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The links below are from the site which has been collating UFO matters and top secret government projects for years.

Although these documents have been released to the public over the years, it doesn’t in any way mean that the government is ready to tell us the Whole Truth.
Not yet.

Welcome to the

Freedom of Information Act Collection of The Black Vault

The current page count of declassified documents: 1,322,017
Each of these pages were all obtained legally under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).
Since 1996, I have filed more than 4,000 FOIA requests to nearly every government agency, regarding nearly every government secret that exists. I was 15 years old when I start, and now, nearly two decades later, this archive is the result.
This is a massive archive, and I highly recommend to not only use the search engine at the top, but also utilize the browse pages for each category on the left. You never know what you might find- so enjoy your journey!
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Advanced “For It’s Time” Technology (5)
Aircraft / Air Force History (25)
Biological/Chemical Weapons (11)
Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) Collection (2)
Cloning (2)
Cold War Era (17)
Congressional & Senatorial Correspondence (5)
Controversies (14)
Cryptology (8)
Defense Issues (32)
Disease and Human Health (1)
DoD Archive (2)
Elections (1)
Environmental Issues (7)
FBI Files / Domestic & Foreign Intelligence (42)
Field Manuals (2)
Freedom of Information Act / Research Tools (7)
Government Accountability & I.G. Reports (1)
Government Employee Manuals / Orientation (10)
Iraq & Afghanistan Wars (9)
J.F.K. Era (2)
Military and Commercial Accidents (10)
Mind Control (3)
Misc. Documents (2)
National Security Agency (NSA) Collection (10)
New World Order (1)
Nuclear Weapons (9)
Office of Technology Assessment (5)
Parapsychology (3)
Politician Public Financial Disclosure Statements (10)
Psychological Operations (1)
Remote Viewing (2)
Richard Helms Collection (4)
Space (25)
Spy Satellites and the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) (12)
Terrorism (26)
TV Show Complaints (13)
U.S. Financial Information (8)
UFO Phenomena (26)
Vietnam Era (3)
Weapons (9)
Weather / Weather Modification (6)
Weird Science (1)
World War I (1)
World War II (8)

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