China May Aid Greece Directly

Previously, China hinted that it would help Greece through the EU mechanism, but now there is an idea floated through a Chinese think tank that it might do so directly as the need arises, i.e. when the people of Greece chose to abandon the one-currency European Union.

Meanwhile, Greek FM Yanis Varoufakis expressed his intention to resign if the YES vote wins on Sunday, while  leftist groups are staging a campaign to reject the Troika bailout proposal.

China May Aid Greece Directly – Think Tank Expert


China may help Greece directly through its new financial instruments, director of the Quantitative Finance Department at China’s Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics told Sputnik China.
Investment bank Goldman Sachs predicted in a report published on Wednesday that in a worst-case scenario China’s exports would decline 2.2 percent as a result of Greece’s economic crisis. Other than exports to Greece itself, the crisis could also hurt the economies of nearby countries, where Chinese businessmen have also made considerable investments.

“The Greek crisis has an undoubtedly seriously influence on China’s trade with Greece and investment into the country. But I think that European countries together with China can help Greece overcome the problems that arose,” Fan Mingtao said.

Fan added that the crisis is not likely to be an overbearing problem in the long term, although China will suffer losses in trade with Greece as a result.

“I believe there are two ways to give Greece Chinese aid. First, within the framework of the international aid through EU countries. Second, China could aid Greece directly. Especially considering the Silk Road Economic Belt and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. China has this ability,” Fan added.
According to Fang, China has the financial ability to aid Greece if needed, because of its existing Silk Road Economic Belt project and the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.
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  1. If that is a real offer from China Tsipras should use it to get the votes from the greeks next sunday and say goodbye to the EU trap.Otherwise Greece will be alone or must go back to the EU scam.

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