Only one man now stands between humanity and freedom: Peter Hans Kolvenbach

by:  Benjamin Fulford

April 18, 2011

Last week members of the White Dragon Society monitored and recorded a conversation between Peter Hans Kolvenbach, the self-described Black Pope and a third party who shall remain anonymous because he was speaking under an oath of silence. During this conversation Kolvenbach claimed he was Satan’s representative on earth and proposed the creation of a global dictatorship headed by himself. Kolvenbach is officially known as the former Superior General of the Society of Jesus. He is also apparently, the final authority behind the Western financial system whose signature has financed countless wars and other tragedies. The aim of his Satanic or Lucifer-worshipping cult hiding within the Roman Catholic Church, was to create a global dictatorship ruled by a modern day Caesar. They were also planning to massacre over 4 billion humans in order to start their 1000 year Reich or rule. The White Dragon Society is pledged to stop the Satanists and free humanity.

So, it turns out that the long investigative trail that started with the Kennedy assassination and continued with the 911 truth movement, has finally uncovered the organization and individuals behind these events.

During the conversation that was monitored, Kolvenbach said he had a grave ready for this writer. My response is to cordially invite him to start the truth and reconciliation process by agreeing [to] be publicly interviewed about his past deeds in exchange for forgiveness.

The White Dragon Society also must now do something it has been extremely reluctant to do until now and that is to ask for money. Our members have risked their lives, careers and personal fortunes to free humanity and we are all at the end of our tethers. We need help.

We have been informed that if we can set up a sovereign White Dragon Foundation, that this would act as a trigger mechanism for the unleashing of trillions of dollars to be spent on eradicating poverty, ending war, stopping environmental destruction and setting humanity on the path of life-creation instead of life-destruction. It would also lead to the unblocking of all the frozen funds managed by other foundations, charities and individuals.

Since this writer is un-experienced in banking and financial matters, he would like to ask the help of subscribers to this newsletter who can all, if they so wish, consider themselves to be members of the White Dragon Society and founders of the White Dragon Foundation.

The first thing we need is voluntary legal help in setting a sovereign, charitable foundation. After this we would like to solicit pledges of assistance either in the form of money or labor.

As an initial pledge, I will donate a handful of blue-green crystals discovered by this writer and his Fiancee Tomomi Matsuzaki near a recently erupted volcano on March 20th, 2011 the day following the golden colored full moon of March 19th. The crystals have not yet been analyzed by a gemologist and so are of unknown composition but we swear they are beautiful and were created by God or nature if you prefer that term. We will also donate a symbol of the society, a pewter dragon purchased on Lankawi, Island in Malaysia, on the day of the January 19th full moon of the year 2011. We finally pledge the only other real asset we have: our lives.

The White Dragon Society will initially act as a temporary vehicle to trigger the creation of a new financial system controlled by the principle of one human, one vote. Such a system would operate in parallel and harmony with but not against, the financial systems that are already in place. Nor would it ever impinge on either national or individual sovereignty.

We have also been warned by both the Satanists and the Gnostics that we are running out of time. The Satanists pledge to unleash events that would make the Japanese earthquake and tsunami look like storm in a teacup within weeks. For example, during the recorded conversation Kolvenbach took credit for the March 11th earthquake attack on Japan and threatened next to “sink Japan under the ocean.” An Asian group threatens to take revenge by destroying Vatican City and the BIS as well as utterly annihilating the Calabrian Peninsula. The Gnostics are also threatening to unleash a “world destroying event,” on June 1st if humanity cannot get its act together by then.

We need to stop this madness before they can make good on these threats. This is just a suggestion but perhaps we can get the ball rolling immediately, on this full-moon day, April 18th, 2011 by having money sent care of Tomomi Matsuzaki in New York city via Western Union or any other method. The security question would be to ask her “who is Kiro.” We would need a volunteer in New York to help set up a legal vehicle for this money to be placed into. She would have to be one of the signatories because I know she would rather give up her life than betray the spirit of the foundation.

The first thing the money will be spent on is on rounding up all the Satanists and putting them in jail before they kill billions of people. Hiring the people to do this costs money because, law enforcement and military folk have families to feed and bills to pay just like the rest of us.

While this is happening, the Satanists will be racing to pre-empt us by trying to give control over the Federal Reserve Board to the IMF, which would still leave the de facto international currency, the US dollar, under the control of the Satanists. They will thus be able to continue their plans for dictatorial world domination.

We believe the American people need to establish their own government controlled currency as mandated by the constitution. White Dragon Society members have already pledged to donate gold to back up such a currency.

In addition, the US dollars owned by non-Americans will be backed by gold and commodities and continue to be used as a major trading currency.

From now on, money will no longer be created “by fiat” or out of nothing. Banking will no longer be under a single centralized form of control.

Anybody who carves a block of wood or grows a crop or does anything that somebody else wants to trade for will have created new and real money. Because money, in the end, is just a symbolic representation of human perception of reality and that reality was created by God or, nature, if you prefer the term.

Clarification: After sending this newsletter out a concerned reader in Europe called and expressed concern that this week’s newsletter sounded like one of those “give me a million dollars for expenses and you will get a trillion dollars later,” con-jobs. We assure you this is not the case. We do not promise any return on your money. We also promise not to do anything illegal or unethical. The reason we mentioned Western Union as a means of sending the money is because it is not under the control of the BIS or the international banking cartel. It is too expensive and bureaucratically difficult to set up a foundation in Japan at present which is why we had to start in this manner. However, as the reader pointed out, there could be legal ramifications. He offered to help set up a proper, legal foundation. We appreciate such help and would rather operate within the system. Nor do we wish to exclude anybody associated with the legal part of the existing system. The problem is that as long as Peter Hans Kolvenbach is ultimately in charge of the Western banking system, he will act to freeze our funds. That means the new financial system will never get started.

I am a journalist not a banker and not a lawyer which is why I solicited advice and help from readers. The foundation must only and strictly be used for the greater good. We are operating in uncharted territory here which is why we asked for help. This money is NOT for my personal use which is why I did not want to use mine or anybody else’s personal bank account.


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  2. WDS might consider setting up a Trust Fund, based on a Trust Agreement, with a Trustee(s), similar to the one set up by WikiLeaks for Edward J. Snowden, accessible for making donations online at the WikiLeaks website. BF and TM could serve as Trustees.

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