The Unfolding Global Reset that Only Few Understand

The new global development bank is now online and is ready to serve governments of the world. This is the official inauguration of the new financial system that will usher in a new era of massive economic development for humanity.
We shall remember this day as the time when real men stood their ground and did what they believed was right for the people.

China-led AIIB development bank officially launched, elects first president

The Board of Governors of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has held its inaugural meeting, declaring the bank open for business and electing its first president, Jin Liqun.
Chinese president Xi Jinping, as well as Prime Minister Li Keqiang, delivered opening addresses at the official ceremony, which was also attended by high officials from other multilateral banks.
“Asia’s financing needs for basic infrastructure are absolutely enormous,” President Xi said, adding that the bank is going to invest in high-quality, low-cost projects.
Premier Li Keqiang said that Asia needs investment in infrastructure and connectivity to remain the most dynamic region for global growth.
One of the main decisions made on Saturday was the selection of AIIB’s president. Jin Liqun, who has served as AIIB’s President-designate since September 1, 2015, was elected to that position.
“AIIB is now ready to join the family of multilateral financial institutions, investing in sustainable infrastructure for the improvement of lives across Asia,” Liqun said in his first statement as president.
The AIIB was established as a new multilateral financial institution aimed at providing “financial support for infrastructure development and regional connectivity in Asia.” It was founded in October, 2014, and will have its headquarters in Beijing. Its goals are also to boost economic development in the region, create wealth, prove infrastructure, and promote regional cooperation and partnership.
Luxembourg Finance Minister Pierre Gramegna sees the establishment of the bank as “further proof of the rebalancing of the world economy.”
The value of AIIB’s authorized capital amounts to $100 billion, with almost $30 billion invested by China. The bank, which unites 57 member states, expects to lend $10 billion to $15 billion a year for the first five years of its operations, beginning in the second quarter of 2016.
One more development bank with significant Chinese participation is the New Development Bank (NDB), also known as BRICS Development Bank, which was established last year. Russian officials believe that, despite the fact that the banks share similar goals, they will complement each other rather than compete.
“I think there is enough room for everybody. Our economy is so underinvested…So, the Asian bank, BRICS and other banks will have a field for investment,” Russian Minister of Economic Development Aleksey Ulyukayev said last summer.

What would prevent the Dragon Family from enhancing the funding of the AIIB to enable it to serve more people, as they have been silently funding the government of Taiwan for decades?
Long-time followers of this site are already exposed to the covert plan to defeat the Nazionist Crime Syndicate, now recognized  specifically as the Khazarian Mafia, that’s been ruling the planet through fractional banking and rigged financial institutions, systematic hijacking of the mainstream media and its usurpation of the academia, and through the outright poisoning and genetic manipulations of our food systems, and the effective weaponization of the entire healthcare infrastructure.
They have also misused weather science and technology against smaller countries for purposes of extortion and economic plunder.
Our experience and understanding about all of these covert and sinister operations have inflicted us with a New World Order phobia to the point that even every move of the Reformist Collective is also held suspect. But is there really no hope for mankind on this planet anymore?
Are there no benevolent souls out there that will selflessly respond to the people’s call of respite from such oppression and outright attempts for global annihilation?
It appears that there’s still some progressive minds left that have banded together in a collective wisdom to stop the mayhem and planetary destruction by unleashing a wave of life changing, paradigm shifting technologies which may nurture life rather than defeat it.
The moment has arrived when, at least fifty of the Old Kingdoms of the Pacific and the East are all in agreement to use these suppressed scientific knowledge now for humanity to partake upon, and that which we truly deserve, i.e. the fruits of our own labor.
The Russians have never given up on their energy reserves to the Khazarian Mafia in spite of all the provocations and sanctions, and the use of economic hitmen in the past.
Iran did not allow the entry of Rothschild bankers into their economy, but instead hanged those who tried to sabotage their national banking system.
China successfully used its massive labor force as a potent weapon to suck in Western technologies and destroyed the industrial backbone of the Khazarian Empire.
The massive exposure of Western companies in China has enabled the latter to literally control the former’s economy at the press of a button. China is now in an enviable position to play in the global economy as it deems fit. But even with this immense economic power, she chooses to crash the whole fiat financial empire rather gradually.
Japan has also decided to hold talks aimed at reestablishing peaceful and productive relations with Russia. When agreements between the two parties are consummated, the total erosion of Khazarian influence in Asia is perfected.

