Saudi Arabia Diversifies Portfolio with $10B Investment into Russia

Previously, it was the Vanguard Group seen diversifying its portfolio in China which might be the prime cause of the present Chinese stock turbulence. Now, the House of Saud is proving it can act on its own and seek geopolitical alliances with other players, i.e. BRICS through Russia.

What about its active role in WTC 911 controlled demolition? Would all the culpability, then be shifted back to the British royalty as the prime architect of the deaths of Americans and Iraqis?
What of Syria which the Russians are backing up since the beginning? Is the Saudi abandoning its desire to remove Assad and forgo plans for its oil pipeline to Europe? Is this why Russia is accommodating Saudi investment in the first place?
The Nazionist mafia are notorious for infiltrating the global resistance movement and the Reformist Alliance resulting to the deaths of those planning the highly anticipated mass arrests.

Saudi Arabia to invest record $10bn in Russia

Published time: July 07, 2015 10:22
Edited time: July 08, 2015 10:19
The Public Investment Fund (PIF) of Saudi Arabia in partnership with the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) has agreed to invest $10 billion into Russian projects. It is the largest foreign investment in Russia.
“We have reached final agreements and are announcing the creation of a partnership with the sovereign fund of Saudi Arabia, under which PIF will invest $10 billion into projects on Russian territory. These funds are expected to be implemented within 4-5 years,” said the head of RDIF Kirill Dmitriev, RIA Novosti reported on Tuesday.

Kirill Dmitriev, Chief Executive Officer, Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) (RIA Novosti/Maksim Blinov)

Kirill Dmitriev, Chief Executive Officer, Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) (RIA Novosti/Maksim Blinov)

He said the first four or five investment deals are expected to be signed in the next 2-3 months and could also attract partners from China, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates.
The Russian Investment Fund plans to implement 10 deals with PIF before the end of 2015, seven of them are in the final stages. The new partnership may use the mechanism of automatic co-investment, already tested in the framework of the Russian-Chinese Investment Fund.
PIF expressed interest in investing in agriculture, medicine, retail, logistics and real estate, according to Dmitriev.
The Russian and Saudi Arabian funds’ partnership does not exclude the possibility of investment in other countries.
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The Russian Investment Fund has also signed a cooperation agreement with the Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA), to jointly search for investment projects in Russia. SAGIA is supposed to lead Russian companies to the Arabic market.
Last month Russia and Saudi Arabia signed a number of cooperation deals, including a memorandum of understanding at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum (SPIEF). Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin played an important part in the new partnership, according to the head of RDIF.

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  1. Is it not amazing how the Arabs are investing in Russia with 10B and in the other hand support the US in trying to destroy Russian politics and politicians. Something is drastically wrong here and Putin needs to be very wary of anything coming out of Saudi Arabia, UK, EU and of course the dreaded US. The photo at the top tells so many stories.
    1. The fear on Putin’s face
    2. The back-stabbing of the Saudi officials, which is written on their faces.
    3. The person behind Putin? etc, etc.

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