White Hats Report #2

November 22, 2010 – The White Hat Report #2

Letter To Obama

An Affiliate of the National Black Leadership Roundtable
1112 16th Street, N.W. – Suite 540
Washington, D.C. 20036
Telephone: (202) 269 5337
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E-mail: wf*******@ao*.com
Theodore A. Adams, III The Honorable Walter E. Fauntroy, Frank Francois, III
President Board Chairman and CEO Secretary
November 9, 2010
The Honorable Barak Obama
The President
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20500
Dear Mr. President:
It  is with considerable regret that I find myself communicating on record  to a Public Official with whom I once had so much hope for Integrity in  Office. I have personally written letters to you by registered mail and  through Joshua Dubois on June 14, 2010; July 9, 2010 and on July 30,  2010.
None  of my letters advising you of the corruption and bribery of senior  public Officials, past and present, have been accorded the respect of a  reply or action.
Numerous  other parties have also addressed with you, in writing, details of  transgressions and RICO level actions involving elected Officials and  Bankers. None have been given the courtesy of a response for very  serious cases. Ignoring them has simply incited parties to address a  collective marshaled campaign.
You  have also been advised previously by my letters of the corruption  dealing with Mr. Falcone Settlement monies and others. Enclosed is a  letter describing future corruption by senior officials tampering with  bank records, theft, fraud, bribery and conspiracy.
This  attached corruption report by Mr. Falcone is currently being shared  with certain Congressional members. And these members are seeking to  have a Congressional panel set up to investigate corruption by  government officials that you have allowed to take place in your  administration.
Mr.  President, as you are aware, if you are allowing these types of  corruption in your administration and if you’re not taking action; these  are grounds for impeachment. I pray for you to make the right decision.
Walter E. Fauntroy
Member of Congress


November 8, 2010

Mr. Falcone reports that in early September, former President, George Bush Sr. orchestrated a government plane equipped with six (6) of his key people to go to Germany, the Caribbean, Spain and on to Hong Kong. They traveled from Hong Kong back to the US approximately October 26th.

During this government paid and sponsored trip, they modified and changed records and bank books of George Bush Sr. in Germany and the Caribbean for his payoffs he’s received by utilizing Falcone’s money over the years. These allegations have been reported to the FBI and other agencies by Mr. Falcone over two years ago and to this date, there’s been no action taken.

Over a year and half ago, Joe Biden began looking into helping Mr. Falcone in getting his settlement funds released. Then, he was approached by Hilary Clinton to discontinue his support and to help block the release of Mr. Falcone’s settlement funds. Vice President, Joe Biden agreed in lieu of a large payoff of over 200 million dollars he’s received over the last year and a half.

Subsequently, Joe Biden became aware that Mr. Falcone had become knowledgeable of his payments held in a German bank. Therefore, under the direction of George Bush Sr., the traveling team modified the records of Joe Biden’s German account. They sent out approximately 200 million dollars out of the German bank to a bank in Spain and Hong Kong.

At this time, all particulars including account information will be shared with the Congressional members. These banks and accounts will be constantly monitored until this is dealt with in Congressional hearings.
And still more…____________________________

November 14, 2010

Mr. Falcone reported earlier that former President, George Bush Sr. orchestrated several government sponsored planes equipped with key people to modify and change various bank accounts and records in various countries. Commerce Bank in Frankfurt Germany is one bank in particular where they modified incoming and outgoing money wires of various account holders on Bush Sr.’s orders.

The funds in question in named accounts were derived from an offspring of stolen funds of Mr. Falcone and are separate and apart from Mr. Falcone’s other Government Settlement Fund account. George Bush Sr. in partnership with Michael Herzog and his partner, Paul Guenette, gave clearance to Herzog to steal Mr. Falcone’s original principal funds to syndicate and set up a separate trading fund fronted by Mitt Romney. The profits from trading activities were used for themselves without Mr. Falcone’s approval or participation. At one point, Herzog wanted to return Mr. Falcone’s funds and Bush Sr. said no.

Herzog advanced the proceeds from trading utilizing Mr. Falcone’s stolen funds to accounts of George Bush Sr., George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and others. Mitt Romney has received over a billion dollars from Mr. Falcone’s stolen funds.

Mr. Falcone has filed complaints with the FBI, Homeland Security and Federal Reserve Board regarding his stolen funds and the corruption involved. The files are still open and have never been addressed, resolved or settled. To date, President Obama with full knowledge of Mr. Falcone’s stolen funds and the corruption involving his Administration has not taken any action whatsoever.

Denis Blair, WH former member of the President’s Security Council was very aware of the

facts and corruption involving Mr. Falcone’s Settlement Funds. Mr. Blair went to President Obama and Rahm, WH COS, and told them they needed to satisfy and clear the Falcone matter. Blair and Rahm had a major run in because it was discovered that Rahm had also received proceeds from Mr. Falcone’s stolen funds.