“We need the constructive engagement of Russia,” Abe said in an interview with the Financial Times newspaper published Sunday, pointing to the war in Syria, tense relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran and the threat posed by radical Islamism.
Japan this year chairs the Group of Seven advanced economies group and is set to host a G7 summit in May. Abe told the Financial Times he was considering going to Moscow or inviting Russian President Vladimir Putin to Tokyo in his function as G7 chair.

The covert geopolitical war is just starting to surface into the mainstream consciousness, as the once Covert World War 3 is occasionally leaking into the open in the form of kinetic attacks in Tianjin China [here], the deliberate shooting down of one Su-24 in Syria [here], or with the most recent “drifting” of the US Navy Seals close to Farsi Islands, Iran [here].
The Usurpers of the World will soon find themselves exceptionally shamed and punished. Their massive defeats in Syria and Iran are only the beginning.
Following is a very good summary of where we’ve been, where we are now, and where we will be in the near future, if we so choose to take the necessary action to inform others of what’s truly happening behind this Grand Facade, not to render them all passive, but to inspire them to act; that they may seek to abandon the system-induced fear and from so much despair they shall set themselves free.
They ought to know that there’s a revolution going on. They all deserve to know the full story, that there’s more than hope coming.
In the end, Evil will be defeated because Good Men decided to do something, nay, gave their everything.
The Eastern Sun is dawning.
The featured article below is originally written by Preston James, Ph.D on January 9, 2016 for Veteran’s Today.

The Secret Global Reset Agreement

by  Preston James

g20 summit st petersburg russia 2013
The Group of Twenty (G-20) at their 2013 Meeting in St. Petersburg, Russia, September 5-6, Host Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation

