As world distracted by Ukraine hysteria, big changes happened

The incredible hysteria and lies being pumped out daily in the G7 Khazarian slave colonies’ propaganda media has distracted the world from truly historical changes. What we are witnessing is the end of a war that has been raging literally for thousands of years.

The ancient group of Satan-worshipping families that controls the UN, the Worlds’ central banks, the fortune 500 transnational corporations and much more, are facing something they never expected: final defeat.

Just like the victors of World War II staged a Yalta conference to decide the shape of the post-war world, the victors of the undeclared World War III have already begun detailed planning for a new age for the planet earth. We have talked about this before so, suffice it to say a huge campaign to end poverty, stop environmental destruction and expand into the universe is about to begin.

In a visible sign the post-war order is ending, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said, “the five permanent members of the UN Security Council have no right to dictate the fate of the world, and they don’t aspire to do so.”

Now let us look at the final phases of the still ongoing WWIII. Here the Russian military operation in Ukraine has flushed these Satanic criminals out of the closet and into the full view of humanity. On December 2021 Russia initiated a UN resolution condemning Nazism, racism etc. and 130 nations supported it while only two, the US and Ukraine, opposed it. And yet now magically, the Khazarian mafia wants us to believe that 141 nations voted at the UN to condemn the Russian move to deal with these Nazis.

These are part of the same 170 nations that voted to ban fluorinated gas refrigerants just as the Du Pont family’s patent on them was about to expire. Then, in 2016 these same “nations” voted to ban their replacement HFCs again just as the Du Pont patent on them was about to expire.

What all this shows is that these so-called nations are headed by individuals who have been bribed with Swiss bank accounts and threatened with death if they do not follow orders from the KM.

The vote against Nazis caught the KM off guard and so they jerked the chains of these so-called leaders. However, what is now happening is that the slave masters of these slaves voting at the UN are being systematically hunted down and brought to justice.

The real situation can be seen by looking at the lists of nations that support sanctions against Russia versus those who do not. The Middle East, India, most of Asia, South America, Africa etc, are not supporting the isolation of Russia. Basically, if you take the world population to be 8 billion, you see 7 billion supporting Russia and one billion still going along with the KM. 

 Even those one billion still under KM control are also in open revolt against their Satanic overlords.

That is because the Chinese foreign ministry and the Russian foreign ministry have sent proof to the military and intelligence agencies of the planet that the KM and their so-called Biden regime in the US have set up 336 biological weapons laboratories around the world and have been releasing deadly pathogens in an attempt to murder most of humanity. This is not a so-called “conspiracy” blog we are talking about, it is the government of China speaking in public and on the record. 

The Russian GRU (their equivalent of the Pentagon command) sent the White Dragon Society documents showing exactly how the KM operates. They say that when the Rockefeller family, Rothschild Family and World Jewish Congress succeeded in overthrowing the Christian Russian Tsar, they began to artificially create the nation now known as Ukraine. They systematically tortured to death all Russian intelligentsia and leaders in the region. They also engineered a starvation crisis that killed at least 3 million people in order to force the rest of the population into submission. This was accompanied by creating a bastardized version of Russian they started to call the “Ukrainian language.” The leadership of the region was then put in the hands of the Chabad cult. These cultists want to kill 90% of humanity and enslave the rest.

The Russians say the Rockefeller Foundation, the Bill Gates Foundation, the C Adenauer Foundation and The World Jewish Congress financed the 2014 Nazi/Chabad coup in Ukraine. They also financed the bioweapons laboratories condemned by China.

A Russian envoy said “we found that they were taking blood…to create pathologics that can specifically target certain ethnic groups… they were weaponizing the plague, anthrax, and other lethal pathologics”

For more detail watch “Pentagon Bio-laboratories” a 2018 documentary by Dilyana Gaytandzhieva.

The GRU has provided relevant agencies worldwide with a detailed list of names of the actual people behind these atrocities as well as the accompanying toxic vaccine mass murder attempt.

Also, “NATO wanted to unleash a third world war by using nuclear weapons against Russia,” said former Prime Minister of Ukraine, Nikolai Azarov

This means the people behind this are now officially designated war criminals who are being hunted down. There is nowhere on this planet, not Switzerland, not Israel, not Antarctica where they can hide. They will not be allowed off planet either, Secret Space Program sources promise. They say this is the culmination of a war that has raged for thousands of years both on and off the planet.

In Japan too, something very unusual and otherworldly happened last week. Just as the White Dragon Society was meeting with a representative of the Japanese Three Legged Crow Society an ancient stone known as the Sessho-Seki or killing stone split in two, supposedly releasing an ancient spirit. When this happened, sacred tablets, bought at the shrine where the stone is located, fell off shelves and walls around the country.