One of the reasons Dennis Blair stepped down was he felt there was too much corruption in Obama’s Administration and he couldn’t take it any longer. After Blair stepped down, Obama later said, Blair didn’t step down, he fired him in an effort to cover the truth.

When Obama took over as President, Mr. Falcone and other Government Settlements were about to be settled. Instead of concluding the settlements, Obama’s Administration, with full knowledge of Obama, took advantage of the main player, Bush Sr. and stole money from the Settlement Fund’s for personal use. The money that Geithner stole is small in comparison to Romney’s stolen billion.

George Bush Sr. will do everything to cover up not only his tracks and his role in the stolen Falcone Funds, he also wants to cover up the fact that Mitt Romney is involved in fronting for known criminals like Michael Herzog and his partner, Paul Guenette. Romney and Bush Sr. are extremely close. Bush Sr. is trying to clear the road so that Romney can become the next Presidential candidate.

Because Mitt Romney couldn’t clear the scrutiny of his financial records and the source of over a billion dollars deposited in his offshore bank account, he was not vetted as a Vice Presidential candidate for John McCain. Romney has not declared these funds nor has he paid any personal taxes on them.

If Romney is really considering running for President in the future, there will be no way he’s going to get pass clearance. No matter how many records George Bush Sr. and others may change, information regarding his stolen Falcone funds will be splashed all over the world. He will not get on first base!

Every detail of all activities including named banks, accounts, dates and complicit parties involved in this corruption will be shared with Congressional members. A Congressional Panel will be interviewing past and present Administration because evidence will warrant their actions.

Not quite finished….


November 17, 2010

Mr. Falcone sources revealed that when former President, George Bush Sr. orchestrated the government sponsored Team that flew to Germany in September; they met with Bush Sr.’s criminal associate, Michael Herzog. During the meeting, Bush Sr.’s Team told Herzog that he and his partner, Paul Guenette can’t discuss or ever confirm their association with the Bush(s) and Mitt Romney.

Michael Herzog told Bush Sr.’s Team, “It was Bush Sr. and Romney’s decision not to settle and pay Falcone, why are you telling me to settle now? Tell Bush Sr., if he tries to make me reimburse Falcone now, I will expose all Bush(s) and Romney’s offshore accounts in billions in offshore accounts including links, source records and earnings we’ve ever earned together.” Mr. Falcone believes that Herzog’s threat and blackmail caused Bush Sr. to order his Team to move and change bank accounts in other countries to protect him and Romney from Falcone, Herzog and associates to try to protect their stolen funds.

President Obama was informed about the Falcone matter and the need to settle by Mr. Falcone’s sources and directly by Dennis Blair, former lead member of Obama’s Security Council who stepped down this past summer. So many records, similar high value cases of grand scale of fraud and supporting evidence, have been provided to the President. The President’s full knowledge of the Falcone matter and other similar cases are considered a dereliction of duty and fiduciary care of the office he holds. To this date, President Obama has failed to respond to other parties or to take any action regarding the Falcone’s settlement.

But, the Obama Administration managed to immediately step in to help settle the Clintons, who Herzog had also stolen funds from. Funds the Clintons will be obligated to explain to Congress under Oath. Michael Herzog and partner, Paul Guenette stole substantial money from the Clinton’s trading activities and Government Agencies immediately brought Herzog and Guenette to Washington, DC for a hearing that’s not on public record but, held in a field file. They made Herzog and Guenette reimburse all of the Clinton’s money in a Private Recovery deal with the Agencies.

There is a growing case of Fraud, Bribery, Corruption, Theft misuse of Agency powers and failure of the FBI and other Government Agencies to investigate and arrest the parties involved with the theft of Mr. Falcone’s settlement funds and with many others. Cover ups are about to be exposed.

Mr. Falcone is currently interviewing prominent criminal attorneys to take action against the US Government, the Bush(s) and Mitt Romney personally for corruptly blocking investigations Mr. Falcone filed with the FBI, Homeland Security and Federal Reserve Board and for their constant interfering and derailing of the return of Mr. Falcone’s funds.

A key question will be, “Why are the Bush(s) and Romney associated with known criminals like Michael Herzog and Paul Guenette?” A full Public audit of all accrued income will be demanded.

In addition to legal actions being taken by Mr. Falcone, more Congressional members are being enlisted and given all particulars including incriminating account information. Momentum is growing towards Congressional hearings regarding (1) Falcone’s Government Settlement Funds implicating Joe Biden, Hilary Clinton, Rahm and Geithner, (2) Falcone’s funds Bush Sr. had Herzog and Guenette steal for a trading fronted by Romney for their own pockets.

Government planes, current and ex Agency staff have been used for this shabby exercise. Attempts to erase Bank Accounts to conceal their fraud and corruption has failed, as incriminating records and far worse, is held ready for a Congressional investigation. These full records are now in multi Global parties’ safekeeping. Key, trustworthy and responsible newspapers will be availed full access to investigate and expose the scale of corruption and racketeering of ex Presidents, Vice President and other Government officials.

