Global Intel Cowboys Unite to Bring Down Organized Crime Cabal

There is no single individual who knows the Whole Truth in great detail, but this article is articulate and detailed enough to give us an idea of how the Cabal have been doing it, i.e. keeping the entire world under its thumb for centuries.
In keeping with the Veterans Today character of not mentioning the Jesuits ever, this one is no exception. So, to have a complete picture it is highly recommended that the reader should download Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps.
We are also aware of the dialectic methods being used to localize the conflict, and effectively insulating the company and producers from the multitude of actors rendering the whole charade, so that in every article we should always remind ourselves to go beyond what is written, i.e. its intended purpose and who will benefit from it.
To some of us, we must understand that as one has rightfully put it, “There’s a method to the madness.”
And some of those methods are detailed here…
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