Massive Disclosures: Panama Papers, CIA Haitian Eugenics, IMF Greek Credit Event

The month of April departed from the usual tradition of hoaxes and parodies, into a more serious exposure of conflicting interests involving State personalities, genocidal attempts, and financial maneuvers that could sink lives even further.

“…the IMF staffers are caught on tape planning to tell Germany the organization would abandon the troika if the IMF and the commission fail to reach an agreement on Greek debt relief.
More to the point, the IMF officials say that a threat of an imminent financial catastrophe as the Guardian puts it, is needed to force other players into accepting its measures such as cutting Greek pensions and working conditions, or as Bloomberg puts it, “considering a plan to cause a credit event in Greece and destabilize Europe.”
According to the leaked conversation, the IMF – which has been pushing for a debt haircut for Greece ever since last August’s 3rd Greek bailout – believes a credit event as only thing that could trigger a Greek deal; the “event” is hinted as taking place some time around the June 23 Brexit referendum.
As noted by Bloomberg, the leak shows officials linking Greek issue with U.K. referendum risking general political destabilization in Europe. “
If our earlier information is true that the IMF is now controlled, or at least influenced, by China, the above “credit event” might be part of the BRICS’s plan to destroy the Khazarian European Union in favor of the New Silk Road. If that’s the case, then the IMF orchestrated credit event would be good for the Europeans and bad for the Khazarian Mafia.
The CIA Eugenics Plot on Haiti
In 1937 the CIA implemented a plan to ethnically cleanse the entire Haitian population by orchestrating Plan Osorio – a U.S. government-backed project that allowed the brutal murder of 6,000 Haitians in the Dominican Republic.
Over the next few decades, the U.S. government continued its eugenics program against the Haitians through biological and weather warfare.

“… Even after he perpetrated genocide in the Americas, the United States government continued backing the regime, partly because many US politicians agreed with Dominican plans to exterminated the Haitian population.

The assassination of the dictator did not mean the end of Plan Osorio, and after the US invasion of the Dominican Republic in 1965, plans for the elimination of the Haitian people were still in motion, with many regime loyalists still adhering to the order for genocide that they were handed; an order which involved weaponized cholera and syphilis.

These CIA-backed loyalists still hold positions of immense power in the military and politics, thus fueling suspicions that it may not have been the United Nations that was responsible for dispersing cholera after the 2010 earthquake which devastated Haiti.

The attack known as the Haitian Earthquake in 2010 which allowed US forces to occupy an entire airbase where Haitian Central Bank gold bullion were flown away from, kept the Khazarian Mafia survive through the Asian induced financial crisis in 2008 and onwards.
The Panama Papers
All of the above recent leaks, and the combined publicly released Wikileaks Cablegate and Snowden’s NSA mass surveillance, will only be eclipsed by the biggest leak so far, i.e. Panama Papers, a 2.6 terabytes of data.

“The Panama Papers include approximately 11.5 million documents – more than the combined total of the Wikileaks Cablegate, Offshore Leaks, Lux Leaks, and Swiss Leaks. The data primarily comprises e-mails, pdf files, photo files, and excerpts of an internal Mossack Fonseca database. It covers a period spanning from the 1970s to the spring of 2016. “

Moreover, the journalists crosschecked a large number of documents, including passport copies. About two years ago, a whistleblower had already sold internal Mossack Fonseca data to the German authorities, but the dataset was much older and smaller in scope: while it addressed a few hundred offshore companies, the Panama Papers provide data on some 214,000 companies. In the wake of the data purchase, last year investigators searched the homes and offices of about 100 people. The Commerzbank was also raided. As a consequence of their business dealings with Mossack Fonseca, Commerzbank, HSH Nordbank, and Hypovereinsbank agreed to pay fines of around 20 million euros, respectively. Since then, other countries have also acquired data from the initial smaller leak, among them the United States, the UK, and Iceland.

…For each name found, a detailed research process was initiated that posed the following questions: what is this person’s role in the network of companies? Where does the money come from? Where is it going? Is this structure legal?

Generally speaking, owning an offshore company is not illegal in itself. In fact, establishing an offshore company can be seen as a logical step for a broad range of business transactions. However, a look through the Panama Papers very quickly reveals that concealing the identities of the true company owners was the primary aim in the vast majority of cases. From the outset, the journalists had their work cut out for them. The providers of offshore companies – among them banks, lawyers, and investment advisors – often keep their clients’ names secret and use proxies. In turn, the proxies’ tracks then lead to heads of state, important officials, and millionaires. Over the course of the international project, journalists cooperated with one another to investigate thousands of leads: they examined evidence, studied contracts, and spoke with experts.

