Open Source Government: True Government of the People, by the People and for the People

Government models have not evolved that much since the days of Plato’s Socratic Republic.
Instead, they have all deteriorated, corrupted, and have failed on many occasions to address and mitigate the most fundamental failing of man, i.e. greed for absolute power.

Members of Secret Societies claimed they have been raised and trained to properly handle power and authority, and yet we know how many times this hasn’t been the case.
Power is toxic and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
The only way power be prevented from being misused is when it is distributed to as many as possible. By then, power will cease to be more than just a routine exercise of collective free will.
Until today, the concept of collective free will has been nothing more than illusory at best. We call it democracy, the rule of the mob, or the tyranny of the majority. And rightly so, because we let sheer numbers decide who and what’s best for us, instead of high quality ideas taken and decided directly from each member of our society.
In order to create the illusion of direct participation, the elite minority devised a periodic ritual where we can all choose directly from preselected individuals out of a pool of nominees, i.e. club members, as our potential leaders, neither of whom is committed to serve the people’s interests, but the club.
Preselection is enforced by making each outsider poor enough to barely afford financing a political campaign. The reign of inbred mentally retarded families is thus maintained by default.
The fragile House of Cards is surprisingly, yet effectively sustained just by the mere satisfaction of earthly desires of the few below the pyramid. The entire system is self-sustaining in its corruption of the entire fabric of our miserable existence.
This stupidity cannot go on.

The Solution

We cannot solve any problem by using the same mindset that created it in the first place. That is a Universal Truth.
Hundreds of years ago, this concept would have been impossible, but true democracy is being exercised daily in the realm of Open Software Development for decades now, and the cost is only as high as your monthly ISP bill, something that you are already doing now, as you read this article.
Therefore, it is a huge mistake to abandon this idea as merely Utopian. Labeling, or branding, has gotten us nowhere. It’s time to confront the systemic problem head on.

Open Source Government ensures that only the best solution survives while keeping the cost close to nil as everybody would be willing to volunteer their services as is already done in Open Source Communities.
Goodbye, Mr. Congressman.
And that is only the beginning.

The Next OSG Evolution

It is only natural that the next evolution of Open Source Government is the establishment of a direct link between people formulated and approved policies and controls,  which serves as the programming instructions into the machines that will do the actual dirty repetitive work of sustaining life on the planet.
By that time, real-time formulated policies will be translated as the macro firmware instructions that sits at the lowest level by which they can override all embedded intelligence, to maintain the superiority of man over machines.
Goodbye, Mr. President.
While possible, it is highly improbable that the majority will give machine instructions to kill themselves. Sustainability and security are therefore inherently built into the system.
Goodbye, FBI and NSA.
Recognizing the fact that money is just a form of control to our access to basic resources, and not a true manifestation of tangible wealth, there will be a time along the way when the majority decide that this Babylonian paper magik, too, could go away. And that’s when slavery is finally defeated.
Goodbye, Goldman Sachs, Federal Reserve, IMF-WB and Rothschild dynasty.
Understandably, government as we know it will lose its meaning and will cease to exist. Goodbye, representative United Nations!
Again, the template for Open Source Government is existing and is being used continuously by Google and Mozilla, to name just a few. We just have to migrate it into governance.
Automation and robotics technology is already being applied to replace humans in the realm of manufacturing. Why not link it with OSG to have a completely responsive government that responds in real-time?
Open Collaboration is the only feasible system that is already proven to sustainably work. It is the only government model where the highest quality of public services are guaranteed, transparency and peaceful interaction are built-in, all at the lowest cost possible.
What are we waiting for?
EGO vs. ECO - We the people vs we are ONE

12 thoughts on “Open Source Government: True Government of the People, by the People and for the People”

  1. Sadly, this kind of utopian thinking isn’t going to get us anywhere. How do we get from our current system of entrenched power to this idealistic paradigm that only exists in our imagination at this time? Those who have the stranglehold on power by brute force and oppression have no incentive to relinquish power, and every incentive to maintain it. Breaking a tyranny that has existed for millennia is going to take more than wishful thinking. Fortunately, there is an answer. The Creator of us all begot a Son, and he has the number of these Babylonian imposter bloodlines running the planet right now. When he returns he will enforce his manifesto of peace, justice and liberty. He is just waiting for the right time.

