To Break Free from Khazarian Tyranny, Western Societies Need to March with Asia

The post-war Marshall Plan was funded with the Collateral Accounts from Asian historical treasures with a precondition that it must be used for peaceful post-war reconstruction.

The Western Oligarchy reneged on this commitment, and instead has been using these assets to manufacture more highly advanced weapons of war to further subjugate the world and put everyone in abject slavery.
The Second World War itself was devised to usurp the Asian historical treasures through threats of war, which led to the issuance of bonds in 1934, short years prior to the war itself. Such grand stab in the back is something that Asia will never forget.

Another attempt at refinancing the world’s development occurred under the able presidency of John F. Kennedy. The Khazarian Mafia once again killed the plan, this time, by killing the President of the United States in favor of the more pliable leadership that would send more troops to Vietnam. A succession of “democratic” aggressions throughout Asia, Europe and the Middle East ensued.

President Kennedy Greets President Sukarno
President Kennedy Greets President Sukarno

At the turn of the 21st century, a concerted effort to change the course of human history was yet again attempted. This was inaugurated with a Disclosure Project on May 2001, and should have been followed by the announcement of the history and true purpose of the Collateral Accounts in September 12, 2001.
However, the Forces of Evil made a desperate attempt to salvage their Khazarian Empire by unleashing a covert operation to plunge the world into another decade of terror, i.e. the Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center, New York.
That single event effectively prevented the early recovery of the Collateral Accounts and indefinitely postponed the release of massive humanitarian projects across the globe, while empowering once again the crime syndicate behind fractional banking and fiat financial system.
The meat of the Global Collateral Accounts story below starts at 33:00 minute mark.

Between 2001 and 2007, there have been major attacks on countries not sharing the limelight of Afghanistan and Iraq. Countries like Indonesia, Chile, New Zealand, Philippines, Haiti, and Japan were all subjected to exotic geo-weapons. Earthquakes were induced in Haiti and the Philippines to plunder both countries of its gold reserves. In 2011, Japan was nuked for outright extortion and geopolitical objectives, just like they did with Indonesia seven years prior.
In 2007, a secret Asian Brotherhood emerged from the shadows of the underworld to express its noble intention to rectify the mistakes of the European Oligarchy, to rescue humanity from its dire situation, and avert the impending collapse of our civilization in favor of non-terrestrial species. Invitations for joining the final struggle for humanity’s survival were also sent to counterparts around the world.

The event on March 11, 2011 served as the final trigger for us to come out in the open and actively join the efforts of informing the world of the developing war and the reasons why it must be fought with all we’ve got.

A strategic alliance between intelligence networks, covert operatives belonging to different military complimenting the efforts of ancient warriors under the guise of martial arts organizations  was established to topple key personalities responsible for the whole mess we are in today.

Bonded by a common desire to topple deceit, lies and mass annihilation, a decision was made to remove the pestering Khazarian Mafia first through the system already put in place in conjunction with extra-legal methods whenever a need arises. To put it simply, the Reformist Collective is giving the enemy an overdose of its own medicine to neutralize and teach them a lesson they shall never forget.

The first convincing sign that the Reformist Collective is gaining the upperhand was the massive resignations of bank CEOs all over the globe, which was also punctuated by the resignations of the World Bank President and the Malevolent Pope.

These earthshaking resignations were then followed by the massive defeat of the Khazarian Mafia in Ukraine, Syria and Iran years later.
While the revolting Alliance is displaying their military advancements to warn its enemies, the Western Oligarchy is abandoning plans for military upgrades.
What this dying band of misfits is trying to do instead is to preserve their grip on its population by expanding surveillance and false flags for gun confiscation.
The East is offering a totally different path, i.e. the establishment of massive high-speed railway networks that should spur economic development on every corner of the planet and a gradual release of non-fossil energy technologies. These are just some few of the main thrusts of the New Silk Road and other soon to be announced economic programs.
The fight to end the Khazarian rule is now entering its final phase, and we are now looking at how Western corporatocracy is struggling to survive.
The European Union is crumbling hard as we have anticipated and their over-confident leaderships are now exposed to have failed to prepare the people for what is now hitting them.
With at least 20% of the stock market already wiped out, everyone should prepare for an avalanche of bankruptcies when the estimated $300 trillion global debt disappears into thin air.

