British Generals in Syria to Recruit Aleppo Terrorists

British imperialists continue with their Greater Israel plans despite the major defeats they have incurred in Aleppo and Damascus.

Immediately after the Russian-led coalition gained the upperhand in Aleppo, the US-led coalition provided the cover for their terror assets to recapture the City of Palmyra.

On December 8, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorist group launched a major offensive in a bid to recapture the ancient city of Palmyra, which was otherwise lost to the Syrian Army earlier in March this year. ISIL managed to not only muster between 4000-5000 fighters, but managed to travel across the eastern Homs desert unnoticed until they reached the gates of the ancient city.
Their swift advance was made from three flanks, with ISIL terrorists attacking from the north, the south and the east. ISIL initially captured the Jabal Hayyan area which overlooks the city and the Al-Mahr Oil Fields to the north. Despite a Syrian-Russian counterattack which initially repelled the ISIL assault and killed at least 300 militants according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, ISIL still managed to renew their assault as the Syrian government forces were forced to withdraw amid a massive evacuation of civilians from the city.
… The Twitter user “Maytham” reported that the US air force had disrupted the “VHF radios and radars via satellites over the roads between Al-Sukhanah and Palmyra” in order to provide a 6 hour cover for ISIL’s passage. Whether or not this is true, I’ll leave up for debate, we should however not forget that the US has assisted ISIL in the past, most notably when it “accidentally” bombed the Syrian Army in Deir Ezzor on September 20, killing more than 80 Syrian soldiers in the process.

Their surviving terror assets from Aleppo are also in the process of being reaugmented with new recruits in Idlib, with the help of the Western imperialists.

British Generals in Syria to Recruit Aleppo Terrorists

Thu Dec 22, 2016 1:45
TEHRAN (FNA)- A group of British Generals and military advisors have arrived in Syria to recruit and train the terrorist groups which have withdrawn from Aleppo, a Russian daily reported.
The Izvestia newspaper reported that UK Defense Minister Michael Fallon had earlier said that 20 British military instructors have already arrived in Syria to “restore the combat capability of units of the moderate opposition which has retreated from Aleppo”.
Earlier reports, in October, said that Britain had sent its military experts to Syria before Aleppo’s liberation by the Syrian army to train the fresh terrorists for combat, first medical aid and defuse bombs.
Based on reports in certain media and the social media pages, the mission of these advisors changed with a change in conditions and their first mission now is to assess the combat capabilities and military equipment of the terrorist groups which have left Aleppo and they are due to determine new strategies for the so-called “moderate” dissidents to unite them under a united military command. The British Generals and officers are now being safeguarded by the air force.
Since the West fears intensified infighting among the remaining terrorist groups after the liberation of Aleppo, it is attempting to unite them and turn them into an army which can efficiently fight, the Russian daily concluded.
The Syrian state television announced on Wednesday that the final phase of the evacuation of the terrorists from Aleppo city had resumed.
The implementation of the Aleppo agreement started last Thursday morning, but it was halted for two days due to the violation of the ceasefire agreement by the terrorists on Friday. On Sunday the implementation of Aleppo agreement resumed and again on Tuesday night it was suspended due to the terrorists’ lack of commitment to the contents of the agreement.
Militants had accepted to release thousands of civilian hostages in the two besieged towns of Fua’a and Kafraya in Northern Idlib province in return for the government’s permission to their besieged comrades in Eastern Aleppo to evacuate the city for Idlib. But the militants have blocked the exit of civilians from the two towns repeatedly.
Yet, after repeated violations by the terrorists, now the Syrian state TV reports that the final phase of the exit of the last group of about 2,500 terrorists started, meaning that Aleppo city will be fully evacuated from the militants in the coming hours.
Several buses which are stationed in Kafraya and Fua’a (in Idlib province) are slated to evacuate a group of other patients and injured people from the two towns in return as per the agreement.
The imperialists still have more terror assets coming from Mosul, Iraq.
All these terrorists will be resupplied with new arms that would be better than previously issued due to Obama’s last minute waiver of what types of arms will be thrown into the region.
The same Fallon also confirmed recently that they delivered the cluster bombs used against women and children in Yemen by Saudi Wahhabis.

British manufactured cluster bombs have been used in Yemen by Saudi Arabia, Michael Fallon admits

Michael Fallon has confirmed British-made cluster bombs have been used by Saudi Arabian forces in the current Yemen conflict.
The admission by the Defence Secretary in the Commons came after a Government analysis indicated that cluster bombs manufactured in the UK in 1980s had been used by the Saudi-led coalition in the on-going civil war in Yemen.
… “The United Kingdom signed the Convention on Cluster Munitions in 2008 and has not supplied any such weapons to Saudi Arabia since 1989 – over a quarter of a century ago.
“Our initial view, set out by the then minister of state for defence procurement and based on information we held at the time, was that a UK weapon had not been used but we committed to analyse the allegation and to seek a full investigation by the coalition.

