Brave Activists Attempt Citizen's Arrest on UK Warlord Spox for Yemen Genocide

The Nazi Monarchy, having the controlling stakes in BAE Systems, Inc. and British Petroleum, is perpetrating a crime of genocide against the Yemeni population, in collusion with its loyal servant-warlord, fellow Khazarian House of Saud.
Here’s the proof that the Saudi government is under the protection of the Nazionist British Monarchy…

 Saudi General dodges citizen’s arrest in London over Yemen atrocities | RT

Published time: 30 Mar, 2017 20:54
Saudi military spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri narrowly avoided an attempted citizen’s arrest in London on Thursday.

Footage shows activist Sam Walton attempting the arrest, claiming Asiri is a war criminal responsible for atrocities in the Yemeni conflict.
Asiri’s bodyguards blocked the attempted arrest and Walton can be heard saying “You’re interrupting a citizen’s arrest” as Asiri disappears into the building where he was due to appear at a think-tank forum.
In a statement following the incident, Walton said Asiri was the “chief apologist for the war crimes in Yemen,” claiming he was directly involved in war crimes in the country.
“Why are we allowing this war criminal to wander around the British streets when we know everyone’s condemned the war crimes in Yemen,” he said.

Saudi Gen. Asiri is the spokesperson for the Saudi-led coalition that has been waging war with the Houthi rebels using US/UK made bombs, and has been accused of killing more than 10,000 civilians and leaving millions facing acute food shortages in Yemen.
The invasion is aimed at restoring ousted Saudi puppet President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi to power.

While we applaud the courage of those who made the attempt to arrest the war criminal Asiri, that symbolic action and shouting alone has been proven to not produce the desired result.
For people to keep resorting to such ineffective methods can only be attributed to the efficiency of the entire System of Hypnosis.
Power is never given. It can only be taken with a superior and opposite force. Yes, we do need to get our hands dirty.

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  1. We need a deck of cards with the names and faces of the 50 most criminal cabalist . Just like they did the 50 most wanted terrorist ..

  2. “Brief Intel” – Intel Update (Real News) by Mr. Ed 3-31-17
    1. The military is gearing up to attack Washington D.C. Cabal and maybe the rogue CIA members at Langley.
    Military Tribunals are ongoing and FEMA camps are in operation nationwide as the cleanup continues and not a word from the TV Turds.
    2. Black Lives Matter is planning riots for April 15th in NYC, Paris, London and Turkey.
    Stay away from them.
    3. Tomorrow…April 1st…begins the arrests of the Big Boys.
    Has anybody seen John Kerry lately?
    4. Trump is hiring back generals who were fired by Obama for top cabinet and government jobs.
    5. The rogue CIA has been identified as being the top orchestrator of the Pedophile trafficking ring worldwide.

    1. Actually, in “Saudi Arabia the laws allow punishment for this act which can be up to 3 years behind bars, or even a hefty fine of up to SAR 500,000.”

  3. “The Gift of Amnesty for the Cabal Pawn” – One Who Knows – 3.31.17
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  5. Ich lebe seit dem Begin des Krieges in Yemen und habe mit meinem Augen wie die gefeierten F16 und F15 sowie Tonados nicht nur militärische Objekte bombardieren sondern auch zivile Objekte auch darunter sind Schulen,Krankenhäuser,Marktplatze,Stromversorgungsnetze sowie Wasserversorgungsnetze.Die Menschen in Yemen haben kaum zu essen ,fehlt an sauberes Wasser,Medikamente ,wer nicht an langsamen Hunger stirbt werden Epidemien ihn erledigen und wer beides überlebt werden ihm die hysterischen Bombardierung der F16 und F15 der Saudis und Emaraties mit Sicherheit das tun.Das yemenitsche Volk wird regelrecht gekillt,aber was habe wir denen nun getan?.

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