Many signs point to imminent, bigger than Lehman financial tsunami

Veteran financial market observers will tell you that anomalies in the financial markets last week point to some sort of black swan event on the horizon.  This could be—cross your fingers and knock on wood—the signs of the long-awaited implosion of the U.S. Corporate government.  It could also be the signal for a new Bretton Woods-style reboot of the world’s financial system.

To understand, take a look at these two graphs from September 19th.  The first is the Repo market, and the second is SOFR (Secured Overnight Financing Rate)—the replacement for Libor.

The Repo market is basically a market where banks etc. use long-term high-quality financial instruments like U.S. government bonds as collateral to borrow here/now cash.  The second is the rate at which banks lend to each other.  The jump from 2% to 10% in the Repo market in a single day either means insiders think U.S. bonds are about to become worthless, or else some huge bank is about to go bust and so nobody wants to hand any cash over to them.

The second, SOFR, moved 282 basis points, in a market where people typically freak out over a move of even 20 basis points.  The SOFR move, at the very least, indicates that a mega-bank or several mega-banks could not get money from other banks.  This sort of move was last seen at the time of the Lehman shock.

The privately owned Fed has been trying to calm things down by offering to dish out $75 billion per day between now and October 10th.  That’s interesting timing, because the U.S. Corporate government has a payment deadline on September 30th and would be given until around October 10th (or the 17th at the latest) to come up with the money if it failed to pay up on September 30th.

A British Royal family member explained, “The financial industry has been bankrupted by a US judiciary’s decision to file class actions against them, Volatility is just a aftershock following that decision,” he explains.

The following links show that many banks, including JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, Barclays, the Bank of New York Mellon, Societe Generale, Commerzbank and others, now treated as gangs of organized crime hit by RICO and other anti-gang Laws.

Three J.P. Morgan precious metals traders charged as criminal probe continues

Banker Calls Out Barclays, ICAP Among Players in Cum-Ex Scandal

‘The men who plundered Europe’: bankers on trial for defrauding €447m

Needless to say that these criminal cases will cause the victims of these financial misdeeds.

These legal steps are not the only sign of the collapse of the financial system.

A look at the US credit markets reveals that a complete disaster has already begun. There are currently $ 3,128 trillion in high-risk loans or bonds for sub-prime or iffy real estate companies.

Signs Of Financial Tsunami

That’s almost twice as fast as the Lehman shock.

Furthermore, US Private Sector Financial Assets are now 5.6 times higher than the USBIP, meaning they would have to fall by nearly 80% to meet GDP.

Signs Of Financial Tsunami

Remember that this does not include over $ 200 trillion (10 times GDP) in the unfunded liabilities of the US government.

Another shock: State-owned real estate finance companies Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have a total capital buffer of $ 6 billion ($ 3 billion each), but they own or guarantee nearly $ 5 trillion in mortgage securities.

This means that they are exploited over 1,000 to one. In other words, if house prices fall even 0.01%, they are broke.

And guess what, people; There are signs that real estate prices have actually started to fall.

No wonder financial guru Jim Rogers predicts that the entire financial system will collapse within two or three years. He is probably an optimist.

It may well be that the at least wildly overvalued, if not downright fraudulent, real estate company WeWork is the immediate trigger for the collapse.

Take a look at this chart on the bond price:

Signs Of Financial Tsunami

This is very interesting because it brings us to Saudi Arabia and the Japanese investor Masayoshi Son, the $ 100 billion “Vision” fund.

The collapse of WeWork could ultimately lead to a bankruptcy of Son, which in turn could lead to a real regime change in Japan (Son owns Musashi Engineering, the company that steals Japanese elections to hold the criminal regime of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in power ).

Son’s principal backer, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman (the real MBS is dead), tried last week to contact the aforementioned British Royal for financial support.

MBS (or whatever / whoever it is)… made a direct contact request, but since the request came from an ‘unscreened source’, it was rejected,” he says.

This is the backdrop for sudden oil refinery fires last week in Saudi Arabia, Italy, India, China, Mexico, etc.

The owners of the imploding petrodollaric system seem to say, “Let’s get going, or we cut off your oil.

In addition, several Japanese sources tell us that multiple threats (earthquakes, nuclear bombs, etc.) against Japan are being made to force them to transfer more money to the US corporation, and then we have the Rockefeller-controlled World Bank and World Health Organization, indirectly threatening to kill 80 million people.

According to Pentagon sources, “the death of longtime Zimbabwean leader Robert Mugabe, the sanctions on the Iranian Central Bank, the oil crisis in Saudi Arabia and the China trade war could speed up the schedule for [US President Donald] Trump on announcing a return to the gold standard.

If you’re interested in details of the Trump gold standard plans, you can read this essay by Judy Shelton, who was recently nominated by Trump as Fed Governor.

