Secret Societies and Their Relationship to the Spiritual World

Posted by benjamin
July 11, 2011

Secret societies are to be found at the intersection between the spiritual and material worlds. Their existence predates civilization and humanity. At their essence they represent competing survival strategies and the species that act as vessels for these strategies. They represent the pinnacle of cultural evolution. The best studied examples are the arms races between predator and prey. While some of the skills of predators and prey learned throughout the long years of evolution are hard-wired into the genes, others are passed on culturally. It is the cultural knowledge that allows the physical survival of certain genes that is the essence of what evolved into human secret societies.

They represent the pinnacle of human survival skills as well as the highest levels of worldly power and wealth on this planet.

The fact that many of these powers are concentrated in the hands of ancient dynastic families is a natural consequence of the human evolutionary arms race between competing cultures and societies.

Particular families and clans that rose to the peaks of power in certain geographical regions were the ultimate winners of an ancient survival race whose ultimate roots can be traced back to the beginning of life and possibly beyond.

If we think of the planet earth as a giant computer simulation (which it ultimately is because the universe is digital) then we can see how this situation arose. Humans have begun to replicate our evolutionary history in the form of competitions between different computer programs. They are beginning to recreate the mathematical conditions for the emergence of complex life. Our evolutionary history has been a complex dance involving survival versus death, competition versus cooperation, sexual reproduction versus murder, fight or flight etc. The result is increasingly complex strategies and networks of allies, enemies and neutral parties.

The human brain reflects these evolutionary battles by being formed somewhat like an onion with layers. The most primitive, and ultimately dominant, part of our brain is the reptilian brain. It involves basic functions like eating, mating, fighting or fleeing. The basic moral compass is “me first and everything else next.” The most powerful and ruthless leaders on this planet think in reptilian terms making David Icke’s claim that we are ruled by “Reptilians,” a useful metaphor (having personally met many of these supposed “reptilians,” I assure you they do not have scales).

The brain is also composed of two opposing, but almost equal hemispheres. The purpose of this division is to run constant simulations involving opposing ideas in order to come up with a winning idea. The ruling class in the Western world has done something similar with societies by deliberately setting up opposing forces in a Hegelian dialect of thesis vs. antithesis.

That is why they carried out the cold war. It was very much like what they do in Japanese school sports festivals where they randomly divide the students into “red” and “white” teams and make them compete.

If anyone wishes to get an insight into the thinking patterns of the global hereditary elite, a good place to start would be to read up on the various historical intrigues involving various royal families.

The intrigues swirling around Caesars or Chinese emperors are similar to the intrigues now taking place at the highest levels of world power.

Here you will find that public alliances, secret alliances, loyalty, treachery, bribes, persuasion, murder, protection, rewards and punishments all form a complex tapestry of power.

The people who currently rule this planet have available to them instruments of power in the form of both secret and public organizations that are capable and willing to carry out violent acts.

The public forms of violence are the military, the police and the citizen’s militias. These groups publicly admit that they engage in violent acts, including the killing of human beings. To do so, they need to explain the moral justification for these acts. A court case against a murderer is a good example.

However, often the public power is wielded simply because the holders of power say “we are the strongest and we can do whatever we want and if you oppose us we will kill you or hurt you.” This is what is known as tyranny because it does not rely on moral persuasion but simply the threat of violence on behalf of particular groups.

The secret institutions devoted to violence are secret because they are in some way opposed to the public institutions devoted to violence. Various national spy agencies are a case in point. A Chinese agent in the US, for example, operates in secrecy because inside the US the Chinese are not the dominant public power.

Other secret societies are devoted to crime. Sometimes the crime is morally wrong, such as theft. At other times, the crime is simply opposition to tyranny. If a group opposed to tyranny does not have sufficient power to overthrow the tyrant, they wage war against the tyrant in secrecy.

Often secret societies do not exist as any form of formal organization. Instead they take the form of thoughts in people’s minds. If enough people start to think (but do not publicly say) the ruling powers are wrong and need to be replaced, then slowly but surely organized opposition begins to evolve.

This is the case with the White Dragon Society. It did not exist as a formal institution but rather took the place of a sea-change in the minds of the citizens of the world. Through the internet, people exchanged information and realized the current tyrannical rulers of the planet were planning to exterminate over 4 billion humans and enslave most of the rest. These tyrants were using murder, lies, bribery and other forms of coercion against the majority of human beings to enforce selfish aims.

The tyrants had their own semi-secret organizations known as the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. They had to hide from the majority behind a wall of lies, propaganda and bullying because they knew they could not publicly justify their planned genocide.

The White Dragon Society is opposed to violence and secrecy and supports public debate over secret plans. However, in nature even a rabbit is forced to fight if it is about to be eaten by a fox. In the same way, the White Dragon Society will, if necessary, fight rather than allow 4 billion humans to be slaughtered. We hereby challenge the ruling Western tyrants to a public debate over the future direction of the planet. How about it Rockefeller, Kissinger, Bush, Soros and fellow cronies: are you ready for an open debate? If not, it means you are evil.


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2 thoughts on “Secret Societies and Their Relationship to the Spiritual World”

  1. You do not mention the spiritual world except in the title of the article. The spiritual world can be contrasted with the secular world and with the religious world. Spiritual is identical to religious. Religion is a crime against humanity because it distracts from the state of consciousness known as spiritual enlightenment. Clerics are not spiritually enlightened and are threatened by mystics and spiritual masters.

    There is no necessary connection between secret societies and the spiritual world. Only a few secret societies have been exclusively dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment of their initiates, and most of them have been lost in recorded history. A notable exception in the West was the Mystery School of Pythagoras.

    Western scientific research (psychology) knowingly excludes from its inquiries “consciousness without an object of consciousness” and thereby renders itself superficial and shallow. Eastern science (psychology) knowingly includes consciousness without an object of consciousness, and that is one definition of spiritual enlightenment, the awareness of a buddha, a christ or other awakened being. It could also be described as personal, first-hand, direct, immediate, unmediated, existential experience … of consciousness without an object of consciousness — beyond body (physical center), mind (mental center) and heart (emotional center).

    In that context, game-theoretic, zero-sum analyses, dialectics and algorithms in a so-called digital universe is simplistic and merely a more subtle distraction from the ultimate, eternal, inexhaustible law “aes dhammo sanantano.” Digital is binary, dualistic, Manichean dead-end. Time, space, matter, and energy are intellectual concepts and mental constructs of the finite human mind. Good and evil are not opposites; rather, they are two sides of the same thing that can never be separated in the world. “The battleline between good and evil runs through the heart of every human being.” ~ Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

    The battle between so-called good and evil is the subtext of all human activity in the world, a stage where humans play the Cosmic Game and participate in the Cosmic Dance while forgetting the Cosmic Joke — everyone is spiritually enlightened, just they do not remember it.

    Wealth, power and prestige are the three gods of worldly success. They are not evil in themselves, but the desire for them is evil; possessiveness is evil, where evil means distraction from awareness and consciousness. He who is first will be last, and he who is last will be first. Nothing succeeds like failure, and nothing fails like success. The antidote to ambition, competition, violence and greed is: “Be still and know” and “Seek ye first within” where stillness means physical, mental and emotional stillness.

    As Krishna advised Arjuna before the great battle: “Kill and defeat as many of your adversaries as you can with total devotion. The essence of the Upanishads is summed up in a phrase: “One is All, all is One, and That art thou.”


  2. Corrections:

    Spiritual is NOT identical to religious.

    As Krishna advised Arjuna before the great battle: “Kill and defeat as many of your adversaries as you can with total devotion.” [</quote.]

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