Hungary, the UK, the US, Bulgaria, Moldova free from Khazarian control, Austria, Italy, South Korea next

by benjamin
November 21, 2016
The liberation of the planet earth from Khazarian gangster control is now snowballing. The UK liberated itself with the Brexit vote while the Americans freed themselves by electing Donald Trump as President. Trump’s election was followed immediately by anti-Khazarian regime change in Bulgaria and Moldova.

Next, a Presidential election in Austria and a referendum in Italy, both due on December 4th, are expected to liberate those countries. Following this will be the likely election of Marine Le Pen as President of France in May and the ouster of German Chancellor Angelina Merkel sometime in 2017.
In South Korea as well, Khazarian puppet President Park Geun Hye has been exposed as totally corrupt and is being removed from power. In Japan too, right-wing forces are moving against Khazarian proxies like Yasuyuki Nambu of the Pasona Group, Masayoshi Son of Softbank and others to prepare the way for the liberation of this country.
Later in the game the European Union, the United Nations and subsidiary organizations like the IMF and the World Bank are also expected to collapse before being replaced by more representative, meritocratic, democratic and competently run institutions.
Much of this outcome hinges on the nearly over but still not finished power struggle in Washington D.C.
The first senior staff members selected by Donald Trump are all US armed forces veterans making it clear his government will be strongly linked to the US military. This means the men with guns are finally taking action.
Navy veteran Steve Bannon is Chief Strategist, army veterans Mike Pompeo, Jeff Sessions and Michael Flynn respectively have the jobs of CIA head, Attorney General and Director of National Security. So far no neocons or Khazarians have been selected.
A Pentagon source says the names of neocons like Rudolph Giuliani, John Bolton, David Petraeus and Mitt Romney were “floated so trump can say ‘you’re fired.’”
New National Security Adviser General Michael Flynn summed up the situation as follows:
“We just went through a revolution…This is probably the biggest election in our nation’s history, since bringing on George Washington when he decided not to be a king. That’s how important this is.”
In a clear sign this really is a revolution, CIA sources tell us that arch-criminal George Soros has been “taken out,” as reported by this writer on November 20th. Pentagon sources are saying that others on the list who need to be removed from the scene include Senator John “ISIS” McCain and Edgar Bronfman who “owns McCain.”
Other Pentagon sources say that a special “navy doomsday plane” was sent to fly from California to Denver last week to deploy “special weapons” in order to “drive cabalists out of underground bases” so that they could be arrested.
Speaking about underground bases, White Dragon Society sources in Antarctica say:
” One of our team members in Antarctica saw David Rockefeller with his son Richard at ‘The Base’ along with several other elites from Europe. There is a top secret meeting taking place there now. The word is that they are preparing for January 20.”
Other sources say they saw members of the Rothschild family at that Antarctic base too.
(The Russian documentary linked below is recommended as the most thoroughly researched background information this writer could find on secret Antarctic bases,
It is a good guess these elites are hoping to find shelter or else a ticket off-planet at that base but they are unlikely to find either because all the evidence indicates this planet is under some form of quarantine.
In any case, judging from the 2017 occult cover of the Rothschild and P2 Freemason Agnelli family owned Economist, the bloodline families are in a state of confusion. The cover, seen at the link below, is called “Planet Trump” and features tarot cards.×1024.jpg
Here is this writer’s first stab and what it means:
The first card, called “the tower,” shows the Catholic Church being split between its communist and traditional Christian factions.
The second, called “Judgement” shows Donald Trump holding the symbols of power, meaning most likely they expect a Neurenberg type tribunal to be convened when he assumes office.
The third, called “the World” shows symbols of the gnostic Illuminati, the family owned central banks and monotheism unified under what appears to be a moon god. Above them are what appear to be Maria (the Goddess Isis), the holy book and the sun god. It seems they think the world will be unified under these symbols.
The fourth called “the Hermit” shows North America leading a populist movement against TPP, TTIP and the EU, indicating they have gone against their “globalist” agenda.
The fifth, called “death,” shows plagues, tsunamis, fish die-offs, nuclear weapons and crop failures and is probably meant as a threat by the bloodline families to unleash these calamities if they are cornered.
The sixth, called “the magician,” seems to indicate they expect 3d printing and virtual reality to be the biggest high tech trends of the year.
The seventh, called the “Wheel of Fortune” shows a smiling Marine Le Pen and a frowning Angela Merkel waiting for the results of elections indicating they expect Le Pen to win and Merkel to lose. This writer could not identify the third person.
The final one, “the star,” seems to show pictures of pop culture personalities who will have strong financial backing during the year. The only one this pop culture knowledge deficient writer could identify appears to be Lady Gaga.
What their predictions are showing most of all though is a clear sign they no longer control the destiny of this planet and that is why the resorted to tarot cards.
Since the Rothschilds and Angellis appear to be out of the loop on future events now, here is a bit of what sources in the new regime are saying is coming up.
For one thing, as soon as President Barack Obama loses his ability to issue pardons on January 20th, there are going to be a flood of revelations coming out of the US agencies about pedophilia and human sacrifice carried out by many well-known US and European politicians and personalities. The Bush/Clinton family, Mitt Romney, Carl Rove and others are expected to be included in these revelations, Pentagon sources say.
The Rothschilds and their kinfolk can also expect hearings about what really caused the Asian tsunami of 2006, the Japanese tsunami and nuclear disaster of 2011, the Haiti tsunami etc. In other words, the world will find out they are a bunch of ruthless mass murderers.
The coming months will also reveal a “Trump/Putin tag team that will kill ISIS as a prelude to a US-EU-Russian and Vatican Christian bloc to contain China and terminate the global Khazarian mafia,” the sources say.
The Chinese, for their part, are already leading towards a form of Christianity with Chinese features, Chinese secret society sources say. They point out that many of the features that separate Christianity from Judaism actually came from their founder Mozi 墨子(450 to 291 BC). He promoted universal love and came up with the idea of a heaven that only the virtuous could enter. He also came up with the idea that if you give a person a piece of bread you only feed them for one day but if you give them a fishing rod and teach them to fish, you can feed them for life.
The point being is that the Asian secret societies are already sold on the idea of make love, not war, with the West. They just don’t want to be raped, robbed and killed.
The obstacle to a world of universal love is now the still unsettled battle for control of the financial system and thus the process for deciding what humanity does in the future.
On that front, the latest news is the Dutch delegation that is visiting Indonesia this week on behalf of the Dutch royal family is upset that three Dutch World War 2 sunken warships that were discovered off the coast of Indonesia in 2002 have vanished.
“It is all about the Gold that was in those ships. The Dutch were trying to bring part of the ancient royal treasure that they had stolen from the Indonesia Royals of Java and Sulawesi to the Netherlands so the Japanese would not get it,” a WDS source in Indonesia explains.
It sounds like the European bloodline families were counting on this gold to back their efforts to keep control of the world’s financial system and now they are back to square one.
If there is in fact no gold, or if it has already all been stolen and used, we need to find this out ASAP. We cannot wait forever for these legendary million ton stashes of gold to appear. If the gold does not exist, a new reality based financial system can be made without it. Money can be backed by real estate, commodities, industrial facilities, labour etc.
As soon as a new, transparently, meritocratically and honestly run financial system is launched many wonderful things can start right away.
The Russians, for example, have already given the go ahead for a tunnel linking Siberia with Alaska. People and freight could then move by train from New York to London via Moscow.
We must stop fighting and start saving the planet.
Aside from the fiat monetary scam and bloodsoaked petrodollar, another significant source of funds for the Nazionist Khazarian Mafia is the “healthcare” industry which registered a whopping $3.09 trillion in 2014, and is projected to soar to $3.57 trillion in 2017, in the US alone. We believe that this is just a conservative figure.
We can all help the revolution by avoiding all Khazarian pharmaceutical drugs, defeat any viral attack and scaremongering, like the Zika virus, easily by knowing how to build our own comprehensive antiviral system. Find more about how we can kill three birds with one stone, right here.

