BREAKING NEWS: Pope Benedict XVI Resigns!

Update 14Jan2013: The latest coup in Rome – More insights from Kevin D. Annett.

Update 13Jan2013: Pope Resigned to Avoid Arrest and Seizure of Properties

Update 12Jan2013: Bush and Blair fingered Pope Benedict XVI as the mastermind behind 911, 311 (Japan Tsunami), hence the historic papal resignation, says Fulford.

Days ago, Queen Beatrix resigned in a clear sign that the Cabalists are losing grip on humanity. Now, it’s Pope Malevolent XVI’s turn.

These recent resignations come after a year of massive resignations from bankers and government officials.

Another groundbreaking event preceding this one is the airing of the Financial Tyranny on Russian REN-TV, a mainstream broadcast network influencing about 30 million primetime audience.

We should be watching the actions from hereon by other Nazis, e.g. Merkel, the Queen, etc. Will they follow suit?

After which, we shall find out if the 13 bloodlines behind them will be fully unmasked/neutralized eventually.

pope resigns

Pope Benedict XVI is to resign for reasons relating to his health, according to a Vatican spokesperson. He’s the first head of the Catholic Church to quit the highest post since the Middle Ages.

­The 85 year old is due to step down on February the 28th. The Pope said he is “fully aware of the gravity of this gesture” but that he lacks the strength to govern Church due to age, according to Vatican’s spokesperson Federico Lombardi.

In a statement released by the Catholic Church, Benedict VXI said that “after having repeatedly examined my conscience before God, I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry.”

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The perpetual skeptics would consider this resignation as a non-event. Quite the contrary, popes don’t just resign. They die as one, whether by natural causes or via the poison cup.

And like what’s stated in that RT article, this one is the first pope to resign since the Middle Ages.

Who is Pope Benedict XVI?

We know him as the man who penned the policy to protect the reputation of the Church, whatever the cost maybe, while the victims of phaedophile priests are systematically maligned.

After the scandals began breaking a decade ago in the United States, that tradition was explicitly (if secretly) continued by an order issued in 2001 by Joseph Ratzinger, then the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. Crimes “perpetrated with a minor by a cleric” fall under church jurisdiction, not civil law enforcement. “Cases of this kind,” Ratzinger warned, “are subject to the pontifical secret”—the violation of which is punishable by excommunication. When Ratzinger was elected pope in 2005, a Vatican spokesman was asked about the 2001 pronouncement. “This is not a public document,” he replied, “so we would not talk about it.” No way, no how.

This guy is an active protector of the offender. He, and all others of his ilk, should be brought to justice.

This guy also represents almost 400 years of unhampered looting of my country. The latest attempt is this one. I’m more than glad to see them all go down.

This photo collage below is from a friend @ facebook.


Who will be the next Pope?

Still reeling from the initial shock, the Vatican still can’t figure out who are the potential successor to this great Jesuit asset. I mean, we have to admit, even the choice of Peter’s earthly representative has to undergo that same process called politics.

Nevertheless, our friends at Facebook have better ideas, one of which is this seasoned veteran…


Just click on the image above to see the comments about this proposal.

Coming Soon!

Except for Obama, who is now claimed to be playing alongside his new Asian “padrinos”, the hard-core Nazis will be displayed on TV as shown below.



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  1. He may already be dead. As I understand it, there were a few poisoning attempts on his life. They may have succeeded this time.

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