By now it has become clear to most VT readers that ISIS was created and trained, and is now supplied and paid by a secret coalition of nations including America, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other smaller but real players.
ISIS wounded in battle have been taken to Israel for treatment and some picked up by American Military helicopters.
The current head of the Senate Military Affairs Committee, Senator John McCain has been deeply involved in the creation of ISIS and has worked closely with a certain retired American general who is now in a Mideast nation functioning as the Commander of ISIS.
Senator McCain was propelled into the power vacuum of our current Administration marked by a President nearing the end of his term who has lost most of his military command ability.
Most VT readers know the foreign power that Senator McCain really works for along with almost every other Member of the US Congress because of their Oath to AIPAC.
And we know that the real purpose of ISIS has been to destabilize the Mideast, Balkanize Syria and Iran and now Europe with massive immigration. But it was created also to protect the business interests in Israel related to new massive Golan Heights oil finds and a new planned pipeline to supply oil and gas to Europe.
We know that another reason for the hiring and deployment of the mercenaries in order to create ISIS was to assist NATO in isolating and weakening the Russian Republic in order to protect Big Oil’s interests. But it is also part of plan to once again destroy Russia before it becomes the World’s new economic, technological and industrial powerhouse.
ISIS has also been created and deployed to help maintain the economic hegemony of the West which has been dwindling under Russian Federation growth and increasing economic and military might. It turns out that All these Mideast wars and terrorism are always linked to Big Oil and manipulating it’s pricing for profits.
The RKM has hoped against hope it could provoke the Russian Federation and America into a full scale nuclear WWW3 which could then put them back on top again.
It has been using NATO and the US Military in an attempt to surround the Russian Federation which is a violation of the Agreement of Cooperation signed between the USA and the New Russian Federation at the end of the Cold War.
A main condition of this Agreement is that neither party the USA or the Russian Federation infiltrate any nation touching their borders anywhere.
So far this strategy by the West to weaken the Russian Federation is failing and that is unlikely to change.
We have now seen evidence of new Russian Military might and technological superiority.
The USS Donald Cook incident in March of 2104 was a real eye-opener.
Putin starts the new year out by stating the obvious that few in the West dare to doPutin is known to be a very intelligent and astute leader. He has the World’s best electronic warfare defensive weapons systems, the best foreign Intel collection system and the best economic, political and military advisers. But is he getting help from a very technologically advanced group in secret?
The ship’s Aegis system was shut off temporarily during a flyby by two specially equipped Su-24s.
And Putin’s recent complete checkmate of ISIS in Syria by deployment of advanced Russian Federation air defense systems.
But there is another even more important reason for ISIS. That is to create temporary financing for the Western US Petro dollar sinking ship.
This is based on the stolen Iraq and Syrian crude which ISIS has been trucking through Turkey and shipping a substantial amount to Israel at a big discount.
These revenues along with the Afghani opium revenues have kept the large Western Banks afloat.
Now here is a simple fact that is hard to comprehend for most.
The main reasons for all the Mideast wars starting with GHWB and proceeding to the present have been to prop up the West’s failing economic system as a stop gap effort.
Wars and the illegal narcotics trade is so lucrative and so important that without these dollars, the largest Wall Street Banks and the whole Western private central Banking System would collapse and so would the behemoth, the American Defense Industry.
Yes, war and drugs are all about propping up the RKM Banksters system and capturing as much wealth as possible.
The RKM and the large Western Bank shareholder families know their system is now doomed. They want to capture as much wealth as they can when the new World Financial System is rolled out whatever it will be, electronic or a new basket of world currencies or both.
The folks that really run America are those foreign based “bloodline” families that infiltrated and hijacked America in 1913 through the private illegal unConstitutional Federal Reserve System (FRS).
These Select Few leaders who sit at the top of the RKM Pyramid of World Power instructed the Saudis to lower their price of oil. This was planned to sanction Putin for supporting the Russian Federation’s good long term allies Syria and Iran and bring the Russian federation to its knees.
The Select Few believed that this would quickly disable the Russian Federation economically especially when added on top of the US Led staged coup d’Etat in the Ukraine. The USG used 5 Billions US taxpayer dollars to pay for this act of war against the Ukrainians.
This payment and the coup itself on the RKM’s behalf was backed by the USG and run by Assistant Secretary of State Dual Citizen Zio traitor, the treasonous Victoria Nuland.
Once again President Putin showed the presence of his superior Intel collection and beat them to the punch.
Not only had he prepared the Russian Federation for this move on the international chessboard, he seemed to be prepared for or it in advance.
How interesting that soon after VT’s own Financial Editor Mike Harris went public that the Russian Federation should respond to this lowering of the Saudi crude Oil price and beat the West at their own game, the Russian Federation did exactly that.
Putin never starts anything but as a master martial artist and chess-player he makes the wisest, most strategic moves in defense.
And the result of this recent chess move by Putin has been as effective as his unexpected decision to honor Assad’s request for help fight the ISIS terrorist army, a proxy army of the Western Economic Forces.
It is almost as if Putin has had someone or something advising him that is incredibly intelligent.
Add to this the very advanced defensive electronic warfare weapons systems which the Russian Federation is now manufacturing and one begins to wonder just who or what is now assisting the Russian Federation. That subject will be explored in a future article and it will take any reader pretty far down the Rabbit Hole because some of the facts we now know about it are actually very, very strange and really quite hard to fathom.
No matter how how the West has tried to provoke Putin and the Russian Federation into a major WW3, so far he has craftily sidestepped it and responded wisely to the core issues one by one without being unduly provoked.
The Secret Reset is negotiated:
During the year 2013, G20 met three times, once in Moscow (February) and twice in DC (April and October).
The second meeting in DC in April was part of a meeting with the IMF and World Bank. During these particular meetings it is strongly suspected that an apparent secret agreement was made based on a recognition that the private Rothschild Khazarian central Fiat Banking System was unsustainable. We know the agreement was made but the exact date has not been confirmed.
It was also recognized that the US Petro Dollar had provided the West with a means to gain and take unfair advantage of the rest of the World.
