The Slow Fuse Will Keep Burning Through July

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July 18, 2011

Although it is impossible to predict exactly how the smoke will twirl off the end of a cigarette, you can predict with certainty that eventually the smoke will be evenly distributed throughout the room. In the same way, while it is impossible to predict the individual twists and turns of the collapse of the Federal Reserve Board and the Western financial system, the end game is not in doubt. In this case, a look at the macro numbers, such things as balance of payments, external debt, tax revenue etc. show clearly that the fall of small dominoes like Greece will lead inevitably to the big Kahuna: the United States.

For now though, the order of collapse appears to be as follows: Greece, Ireland, the Baltic States, Spain, Italy, France and finally the United States. Have no doubt, there is money in the rest of the world to help these countries rebuild and restructure their economies. The rest of the world is also willing and eager to help. However, as a precondition for this help, these countries need to fundamentally change their behavior. So far, they seem too arrogant to understand the reality that they are no longer in charge of the global show. They no longer have the money to pay the actors.

Here is one example from a while ago, the details of which only recently came to light: the appearance of former Japanese Finance Minister Shoichi Nakagawa “drunk” at a G7 press conference in 2009. What really happened is that the Western powers asked Japan to fork up $100 billion to hand over to the IMF. Nakagawa said “sure, we’ll sell $100 billion of US Treasury holdings to pay for it.” He was going to say that at the press conference so, in order to prevent the assembled propaganda media from hearing this, he was drugged. He returned to Japan, resigned and was subsequently poisoned and killed just before he was due to meet this reporter to explain what happened.

Later the Japanese agriculture minister showed up with bandages on his face at a press conference in Japan. He refused to explain why this was. However, we have now found out it was because the rogue element of the US government was trying to extort Japanese agricultural money to pay for their “global” schemes. They were unable to.

The final move was to attack Japan with a tsunami causing seabed nuclear earthquake device in an attempt to extort money. That threat was met with a counter-threat by non-Japanese actors, to blow up the BIS, the Vatican, Chicago, La Defence in Paris and other key Western targets. The message was that nuclear blackmail is not a one-way street. This forced the Bilderberger Western elite to back off threats to cause Mt. Fuji to erupt.

In June, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu phoned Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan and said Israeli companies in charge of security at various Japanese nuclear plants would cause a total nuclear holocaust in Japan. He was told that if he did this then both Mossad US headquarters in Chicago and Israel would also be blown up. After this he backpedalled and Israeli security was removed from Japan’s nuclear plants and many were shut down as a precaution.

A threat to set off an even worse holocaust along the New Madrid fault line in the US was also subsequently halted by White Dragon Society allies in the United States.

The genocidal cabal that hijacked the Western power centers now find themselves in a very tight spot indeed.

Senator J. Rockefeller, George Bush Senior and their drug-dealing murderer subordinate Richard Armitage have also been told in no uncertain terms they are no longer welcome in Japan. We can also confirm from Japanese military intelligence that Bush slave former Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi has fled to North Korea in fear of his life.

Other key cabal criminals now in fear of prison include George Bush Jr., Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Tony Blair, Carl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld and their fellow plotters of genocide and a global fascist 4th Reich.

The real question now remains what to do about Barak Obama and his government as well as the bribed, corrupt establishment in Washington D.C. corporate headquarters. A large part of the Pentagon brass support Obama because he was actually elected by a majority of the American people (unlike Bush Jr.). This is a choice for the American people to make.

The creditors of the United States, including China and Japan, are simply saying the military industrial complex needs to retool itself from a parasitical, war-mongering institution into something productive. For example DARPA the Death (nobody is fooled by the name “Defense”) advanced Research Projects Agency will have to change to LARPA (Life Advanced Research Projects Agency).

In any case, it is clear the criminal cabal in the West will not relinquish their power without more of a struggle. All the White Dragon can do for now is to keep them cut off from their funds and prevent them from starting WW3 until they are finally removed from power. That means we need stand back and watch their death throes for a while longer. Perhaps in August humanity will be freed at last.

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