Anonymous Collective Calls for A Bloodless Revolution in America

Anonymous Collective has just issued its strongest message yet to the American people, not to wait for the November presidential elections but to knock out the corporate United States government now.
This initiative is meant to stop the Empire’s foot soldiers from continued marching to a thermonuclear war with Russia and China.

The people should never be afraid of their government. It’s the government that should be afraid of its people.
The time to act is now.

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    1) The United Peoples World Parliament to take over the corporations, http://www.upwp
    2) Require that all politicians shall possess the OXTR empathy-gene, ask Trump and Hillary if they have it !
    3) Before the election, expose how AIPAC controls the US congress and policies, and campaign against it

  2. Holy heavens! I just left a long comment – (nofearorfavour) – on an article published in Waking Times under the heading:
    “The New World Order Attempts to Hijack Anonymous”
    Jun 25, 2016 07:46 pm
    Dylan Charles – A recently launched political party is attempting to co-opt the hacktivist movement.
    The picture of the so-called Anonymous, obviously would be infiltrators of the NWO, is not that of the Anonymous we know, as displayed here. Just wished to draw Covert Politics’ attention to it — even though, I’m sure you’re probably informed about it already.
    All our little voices, from all over the world, make up one massive united Global People Power VOICE! Go America Go!

    1. Absolutely!! — The American people should know that they have the support of ordinary mortals just like them, from all over the world. I echo both Anonymous and you:
      The people should never be afraid of their government. It’s the government that should be afraid of its people.

  3. Reality check:
    The ” Zionists” are not natural. They are HUman. You are…We are… Facing the most evil ” Goliath” the philistiners have ever boasted of. They have weapons we call “BS” and ” Conspiracy” even tho we accept it in another spoon.
    Correct answer: We know robots can assembly ” factory” pieces. Yes they can piece together anything , including other robots.
    Example: THEY HAVE SWARMS OF NANO “MOSQUITOS” that can track follow, and kill targets.
    Correct answer: ” DEVISES” are not against the Geneva Convention. Some”weapons” are; “Instruments” and ‘agents” are not against the ” Geneva code” about the Nano…I doubt anyone denies the existence of Drones.
    Their large size accounts for their payload; however if your payload is a germ, You do not need a jumbo jet.
    The enemy of NATURAL people is the corporate entities aka legal fiction.
    They are powerful and their power is exceeded by their wickedness.
    Their intent is to swarm the west with corporate weapons-er-instruments called ” refugees” and defeat NATURAL people and then replace all of them by robotic replication.
    They figure they have until about 2045 to accomplish this. ACCOMPLISH is not against the Geneva Code, but it means Destruction.
    And you can find me at

    1. You are correct Homerbuford, the Zionists ARE only human, but believe in Luciferianism/Satanism. With this, their intent is to make you believe they have supernatural powers. Bunk. They have money, they can print all they want, but money without fanatical perseverance can only take them so far.
      Here is one of their secrets and the reason they are so successful and we are not. They have something called the Khelliah. It is a system where one person sets off a chain of communications, to mobilize a million people. Within one hour the designated people within the system make only eight calls. So in 60 minutes, one million people are on the same page, and know their marching orders. Meanwhile we are here on one site communicating with a handful of folks. If you want to beat these folks we need to get off our butts and set up our own plans. I have worked at this for many years, and what I have found is all talk and no walk. If we do not want to be replaced by robots, then we had best act as of we are smarter and more efficient!

  4. I did see the Anonymous video. As good as a bloodless revolution sounds, there were many distortions leading one to a conclusion based on a few lies.
    I take it many younger people are caught up with this video. In it they tell you that all problems in America were cause by states fighting with other states. This is not true. The Civil War, for example was about money, and how the bankers had gotten the country into debt through high interest. The North was fully indebted and had no way to pay for the debt. So they wanted all the property, private property, of those in the South to pay their debt. Then in the face of this, Lincoln started to print our own money. In this world, the bankers do not allow this, thus, he was murdered, President Andrew Jackson was nearly assassinated for shutting down the banks, and President Kennedy was killed for beginning to print our own money as well, known as silver certificates. People, follow the MONEY!
    Now the suggestion is to take away all the power of each state, and fold it into an even larger federal power with no local authority for the people. If you do not like all the wars now, and the maniacs who proliferate them, the bankers, then giving them more power will not get you where you need to go. The only answer lies in local power which is YOU! You want change, then give it to yourselves at the local level instead of some authority far from where you can affect change. You can do this! Stop thinking some BIg Daddy somewhere else is benevolent and will make life great. That has never happen in all of human history when people gave their power away to a central authority.
    Control you MONEY, control your local government, and life on this planet will change for the better!

  5. Unless you can herd all your Muslims into one area and boot them out there is not going to be a bloodless revolution in the US. While there is a Muslim who is hell bent on destroying the USA from the inside, there will never be a bloodless revolution in the USA. The people of the USA need to impeach the Muslim usurper Obama, charge the Clinton criminals and jail them and charge and jail all members of Congress who are assisting Obama in his takedown of the USA. Asking for a peaceful solution is not going to happen and in the current state of affairs, rightly so.

    1. Poor John, you are so switched off. Muslims are not the problem, ZIONISTS are. For one, STOP DESTROYING THEIR COUNTRIES in these Neocon-Jew instigated wars for the social engineering of the globe. Also, you perpetuate the rumor / gossip that Obama is a Muslim. Have you ever seen him go to a mosque? Is he keeping the holy fast of Ramadan?? Is he keeping ANY of the foundational pillars of Islam that are there to improve the Human condition?
      Silly boy. Check out how Sharia may have given rise to America herself:
      Compare all that to the REAL ENEMY of America and Mankind;

      1. You need to see the big picture, George instead of a rant on about Zionism. Some people are so far behind the 8 ball it is simply amazing, don’t you think George, being one of them!

  6. Can you see it? This group is calling for a one world(corrupt) government. Anonymous would never do that! And if that isn’t enough, do you see the speaker is in all white! Real anonymous would never set themselves apart from you and I!

  7. John — you just made up stuff. You have nothing to back up what you said — you sound more like a paid troll to repeat the same ol’ tired narrative garbage.
    People are catching on to the Israeli false flags / real terrorists of the Planet that pose as Muslims.

  8. You will never have a bloodless revolution while one side is hell bent on killing the other for non conformity.

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