Thousands MIA in Classified Second American Revolution

This confirms what Ben Fulford and David Wilcock have said that about 200+ underground bases have been made inaccessible through suitcase nuclear detonations and/or cleaned up via powerful ultrasonic transducer.

Do you have a son or daughter, husband or wife, mother or father who has gone missing in the last 3 months?  Did they work for a United States government agency or U.S. military?  Were they working in the United States?  If you’ve answered yes to all three questions above chances are they are one of thousands secretly classified as missing in action (MIA) by the despotic United States government.   Thousands of United States military personnel and United States government agents have been listed as MIA because the United States government doesn’t want the public to know that the Second American Revolution has already started.

The Second American Revolution is secretly being fought – deep underground.  The battles are between United States Patriots of the United States military and anti-American agents of the Federal Reserve controlled United States government.  U.S. soldiers are battling the CIA, Xe (BLackwater) mercenaries, FEMA and DHS agents and foreign troops (brought into the United States through the Denver International Airport DUMB).

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