After Austria: Did EU Head Just Spell the End of United Europe?

Sputnik, 13:32 18.01.2016(updated 14:38 18.01.2016)
Austrian police officer check the identification documents of migrants before allowing them to get out a bus from Slovenia to cross the border from Slovenia into Austria, at a checkpoint at the Karawanks tunnel near Villach, Austria, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2016
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker claimed that the European Union’s currency, the euro, would make no sense without open borders provided for by the Schengen agreement.
The statement was originally made as a threat to countries which considered breaking off from the Schengen agreement, such as Austria, which suspended membership on Saturday. In an interview with Osterreich newspaper, Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann echoed Juncker’s words in a more serious manner.
“I hope that we will establish an effective protection of the EU’s external border with reception centers and more equitable distribution in the EU, because otherwise in fact, the whole EU is put into question,” Faymann told Austria’s Osterreich newspaper on Saturday.
Spelling Doom With a Threat
Arguing using threats appears to be Juncker’s forte, as he previously told Dutch citizens to consider themselves “European strategists” on EU’s fate, when it comes to voting on Ukraine’s association with the EU. In that argument, received negatively in the Netherlands, Juncker also asked to make the vote not a “vote on the EU.”
Several currency unions exist around the world, particularly in Africa and the Caribbean without a corresponding open borders policy, but contribute to trade within the union. Such facts suggest that Juncker’s words may have been an overstatement to scare leaders away from suspending Schengen.
“Without Schengen, free movement of workers, without freedom of European citizens to travel, the euro makes no sense,” Juncker said on Friday.
With Juncker’s words, it may become possible for threatening overstatements to become the harbinger of the EU’s doom, as both pro-EU and Euroskeptic politicians bring the  arguments into the mainstream.

Economic emergency declared in France

Published time: 18 Jan, 2016 15:06
Economic emergency declared in France
French President Francois Hollande has announced what he called “a state of economic and social emergency” involving a €2 billion plan to revive hiring and catch up with the world’s economy.
“Due to the threat of terrorism in the past, we had to introduce a state of emergency. But amid global chaos and an uncertain economic environment, it’s appropriate to talk about a state of economic and social emergency. Employment is the most important question after the security of French citizens,” TASS quotes Hollande as saying.

According to AP, in his annual speech to business, Hollande announced plans for training half a million jobless workers, greater use of apprenticeships, and €2,000 aid for small businesses that hire young workers.

“New economic powers are rising, the digital economy is rapidly developing, we have to rethink our economic and social model,” said the President.
Hollande’s socialist government has been failing to boost long-stagnant French growth or cut chronic unemployment, which has been about 10 percent for a long time. One of the key milestones of his presidential program of 2012 was to cut the unemployment. Hollande’s chances for a second term may depend on his ability to create jobs.
How can it be that while the mainstream media are blaming China’s Stock Exchange or its Yuan currency for collapsing the global economy when Xi Jinping himself is jumping around spreading goodwill to all men who prefer mutual peace and prosperity?

Is China really suffering from the same “hard times,” or the cause of the “bear market” as they say, or is it a deliberate attempt to plunge the fiat economy that’s been enslaving everyone in the known world, in order to end the rule of the Rothschild Khazarian Empire?

