Boom! Major Fake News Peddlers Barred from White House Coverage

In an unprecedented move from the White House, reporters from CNN, The New York Times, Politico, The Los Angeles Times and BuzzFeed were not allowed into the session in the office of press secretary Sean Spicer.
Reporters at the Associated Press and Time magazine walked out of the briefing when hearing that others had been barred from the session, Reuters said.
This latest action from the Trump government stems from the fact that no matter what he has done for the past 30 days, nothing positive has made it to the mainstream media. What is supposedly a news item, reads more like an opinion piece.
This proactive measure against the most effective tool of the Deep State should decapitate its ability to control how people think about their new government, effectively preventing them from steering the Trump government away from its campaign commitments, which are now being delivered a day at a time.
The fake news mainstream media is already struggling to adjust with the new reality.

“Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House in our long history of covering multiple administrations of different parties,” Dean Baquet, executive editor of The New York Times, said in a statement.
“We strongly protest the exclusion of The New York Times and the other news organizations. Free media access to a transparent government is obviously of crucial national interest.”
The White House Correspondents Association, or WHCA, also protested.
“The WHCA board is protesting strongly against how today’s gaggle is being handled by the White House,” said Jeff Mason, president of the association and a Reuters reporter.
… CNN posted a Twitter message on Friday afternoon saying: “This is an unacceptable development by the Trump White House. Apparently this is how they retaliate when you report facts they don’t like. We’ll keep reporting regardless.”
Ben Smith, editor-in-chief of BuzzFeed News, said in a statement: “While we strongly object to the White House’s apparent attempt to punish news outlets whose coverage it does not like, we won’t let these latest antics distract us from continuing to cover this administration fairly and aggressively.”

“I think we’re going to aggressively push back.
We’re just not going to sit back and let false narratives, false stories, inaccurate facts get out there.” – White House Spox Sean Spicer

A day before, Chief Strategist Steve Bannon took a direct aim at the “corporatist, globalist” media, who he asserted “will not give you your country back without a fight.”

“It’s not going to get better — it’s going to get worse every day.
The press is adamantly opposed to an economic nationalist agenda like Donald Trump has.” – Steve Bannon, Trump’s chief strategist

Indeed, the fake news mainstream media need to understand that they could not control the narrative anymore. They must realize that their days are over.

7 thoughts on “Boom! Major Fake News Peddlers Barred from White House Coverage”

  1. We need a Donald Trump in Australia, instead of a Goldman Sachs Stooge Turnbull! Governments who are hiding behind a “CORPORATE VEIL” Are GOING Down. END THE FED DONALD. & Hail PUTIN!

  2. Thus far, “journalists” of western world media have reflected the campaign that supported the team of alias, Barack H. Obama-Hitlary Clinton, the DNC voter- subterfuge and interference with the transition of president Donald Trump and entourage into the presidency. One wonders how the 4% of independent media organizations will be facilitated to take over accurate news presentation?
    Meanwhile, accurately documented information of the source of the propaganda that pits the US military against Russian military has been revealed; of course not by the major news media.

  3. Why was the the Washington Post, a/k/a Washington Compost, not barred from the informal, off the record, press briefing known as a “press gaggle” along with the other major fake news media? WaPo recently hired alleged pedosatanist John Podesta of #Pizzagate fame as a journalist on its news staff.
    Trump is reportedly compromised along with Barry Soetoro, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton and the Bush Family. Any individual with access to the Internet can find the incriminating information.
    The two-party (two corporation) Democrat-Republican system and rigged elections in the USA ensure that all political candidates are selected in advance.

  4. It’s absolutely wonderful that the liars have been banned from the gaggle. They spin the truth into untruth. They leave out facts. They have prostituted themselves for the sake of their jobs. They deliberately report falsehoods. I pray they finally see the good coming out of the White House. KEEP DRAINING THE SWAMP Mr President.

  5. Fairy tales generated by constituents of the MSM (96% of western media), after having attended a White House news conference, and fairy tales generated by constituents of the MSM after having been barred from attendance of a White House news conference, remain fairy tales. LIES.
    The owners of the six conglomerates that control 96% of western world media insure that their stooges publish fairy tales that suppport the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion”; and their control of the “Federal Reserve”; and their terrorism in the Middle East.

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