Proof All of Your Debt is Prepaid!

The Babylonian money magick is very sophisticatedly simple. Once you understand all of these concepts, you will begin to ask why did all of us fall for them?

Partly, that’s because they made all the rules. But more importantly, they have deliberately hidden the rules in plain sight by making them too complex for the vaccinated mind to comprehend.
Are the rules beginning to change with AIIB?
There’s no mention about any of it yet. All they would do is to make the funds available for redevelopment of the IMF/WB marginalized countries along the New Belt and Road Project, and that these funds would now be backed up by hard currencies.
The most deceptive plan would be the December announcement of a Debt Jubilee by the Vatican, the very institution that laid the foundations for our money induced slavery.

Proof ALL of Your Debt is PRE-PAID!

August 2, 2013
I had a discussion with a friend the other day when I asked the question on Facebook, “If you found out your mortgage, car loan, student loan, credit card was fraudulent debt, would you keep paying it?” I included a link to the post I put out about Key Bank waiving a $32K loan. This was his response:
“If I borrow money from someone, I’m going to repay it. I don’t care if it’s the mafia, some made-up big brother organization, or a bank. Stealing is stealing, regardless what you believe, two wrongs don’t make a right.”
The problem with this response is that it’s based on a backward view of what money and credit REALLY are. What if everything we’ve ever been taught by the system to believe about money and credit is an illusion?
Well, it is.
Many of those who will read this article already know that. Yet even those who do know, still can’t quite wrap their heads around how the system works in actuality. Believe me, “they” do an extremely good job of keeping these Truths very well hidden.
This article does a phenomenal job at breaking it down in very simple, easy to understand terms. All of the facts presented are supported by hard data. Also included is an example of a response letter from AT&T to a charge being disputed, whereas the disputing party requested funds be taken from their “Prepaid Treasury Account,” to settle the “alleged” debt. What is not shared by this blogger is the documentation submitted to AT&T, which I am working on trying to retrieve from him now.
Before I get to the meat and potatoes of this brilliant article, here are a few facts to consider in the response to my friend on Facebook:
“A deposit created through lending is a debt that has to be paid on demand of the depositor, just the same as the debt arising from a customer’s deposit of checks or currency in the bank. Of course they do not really pay out loans from the money they receive as deposits. If they did this, no additional money would be created. What they do when they make loans is to accept promissory notes in exchange for credits to the borrowers’ transaction accounts. – Federal Reserve Bank, Chicago, Modern Money Mechanics, p. 6
Banks are prohibited from lending their ‘own money’ from their own assets, or from other depositors. So from where did the $$ come? The contract we signed (our promissory note) was converted into a ‘negotiable instrument’ by the bank and became an asset on the bank’s accounting books. According to the UCC 1-201(24) and 3-104, it was our signature on the note which made it $$.
Our promissory note (‘money’) was taken, recorded as an asset of the bank, and sold by the bank for cash without ‘equal valuable consideration’ given to us for our note. The bank gave us a deposit slip as a receipt for the money we gave them, just as the bank would normally provide when we make a deposit to the bank. It then created an account at the bank which would contain this $$ which we just created. A check on this account was issued with our signature and this account is the source of funds behind the cheque which we received as a ‘loan’.
The bank risked none of its own assets in the so-called ‘loan’ to us; rather it used our note to pay the seller, in order to raise an asset for itself, and also used the face value of our note as ‘principal’ which it claims it ‘lent’ us and against which it charged interest. Consideration on the part of the bank is non-existent so the bank has nothing to lose. It can not possibly sustain a loss. Since consideration is essential to an enforceable contract and the note was obtained from us via fraud, the entire transaction/ contract is fraudulent.
Mortgage contracts are written in such a way to appear as if the bank lent us funds before they received our promissory note/ mortgage contract so that the bank can use it as a receipt which they can sell. The contract reads, “For a loan I have received…”, but, you haven’t received it yet. So in fact, we signed and gave the mortgage contract/note to the bank prior to their giving us the funds. So, the application for the loan created the funds (it has our signature on it) and the note (with our signature) covered the funds to ‘repay’ the loan. Again, constructive fraud.”

Here is the link to the original article. On this blog there are also many other great posts to research. One point I do want to make is that this gentleman on many occasions suggests filing a UCC-1 financing statement to reclaim rights to your Strawman account. However, the UCC filings submitted by The One People’s Public Trust have effectively taken care of this step for EVERYONE on the planet. Therefore, it is no longer necessary for individuals to file their own. ~BK

