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#TwitterFiles | New Twitter Bombshell

Files reveal how the specter of Moscow’s supposed underhand ways was used to subjugate the platform to the US Democratic Party.

In a pair of blockbuster #TwitterFiles threads, this week, journalist Matt Taibbi has blown open, even wider, the media giant’s concerning collusion with the US national security state. The former Rolling Stone writer exposed how political pressure from the US Democratic Party very effectively forced the company to endorse the lie that its platform was extensively weaponized by Russia, with hugely significant consequences.

Find the “Russian trace” at any cost

The first, boldly titled ‘How Twitter Let the Intelligence Community In’, documents how in August 2017, despite dubious allegations that Russian bots and trolls were responsible for the election of Donald Trump in the mainstream media reaching fever pitch, Twitter’s hierarchy knew its platform wasn’t riddled with malign Kremlin-directed actors.

In internal emails, the company’s senior executives and communications professionals almost mocked the idea that it was overrun with Russian bots. They could neither detect “a big correlation” in account activity related to the November 2016 election, nor any “larger patterns” at all. They forecast potentially taking action against less than 25 users. As such, it was decided to simply ignore approaches from the media on the issue.

The next month, Twitter informed the Senate it had suspended 22 possible Russian accounts, and 179 others with “possible links” to those accounts. Senator Mark Warner, a ranking Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, immediately held a high-profile press conference to denounce the social network’s response as “frankly inadequate on every level.”

Such pressure, combined with bitter, twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declaring, “It’s time for Twitter to stop dragging its heels and live up to the fact that its platform is being used as a tool for cyber-warfare,” forced the social network to set up a dedicated “Russia task force” to investigate the issue. It did – and found nothing“No evidence of a coordinated approach” between accounts flagged as potentially Kremlin-run was identified, despite an “exhaustive” internal investigation.

Hillary Clinton ©  Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

In all, after manually scouring through the posts of thousands of accounts flagged as “suspicious” by external actors, they found that just 32 were questionable, 17 of which were connected with Russia, and only two had spent any money on advertising – one being RT, which was specifically given favorable marketing offers by Twitter before the election.

Again, senior Democratic party officials were enraged by these results. What followed was a flurry of unhinged, sensationalist news stories, claiming Twitter was either covering up the Kremlin’s dirty work for sinister reasons, either by lying about the issue, or actively deleting reams of incriminating data to cover its own tracks.

“Were Twitter a contractor for the FSB … they could not have built a more effective disinformation platform,” professor Thomas Rid, an adviser to the Intelligence Committee, remarked to Politico at the time. 

Surrender to politics

None of this was true. But it provided the Democrats with ammunition to threaten regulations on Twitter’s political advertising, which could’ve been extremely costly to the company’s revenue. This sent senior staffers into a panic, which was only intensified by the timely leak of a database of thousands of alleged Russian bots and trolls to major media outlets by the Intelligence Committee. This resulted in a flood of aggressive queries from journalists.

Realizing the pressure would only keep mounting – as media outlets and politicians had decided this absolutely was a major scandal, irrespective of the available evidence, and were going to keep pushing until they got what they wanted – Twitter kowtowed, and publicly declared bots and trolls were in fact a massive issue on its platform, and it would be proactive in rooting out such activity in future.

Internally, Twitter executives settled on an informal, secret policy for dealing with rogue actors on the network. Publicly, they would stick to the line content was removed and users were banned “at our sole discretion,” while privately they would “off-board” anything and everything “identified by the US intelligence community as a state-sponsored entity conducting cyber-operations,” without argument.

Twitter had actively invited US spies to run its moderation process, without anyone knowing, and on the explicit internal understanding they would not be leaving. That sinister penetration widened substantially when Covid-19 arrived in the US, and again the bogeyman of Kremlin “disinformation” was the battering ram.

In February 2020, US State Department intelligence wing the Global Engagement Center published a report, “Russian Disinformation Apparatus Taking Advantage of Coronavirus Concerns.” It claimed that a vast network of bots and trolls controlled by Moscow and amplified by China and Iran was pumping endless propaganda “describing the Coronavirus as an engineered bioweapon.”

The report’s criteria for determining if an account was a bot or troll was, unbelievably, whether the user followed “two or more” Chinese diplomats. The 250,000-strong network included Western government officials, and media outlets, including CNN. Such a weak evidentiary foundation did not deter mainstream journalists publishing countless stories endorsing the report’s findings. 