A senior Shinto priestess explains this means there will be regime change in Japan. “It will appear as a beautiful female and will destroy enemies of Japan,” she said. Whether this event was staged or involved esoteric forces, it is clear the post-war slave regime in Japan is ending, multiple sources in Japan agree.

Asian secret society sources say the distraction in the West caused by the situation in Ukraine led to a “very successful and friendly meeting” between different Asian factions last week. Basically, the KM is finished in Asia as well as worldwide, the sources say.

That is why the KM is now desperately trying to use their Chinese Communist Party servants to wipe out as many Asians as possible. A CIA source in Asia warned “When this Coronavirus is finished, half of the Chinese people in China will have died. Remember how many millions died within days in Wuhan, when they redlined the 5G frequencies as a test,”

He forwarded the articles below was said “this is the plan to force test as many of the Chinese citizens, as well as Hong Kong citizens as they can, to take the PCR test several times within a short period. The swab tips contain the same poisons that are in the vax. Imagine taking the PCR swab test 3 times within a short period. The same as being jabbed 3 times. This is how the CCP plans to wipe out half the population unless the truth is released to the masses as soon as possible.”

KM also threatens to trigger a hunger crisis.

As fake US President Joe Biden’s climate czar John Kerry warned, “Wait until you see 100 million people for whom all food production has collapsed.” Mossad sources say, “He is 100% an avatar. This is not the John Kerry aka Kohn we knew before the alleged bike accident in France 6 years ago. Look at the video, he looks like a transhuman. He is a KM member of the satanic cabal.

Of course, the White Hats in the West are stepping up their offensive against these genocidal monsters. For example, vaccine pusher Anthony Fauci is now in the witness protection program, according to Florida Gov, Ron DeSantis. He is making detailed statements about his handlers such as Bill Gates, Hillary Rockefeller, etc. CIA sources say.

Here is some of what is coming out now. According to Pfizer’s BioNTech filing about their mass injections, they admit:

  • that it is not a vaccine
  • that they are not approved under the classification of “gene therapy”
  • to the experimental nature of their product
  • to the many unknown harms it can cause.

This is something we all already knew. The vaccines were not prescribed to treat COVID patients, and now nearly a million Americans are dead, according to a CIA source.

CDC Director Walensky Admits She Found Out Vaccines were Effective by Watching CNN

No wonder Pfizer was delisted from the New York Stock Exchange.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Below is a list of all biotech and pharmaceutical companies in Kiev.,%20Ukraine%20Area§or=10005

That’s why it’s so interesting that the Rothschild castle in England is lighting up in favor of Ukraine.

We are right on target… That’s Waddesdon Manor in the UK, the largest Rothschild house in Europe. When evil personified defends your flag…. oh man, that’s not a good thing, a Mossad source like that.

Have they ever shown the same support for other countries in the conflict?, the source asks. This is the answer to why Ukraine is so important to them: it was their cash cow and a center for bioweapons research, the source added.

Other Mossad sources have also spoken out, saying: The organizers and funders of American Antifa are the same people who have been driving all Nazi/Antifa activity in Ukraine for the past decade and a half.

It’s time for the world to know that.”

Jews: We Are Antifa

The situation has reached a point where even the Israeli government is calling on the KM to surrender. Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is calling on us to surrender, and we have no intention of doing so, a senior Ukrainian official said.

If they won’t surrender, they will die, White Hat sources promise. Therefore: Avatar Netanyahu tested positive for Covid again.

WTF is going on here? Maybe it’s time for a flight to Gitmo this time?, says CIA source.

After a representative of the Asian Dragon Family stated that he believed Barack Obama, operating out of Hawaii, was leading a KM counterattack, this was our response: Barry has been arrested…whoever it is, Avatar, clone or the original. We are on the verge of revelation.

NSA sources say the so-called Obama who showed up in Hawaii recently was a desperate attempt by the fake Biden regime to get Asian funding by putting up a black-faced puppet as their front.

No one was fooled. We also note that the phony Biden regime is now under siege and will not last much longer. For that, we can thank the truckers. The truckers represent all the heroes of this pandemic.

They are fighting these idiotic and senseless mandates and want their freedoms back. Please also watch the trucking convoy representatives meet with Senators Ron Johnson and Red Cruz.

Overall, the KM’s defeat is inevitable because they do not have the truth on their side. Truth, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò reminds us, is the foundation of justice and peace.

The truth also sets us free.

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