18 thoughts on “Hungary, the UK, the US, Bulgaria, Moldova free from Khazarian control, Austria, Italy, South Korea next”

  1. As a rabbi who deeply appreciates much of what Ben stands for, I only wish he would turn down the anti Semitic, including anti Israel, rhetoric. My people have suffered too muc through our journey through history for this kind of thing.
    Rabbi Dr. Richard Nichol
    Boston, MA

    1. LS…
      On the other hand we the not Khazarians have been fooled to long to take your type of sh#t any longer. Good heavens do you really think that your kind are the only ones who suffered !

    2. No Offence mate, But it would seem you think what isreal does to the Palestinian people is totally acceptible? As your people suffered? isreal as far as I see, including many billions of others, do NOT live by the Holy Torah. So by default, does not make them Jewish. I have many friends of different cultures and beliefs, none of my Jewish friends like isreal, or its neo fascist agenda of constant ethnic cleansing
      As for Anti Semitism, the Arab people are also Semites.

    3. Dear Rabbi Dr. Richard Nichol,
      The Jewish faith is as much a victim of the Khazarian mafia infiltration of the faith as the rest of the planet.
      History as has been taught is half truths and falsehoods.
      The Khazrians have used Hitler and ww2 for their own purposes to stop anybody criticising their plans for the takeover of planet earth by hiding in plain sight behind Judaism and shouting loudly “Anti Semitiscm” at anybody awake enough to see through the scam.
      When the good people (and there are many – 95%) identifying with the Jewish faith stand up and take back their religion and expose the Mafia for what they are, parasites piggybacking on the Jewish faith for political and business reasons.

