canadian writer (not a direct relative of your correspondent), for example, wrote an editorial in the Canadian press that also went along with this world view. So it is quite possible Trudeau is still too brainwashed to understand the historical opportunity the Asians are going to offer him.
In any case, the Chinese are going to try to make the most of the G20 meeting they are hosting. They have invited countries that are not in the G20 to participate as well as top European Union leaders in a sign they are going to push hard for big changes in the way this planet is run. The meeting follows months of concerted selling of US Treasury bonds by central banks all over the world. This time it is clear the Asians are not going to let the usual criminals take over after the US corporate government’s bankruptcy negotiations conclude.
The owners of the Federal Reserve Board system for their part, are locked in a death spiral. They are printing their own fiat money, to buy shares and corporate bonds issued by their own companies. It is like a snake swallowing its own tail. Everybody else, including old-fashioned pension fund managers and other institutional investors with integrity, are avoiding the entire cesspool that US financial markets have become.
That is the real reason why Fed Chairperson Janet Yellen hinted at raising interest rates last week. If they do try to raise interest rates, it will have the opposite effect of what they expect, because it will be seen as a sign of desperation, not strength.
Even looting the Japanese National Pension fund to the tune of over $100 billion is not enough to help these criminals keep their empire solvent. The situation has become such that Jacob de Rothschild has warned that the system of central banks his family was instrumental in creating was headed for systems failure.
The Rand Corporation, a war mongering neo-con think tank, has reacted to the situation by saying the US should declare war on China sooner rather than later. However, they are about 10 years too late to make that call. At the time the Pentagon ran simulation after simulation involving a war with China and the result was always the same, the loser would unleash nuclear war and the result would be that 90% of the world’s population dies and the Northern Hemisphere of the planet becomes uninhabitable. That is the same reason why the Asians are not going to do anything arrogant that will provoke the military industrial complex into choosing mutually assured destruction.
Instead, the brainy part of the military industrial complex is already dealing with the situation with the compelling argument that we do not want to replace Khazarian mob rule with Chinese totalitarianism. The Japanese, Koreans, Indonesians, Vietnamese, Indians and others understand this argument – as do the Chinese.
In the Middle East, the Pentagon is keeping to its deal with the Russians to divide their regions of influence along the Euphrates river with the Russians getting what is West of it while the Americans get what is East of it. The Turks are also now going along with this.
The fighting now going on in the region is against mercenary armies working for oil companies still controlled by the Clinton/Bush/ Rockefeller mafia. The Israelis have also figured this out and have invited the Russians in to try to help them find peace with their neighbours. This will mean they will have to give up their Messianic delusions about ruling the world from Jerusalem and accept a fair deal with the Palestinians and others. They no longer have a super power to manipulate into fighting for them and so must learn to be humble.
Aside from the fiat monetary scam and bloodsoaked petrodollar, another significant source of funds for the Nazionist Khazarian Mafia is the “healthcare” industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.
We can avoid using drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering, like the Zika virus, easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about how we can kill three birds with one stone, right here.

11 thoughts on “Germany Makes Game Changing Move, Prepares for War to Defeat Khazarian Mafia”

    1. What is so great exactly? Are you mental? Jesuit agent Fulfrod is informing you that NWO plan of North American Union is well and alive, although he descibes it as “historic opportunity and something Chinese are demanding or wanting.” Servants of the 13 Papal bloodlines, the Jesuit Order, or the Order which formerly known as Knights Templars before their exile to rich land of Aragon in Spain, obviously have no respect for inteligence of their readers. Looking at people like you, one can certainly see why.

      1. Wulfgarr, spot on. Too many hang off Fulfords every word. And cheerlead his Jesuit BS every week. It’s good to see others waking up to his cabal agenda nonsense. Reading a comic offers more “Intel” than this comiedian

      2. His validity as a reporter is always open to question. He has never supported anything outside the usual banker paradigm; either THEIR credit or THEIR gold (silver). He assumes, as most do, that money, banking and finance are some “science” that must be somehow respected as if it were when it very clearly has never been but an apology for their system. Economics is mostly apology for their system and has no better authority. Behind it is lies and deceptions and at base the fraud from STEALING THE FIAT THAT BELONGED TO THE PEOPLE WITHOUT A STATE. Since they all advocate that, there can be no solution because TRUST HAS BEEN LOST or is mostly lost. Not likely to be regained either.

      3. I don’t know if you are right or wrong. I just think it is ironic that you miss spelled intelligence. Sorry. Haha.

  1. Dear Mr. Wulfgarr,
    You don’t know if it’s really the case with the Jesuits and the Papal bloodlines. Like if they run the world or something, it’s probably a bit more complicated then just point a finger to a group you don’t even know who they are. Don’t pretend you know how the world is run because you don’t.
    The message has Always been the same with BF and that is prosperity for the whole world and anything on it and we wil just have to see if he is a liar when the time comes. If he is sensire, wich i really hope, then he deserves a statue for all his work.

  2. Hi Dennis
    How are you so certain the Vatican isn’t the top of the cabal pyramid on Earth? Are you Catholic?
    I have read on this subject, and researched for over two and a half decades. There is compelling evidence of the Vatican been the top. Ben promotes Cabal 2.0 often. Most of what he says, is hearsay. And never happens. He champions the Vatican and the British royals, another part of the problem. But please let me know if you have evidence to contrary. I would be interested to read it.
    The pope has said he wants to eradicate world poverty, the Vatican has more than enough money to do so many times over. But they haven’t done a thing except lip service.
    We the people, all coming together will force real change. Not expecting the same power houses changing the public face, then promising change but doing nothing, that will not.
    Be of peace

    1. Hi Chris,
      I agree, I have been to Rome and the wealthe there is not normal. Don’t be sitting on a golden chair telling” you want to end poverty”, but then again you don’t know the reason why the pope is not using the vatican wealth, meaby he is and we just don’t see it. That’s the thing, WE JUST DONT KNOW
      I know that there are a lot of contradictories in BF stories when you are up to date in alternative news and did your homework in history besides school education but then again there are contradictories in everybodies points of view so that doesnt make BF a liar.

      1. Hi Dennis,
        I never called BF a liar. I said he is promoting Cabal 2.0
        Yes, Ben by his own admission says, he doesnt check what he is told, he just posts it. And lets the reader decide. Fair point, if a cop out. But he sides with two of the 13 negative bloodline\institutions. Which, what he promotes, seems to be a new set of suit wearing sociopaths, who arent as bad as the last lot. With the same hidden hand controlling them. So that is still the cabal, just with a rebranding. And that is what Ben is promoting.
        People like Corey Goode, or Cobra, point to different things. But Zap and BF promote another round of greed. Hidden under so called prosperity packages. WHich will just cause more greed, and more environmental destruction. Until we put capitalism into the grave. then we will ALL live as slaves.
        Whereas Cobra, Corey are at least pushing for total disclosure. WHich with advanced technologies that already exists. We can fix all the worlds problems. Disease, famine, war and poverty will be assigned to the history books. Thats what I would love to see. Rather than banks been bailed out and reset.
        Be of Peace

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