The fiat fractional banking empire is crashing on its own demerit to which even its poster boy economic hitman has no choice but to acknowledge,
There is plenty to be nervous about. As she [Merkel] correctly predicted, the EU is on the verge of collapse. The Greek crisis taught the European authorities the art of muddling through one crisis after another. This practice is popularly known as kicking the can down the road, although it would be more accurate to describe it as kicking a ball uphill so that it keeps rolling back down. The EU now is confronted with not one but five or six crises at the same time.”

George Soros

As opposed to the earlier attempts of changing the world through purely bilateral financial efforts, the ongoing revolution, we strongly believe, will have a higher chance of success due to decades of covert military advancements in China, India, Iran and Russia. The combined military capabilities of these countries are serving as the real geopolitical game-changer that the Western Oligarchy never would have anticipated.

In deep contrast, the military industrial complex of the West was never designed to protect Western population as opposed to the BRICS military. It’s designed to create a technologically advanced planet that its population will never be part of apart from a few docile slaves.
It is therefore prudent that Western societies should wake up to these harsh realities and start dealing with the eminent economic collapse head on. The Reformist Collective has taken enough measures to implement these changes with less turbulence as much as possible.
For the Europeans, a humble advice is hereby offered by your own Schiller Institute which may correct the worsening condition.

To Break Free, Germany Needs the New Silk Road Marshall Plan!

by Helga Zepp-LaRouche, chair of the German political party Civil Rights Movement Solidarity
[PDF version of this article]
Jan. 9—In the highly charged national and international debate about what happened in Cologne on New Year’s Eve and about what the refugee policy should be, most people forget the context in which these developments are playing out. In the trans-Atlantic region, the financial crash is fully on, and since several countries have already implemented the ’bail-in’ policy, which means the expropriation of the depositors and the creditors of insolvent banks (the “Cyprus model”), speculators shied away from buying bonds in the first week of January. Directly linked to the collapse is the growing danger of a global thermonuclear war.
Regardless of what a thorough investigation brings to light about the attacks on the women in Cologne by ”North African-looking” gangs of men, these incidents are grist for the mills of right-wingers, from British Prime Minister David Cameron to Donald Trump, to the Alternativ für Deutschland party and all those who have attacked Chancellor Merkel’s refugee policy, and hope to reduce the number of asylum seekers as much as possible. Deputy Finance Minister Jens Spahn, who has written a book strongly attacking Merkel’s policy, has launched a populist call for a “social outcry.”
Such an outcry is indeed necessary, not only against the barbaric culprits in Cologne, but especially against those responsible for the refugee crisis,—the Bushes, Cheneys, Obamas, Blairs, and Camerons who have blanketed South-West Asia with wars based on lies, and who have knowingly and willfully built up terrorist organizations from the Mujahideen to al-Qaeda, al-Nusra, and ISIS to bring down elected governments for geopolitical reasons, including by providing them with weapons. The ”failure of the state” that Spahn decries in Merkel’s refugee policy, is in reality the “failure of the policy” of the Anglo-American Empire, which has laid waste to Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, and now Yemen, making survival impossible for the people there, who are fleeing to places where they hope to have a chance to survive.

Some Serious Questions

The police were unable to control the chaotic situation on New Year’s Eve. Why there was no heightened state of alert for all main train stations, when the Munich and Munich-Pasing stations were closed down twice, raises a number of questions. In any case, Germany now has the “ugly images” which Spahn, in his book, believes have to be “accepted” as a result of drastic measures against the refugees. But instead of the screaming women and children being expelled, which he evokes, this time we only saw the temporarily lawless area around the Cologne main station.