Apparently these “new understandings” by the G20 were based on the presence of a new and increasingly powerful group which is keeping a low profile but delivering some “ultimatums”. The exact date this secret agreement was made is believe to be in late 2013. A good guess is that this was discussed in these private meeting a number of times in introductory fashion before it was finally entered into.
CITYOFLONDON2The City of London statue of the Great Draco, alleged secret God of the RKM and largest parasite of humans in history. Are the Dracos now being overpowered by another more powerful and more human friendly entity or group?
This new group that emerged and appeared on the scene at G20 with a significant presence and apparent power is different than the Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (RKM) which has held the World captive for at least the last 300 years.
This new group appears to be aligned with the Russian Federation and a sector hidden deep inside some unacknowledged special-access deep-black US Defense contractor programs.
It is very hard to get information on this agreement that has been negotiated in secret because the parties involved believe that if they disclose this they will be severely sanctioned with-prejudice.
It appears that this new group instructed the G20 members that the current RKM World financial system was unsustainable and the World would no longer accept it anymore or even allow it.
During these meetings a plan was apparently proposed and approved to decouple oil from the US Dollar and create a basket of adjusted currencies in place of the US Petro Dollar as the World’s Reserve Currency.
A schedule was allegedly set up for rolling out this new World financial system and displacing the RKM system piece by piece.
However despite this secret Reset Agreement being made, it is now being resisted by the RKM and its Cutouts.
This should be no surprise since these “bloodline family” principals have always been remarkably two-faced.
Resistance to this new secret agreement is showing up with ISIS and the US and Israeli coup d’Etat staged in the Ukraine as the western RKM large banks attempt to prop themselves up as long as they can. The longer they resist honoring this agreement, the farther they will fall and will take more and more of the West (especially Europe and America) down with them. Now is the time for all Americans to band together and extricate themselves from the RKM’s sinking ship.
The question always arises, how could such a powerful force as the RKM ever agree to give up their power and monetary hegemony around the World without a major fight using America’s military forces which they hijacked right before WW1?
We don’t yet have the complete answer to that question, but it appears that this new group has substantial defensive military might which they have shared with the Russian Federation, might which surpasses American military capability even when NATO and Israel are added to it.
It may be that Putin and the Russian Federation hold the main cards which will determine the speed of the demise of the RKM system unless the American people wake up fast and unite to take action.
Some with extensive knowledge of the Russian Federation’s new electronic warfare defensive technologies believe that they have a new Defensive Shield System which is impenetrable and would provide complete protection over any nuclear attacks by the West.
As this Secret Reset is rolled out the first thing we are likely to see is imported goods rising significantly the first month (maybe even 20%) and another 20% soon after. The sky could be the limit. The standard of living in America (unless free energy is rolled out) is likely to drop to the level of Mexico over a year or two, maybe faster.
As the standard of living in America drops, the Mexican nightmare will become even more intolerable without the recycled drug dollars provided by the CIA after they get their cut and the large number of American jobs for illegal immigrants and legal Mexicans that wire money home to their families.
Some have predicted extreme social unrest in the urban centers of Europe and America, even perhaps the whole World. That is why there is now an obvious RKM effort to lock down all the major cities of the World under the anti-terror, anti-extremism plan Strong Cities which is related to Agenda 21 and the Free Trade Agreements. You are not supposed to find out about this secret Strong Cities program, so naturally it will also be covered by VT.
And now you know why the RKM has pushed so hard to militarize the American police and consolidate all Law Enforcement and Intel under their master Police State organization, Homeland Security (DHS). Now you know why the USG has been buying millions of rounds of ammo, AR-16s, 9mm pistols, grenade launchers, armored cars, body armor and armed barriers for all of its previously unarmed, untrained groups like the Department of Education, EPA, US Postal Service, etc.
The Cutouts who manage things in America for the RKM are expected try desperately to cling to power even after the RKM has been deconstructed and they believe if they can hold onto power during and after the RESET they will be home free and still remain in control of America. This conclusion is likely very wishful thinking as most Americans will want serious payback to the RKM and its Cutouts once the Reset occurs.
The reason there has been so many illegal (and legal) immigrants allowed in America and now Europe is because of the side-agreements that accompany this new Secret Reset Agreement. It was agreed that new reduced borders and relaxed immigration policies would be written into all the new Free Trade Agreements in secret clauses and that is what has occurred. NAFTA was the first and is the reason the southern US border has not been closed despite all the USG’s harping about World Terrorism. In fact we know it has deeply involved in all of it with the RKM, the UK and Israel.
Certainly we can now conclude that the RKM has been the World’s biggest anti-human parasite. It is a very deceptive inter-generational crime syndicate, the World’s largest merchant of drugs, war, death, poverty and misery. It is remarkably two-faced and has lived by the Big Lie on all fronts. It is unlikely to go down with out pulling as many tricks as possible. It never keeps it agreements and must be forced to comply.
This RKM resistance to the secret Reset Agreement they signed could produce a hard landing for all of us here in America as the RKM is dislodged and eliminated from power. This itself is a monumental task because of their depth of infiltration and hijacking of America the last 100 years since they hijacked our money creation and distribution system in 1913.
The question of why such a powerful new group would allow the creation of ISIS. The apparent best answer at this time is that it fits with their overall plan to break down the existing order and eliminate the RKM so that they can rebuild a whole new World economic system from the ground up.
And some insiders who know claim that the model for correction this group uses is based on obtaining consent person by person and influencing groups and nations to take action, thereby avoiding any direct action themselves.
We can only hope this new power control group that is now asserting itself through the Russian Federation and some deep-black elements in certain unacknowledged American defense contractors plans to assist humanity by sharing its advanced technology for peaceful purposes.
And the best immediate help it could provide would be to quickly roll out cheap “free energy” by deploying zero point, Helium3, or some other new type of ultra-efficient, inexpensive energy technology.
This would quickly end the World’s dependence on crude oil, internal combustion engines and nuclear power. It would create major technological advances and whole new industries with plenty of new decent paying jobs.