    1. If it all goes badly & the Old World Order refuse to submit or share power there will be war. Civil Wars & Global Wars.
      There have already been three nuclear stand offs with Russia/China this year.
      It is quite pathetic that these people will not integrate & give up their criminal war & fraud ethos & that the western media are still supporting them in their insanity.
      If the western media switched sides we would possibly be spared a nuclear war.

      1. Are you kidding? Do you really believe that yet another website or altcoin will defeat these monsters who are armed with total control of the world’s financial system and military resources? They can arrest you just for dodging their illegal taxes. Mankind has been complacent for too long and only turning to God will change anything. Whether God allows me to be raptured or martyred in these last days, like Job I will trust him. Anything else is idolatry. Tribulation is just around the corner and has already started in Syria. What will Christian conservatives do when ISIS knocks down your door in America. You better have real faith by then, not faith in bitcoin or some bogus political philosophy that has no hope of changing the world. The Kingdom of God is coming, and that’s good news. Are you ready for it?

    2. Good question and it has an answer though we may find the way to this system by a path we cannot conceive of yet. What’s stopping those who want to use such a system to develop it and just let people come onboard as they see fit? If it’s a good system, then people will flock to it. I see the possibility of a program like facebook only with many more capabilities. Some of them are the ability for everyone to make proposals, to discuss and vote on them as well as the ability to rate everything. The rating system could be a five star system like uses. This system enables one to quickly identify the best ideas, people and solutions. The overlords are well aware that if they don’t get to us first, they’ll be obsolete pretty soon. That is probably why forced vaccines are so popular with them.

  2. Moral Justice
    The Western Media refuse to accept that there is any such thing as Moral Justice.
    They try to destroy people’s sense of morality, the difference between right and wrong.
    They destroy the values of family life & try to create conflict & Civil War between our cultures.
    This is to weaken our resolve & distract us from their corporate criminality, Divide & Rule.
    The Elite create their own laws to support their criminal activities.
    The Law should be created by a consensus of knowledgeable honest people but now it is created by criminals who think that creating law to make their criminal acts legal actually makes them legal.
    But it does not, it does not make anything legal and in fact they are now trying to create a completely new legal system with The Corporations giving themselves complete unfettered control of the world economy & world trade.
    The banking system and the forces of Law and Order, even our secret services & army are part of this criminal empire. Paid mercenaries of the forces of evil.
    Public Servants used to be under oath to uphold The Law for Queen and Country but now we have a Prime Minister who is working against UK Sovereignty, who is working against the country & who is working against our Queen.
    And they are supported by the criminal banks and the criminal corporations for there is now no longer any form of Democracy and Justice, it is just an anarchic free for all, profit for the richest 1%.
    These people get to sit at the world table of Justice and decide the future of humanity just because they are rich. But they are psychopath & sociopath criminals, how could they possibly make the right decisions for Humanity.
    The power of this psychopath elite is effective because they will stop at nothing, they will kill anyone who gets in their way.
    And The Banking Dynasties have their own mafia armies sent to kill or maim any dissenters. Alignments & allies are a necessary part of their evil empire building.
    They attack us with covert “terrorist” attacks to manipulate us. And they attack the Middle East with mindless mass murder, to redraw the world map to their diseased requirements.
    But are they really sadistic madmen with money or are they just megalomaniacs in an office somewhere with no contact with reality let alone front line fighting skills.
    If this is so then Warfare is just a game of chess to them, with us as the pawns.
    And yet our politicians have surrendered the Sovereignty of our countries to these beasts.
    In their weakness, greed & stupidity they have fallen into a trap that the elite have orchestrated to take over the world with a Global Criminal Government.
    But is War & Fraud a valid policy for the governments of the Western Societies in 2016?
    Let alone a New World Order Global World Government.

