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More Explosive Secrets Behind the Mysterious Nord Stream Blasts Exposed!

Researchers have discovered additional evidence of explosions occurring along the Nord Stream gas pipelines. Norwegian scientists have confirmed that last year, four separate explosions damaged the Nord Stream pipelines.

According to seismic data shared with The Guardian on Tuesday, these explosions led to the destruction of three out of the four Nord Stream lines.

Norsar, an organization specializing in monitoring earthquakes and underground nuclear tests as part of the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty, initially identified two explosions along the Nord Stream pipelines in September of the previous year.

The first explosion occurred at 2:03 am local time on September 26, 2022, affecting Nord Stream 2, while the second occurred at 7:03 pm, impacting Nord Stream 1. Upon further analysis of the data collected that day, the Norsar team discovered two additional blasts that occurred seven and 16 seconds after the second explosion.

It’s important to note that both Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 consist of two separate pipelines each. With three of the four lines destroyed, it had already been suspected that multiple explosive devices were involved, but Norsar is the first investigative body to confirm this suspicion publicly.

The incidents took place near the Danish island of Bornholm, and investigations are ongoing by the governments of Denmark, Germany, and Sweden. Russia has been barred from participating in these probes.

Meanwhile, two competing theories have emerged regarding the culprits behind the pipeline sabotage. According to reports in Western mainstream media, a team of Ukrainian commandos used a rented yacht to transport explosives to the blast sites, with the CIA and European intelligence agencies having prior knowledge of the plot.

Reports from the Washington Post and the Netherlands’ NOS news network suggest that the CIA advised the Ukrainians to abort the plan.

However, American journalist Seymour Hersh has alleged that US President Joe Biden ordered the CIA to carry out the pipeline explosions.

Hersh, citing sources in the intelligence community, claimed that CIA divers, working with the Norwegian Navy, planted remotely-triggered bombs on the pipelines during a NATO exercise in the region the previous