“The coalition confirmed earlier today that a limited number of BL-755 cluster munitions exported from the United Kingdom in the 1980s were dropped in Yemen, including in the incident alleged by Amnesty International not far from the Saudi border by a coalition aircraft.” – Michael Fallon, UK Defence Secretary

Indeed, they’re not shy anymore about admitting any action that, objectively, may have contributed to a crime of genocide against a country that hasn’t attacked them in any form, something that they are now stupidly attributing to a Duterte.
It’s not that these imperialists have no idea what’s really going on with the availability of surveillance satellites watching every inch of this planet, nor that they don’t have any control whatsoever on their allies in the region. Their object is to make as much money on the sale of arms over the dead bodies of the Gentiles.

Arms manufacturers stocks soar after UK decision to join Syria bombing

Prospect of lengthy war provides boost for arms and weapons companies
An RAF Typhoon flies above RAF Akrotiri in southern Cyprus December 3, 2015. © Darren Staples
SHARE PRICES of Europe’s largest weapons manufacturers have all jumped following the UK decision to join the 15 month old bombing campaign in Syria.
Stock values at BAE Systems, Airbus, Finmeccanica and Thales all soared when markets started trading this morning as EU government plough greater resources into Middle Eastern wars.
BAE Systems jumped four points at start of trading, just hours after its Tornado jets left UK bases in Cyprus to bomb Omar oilfields.
In total BAE Systems, the main private sector beneficiary from UK military spending, has seen its value increase by 14 per cent in the two and a half weeks since the Paris attacks of 13 November.

The recent murder of the Russian ambassador in Turkey was a desperate move on the part of these Imperialists, and will surely influence Vladimir Putin’s decision-making on Syria to another level from hereon, which is the whole idea of the assassination. They want Putin to become reckless, yet we are not seeing that to be the case.
We still expect that all major Russian actions on the ground will be postponed until Trump starts his incumbency as president of the United States. Once there, it is imperative that the incoming Trump government must work closely with Russia, as Trump continues to signify that he would do so, to completely eradicate terrorism in the Middle East, and the rest of the world.
Otherwise, those who are claiming that all of these events are just part of the Grand Chessboard designed by Zbigniew Brzezinski and his ilk, might end up correct with their assessments.
Let’ see then what President Donald Trump is really capable of, and how much of his campaign rhetoric will see the light of day.
Above all, we must not discount what We, the people of the world, have accomplished so far. We have avoided a Hillary Clinton in the White House. We have forced the mainstream media and the whole system to adjust to the prevailing reality that at least half of the population have fully awakened to the lies and deceptions they’ve been peddling all this time.
We have emboldened a number of whistleblowers by spreading their truths to the world. There will be more like them in the future.
We must sustain the momentum that is already in our favor. We cannot go back to apathy. We can win this war.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

6 thoughts on “British Generals in Syria to Recruit Aleppo Terrorists”

  1. I try so hard to inform friends and family about the truths of such matters but they seem not to want to know … it seems that people are so afraid of truth that they would rather keep on believing the lies that they have adjusted their lives and perceived reality around.

  2. As with all failing empires…they struggle with the reality that the reality they have created in not for the world…but only for them, their need for power and positions. To rely upon those who created wars is now coming to an end…though the struggle for the truth in relationship the MSM…is very hard to do.
    The only light at the end of the tunnel is each individuals search for what is right in front of them…and this could mean what is not apparent. I read the other day that “Not to read newspaper?internet? is to be ill-informed and to read those same sources is to be misinformed.” A truer statement in all its context.
    I do not for one moment trust those who are asking us to trust…they have been proven time and again not to be trusted. The only practical solutions I follow is to listen to those who see a better way than war and fear mongering….something mainstream media is good at…and file BS where is needs to be filed.
    Lies are plentiful these days and I gauge the people around me as to the real press of reality…though led down a long dark path..they are the only ones who can see the clearness of their lives and not through the dark lens of corporation and misinformation media sources.
    Hang in there and see this new changes could be a doorway out of the destructive cycle we have been in for hundreds of years. Time for a change into respect for everyone who want the same for their families and friends.