  3. Socrates never wrote anything for posterity, and he was not a teacher. Plato, an initiated member of an Egyptian secret society, used then deceased I-know-nothing Socrates as a foil in his so-called dialogues, so that Plato always controlled both sides of the argument and thus the outcome. Plato is a serpent-maker. More generally, the Babylonians, Egyptians, Hebrews, Greeks, Romans and the rest of the world were serpents and serpent-makers, with the sole exception of an individual-sovereignty culture in Northern Europe in ancient times.
    The significant issue of ultimate concern regarding human government is “individual sovereignty” in contrast to “group sovereignty” a/k/a the Way of the Serpent or whatever name one prefers. Individual sovereignty is based on real, natural, innate perception (the five human senses) and intuition (inner voice or subconscious), in contrast to invented words, concepts and other fictions of the intellect. No one is going to come and “save” any individuals; rather, such belief shirks personal responsibility and distracts from the crucial issue of individual sovereignty. For explanation, see the following books:
    Word Controlled Humans: A Brief History, by John Harland, 1981.
    He presents a well written and useful explanation of the underlying problem as manifested in church and state. On pages 104-111, he cites and quotes from the following book by Melvin Gorham.
    The Six Disciplines of Man’s Being, and Man’s Relation to Government, by Melvin Gorham, revised edition, 1983.
    On pages 104-119, he quotes excerpts from his booklet, “How to Deal with the Force [Conspiracy] Underlying Mass Warfare.” He presents a succinct, incisive analysis of the “old worldwide problem as it currently exists in the United States”, and then details what he sees as the only peaceful alternative to bloody revolution. On page 117, he provides a definition of “individual sovereignty.”

  4. Hello Folks
    Ah yes “We are one”. And yet, we who are one, actually have to know that we are one or that oneness does not exist. Folks, this is not merely a prosie poetic metaphor, it is a fact in human consciousness. We must know that we are one humanity and one ecology; one ecological humanity, so that “We” will behave as if, it is so.
    So the technology already exists, fabulous, but alas the consciousness of “our ecological oneness” has as yet still to arrive.
    So let me say, away peaceably with all parasitic dragons, no matter their colour, no matter their race. Equally, away with the ‘human cyborg’ that is to be a melding of human flesh and blood and with installed -technology. Death is preferable to been a soulless cyborg. Please think about it, humanity could, would become the progenitors of soulless offspring. Better they were never born than be the inheritors of that.
    It seems we have in part already arrived, but what is it we have arrived at. Away with violence, away with greed and graft, away with corruption and in with… you think about it.
    There are positive signs.
    Anthony P Healy. LOL 🙂

  5. I’m starting to tire off all of the talk about “doing something” and complaints about the current status quo. There is a remedy, for example, to the Federal Reserve Act for Americans (12 USC 411). It’s up to you if you want to use it.
    Looking bigger picture however there is also another remedy. We can move away from Private Credit and into Lawful/Public Money. Unless we remove the stranglehold that Central Banks currently have over the globe then literally NOTHING will improve. The remedy is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is decentralized, peer-to-peer, and open. It works in a manner such that every single human can help it grow and succeed. We could execute legitimate elections on blockchain and force governments to record all financial transactions on blockchain among many, many other things. Bitcoin can work to reduce poverty and hunger because it can instantly transfer and assign value without the need for an intermediary.
    It’s right here and the ecosystem continues to expand each week, month, and year that goes by.
    For people that constantly bitch and complain why aren’t you learning more about it and using it?

  6. WE are ONE. If we are truly one, we must forget about the monetary systems all together, we must forget the media altogether, we must forget the government. We must forget ourselves all together. We must see each other as who we truly are Light/Love and Love/Light. We must meditate to find it within us individually so it seats into the tree of the mind all the way to the trunk. All entities need constant moments of meditation to balance their activities. That is the way to a unified consciousness. That is the way to oneness. It takes nobility honesty/truth, it takes guts, it takes courage, it takes strength and it takes devotion to The One Infinite Creator. They/We are controlling us/them yet They/We/Us/Them have the power to balance the act.

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