Deep State Desperation Surges Sky High Anew

As many know by now, the Deep State’s financial power and influence are leveraged in part on the petrodollar that is itself anchored on the oil production of Saudi Arabia, among other smaller oil producers in the region, and in the war industry itself. Both sectors are now being compromised.

India will not be buying its submarines from anywhere else other than Russia. The recent success of knocking down US branded F-16 jets using an older MiG-21 was proof enough that you’ll get what you’ll be paying for with something Russian. Just ask SpaceX CEO Elon Mush whose recent use of Russian rocket engine enabled his Crew Dragon to successfully dock another Russian spacecraft Mir space station [now called ISS].

The Deep State’s foreign influence across the Atlantic and in Latin America continue to deteriorate, too. Germany won’t be participating in any measures to poke at the bear just to raise the bar of shadow conflict or Cold War 2.0 between the US and Russia to push sandwiched countries to buy more arms for themselves from grossly overpriced Made in USA war materiel.

As ridiculous as it may sound, but the US clients may need to pay 50% more for the “privilege” of hosting these war machines in their territory.

Frustrated by its allies’ lagging military spending, the Trump administration is reportedly drawing up demands that countries where US troops are stationed pay the full cost – and then some – for the ‘privilege’.

The White House is drawing up demands that Germany, Japan, South Korea and eventually every other country ‘hosting’ US troops on its soil pay “cost plus 50” – 150 percent – for their upkeep, including the soldiers’ salaries, Bloomberg reports, citing “a dozen” sources in the Trump administration.

The Pentagon was asked to gather data on the cost of keeping US troops abroad and countries’ contributions toward these expenses, several officials – again, anonymously – told AP on Friday. Countries whose policies “align closely” with the US would get an unspecified discount, according to these sources.

Is this still part of Trump’s idea to make America First, or is it his way of sabotaging the Deep State’s top industry of mass destruction?

The big markets for US warplanes and missile defense system are now moving away from anything US-made. These countries include India and some Europeans. So, by forcing these countries to spend much higher than their previous sizable military budgets, the US is just courting for more disaster within this sector.

India signs an agreement to lease another nuclear-powered attack submarine from Russia, while Turkey says it will begin deploying a Russian-made S-400 missile defense system in October.

Officials from both sides signed a $3.3 billion lease agreement for Akula-II nuclear-powered attack submarine in the Indian capital New Delhi on Thursday, defense officials said.

Under the deal, Moscow would deliver the submarine to the Indian Navy by 2025, according to defense sources, without providing further information.

India also signed another defense agreement worth $5 billion to purchase five Russian S-400 Triumf mobile units during a bilateral annual summit in October.

The US had warned India over buying Russian arms which it said would be in violation of the sanctions against buying weapons from Moscow

That happened shortly after Washington imposed sanctions on China for its Russian arms purchases and also further threatened Turkey that it would do the same if it finalized its own S-400 deal.

Moscow and Ankara, however, concluded an agreement on the delivery of the S-400 missile systems in December 2017.

Turkish Minister of Defense Hulusi Akar said on Friday that the acquisition of the missile systems was “not a preference for Turkey, but a necessary measure.”

“Deployment of the S-400 will begin in October, the air force is studying in which regions it is better to install them,” Akar added.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu also said earlier that no country has the right to try to prevent Turkey from purchasing the S-400.

Even the Europeans have reduced their allocations for more US military equipment acquisitions, as early as 2011.

In 2011, the top 100 arms dealers sold 5% less compared to 2010. Susan Jackson, a SIPRI defense expert, said in an email to 24/7 Wall St. that austerity measures in Western Europe and the U.S. have delayed or slowed the procurement of different weapons systems. Austerity concerns have exacerbated matters. Federal budget cuts that took effect in March mean military spending could contract by more than $500 billion over the coming decade unless policymakers negotiate a pullback on the mandated cuts.

In addition, the U.S.’ involvement in conflicts abroad continue to wind down. The last American convoy in Iraq left the country in December 2011. Troop withdrawals from Afghanistan also began in 2011. Finally, SIPRI pointed out sanctions on arms transfers to Libya have contributed to declining arms sales.

Many defense contractors are looking overseas to make up for slowing sales in the U.S. and Europe. Arms producers are especially keen on Latin America, the Middle East and parts of Asia, Jackson said. For instance, BAE is securing contracts with Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, the chief financial officer of Northrop Grumman has recently indicated his company may sell its Global Hawk airplane to South Korea or Japan.

Can you see why all of the above potential clients are constantly being pushed to the edge of conflict right now?

Among those recent provocations to start a border war was the “terrorist attack” on Indian police personnel that resulted in a tit-for-tat shooting down of warplanes between Pakistan and India.

All countries are now well aware about who really controls all terror organizations around the world, and they are beginning to stand up for their own respective interest by boycotting all the Deep State controlled corporations in any way they can.

Pakistan itself has vowed for the complete eradication of terror cells inside the country.

“This government will not allow Pakistan’s land to be used for any kind of outside terrorism,” said Khan while addressing a public rally in southern Pakistan on Friday. “We will not allow any terror group to function in our country now.”

Even in Latin America, the Deep State is experiencing a fall out as Colombia refuses to be part of the recent clandestine armed intervention in Venezuela using its border with the latter. So, the Deep State operatives within the Trump administration has initiated what is now called an “electric energy warfare” against Venezuela by using US Special Forces that are already in the region.

