Private “trading platforms” shut down in preparation for new financial system

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October 24, 2011

The highly secretive “trading platforms” used by the self-appointed rulers of the world have been shut down in preparation for the revamping of the global financial system, according to sources in the CIA and in Japanese military intelligence. This shut down took place earlier than the previously announced date of November 11, 2011 (11/11/11) in order to prevent any possible sabotage by the beneficiaries of the old system, the sources say.

According to them, over 100 countries have now subscribed to the new system. Mass arrests of people linked to the old system are supposed to begin by November 15, they say.

Some new names of key players in the old system have also now emerged as the international investigative dragnet continues. One of these people is a Belgian prince by the name of Zvonko Berdik. Another key signatory at the top of the old financial system was the Duke of Kent, who signs on behalf of Queen Elizabeth, the CIA sources say. The third new name is Alan Barr, a man who is wanted by the government of Vietnam for having tried to set off a coup d’etat there.

Meanwhile, a senior member of the royal bloodline families (a cousin to Queen Elizabeth and the Rothschilds) had some very interesting information about Adolf Hitler. He says “Hitler was a Rockefeller man,” and ads that Hitler lived in Argentina until 1967 and that he actually visited Hitler at his house there. He further claims that German Chancellor Angela Merkel is Hitler’s daughter. Hitler himself was a son of King George the V, according to King Edward the 7th’s daughter. If true, this would mean secret rule of Germany by the British/German royal family throughout the 20th and into the 21st centuries. If you look at photographs of Kaiser Wilhelm, King George the 5th and Hitler, you will notice an uncanny resemblance.,+hitler,+king+george+V&um=1&hl=ja&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:ja:official&biw=1920&bih=929&tbm=isch&tbnid=Mxtjj_DGlb407M:&imgrefurl=,r:0,s:0&tx=78&ty=46

This is the sort of revelation that could come out of a truth and reconciliation committee once the secret fascist government of the West is removed from power. The process of removal is still only about 30% complete, according to a well-placed White Dragon Society source.

The signs of the collapse of the old system are becoming increasingly visible. The problems with the Euro are still the main case in point. Greece has now asked to leave the Euro. Even if banks cut the value of their Greek debts by 60%, thereby bankrupting the French banking system, the problems will still not go away. Greece is just a tiny country compared to Italy, Spain and Portugal. Furthermore, the media is not even looking at the problems in the five Baltic States including Latvia.

The fact of the matter is that all of the countries in the Euro bloc have already begun printing their own national currencies in preparation for the collapse of the Euro. Nor is this just going to be a crisis limited to the Euro currency.

Russia is negotiating with Germany to create a Russian/German dominated Eurasian union that will shift the balance of power in Europe towards the center. The Russian government has announced they expect this union to be up and running by 2015.

In the United States as well, there are signs of imminent regime change.

The multiple legal actions against the fascist corporate government based in the city state of Washington D.C. are being supported by both the Pentagon and the agencies. Thus, for example, the recent move by Bank of America, Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan to each take $81 trillion of their derivatives fraud from their books and dump it on the American taxpayers, has been duly noted.

Queen Elizabeth was also prevented last week from stealing $1.6 trillion from Mitsui-Sumitomo bank in Japan, according to an MI6 source.

The corporate media cartel is also falling apart. As mentioned earlier Rupert Murdoch’s Fox TV and other outlets have begun exposing information, such as the legal actions against attorney general Eric Holder, that other networks are withholding. Now it turns out the Sumner Redstone’s CBS network is interviewing a White Dragon Society member for an upcoming 60 minutes episode as part of an expose of the high-level fraud that has been taking place at the very tip-top of the global financial system (he will not be identified by the network as a White Dragon).

The Pentagon is also continuing the process of making sure the elite cannot run and hide in any of their underground bases while the rest of humanity gets slaughtered. The big underground explosion near San Antonio Texas last week (reported by local press as an earthquake that made a “boom” sound) was a part of this process.

The US is peppered with underground bases but the two big ones in Virginia and Colorado have already been shut off to the elite. Another dozen have also been dealt with. The Pentagon has informed the elite that “if they go hide underground then so will everybody else.” The last really big underground facility still under fascist control is in Norway.

The fascists, for their part, are still not planning to go quietly into the night. The murder of Muammar Ghaddafi last week was just part of a plan to re-establish colonial control over Africa. Hillary Clinton is now trying to claim the role as signator to the $200 billion or so that was in Gaddafi’s name. In order to access much of that money, 5 African nations, including Somalia, Zaire and Uganda, will have to be invaded, CIA sources claim.

There are also still plans in the works to start major wars in the Middle East. For example, the fascists want to split up Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Iran to create a new nation of Kurdistan. To prevent this, a Turkish, Iranian, Syrian, Egyptian attack on Israel is now likely unless fascist agent Benjamin Netanyahu is removed from power.

On a different note, the self-described Illuminati who claim to want a global meritocratic government got a public boost from Michael Gorbachev who called for a New World Order last week. The problem with their planned “meritocracy,” of course, is the issue of who exactly gets to choose the meritocrats. Such a system would only work in the context of a real-time live interactive democracy and full media transparency. In other words, a global awakening of the human race and an end to Babylonian style tyranny enforced by criminal secret societies.

We are now witnessing the death throes of a dangerous beast. No matter what, though, humanity will be freed.

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    1. Ahh, thank you, I missed those. In other news, it seems some veteran and militia groups are joining up with with some of the protests locked & loaded, mostly as a show of force to keep police brutality to a minimum.

      Scuttlebutt in the rumor mill is the Cabal are setting up nuclear WW3. I trust the Dragons have a monkey wrench to throw into those plans.

  1. I hate to burst your bubble but the private trading platforms are not shutting down. They always break for the Christmas holidays. There is no indication that anything of what you say in this article is true. I work with these trade platforms and no one has commented on what you are stating. It is business as usual.

    If your White Dragon Society is as powerful as they say then they should round up all the Rothchilds and their families and eliminate them from the financial stage. Their banks should be seized as well as all their assets. The world currencies should be reissued by their respective governments as non debt backed currencies, instead of the debt backed currencies. This system has worked successfully throughout history, starting with the Roman Republic. Abraham Lincoln used it successfylly when he issued the “Greenback” currency that financed our Civil War.

    For information on how to do this get a copy of Ellen Hodgson Brown’s book “Web of Debt” at
    also for more information on this view the video “Secrets of Oz” at and also for further information on the needed monetary reforms go to and

    If the people want to get involved in changing the system they need to understand how it works and who is running things ie., “Know your Enemy”. For more information on this go to and read the 2 articles on the Rothchilds. Also, lookup “Bloodlines of the Illuminati”. If you will do some more serious homework you, as the People, will figure out what must be done and who needs to be prosecuted.

    Good luck folks.

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