Right now even though they have no legal right or claim or lien, the bankers hold the “title” to YOU through your birth certificate. You can regain control by simply filing a notice of lien against the birth certificate. Filing notices of lien is done every day. Banks regularly file notices of liens with the Department of Commerce to prove and establish their interest in all kinds of property… homes, cars, tools, equipment.
This is done very simply by contacting the Secretary of State or Department of Commerce and filing a UCC-1 financing statement and listing the property as collateral on the statement. The same can be done with your birth certificate, which is your property. You and only you can file this notice of lien… You and only you can determine the value of the property. Since you are priceless in God’s eyes the value of your UCC-1 should be UNLIMITED.
In this case, the “company” is the government. Because you “agreed” to work for the government, the company, for the rest of your life, the government (company) agreed to “pay” all of the debt you incur in your lifetime. Is that a bit of a surprise to you?
It should be. No one has told you or showed you how to use this information.
In exchange for your birth certificate and your application for Social Security, which they used as collateral to reduce their debt with the bankers, the government (company) promised to pay your debts. You work on behalf of the US government AS COLLATERAL ON THE NATIONAL DEBT owed to the bankers.
Whatever your debt, it’s actually prepaid.
That’s right, your debt is “prepaid” with what is known as “money of account.” There is no real substance or “money of exchange” such as gold or silver; only accounting adjustments and set offs. The US government agreed to do this for you with the passage of House Joint Resolution (HJR) 192 back in 1933 shortly after the National Emergency and Bank Holiday declared by President Roosevelt. You’re already signed up for this program from birth; it’s just that no one told you about it, UNTIL NOW!
Like all good companies though, the US government offered to its “worker bees”, insurance benefits. They offered insurance to us if we would fill out an SS-5 form, also known as “Application for Social Security Benefits”. It’s also the hook they use to get us to sign up as their collateral on the national debt. This all originated from the “Shepard Towners Maternity Act” that was to help new mothers with the care of their children if the mother was unwed. (This is why they ask for the maiden name of the mother on the “application for live birth”. All of us are considered to be “bastard children” with the government (company) as our “daddy”)
The SS-5 is really a Power Of Attorney (POA) for the company that issued the insurance benefit to You, the real man or woman. POA was assumed by the company, the government. When they established the new account they styled the name in ALL CAPS. Very few people normally sign their name in ALL CAPS. Your JOHN H. DOE is really a corporation. Print your name in ALL CAPS if you intend to express the name/ title of Your corporation. You’ll find it on “your” driver’s license, “your” social security card, “your” bank statement, “your” check blanks, “your” tax statements, etc. The Social Security number is evidence that there is an insurance policy. The benefit you are receiving is the privilege of an army, navy, police, fire protection, Medicaid, medicare, SSI, pension etc.
So far it has worked quite well for the government (company)… they just didn’t tell you how to go about getting your debt set off and how to access and use the pre-paid account, all the more money for their pet projects…wars of pre-emption, international intrigue, control and domination of the global markets, etc. You’ve perhaps read about this in the news or seen it on the evening news. You’re letting them use your money for crimes against humanity.
ATT Success Letter

This is a YouTube video put together by the author of the blog post above. It’s only 15 minutes and well worth the watch. Excellent data. It’s titled, “Access Your Exemption Account,” this is EXACTLY what is currently being worked on with the Declaration of Value (DOV) document, being created by Heather as I write this post. Remember: WE ARE THE CREDITORS, NOT THE DEBTORS. We have only been manipulated into believing it was the other way around for our entire lives. Time to change the game. ~BK

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  1. But USURY was a sin in the CC, even work (to be a slave to work). You really should be blaming the Protestants. Hence, Protestant work ethic to pay off debt slavery. It was William the Conquerer who unfortunately made the Jews only work in the money lending industry. Protestant England produced the God awful industrialisation.
    Oh yeh, that’s right, it’s the Jesuit’s fault? The author of the Jesuit Assassins happens to be an Israeli Zionist gem merchant.
    “How to be Free” by Tom Hodgkinson (unravels the myth of the so called Dark Ages). All our Marxist history told to us are lies.
    But you must understand, the Vatican too, just like every other western institution has been infiltrated by the Zionist Khazars. I have seen two Rothschild Jesuits named on a Zionist site. There were probably a few Jew popes. Changes in Vatican II were very significant.
    How many more Christian sects did the reformation produce in order to weaken and divide Christianity. Apparently 25,000.
    Look up Malachi Martin, an ex Jesuit scholar.

  2. Great Article. Thanks for the info. Does anyone know where I can find a blank form UCC 1?

    1. Yes all states have them called “Grey Bars Inn”, don’t be stupid and put yourself in this position there are people in prison for using this same process. DON’T DO IT!

  3. Woe unto you scribes pharrisees hypocrates for you broaden you’re phalyactrys and make long prayers so as to seem unto men pious . verily you have your reward. IOW beyond three hots and a cot, if your looking for more, you are badly mistaken, don’t know god, don’t know the power of the scriptures, don’t know the cross, don’t really love anyone, and are playing games with the devil. good luck. there. you cant mistranslate it, because whatever way you say it , they instantly get the messege. so nobody can use the ‘man got involv0ed with it’ excuse’,

  4. I believe I read somewhere that this is a worldwide phenomena. What is the situation in Australia and New Zealand?
    Have found this absolutely fascinating.

  5. With regards to the birth certificate is a traded bond issue what about meads v meads? I thought that debunked the whole thing.

  6. I seriously hope u guys don’t believe this stuff. This is a tool from the father of lies to bring some serious anxiety into ones life. Don’t fall for it. Many have landed in the clink for thinking they had it all figured out.

  7. I watched the video posted on this page. I wondered why I see youtube video’s on Obama killing Americans. Or NWO plans to kill 6 billion people. I guess it’s one way they can clear there debt to society? omg

  8. Under the Fair Tradings Act, NZ. these would be a misleading and deceptive conduct since these entities are trading in the manner of businesses and see us as customers, causing unnecessary hardship.
    In my books they can all go ‘poof’ for in reality they don’t exist. We the majority just made it REAL, EMPOWERED it to BE REAL and We can just as easily make it unreal, and let it go.

  9. As in everything that tries to open ones eyes and minds there are so many that will poo poo everything just because they cannot open their own minds up or have the GUTS to at least attempt different things, but they are oh so happy to just bitch and moan about “THE SYSTEM” Well to ALL of you I just say that IF people don’t try to change the system just HOW THE HELL are we ever going to change it?

    1. Hi Mike,
      Curious to know, when you filed the UCC-1 how long did the process take, and was there any contact made to you from the various upper Departments?

    2. Hi Mike,
      Curious to know, when you filed the UCC-1 how long did the process take, and was there any contact made to you from the various upper Departments?

  10. How does this situation apply for naturalized Americans? Their birth certificate is from a foreign country.


    anywhere else you have info on this in the US and also any in CANADa


    steven b

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