The blackout affected 23 of the country’s 24 states on Thursday evening after an “attack” on the Guri Dam, a large hydroelectric facility in east Venezuela, according to the minister of electrical power, Luis Motta Domínguez.

The power failure stopped subway service in the capital Caracas and caused many problems around the country.

“The electric energy war declared and directed by the US imperialists against our people will be destroyed,” Motta wrote in a Twitter post on Thursday. “Nothing and nobody will win over” the people of Venezuela, he added.

Nowhere else is the desperation more obvious when 50 tons of Syrian gold were smuggled by the US Army from ISIS positions in Syria. Said assets were paid by ISIS leadership in exchange for safe havens in Canada, US and UK.

Members of the House of Saud are also killing each other, so the fate of the petrodollar is beyond redemption.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has escaped an assassination attempt by his brother Bandar bin Salman, an Israeli newspaper reports.

Bin Salman’s brother had promised an officer in charge of protecting the crown prince 10 million Saudi rials if he assassinated the powerful heir to rule the kingdom, Makor Rishon reported earlier this week.

The plot, however, was uncovered beforehand by bin Salman who ordered the arrest of his brother and the security officer, it added.

The report cannot be independently verified.

According to the Israeli newspaper, a new security team described as a rapid response unit had been formed to protect the crown prince inside the kingdom and abroad following the plot.

The alleged assassination attempt came after the British daily The Guardian reported rising tensions between bin Salman and his father, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, over important policy issues.

This is why another sector right inside the US is experiencing an ongoing carnage, i.e. the retail industry, which could not stand against the mighty Chinese garment production that is easily accessible online.

Dubbed as the “Retail Apocalypse,” a staggering 465 store closures are being reported across big names like Gap, JCPenny, Victoria’s Secret and Foot Locker, just a few days ago.

Following government shutdown delays, data for Dec and Jan spending and income collapsed on Friday. This was one of the most significant drops in consumer spending since the financial crash.

As if the situation wasn’t already dire enough, US consumers dialed back their spending in the last several months has put a sizeable dent into sales growth and foot traffic at US malls.

Last month, we noted that the “Retail Apocalypse” Isn’t Over: It Is Only Just Getting Started”.

We were right.

Fox 5 NY is reporting that major chains such as Gap, JCPenney, Victoria’s Secret and Foot Locker have all announced massive closures, totaling more than 465 stores in the last 48 hours.

A sad list of US retail companies that have gone busted in the last 9 years includes 32 companies, with 12,770 stores affected and 175,714 employees who lost their jobs, is available on this link.

The bankruptcy of the United States is nowhere more visible than in the ongoing Federal government shutdown that is just being put under artificial resuscitation.

Even the Vatican is experiencing a tectonic shake up with the massive exposé of one of its Satanic practices involving child rape and human sacrifice by predator high ranking priests.

For choosing to play hardball, the Alliance has no other recourse but to squeeze even tighter the noose around all sources of funds for the Deep State, and American citizens will be its immediate collateral victims. This should force the Americans to revolt soon and effect a fundamental regime change right inside their own corporate government, or they can keep their peace while the cowboys will supposedly do their patriotic duty to save the “republic.”

Whatever the case might be, these are the reasons why the more productive and more knowledgeable of what’s to come in the foreseeable future are leaving the US mainland in search for better economic opportunities abroad, and for a more comfortable, cost effective retirement. This phenomenon is not just happening in the age of Trump but much earlier.

Ever dream of leaving it all behind and heading out of America? You’re not the only one. A new study shows that more US citizens than ever before are living outside of the country.

According to statistics from the US State Department, around 6.4 million Americans are either working or studying overseas, which Gallup says is the largest number ever for such statistic.

The polling organization came across the number after conducting surveys in 135 outside nations and the information behind the numbers reveal that this isn’t exactly a longtime coming either — numbers have skyrocketed only in recent years. In the 24 months before polling began, the number of Americans between the ages of 25 and 34 living abroad managed to surge from barely 1 percent to over 5.1 percent. For those under the age span wishing to move overseas, the percentage has jumped in the same amount of time from 15 percent to 40.

While the United States of America was at one point (and largely still is) a magnet for foreigners in search of work, the statistics makes it clear that an opposite trend is quickly picking up steam.

“There’s a feeling among more entrepreneurial Americans that if you really want to get anything done, you have to get out of country and away from the depressing atmosphere,” Bob Adams of America Wave tells Reuters. “There’s a sense of lost direction, so more people are looking for locations that offer more hope about the future.”

The scenario that we prefer is America that is truly free and prosperous, and not controlled by fascist Nazionists, who have arrested Bradly “Chelsea” Manning again just to pin down Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

These fascists still think that after the great fall, they could put Humpty Dumpty together again.

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  1. For whatever reason, the US does not recognize that the rest of of the world is slowly but surely de-dollarizing in order to deprive the US of the means to wage war and subjugate its vassals. I can think of very few countries that would not be delighted if the US were to close its bases on their territory. I can think of none that would be willing to pay for its own subjugation. Presumably, therefore, the apparently delusional policies of the US are part of the plan to end US global hegemony and move it to China, while raping the US of its wealth in the process. Being a US citizen or resident is no longer a rational choice.

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