Twitter staff, likely due to past experience at this point, could see what the Center was up to – namely, attempting to “insert themselves” into the “content moderation club” through which Google, Twitter and Facebook were controlled by the FBI, DHS, and other US government agencies. Executives at these tech giants were unanimously opposed to the Center’s inclusion, not least due to its “mandate for offensive” information operations to “promote American interests.”

Hell under the heel

After years of bending over backwards to placate the Democratic establishment, Twitter attempted to push back. Over a series of internal emails, various executives spelled out deep concerns about allowing the Center any influence over the platform, and initially rejected an FBI request for the organization to be included in the moderation club’s regular ‘industry call’. It was felt the Center’s involvement would pose “major risks … especially as the election heats up.”

Eventually, the FBI offered a compromise – the CIA, NSA, and Global Engagement Center would be able to simply listen to the industry calls, but wouldn’t be active participants. Twitter relented, a decision its higher-ups seem to have quickly come to regret. Before long, the social network was being bombarded with requests to censor content and ban users from every US government body under the sun. 

This extended to US government officials asking for users to be banned because they didn’t personally like an individual in question. Notorious House Intelligence Committee chief Adam Schiff, a Democrat, once asked Twitter to ban journalist Paul Sperry, due to his critical reporting on the Committee’s work. After initially refusing, Sperry was later suspended. 

Almost every other request was granted immediately, even those from the Global Engagement Center. This included demands to ban independent media outlets falsely claimed to be “GRU-controlled” and linked “to the Russian government.” In one email, a former CIA staffer remarked that Twitter would soon be unable to deny a single request. “Our window on that is closing,” they said.

In the weeks before the 2020 Presidential election, Twitter was flooded with demands from so many officials, departments and agencies, they were confused and overworked. If action wasn’t taken promptly, followup emails quickly appeared, asking if action had yet been taken, and if not, why, and when it would be. 

In one request, an FBI official even apologized “in advance for your workload.” Once, a no doubt exhausted senior attorney at the social network complained internally, “my inbox is really f***ed up at this point.”

Previous #TwitterFiles threads exposed how the FBI paid the social network $3 million to process its requests. Based on the most recent disclosures, it’s clear the company and its staff were significantly underpaid for their efforts. Future releases promise yet further bombshell revelations, but the long-hidden truths divulged so far should prompt every Twitter user to reflect how the site for many years in secret operated as an effective wing of the US intelligence – and may well still do so.

Felix Livshitz for Russia Today.

Vladimir Putin’s Battle Cry Against the Deep State

The recent ceremony of accession of four Ukrainian regions to Russia brought a speech from President Putin that outlined the reasons behind Russia’s current struggles, the character and identify of its foes and, more importantly, laid the groundwork for Russia’s next level of confrontation with the West beyond the ongoing military conflict in Ukraine.  

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As New Purge of Fifth Columnists Approaches, Anatoly Chubais Jumps Ship

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With Bezos at the Helm, Democracy Dies at the Washington Post Editorial Board

In the Soviet Union, everybody was aware that the media was controlled by the state. But in a corporate state like the U.S., a veneer of independence is still maintained, although trust in the media has been plummeting for years.

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Biodigital Convergence: The Deep State’s Plan to Tie Everyone to the AI Control Grid Physically

Through various benevolent sounding think tanks and corporate PR outfits, the Oligarchy-Big Tech Alliance is now laying the groundworks for the next stage of their long-planned Technocratic Dictatorship, in which all living souls on this planet are physically connected to the AI-driven control grid that should prevent any form of dissent from ever succeeding.

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The Top Owners of America’s President-Elect Joe Biden

Some of the top owners of America’s President-Elect Joe Biden are entirely secret because a corrupt U.S. Supreme Court, in the infamous 2010 Citizens United case, encouraged not only corruption but corruption that’s entirely secret or “dark money.”

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Biden’s Corruption Already Pervades His Administration

That didn’t take long. He’s not even in office, and he has already surrounded himself, as the incoming President, with individuals who derive their wealth from (and will be serving) America’s top defense contractors and Wall Street.

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America is Being Systematically Torn Down by Different Factions of the Deep State

America has been for many decades the biggest playground for the different factions of the Deep State in control of the different monopolized industries, news networks, government and private institutions, nurturing cadres of experts in the field of sciences, finance and economics, military, sheep-herding aka social engineering, mind control and reprogramming cloaked as “spirituality”, etc.