Among others, Mossack Fonsecas’ clients include criminals and members of various Mafia groups. The documents also expose bribery scandals and corrupt heads of state and government. The alleged offshore companies of twelve current and former heads of state make up one of the most spectacular parts of the leak, as do the links to other leaders, and to their families, closest advisors, and friends. The Panamanian law firm also counts almost 200 other politicians from around the globe among its clients, including a number of ministers.

Clients can buy an anonymous company for as little as USD 1,000. However, at this price it is just an empty shell. For an extra fee, Mossack Fonseca provides a sham director and, if desired, conceals the company’s true shareholder. The result is an offshore company whose true purpose and ownership structure is indecipherable from the outside. Mossack Fonseca has founded, sold, and managed thousands of companies. The documents provide a detailed view of how Mossack Fonseca routinely accepts to engage in business activities that potentially violate sanctions, in addition to aiding and abetting tax evasion and money laundering.

This is just one of the darker sides of Corporatocracy in which every breathing soul on this planet is being enslave to. This is how the elite bypasses their own corporate rules in order to gain advantage over the Sheeples.
Interestingly, the Panama Papers leak also implicated Putin rather indirectly, and for which the Kremlin had already anticipated, i.e.:

“Some of the companies were purportedly linked to prime ministers of Iceland, Pakistan, the Saudi King, presidents of Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, Argentina, the father of the British prime minister, the family of Azerbaijan’s president, cousins of the Syrian president and a close friend of the Russian president.”

On Monday, the Kremlin announced that an information attack on the Russian leader and his friends and family was set to be launched in several countries in the upcoming days.

“We are certain that such reports will continue to appear one way or the other,” Peskov said. “We do not know the gentleman mentioned in these reports [Baevsky] and the president has nothing to do with him in this case.”

On Thursday, Peskov said that Moscow was tracking information attacks on Putin aimed at discrediting the country’s leadership and affecting the electoral process in Russia.
Is the Panama Papers designed to tone down Putin’s upperhand in Syria?
Is the West’s continued obsession of an Assad-free Syria the reason why the liberation of Palmyra elicited silence in the Western Media?
So far, hasn’t published the Panama Papers, which means this leak is far more devastating for the Cabal than Putin.
What is notably obvious, however, is that the initial list of State personalities doesn’t include the likes of Obama, John McCain, Bibi Netanyahu, etc., at least not yet.
politicians at panama papersWe’ll soon know the reason why.

Whatever the case may be, the emergence of peer-to-peer investigative journalism as a potent force for neutralizing abuses by any Statehood players is one more proof of the feasibility of a Crowd Sourced Open Government.
It is the only feasible way we can avoid the weaknesses of the Politicians,and achieve peace throughout the planet.
But it’s still sad to observe that while the infrastructure for doing so already exist right now, most people are still skeptical about it. They simply can’t wrap around their minds away from the Middlemen, when a parallel system is always possible.
Just look at how online retail flourish over the years, taking so much tax revenues from government.
Inertia is surely at play right here.
But, certainly, the days of State secrets are over.
We will press on.

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    1. It’s actually about 1000. You can find this in papers published the days after the event.

  1. We know that HAARP was used to create the earthquakes in Haiti that caused all the devastation that gave opportunity for the NWO criminals to steal Haiti’s gold right out from under their noses. We also know that Presidents Bush [41] & Clinton assumed the appointments to head the largest charity created for Haiti’s recovery. Hundreds of millions of dollars poured into this charity from people around the world who truly wanted the best for the Haitian people. The majority of dollars donated came from Americans who believed the monies would be administered properly and spend wisely. And why wouldn’t they expect that? They had not one, but two, former US Presidents overseeing the show.
    But when both these Presidents were interviewed and asked what happened to the monies that where given to the charity for the rebuilding of Haiti which was NOT taking place and there was little or nothing to show for it? Here’s what they said: ‘Gosh, the system in Haiti is SO broken they just can’t tell where all the money went. It just seems to disappear’! AND THEN THEY BOTH LAUGHED!!! Ha Ha – NOT FUNNY.
    Isn’t it obvious that they were ‘handing it out’ and then getting a kick-back for probably half or more of the monies? This is how the Bush & Clinton crime organizations fund themselves.. And those ‘irresponsible Haitians’ whom were given more and more monies were the connected political families as well as our undercover CIA agents who were never required to account for a single dime!!! What a racket!!!
    Until the average man on the street wakes up to the fact that even our closest politicians are not just part of this criminal cabal but are in fact criminals themselves; we will not be able to overcome their death-grip on our country nor the enslavement of our citizenry. ‘We the people’ must wake up and take action – it’s our duty to purge this filth from our ranks.

  2. i love when they said Haiti is poorest country in the world but something they doesn’t know a lot of american people is actually living over there and corrupt our school system and political also they create a crisis over and i don’t know how many people will see that i have a feeling there wasn’t no damn earthquake fault is got to be something they done and well planned so they could steal money from all over the world and the using Haiti as a front

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