German Federal Justice Minister Heiko Maas stated in a Jan. 10 Bild am Sonntag interview that the New Year’s Eve Cologne riots, shown here, were “inter-coordinated or pre-planned,” and that “we must urgently have intelligence on this.”   ttp://

Those responsible are, among others, the advocates of the “black zero” deficit policy, i.e., a monetarist austerity policy under which the debt incurred by the state to save the speculators and bankrupt banks is foisted onto the population, and investors’ accounts are seized to cover current banking debts. In other words, those responsible are Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble and his Deputy Minister Spahn, whose policy led to the layoff of 16,000 police over the past years, just as demands on the police were increasing to ensure security at soccer games, rock concerts, and border controls. The police trade unions have repeatedly warned about the consequences of the staff downsizing.
If the mixture of hostility and social callousness shown by Schäuble and company in the case of Greece, and towards the refugees and now Italy, represents the “community of values” and “defining culture” which should allegedly make us superior, then nobody who has any humanity left at all would want to be anywhere near these people. Among these people are not only Schäuble himself, whom even his friends in his political party say would sell his grandmother to implement his idea of a European superstate, and Jens Spahn, whose call to “be willing to get tough” presents an extremely ugly image—the “hateful German,” so to speak.

Germany’s chief budget-cutter, Federal Minister of Finance Wolfgang Schäuble, speaking in Davos, Switzerland, Jan. 24, 2014.

Expressing similar thinking, Schäuble’s former close collaborator Markus Kerber—presently the managing director of the German Industrial Association—said in his contribution to Spahn’s book that the effort to be made for the integration of the refugees, “depends on the dose.” As if these desperate people needed a few drops of medicine against a cold.

Germans Must Decide

We in Germany in particular, and in the trans-Atlantic sector as a whole, are facing a total dichotomy. On one hand there are people, such as the many volunteers helping with the refugee crisis, who, in the face of the obvious crisis of civilization, are giving their all, their humanity. On the other hand there are those profiteering off the system, who, according to the principle of the three monkeys who can see, hear, or say no evil, defend everything that can preserve their oh-so-comfortable privileges. They do that even if that goes hand in hand with “ugly images,” such as the looming collapse into a new Dark Age, or the extinction of mankind in a third, thermonuclear world war. The principle that holds is: If the Titanic sinks, I still want to at least have the best seat at the final dinner with the Captain.
That was expressed so prophetically in Schiller’s Song of the Bell:
Doch mit des Geschickes Mächten
Ist kein ew’ger Bund zu flechten,
Und das Unglück schreitet schnell.

But with the powers of Destiny
No lasting bond may woven be;
And Misfortune strideth swift.

Whoever thinks that he can build his career as a popstar of politics now by becoming an apologist for globalization—which is at the point of totally disappearing into hell,—is just a fool of the same sort that Sebastian Brant wrote about in his 1494 satire, The Ship of Fools.
Just as foolish is the clique of journalists which repeats the mantra that the collapse of the Chinese stock market is responsible for the crash now underway. The Chinese stock market is only a small part of the Chinese economy, and the government is now shrinking it. Meanwhile, China has overtaken Japan and South Korea in terms of the export of high technology goods, such as high-speed trains, satellites, nuclear technology, and so forth. In the midst of the currently escalating financial crash, it is the real economic capacities which survive, while virtual stock market values can be wiped out with a keystroke on the computer.

The Punctum‘ Saliens’