    4. Your people have suffered because of the evil known as “Rothchilds” they need shutdown in Israel and “Israel” needs given back to its original 12 tribes, truth is a very powerful weapon, it’s time the people learned the truth and NOTHING but the TRUTH.

    5. Yeah, so has everyone else’s people. This why people are weary of Jews. I understand the holocaust was a terrible tragedy, but it didn’t only happen to Jewish people. All religions have been persecuted, and multiple genocides have occurred to many other religions. Being Jewish doesn’t encompass a race either. Your genetics only tell people where you were from, not your religion. Why is Judaism the only religion that also has a certain race? All ashkenazi means is that your race originated from Eastern Europe. Definitely not Palestine. We know who has lived in palestine for thousands of years, and guess what? It’s Palestinian’s.

  2. “…… “Wheel of Fortune” shows a smiling Marine Le Pen and a frowning Angela Merkel waiting for the results of elections indicating they expect Le Pen to win and Merkel to lose. This writer could not identify the third person……”
    The flag of this third person seems to be BLUE-WHITE-RED horizontal since the German flag is actually Black-Red-Yellow horizontal and the French one Blue-White-Red vertical. It’s either a mistake or the 3 flags are designed to be looked at from the other side. That is, they are reversed here on this drawing. Anyway, the only flag being Blue-White-Red (from top to bottom) is the one of ………former Yugoslavia, that ceased to exist since 1992, or possibly Serbia & Montenegro (1992-2006). Therefore it’s a mistake and if true then it can only be the flags of either the Netherlands or Luxembourg or possibly Paraguay (Red strip on top, blue on bottom, white in the middle). Take your pick…..
    But if it’s NOT a mistake and it really is the former Yugoslavian / Serbia&Montenegro flags, then the man with a RED necktie looks like Milosevic (now long deceased) but more likely Radovan Karadzic. Since Le Pen is on the rise and Merkel on the downfall, the man seems lying flat here on this drawing. Is he destined to die soon ?

    1. Well observed, i think you are on to something here with the flags.
      It worries me though that Le Pen is been promoted here. As she is far right/neo nazi in her opinions

    2. AverageJoe, Thinking about this, the other charcter is Geert Wilders. He is a vile Neo Nazi from Holland. And is on the wheel with Le Pen, another far right Nazi. And it would appear they are Implying so is Merkel

      1. Chris, yeah it looks like it is Geert Wilders indeed but then they shouldn’t have positioned the Netherlands’ flag that way (comparing to the two other flags on this drawing which must be seen from the other side to be correct). It makes sense that it is rather Wilders than Karadzic since he is positioned alongside Le Pen. That said, both are not Nazi-something but rather NATIONALISTIC and they have all the rights in the world to be such. Does not Trump wants to make America great again ? So wants Marine Le Pen with France and Geert Wilders with Holland. Is Trump a Nazi ? I don’t think so OR maybe you consider the fact to LOVE the country your were born in to be neo-nazi in essence ? In that case, you are very biased in your thinking. Make a double take on that.

  3. With the vatican still having a hand in world steering and politics, nothing good will come of it.
    Ben has always promoted the Jesuit/Vatican been the good guys. But they have always been the hydra headed beast. At least Ben mentioned some of the Cabal agents in Trumps corner. Which still has alarm bells ringing for me. But hey, the great work of ages is nearly done. Is this to be the last big push to dupe humanity? Be aware, if the Vatican are at the helm, then expect a reset, but all will be forced to take the RFID chip

    1. Chris, you need to read “Rulers of Evil” by F. Tupper Saussy ..
      You are following too much Eric Phelps et al ..
      Phelps simply does not understand ..
      The Jesuits are bifurcated ..
      Always have been ..
      There are factions within the Jesuits and the Vatican ..
      They created the Illuminati ..
      They have direct ties to Babylon ..
      It’s complicated ..
      The Jesuits and the Vatican are necessary for world order ..
      It’s that simple ..
      You cannot take them down ..
      They are God’s appointed guardians of the natural law ..
      When they cross the line, they must be contained ..
      Throw them back on the other side of the line ..
      They cannot and must not be taken down ..
      To do so, ALL chaos will ensue ..
      And understand, I’m LCMS ..
      We understand Romanism better than any ..
      Even better than the Roman (including both Popes) ..
      Our founder began as a Roman ..

      1. Sorry Dude, epic fail. We are soveriegn. We do not need leaders. We did mighty fine for many thousands of years.

  4. Could be a planetary reset is coming. The Elites have been persecuting scientists who go against their false climate change narrative. If it is true that another “Little” Ice Age is coming, no way would they want that to be known. There is also the issue of planetary alignment and it’s effects. See this: and this: This could be the reason the cabal is hiding underground. But there will be no escape.

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