32 thoughts on “The Unfolding Global Reset that Only Few Understand”

  1. Having read the VT report earlier, there are likely many aspects (events in the middle-east) that are correct; however, the GCR is expected to balance and reduce commodity values (worldwide) as the USD (the fiat FRN) is decoupled from oil. Pricing for all products and some services should reduce to a par value so that smaller nations can enjoy a higher standard of living, and not starve as slaves to the RKM. The decrease in oil pricing is key to understanding price reductions, and creating damage to the Cabal elitists. Apparently the world must go through many different negative phases and events to eliminate the Cabal.
    Watch the US for transitions in the very near future, because it may be in a phase of interregnum that cannot be specified at this time. Look for more pleasant times, and not the negativity of this VT report.

    1. For the last few year The Chinese government led the world in capital investments. The built 6 empty cities, pouring more concrete that the rest of the world combined. The mortgaged those empty cities using their own banks. The converted those debts to derivatives which they then sold to their own citizens, because nobody in the right mind would buy mortgages on empty buildings. You have to control the media to make those investments look good.
      Now that their currency is accepted as one of the few reserve currencies of the world, they are creating a new financial system akin to the World Banks special drawing rights and they intend on using this new “currency” to finance more capital investments. But we know what the reason for that is based on what they did to their own citizens. Their citizens have run out of money and to build up their country then need to find a new bunch of suckers to buy their paper. The world is now their marketplace, and we are now their financiers.

      1. Apparently you not only have a closed mind, but the inability to remember the past. I also suspect you have something very big to lose if all these changes take place. Maybe you think your immortal, too…

      2. The only conspiracy is the word conspiracy. I have to admit though that I do understand your comment. People with tiny minds, no imagination, zero understanding of how business really works, and an ego that is so fragile it could never even begin to accept the fact that you’ve been intentionally deceived your entire life, albeit by people who didn’t even know they were deceiving you. Don’t feel too bad though, like most people you’re just an innocent sheep. The good news is YOU CAN CHANGE once you lose the fear and open your eyes. Remember, you don’t have to predict the past. Remembering and understanding what already happened can give you a pretty good idea of what’s to come. After all, if someone is successful doing something they’re probably going to continue doing what works for them.

  2. Thanks for this excellent article. As my wife is from Ukraine…the Donetsk region no less, I am keenly interested in these topics. Of course, I hope the transition to a ‘new world’ is as peaceful and painless as possible for all.

    1. Right,and let´s hope the so caled khazarian mafia(nazionists et all)has not his hand also in the East(China et all)as some claim.

  3. For multiple months I have been saying this so-called GCR is already in motion. The first major move easily identified by anyone was the Swiss Franc de-peg back in January of 2015 (which is not to say there have not been many other things taking place behind the scenes). People seem to refuse to acknowledge that the Federal Reserve has not made any actual policy moves (until this rate “increase” in December of 2015) since 2014 while during the same time period over 30 other Central Banks have made literal moves. This alone should tell people that there is a major shift underway. It also appears as though the explicit funny money QE, printing scams on the surface have shifted to the ECB and ultimately to the PBOC (for now). If you look at 12 month forwards the market is telling you the Hong Kong Dollar and Saudi Riyal will depeg. It’s already happening.
    People resting their unicorn hopes and dreams on risk assets denominated in FRN may want to ask themselves what they are worth when the market realizes there is no more Fed Put. This includes equities, real estate, commods, and yes also precious metals. If the Fed can no longer step in to bail out its Bankster buddies and owners after every 10% decline then what do you think the S&P is worth? Why would people pay $500/sqft or even $1,500/sqft for real estate if the funny money being laundered and parked in real estate stops flowing and the Fed is no longer artificially propping up risk assets? It won’t be a straight line down but I have been and will continue to use things like FAZ, TZA, DUST, and others to take advantage of this should I end up being correct in my analysis.

