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West Wants to Divide and Conquer Russia and China

When you have two enemies, neither of which can be subdued by any means, what would you do?
Pit them both into a fist fight by instigating a conflict through bad rumors aimed at forgetting who the real enemy is. Of course, when it comes to China and Russia, this would mean MAD or mutually assured destruction.
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Building Bridges

The massive global redevelopment has began.
After recovering full control of the global economy, Eastern nations are unveiling their plans to develop the eastern seaboard that will include a link between Beijing, North Siberia, Alaska, Canada and on to the US mainland.
This project is to be implemented alongside Russia’s rehabilitation and expansion of the Siberian Railways which could be used to transport minerals such as copper, silver, etc.
Although the official line is to use these projects to transport goods and spur tourism related activities in these areas, these colossal endeavors may also pave the way for the production of exotic appliances.
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