This information is now with numerous key EU Agencies, newspapers and Chinese Banks and Officials. Sr. European Ministers are being advised of the scale of corruption and criminality of named parties. A number of key independent media Agencies such as Wiki Leaks will explode this globally, naming and shaming the criminal parties enabling the American electorate to judge and act. This is heading for a Nuremberg scale of trial.


November 22, 2010

Mr. Falcone reports that once again, Bush Sr sent out a Team to change Biden’s accounts in Hong Kong. They changed banks and the names on Biden’s accounts. Each team member’s names are known with full details of their travel itinerary.

When President Obama was in India, he received formal notification of Joe Biden’s clandestine involvement with Bush Sr., who was the party behind stealing Falcone’s funds, and with whom Bush Sr cross utilized Clinton to bribe Biden, to assist and deny Falcone recovery of his funds.

Mr. Falcone’s sources report that Obama confronted Joe Biden about the money he received corruptly from the stolen Falcone settlement and about his other account at Bank Santander, Spain. Obama advised Biden that in addition to his account in Hong Kong, his Santander account had been discovered and to move it immediately which Biden took care of electronically.

Because the President knew about this corruption, but took no action to rectify it and uphold the law, instead freely choosing to help Biden attempt to conceal the truth, he’s as culpable as the other criminals. He also knows of other similar activities and has taken no action which is considered a dereliction of duty and fiduciary care of the office he holds.

Bush Sr knows that Falcone and the authorities are carefully monitoring his and Biden’s accounts in particular. That’s why the Bush team did not dare go back to Spain or the Caribbean during this last trip overseas.

What this criminal team of Spooks and Agents fail to grasp, is that every move is known and recorded. Also known, during Bush Sr’s Team previous trip, is that he had his money moved from St. Barts and relocated it to other Caribbean Island Banks.

Intelligence reports states that Bush Sr. team is expected to be back in the States this week.

These parties are not going to steal assets from Ed Falcone, an American citizen, and get away with it. A catalogue of evidence has been collated encompassing RICO, Fraud, Bribery, Corruption, Money Laundering, Theft, misuse of Agency powers and the systematic failure and collusion of the FBI and other Government Agencies to investigate and arrest the parties involved with the theft of Mr. Falcone’s settlement funds.

Mr. Falcone has been interviewing high level Criminal Attorneys to add to his legal team, who will be filing personal criminal charges against Bush(s), Mitt Romney, Michael Herzog, Paul Guenette , Joseph Ackermann, Alan Greenspan and others.

In conjunction with anticipated Congressional hearings, criminal charges will also be filed against all of Bush Sr’s Team who changed and modified bank records to help cover up Falcone’s stolen funds.

The scale, dynamic and Global economic implications of this sordid affair are of such significance it is now being tracked by multiple Enforcement Agencies, media sources and key Intel Agencies.


Here is more.

The story that I released to you on Monday is getting more attention. I can summarize the drama for you this way. Tropos, an American company. The elders who reside in Taiwan had accumulated great private wealth over the past several decades and collectively they decided that this money, denominated in USA dollars(, 700 billion dollars), was to have the Chinese people as the beneficial owners. Also there was great progress in starting the unification of Taiwan with Mainland China. The elders decided to send the money through a trustee, Mr Hryniak to Tropos at the account at Wachovia. Many large sums of money of this sort must travel through an ACAT which is an electronic transfer of funds.

The BIS, as central bank to all central banks provides the Clearing Payment and Settlement Systems that assists in the clearing of the funds as the sole Transfer Trustee. In this case, it seems that the USA Federal Reserve kept the funds for themselves and called upon its ally, the BIS to state that the BIS function is not clearing but only of supervision. There have been many lawyers on both sides of the border that have seen and verified that the ACAT was true and real. The BIS and the Federal Reserve have had their lawyers call the Tropos lawyers but the Fed and BIS lawyers refuse to put in print what they discussed on the phone. You will see in one of the correspondence, a file number has been instituted by the American authorities. The November 2nd letter to the BIS official, Corunna, is very interesting. The letter to Obama in June 2010 describes in detail, the ACAT from Taiwan to NY and how the proceeds have been kept for their own use instead of the beneficiary’s.

The above letters were widely distributed to members of the G20 during their last meeting. Originally, Mainland China at various times accused Taiwan and the trustee with malfeasance but have now realized that it was the UNITED STATES FEDERAL RESERVE who has absconded with the money. Here are the letters sent to the various parties and from the body of the letters you can deduce that the other side did engage in various conversations.

You can imagine what China would do if they found out what that the USA did something with their money. Maybe buy up all of the gold and silver at the comex?

Anyway, here are the letters for you to read and I leave it up to you to decide

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