  4. I reiterate that there are layers above the puppetmasters that Preston James likes to blame:;
    that the command of the US under martial law by General Joseph Dunford is over and that the US is in an interregnum which will end shortly in the return to a civilian government under the Constitution of 1789 pursuant to Article V
    that the US minus the Fed is joining the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and the New Development Bank (the BRICS Bank)
    and that there is a Global Currency Reset underway to end that scam called fractional reserve fiat currencies that is administered by the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF from the Global Debt Facility

    1. Karen stop your shit…You are so full of crap and just cannot keep that mouth shut…Global Debt Facility is something you made up. Remember you could not get through the doors of the WB and tried to sneak around backside to the DF. Karen, you just keep digging a hole deeper and deeper for yourself.
      Mr. James you did a great job. Nothing can be finer and as we all know we must take Ms. Hudes and those with her with a grain of salt. She has nothing and she controls nothing. Judge Anna just made that very clear while kicking her to the curb. Forget Hudes. She is not only not old news she never was news. Thanks for the great work James…

      1. Mr. Keenan, thanks for replying back to that Jewess female fraud, that keeps on spreading false information all over, the youtube and every where else where the truth is spoken, she makes the claim that she is or was the legal representative for the khazarian banking system and that she was trying to help unmask the wrong doings that was been done against humanity but words don’t mean a thing if their actions are not supported, I am glad you do read what others print when it comes to waking people up. your work speaks louder than your words thank you and group K for all that you all have done and are still doing to help humanity regain its freedoms and most of all its dignity,

    2. What does the constitution of 1789, Article V say about the rights of “Slaves” and their, at one time, status as “human being”?

  5. Excellent summery of what’s been going on. Russia, China and Iran have shown an incrediblle amount of restraint to respond to the recent provocation. I suspect that VP is being adviced by some good people not of this Earth :). Good luck to the light forces and all of you who are working on feeing the humantiy of the RKM!!

  6. LS…
    Cut the crab Jack ! Religion is the source of all evil in this world and in the whole Universe !

    1. @ CLC you are right your kind of satanic religion is the one that has been spreading the spirit of the antichrist to humanity

  7. Absolutely rubbish! Writers like this don’t understand the ABCs of Econimics or International Finance! They are living in their own delusional world!!!!

  8. Cannot blame some responders here … world is broken and shattered, yet, I personally feel that we have to keep faith that the world is still filled with good, genuine people of the utmost integrity, which to mind is true, as thousands have died, only since end of WWII, defending and exposing the traitors discussed above — of course we all know, they did not die of natural causes either … So yes, people are not only jaded, but actually cannot believe that amongst the global power elite, there are good people, people who care about our world’s and her many peoples’ futures and these people are fighting to the last to defeat these bstds. It will happen.
    The energy on our planet is changing to a higher frequency — don’t give up hope because its not happening overnight — 300 years of living on a prison planet, cannot be undone overnight. But the the author of this piece is correct — people should unite. United our power is immense. Take courage.
    Putin told a bunch of students a year or two ago, that love is the meaning of life … let us just love as much as we can, as kindly and compassionately as we can … Love radiates positive energy, so let us fill ourselves to the brim with it …..for love overcomes everything!


  10. Everyone knows WHO are the real problem and why the world is in grip of the few, but because we treat these ‘inhuman’s’ as we would like to be treated ourselves, knowing right from wrong, they are still at the top laughing at us.We need to take their fake money majic away from them and they would be gone. Our governments have the power to do it, but our bribed and blackmailed politicians lack a moral compass to do the right thing, we need a new set of peoples in politics, but how to change what it has taken hundreds of years to breed these inhuman’s mindset of propaganda and lies.

    1. There are none so blind than those who refuse to see. The great Bankers of today’s world, who are perceived as being evil by so many (the truly unenlightened) will actually, ultimately, be hailed as the saviors of mankind. The Paradox of their great game is that in order to have achieved they’re phenomenal power, for the last 250 years they’ve needed to engage in the concepts of Nationalism, as well as conflicting religious beliefs and ideologies, to bring us closer to the ultimate goal, knowing all along that these concepts would need to be dismantled before that goal could actually be reached. You see, it’s all just been a means to an end. The idea of Future Shock is real, and these great men know the danger of Future Shock on a mass level. They know that people panic, and if it becomes widespread it could destroy what they’ve been working long and hard to achieve. We will find balance with Almighty Mother Nature, or perish. Utopia is possible but cannot be achieved until we strengthen our gene pool to the point that it cannot be destroyed, regardless of how many people have to go to get to that point. These amazing men are making are making it possible for the human race to exist indefinitely. Without them, we are essentially finished as a species on this planet. Maybe this sounds twisted, but if you think about it hard enough, you will begin to understand…..

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