Is Qatar a Financier of Terror, or a Victim of Extortion by Proxy?

The Qatari government is being accused of funding terrorist groups by the equally guilty, Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC]. It is said to have paid the Al Qaeda to the tune of $1 billion, for the release of some of the members of the Qatari royalty, who were kidnapped in Iraq back in 2015. However, the funds never reached the kidnappers.
Who between the Iraqis and the CIA pocketed the $1 billion ransom?
Another recent accusation is about its funding of the Muslim Brotherhood.
The Muslim Brotherhood is a “centrist” CIA organization that will be used to undermine all authoritarian and populist states in the region, if the need arises. It is threatening the House of Saud’s hegemony among Arab countries, and Qatar’s supposed “funding” of the group is one of the reasons why the full embargo is being directed against it.
The second cause of such a draconian measure undertaken by the Saudis is Qatar’s healthy relationship with Iran. This is where the  interests of the House of the Saud and the White House are in sync.
However, Qatar is not alone in this fight. In fact it has been reported that it was already preparing for this scenario back in 2014. It will be sourcing its economic and military requirements from Turkey, Russia and Iran.
Already, Turkey is sending 3,000 troops into the peninsula in order to augment Qatari’s few hundred-strong army. It is also highly expected that Iran will come to the rescue of the Qataris for its own interest in the Persian Gulf.
Even the Houthis are also expressing their solidarity with Qatar.
Interestingly, Philippine’s Duterte has also promised earlier the availability of the Philippine military should the need arises.

That is because it is only the Qatari people that has not abused any of the 200,000 Philippine contract workers in the country. The rest of GCC members are treating these workers as literal slaves, paid for to be raped and in some cases, murdered with the silent consent of their Wahhabist government. Kuwaitis are said to be the most notorious in this field.
That is what’s driving President Duterte to improve the local economy so they can all go home in the foreseeable future. Already there are thousands of these workers who are already brought home in the last few months, after his official visit to the region.
It is therefore highly likely that he will make good on his words, as he is known to be, when the Qataris so desire.
Qatar is also sending its foreign minister to talk to FM Lavrov for assistance.
It is yet to be determined how the United States will save its military installation in the peninsula. Will it fight against another Russian-led coalition just like it is doing now in Syria?
So as expected, the Trump-permitted Saudi offensive against the peninsula who dared to think what’s best for the region, is starting to backfire.
Whatever the case might be, it is projected that the Gulf Cooperation Council [GCC] will cease to exist as it is, when Qatar finally decides to exit from the group, and into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in the coming months. In short, Saudi Arabia and the United States will only weaken themselves geopolitically and militarily, with this latest move.
In the end, it must be understood that each of the GCC member states are being extorted through the use of proxy organizations organized and funded by the Western Deep State, in exchange for Arab royalties’ management of the Middle East energy resources that is being sold to the West, and in other parts of the world.
In the case of Qatar, it must also host the largest US military airbase in the region, or enjoy the company of the Al Qaeda.
Also, you need to remember the 28 pages from the 911 Commission Report, which have been released by the House of Congress so that the victims of WTC 911 can sue the Saudi government. That was a blatant extortion directed against the House of Saud so that they will “buy arms” again for the benefit of the Deep State.
It’s been reported years ago, that the UK monarchy was behind the use of Saudi bank accounts for the financial support of the 911 false flag mission. This was the setup, and extortion at the same time that is already the accepted norm between monarchies whose vested interests are in harmony with one another.
In short, all are being extorted by the Western Deep State in exchange for their geopolitical security. It is a symbiotic relationship that is bound to disintegrate when one party is exerting too much leverage of, to the detriment of the other. That is where Donald Trump’s arms industry-based America First doctrine is anchored upon, and others before him, for which the Saudi royals are now exploiting at the same time.
It is therefore not a surprise when the State Department is having a hard time explaining how it can be that Iran is considered the terrorist when it is battling terror in Syria and within Iran itself, and Saudi Arabia which has been implicated in the WTC 911 attack, is not.

Iran, as we already have witnessed, has just concluded its democratic presidential election again, while Saudi Arabia is yet to have one.
So, considering the developing backlash we just stipulated above, the White House has now engaged itself with the only play it has become an expert of, i.e. double-talk.

“Qatar has historically been a funder of terrorism at a very high level.” – Trump said during a press conference with Romanian President Klaus in the White House Rose Garden.

Qatar is a huge contributor to the world’s supply of liquefied natural gas, and its biggest LNG buyers are not Arab states. So, it must be exploited, too, to the fullest.

If the Qataris will not pay up, or offer some concessions, and abandon Iran, we can expect that Saudi Arabia will launch a ground attack against the peninsula, with US air support.
How exactly Iran and Russia will respond to the threat is still a matter of conjecture at this point. But they need to respond adequately in some form, or another.

You can actually participate in the global efforts to cripple the Deep State organized criminal cabal's ability for genocide, while enjoying healthcare freedom at the same time, by boycotting Big Pharma for good.

4 thoughts on “Is Qatar a Financier of Terror, or a Victim of Extortion by Proxy?”

  1. Puhleease…Have you forgotten that Qatar was one of the leading terrorists that led to the murder of Gaddafi? And how about the millions of dollars of arms Qatar pumped into Syria??? Maybe in some alternate universe, but in this universe, Qatar is definitely not one of the ‘good guys’. Qatar and Saudi’s support to ISIS has only become too obvious that they’re now throwing each other under the bus. Fukc them both.
    Either Qatar has already given up on the Syria pipeline and is now making a choice as a matter of financial survival or Qatar is just the dummy bridge to war with Iran.
    Seeing that Russia and Iran will dominate the O&G (Russia and Iran have 60% of the world’s proven gas reserve) markets in Europe and Asia, Qatar is pivoting to the Russia-Iran axis to gain some access to the Iranian terrestrial pipeline networks into Asia. With nobody to sell to, Qatar’s gas is worthless.
    In any case, the end result is WW3.

  2. Is there a game of extortion afoot? Are there Khazarians involved? If yes, then yes. If no, look again.
    One is not a true American until resident in the ADL’s database.

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