There is currently only one strategic initiative which can provide a solution for the different crises we face—the financial, economic, refugee, and moral crises—and that is the offer by the Chinese government for cooperation in construction of a new Silk Road, on the basis of a “win-win” strategy. We must shut down the casino economy of the City of London and Wall Street, of which Schäuble, Spahn, Kerber, and the prematurely ousted Asmussen are toadies, by immediately implementing a system of bank separation in the tradition of Franklin Roosevelt’s Glass-Steagall law. And then we need a credit system, like the one we had with the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (Reconstruction Bank) after World War II.
The refugee crisis will not be solved by the ugly, abominable methods of Herr Spahn, nor by the just as unrealistic proposals of Wolfgang Ischinger, who also contributed to Spahn’s book. The only way to do it is to develop both Southwest Asia and Africa with a comprehensive “Marshall Plan.” And the only proposal that exists is the construction of the New Silk Road, as a development plan for all of Southwest Asia and Africa.
If we, in Germany, are to assume the historical responsibility which has more or less fallen into our laps, we have to take the initiative now and commit ourselves to the ‘Silk Road Marshall Plan’ before the possibility to act is taken out of our hands by the escalating events.
Since New Year’s Eve at the latest, it should have been clear for all thinking people that we have come to an historical point which Friedrich Schiller described as the “punctum saliens,” or as the crucial point in the drama. Should we fail, it will lead to a tragedy, but should we seize the occasion to establish a new paradigm, we will usher in a new era for mankind. The New Silk Road, as a program to develop the destroyed and under-developed regions of the world, is the opportunity that we must now seize.
You, who are reading this is now part of that revolution. Because, above all the covert actions that have already been made, and those that are yet to be taken, it is the Revolution of the Mind that will make this one an absolute success, for it is the human mind awakened that will ensure our collective journey ahead to be incorruptible.
The Disclosure Project may have been disrupted early on, but it has morphed into multiple familiar forms, e.g. alternative newscasts, Cable-TV documentaries and movies.
China’s Alibaba invested on the “Mission: Impossible” franchise to start telling the world about the games being played behind the scenes. Philosophical explorations were made on Transcendence, Divergence and The Giver. Timeline distortion was also investigated in Coherence. They are relaunching the X-Files, too, which is committed to expose the dark story behind WTC 9-11 and others.
The Hollywood industry has been for decades used as an effective tool for Western propaganda, most of the time, glorifying the mundane and outright carnage. Now, a growing portion of it will be used to educate and reorient the mainstream masses.
The Reformist Collective, for its part, is further emboldened by the massive confirmation of what they have known for some time when the full gamut of fascistic NSA surveillance, diplomatic hypocrisy in White House Cables and US military misadventures in the Middle East were finally exposed for all the world to see.
All of these ongoing revelations, though some of them are not as radical as we hoped them to be, should provide the necessary psychological transition to prepare the people of what’s to come in the next few months and onward, and before any humanitarian funding is released, taking into consideration the sordid lessons of the past.

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  1. Right,and let´s hope the so caled khazarian mafia(nazionists et all)has not his hand also in the East(China et all)as some claim.

  2. Hello Folks
    Let me say up front, I have engaged in the Wilcock, Fulford, Keenan propositions for many a year. What surprises me about the various propositions put forward is, that it does not pivots or hinge on the honesty and integrity of Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock or Neil Keenan individually or collectively. It pivots on and or hinges on the integrity and goodwill of the surviving, DOMINANT DRAGON FAMILY. That is to say, the last dragon standing.
    I say a pox on all of the Dragon Houses.
    Humanity needs to find its own way going forward without the domineering oversight of Dragon Blood.
    Western society and eastern society are both riddled through and through with Dragon Myth, and yet here we are folks once again been primed to switch allegiance between the Dragon families. War beckons.
    Oddly enough folks, human beings by the millions are once again willing to fight to the death so that one or other Dragon is the final survivor.
    “Is this a kind of Magic, there can be only one”. Freddy Mercury
    and The Highlander are mythic insights.
    Anthony P Healy

    1. Hello Folks
      As I see it, human society is based rightly or wrongly on the belief in super creatures, namely The Gods. These Dragon Gods have in past times convinced vast populations of their Dragon bloodline superiority. Worldwide these Dragon families, mythic or factual, have demonstrated a global inability organise human society on a peaceable basis. I Say away with them.
      The same Dragons have globally, by any institutional means available, fostered a worldwide human sociopathy whereby the means of war is the hidden means of wealth multiplication. Science and technology, farming and famine, piety and impiety alike are, in short all the works of humanity are used against humankind to defeat and enslave them/us.
      I Say away with any and all Dragons and their ill intentioned institutions of insanity. This includes the Chinese, Japanese, Asian, American and European and African Dragon families. Sanity lies elsewhere.
      Anthony P. Healy

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