World government is inevitable but it must never be fascist – Fulford

by benjamin
October 20, 2015
The political events of the past several years are pointing inexorably towards the formation of some sort of world government. This was made even more clear as most world leaders gathered at the United Nations for the September 28th Tetrad blood moon 70th UN anniversary appeared to be, with a few quibbles, mostly reading from the same script.

There is now a consensus among world leaders that world government is the only way to prevent corporate crime syndicates from murdering and plundering this planet into destruction. The battle now is over what sort of government that will be.
The Nazionists are still pushing for a totalitarian, fascist new world order controlled by the same old bloodlines. The White Dragon Society and its allies are insisting that it be more like a benevolent council of village elders. The illuminati, the Pentagon and the Italian P2 lodge are, for their part, offering a third alternative, which they call a Star Trek future. This vision is of a world headed by a large meritocratic organization run something along the lines of the Pentagon, the Vatican or the Chinese Communist Government.
Those who argue against a world government are either naïve or else work for corporate handlers who wish to have the right to continue to plunder the planet without such impediments as human rights, the protection of nature or the rule of law.
The main battlefield over the future of the planet earth remains the battle for control of the financial system. The part of the financial system that matters the most now is the part that pays for men with guns who are actually ready to fight for their view of the future. In that sense the battle for control of the planet’s future is now centered on the ongoing fight over Middle-Eastern oil, the war over illegal drug money and the battle over control of the Federal Reserve Board.
On all of these fronts a lot has been happening. There was a lot of controversy generated over the report on this newsletter last week that the Federal Reserve Board had been nationalized. This claim was not just based on the (disputed by some) notion that the Federal Reserve Board had changed its home page to .gov from .org indicating it was now part of the government. The report was based on information provided by US military intelligence. In any case, the fact is that in analogue paper phone books, that cannot be altered (as the internet can), the Fed is not listed as a government institution. In future phone books in the United States at least, it now will be.
Sources at the Pentagon say that since the Fed has now fallen under government control it will soon start issuing
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7 thoughts on “World government is inevitable but it must never be fascist – Fulford”

  1. Ben says one possibility of a future world government is along the lines of a “benevolent council of elders” . Sounds good as long as Ben is on that council !!

  2. totally disagree
    world government in not inevitable
    and will never happen
    Mr. Fulford could not be more wrong

  3. There´s three factions “working” for world government(or perhaps two if you believe capitalism and socialism got together:the other is the Vatican.

  4. A worldgovernment is guarantee for disaster as there are no correcting forces in case of evil forces attacking or underming the system. We already see this happen in the EU where people are most unhappy with the current situation and where they are simply overruled by Brussel. Such world government will be the greatest disaster ever and I do not understand that Fulford is positive about this idea. Unless he is part of the cabal.

  5. A world government, the way we think of government now, is already proving to be a disaster for the world & all of humanity. People are rejecting it all across the world, & it has proven to be a destructive force for us & for nature as well. The only way a world government would be beneficial to humanity would be, if that government is only a passive government, w/o any power whatsoever of any kind, & created only to represent the voices of people of the earth. That is exactly what our government was supposed to be, but it got infiltrated by evil people w/ personal agendas & people that don’t care about humanity. Actually there are a lot of evil, despotic, tyrants & psychopaths in government today – that must be 1st completely removed, if we are ever going to turn our planet around into a healthy planet w/ a healthy & prosperous mankind. Steven Greer has already said it long time ago – We already have the knowledge to take & turn our world into a completely different civilization, w/ free-energy, eco-friendly environments & industry, where everyone can become anything they want to be, learn whatever you want, & at the same time have a prosperous & fruitful life w/o being a slave to anyone. We can do that right now. The only thing holding us back right now is the corporations, governments, & their armies running our world to the ground. “If man used everything he knows for man instead of against man, then every man would be great, and no one would be poor. And that is the scariest thing to anyone who believes that he is truly great. It is only in this foolishness that he remains ignorant & eternally dead.”

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