  3. Activist Post
    December 22, 2016
    By Brandon Turbeville
    While the United States has harped for over five years about the “humanitarian crisis” and manufactured Syrian government “crimes against humanity,” the recent hysteria over “civilians” trapped in East Aleppo has really taken the cake. Now, however, after hearing about how Assad has “barrel bombed,” “tortured,” “burned alive,” and otherwise maimed civilians in East Aleppo (who are themselves committing mass suicide to evade Syrian government forces according to mainstream outlets), the real reason for the increase in hysteria has finally come to light.
    The real reason for America’s concern is not because of civilians at all or even because of their terrorist proxies who will soon be totally annihilated in East Aleppo. It is because their own intelligence officers are stuck in East Aleppo, completely surrounded by Syrian military forces, and their capture will not only weaken the Western operation in the country, it will reveal to the world what most already know – that the U.S. and its allies are working hand-in-glove with the terrorists it claims are moderates.
    This is precisely what Syria’s ambassador to the United Nations, Dr. Bashar al-Ja’afari, stated when he released the names of these intelligence officers in an address before reporters at the United Nations. After a sarcastic remark about how the operatives were “nice people,” a reporter asked about the list of intelligence operatives. Ja’afari then again sarcastically corrected her by saying “No. No. They are Syrian moderate opposition. Genetically modified.”
    Ambassador Ja’afari then announced that not only were the operatives still in East Aleppo but that he would read their names and their nationalities for the world to hear. He was clear that the intelligence operatives were working with the terrorist groups and attempting to exit East Aleppo. The list is as follows:
    * Mu’tazz Oghlikaan-Oghlu (Turkish) * David Scott Winner (American) * David Shlomo Aram (Israeli) * Muhammad Shaykh Al-Islaami Al-Tameemi (Qatari) * Muhammad Ahmad Al-Sibyaan (Saudi Arabian) * ‘Abdul-Mun’im Fahd Al-Hurayj (Saudi) * Ahmad bin Nawfal Al-Durayj (Saudi) * Muhammad Hassan Al-Subay’iy (Saudi) * Qaasim Sa’ad Al-Shammari (Saudi intelligence agent) * Ayman Qaasim Al-Tha’aalibi (Saudi intelligence agent) * Ahmad Al-Tayaraawi (Jordanian intelligence agent) * Muhammad Al-Shaafi’iy Al-Idreesi (Moroccan intelligence agent)
    “This is why you saw this hysterical move in this council for the last three days,” Ja’afari said. “Because the main purpose is how to rescue these terrorists, foreigners, intelligence officers, from the same countries who pushed for the adoption of the resolution, out of Aleppo.”
    He then stated that the intentions of the Syrian government were to arrest these individuals and show them to the world.
    Ziad Fadel of Syrian Perspective writes that Ja’afari has only named the tip of the iceberg and that his sources say there are 10 more Americans, 2 British, French, and Moroccan intelligence agents still in East Aleppo. Syper’s information was proven correct regarding the intelligence agents named by Ja’afari.

  4. @spiritcalls – for many friends and family, we have to recognize they are victims of trauma based mind control and propaganda which is deeply engrained within us all. Each of them will respond in their own way to you or through there own process of discovery of truth, but there will be anger, denial, and lots of emotions expressed and this is normal. I try not to challenge their mindset directly, but plant a seed or 2 and see what happens later. Some folks you may not wish to waste your time with at all, because they will not be able to handle having their world view dumped upside down. I never force it, but if people wish to discuss the topic, I let them know. For those receptive enough, meet them where they are, regardless of party affiliation, race, gender, etc.

  5. The 20 rogue British generals should be arrested for immigration violations of Syria and sedition and then deported or put in Jail when they are found guilty, beyond a reasonable doubt.

  6. “EU or Bust” – Geopolitical Update – Thursday – December 22, 2016
    “EU or Bust” Geopolitical Update Thursday December 22, 2016
    The global release (banking) is waiting on the geopolitical transition (politics) across all of Europe.
    European elites (cabal) are fighting to hang onto their 1991 imposed European Union and Euro, defending them both from Russia — who has turned off the gas — and China — who has turned off the money — and neither will turn back on until all territorial and government disputes are resolved diplomatically and legally.
    This is why there is so much negative Russian propaganda and little to none on China. Russia is breaking the back of the cabal on all fronts, in all contents, once and for all.
    Meaning, leaders of the 28 European Union nations, east and west, are dangerously risking their populations lives through freezing and insolvency this winter — not telling them — and using all of Europe as an unknowing hostage for their own negotiating leverage.
    “Let the peasants freeze to death” has been mentioned at the negotiating table.
    To keep the pressure on, Russia won’t sign a new natural gas deal with Western Europe, which uses Ukrainian pipelines to receive 82% their gas. In return, the Europe Union won’t agree to the new Turkish Stream pipeline into Southern Europe.
    This is not a military stand off. This not even a gas pricing or payment stand off as Russia needs Europe for future gas sales, as Europe needs Russia for natural gas reserves. No, this is about the unconditional surrender of the European continent and the freedom of the European people from cabal financial and military enslavement.
    All benevolent parties involved are willing to temporarily freeze out and threaten bankruptcy across Europe (led by Germany) until the current illegal Ukrainian government accepts and implements the Minsk Agreements.
    If the Ukrainian Government is not replaced via the terms already negotiated said Minsk Agreement, including the sovereign release of two former Russian territories of Donbass and Luhansk — who like Crimea desires to return to the Russian Union — there will be no RV anywhere in the world. []
    All go or none go per the Chinese elders who are supporting their Russian brothers for all that they have done militarily in the Middle East.
    Therefore, it’s wise to keep an eye on this last remaining global conflict between nation states, as GESARA (Paris Agreement) requires resolution of all conflicts before the new financial system can be released and implemented.
    Turns out, peace on earth is a real thing now.
    Happy Holidays

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