Meanwhile, the US military is strengthening its hand in the Middle East to prepare for the coming global changes.

Our Pentagon source reports, “Former Israeli Defense Secretary Benny Gantz may be the next Israeli Prime Minister whose party includes two other former IDF leaders.

This will be good for peace in the Middle East, the source explains, because” Gantz needs the support of the Arab parties in the Joint List, and the IDF paper tiger [Israel Defense Forces] is afraid of the victims of the superior Russian and Iranian weapons. So this should deter any future aggression.

With Bibi (Benjamin Netanyahu) deposed, anti-Sisi protests in Egypt and US troops to Saudi Arabia to “protect”MBS, Trump hesitates with his three dictators to accept a new Middle East under Russia, China, Iran and Turkey.” the source further note.

The other thing the Pentagon source reported this week is that “the three corporations of the military-industrial complex were against the dysfunctional ties of the Lockheed F-35, Boeing 737, 787, 777 and Raytheon Patriot missile defense.

This is bad news for the Zionists and the Deep State, but good for peace in a multipolar world,” he says.

We also received a very interesting, albeit bizarre, report this week from a US-based CIA source that I decided to include below in this weekly news because I heard from even from other independent sources, more high-level insiders, very similar things:

This comes from a source on MJ level and I consider it completely accurate..

In order for Killery to be prosecuted, the entire CIA would have to be dethroned and the entire fake national security system (which was set up to provide cover for the crimes used to raise black ops money, cover for many covert operations and sanctions, as well as personal enrichment of the Top Controller) would have to be prosecuted and then restricted by about 95%.

The Klintons were CIA, their clerk, GHWB; Killery conceived in a occult reproduction ceremony ‘with his eyes wide open’ in an occult ceremony allegedly carried out by a top Rothschild, and Bill the illegitimate son of Nelson Rockefeller; Hence her great power.

The CIA submitted a national security waiver to the US Department of Justice o that all evidence against Killery and Bill and the Klinton Foundation were protected by national security and could not be used to prosecute anyone.

Killery’s e-mails were a covert operation against the Chinese, giving up e-mail and the names of agents (willing to get rid of them) were given up to gain confidence and mislead false information in order to mislead the Chinese.

Killery played a double-agent role to deceive the Chinese and help them build up to be later parasitized by the private bankers of the City of London.

Right now there is an internal war between the different groups at the top.

Trump was prepared by the admirals of the USN (?)

Killery represents the satanic / pedophile network and is a Satanic Moloch witch of a circle in California, where she normally attends occult ceremonies on a monthly basis.

The Pizzagate stories are all true and related to Epstein, NXIVM and many other cases of trafficking in sexual acts and the occult system of child victims worldwide.

“The Bush / Scherf cabal is part of the Nazis Fourth Reich (supporters of the Black Sun and headed by the COL Zios, in connection with the various occult circles from the days of John Dee and Aleister Crowley, who merged British Intel with dark side entities).

“The reason why child trafficking and sacrifice are so important is that these criminals believe they must use this to compromise and control all key officials and corporate executives while feeding the vital negative energy needs of Baal / Moloch. n order to be properly trained to manage the world and remain very rich, some are dependent on the blood and hormones of the victims.

I believe that soon this whole ZCabal group will be pushed aside by the Chabad with the Sanhedrin rabbis and they will introduce the Noahide Laws (they are presumably already” law “in the United States, Ronald Reagan allegedly headed it, maybe a PDD [Presidential Decision Directive]”.

All visible existing economic and power structures, in particular “Mystery Babylon” – the Child – the USPetrodollar-based Vatican / COL / DC system – are being ousted from power.

Here’s what the top Circle of Nine controllers (some say they are not humans or they are “hybrids”) currently have on the agenda.

Manipulate Russia and America to destroy each other while the Zios / Israel and the Islamists in the Middle East destroy each other, and therefore China will become the world’s leading power and take control of the Middle East after completing the Belt and Road system, which will be the largest economic development since the Second World War in America.

In the meantime, a CIA source in East Asia sent the following message:

One of my very good contacts told me last night that a big False Flag event has been planned for some time. And yes, Australia is involved as the event is supposed to take place near Australia.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison visited Trump for much more than just a nice state dinner. He is there until the 27th of September. Could this be when the event occurs – while the Prime Minister is not in Australia? Australia was, so to speak, the first ‘test case’ for NWO legislation and various social engineering projects.

This is raw information folks, so take it with a grain of salt, but the sources are real and there can be no doubt that something big is coming our way.

The US military has to arrest as quickly as possible the 120,000 indicted persons and bring them to the FEMA camps that they have built for them.

You can actually participate in crippling the Deep State organized criminal cabal, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

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