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I might have voted for Trump if he had done anything to bring down the Deep State, but he’s supported it for four years!

The Donald may like to style himself as an anti-establishment crusader, but actions speak louder than words, and his actions have simply drained the DC swamp right into the West Wing.

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The Corporate Dictatorship of the Very Rich

I heard friends praising Bill Gates philanthropy a while ago; it still surprises me how people respond to billionaires. The wealthy improve their image financing self-serving projects they present as “serving others” but few question their motives or suspect them of hidden agendas. Most take billionaires at face value and forget how they made their fortunes.

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History as Warfare: The ‘1619 Project’ and the Plot to Destroy the Republic

Whether it is the mob on the street, or the “cancel culture” in the boardroom, the goal is the same: to silence dissent, to scare you out of speaking the truth, and to bully Americans into abandoning their values, their heritage, and their way of life.

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Don’t Be Fooled: The 2020 Election Has Already Been Decided

Voting booths have already been hijacked by a political elite comprised of Republicans and Democrats who are determined to retain power at all costs. The outcome is a foregone conclusion: the Deep State will win and “we the people” will lose.

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Duterte Plays Hard Ball vs Local Oligarchs and US Deep State

There is a component of the Western Deep State in every corner of the world, just like there’s a US military base in most of them. In Philippines’ case, it has them all, i.e. military bases in spite of the non-extension of the 1947 Military Bases Agreement in 1991, oligarchy controlling what were once government owned corporation or public utilities, and of course, the age-old Jesuit mind control infrastructures e.g. universities, and churches.

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Jesuit Coup in Bolivia: How Anez Nullified 13 Years of Morales’ Achievements in 1 Week

Over the first week of her tenure Jeanine Anez, the self-proclaimed interim president of Bolivia, has managed to nullify many of the achievements made by the government of ousted Bolivian President Evo Morales during the 13 years of his presidency.

The Financial Times video below will show how the indigenous Bolivians were rising financially under the incumbency of Evo Morales…

One of the first decisions taken by the so-called Bolivian interim government that took the reins of power after the ouster of former President Evo Morales on 10 November was to recognise Juan Guaido, Venezuela’s self-declared interim president and suggest he appoint a new ambassador to Bolivia.

In her next move, the self-proclaimed president of Bolivia severed diplomatic relations with the legitimate Venezuelan government of Nicolas Maduro on Friday. Caracas had earlier stated that it categorically condemns the coup d’etat in Bolivia. For his part, Karen Longaric, the de facto foreign minister of Bolivia, accused the Venezuelan diplomatic mission in the country of “interfering in the internal affairs of the state” and ordered the expulsion of officials from the nation.

Still, that was only the beginning as the de facto interim government went further, uprooting the established policies of the previous cabinet.   

Farewell, ALBA and UNASUR

On 15 November, Longaric announced Bolivia’s withdrawal from the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America – People’s Trade Treaty (ALBA-TCP), a bloc founded in 2005 by Venezuela and Cuba, which was joined by the Morales government in 2006.

ALBA was formed as a Bolivarian alternative to the FTAA (Free Trade Area of the Americas), a US-driven agreement that did not gain acceptance among many Latin American countries.

Karen Longaric also stated that Bolivia would leave the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), an intergovernmental regional organisation of Latin American states founded in 2004 that once comprised twelve South American countries. By 2018, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Paraguay, and Peru had suspended their membership in the organisation.

A supporter of Bolivia’s former President Evo Morales yells at a police officer, telling him to respect the nation’s indigenous people in La Paz, Bolivia, Tuesday, Nov. 12, 2019. Former President Evo Morales, who transformed Bolivia as its first indigenous president, flew to exile in Mexico on Tuesday after weeks of violent protests, leaving behind a confused power vacuum in the Andean nation. (AP Photo/Natacha Pisarenko)

Catholicism Makes a Return to Bolivia

A 2009 constitutional reform stripped the Catholic Church of its special status as the Bolivian state religion proclaiming “the freedom of religion and spiritual beliefs, in accordance to every individual’s cosmovisions” and making the state “independent from religion”.

However, on the day of her self-proclamation as the interim head of the state Anez publicly spoke with the Catholic Bible in her hands claiming that “He [God] allowed the Bible to return to the government palace”.

Earlier, one of the coup’s leaders, the head of the Santa Cruz paramilitary organisation Luis Fernando Camacho, entered the government palace after Morales’ resignation together with a priest and placed a Bible on the Bolivian flag. For his part, the priest proclaimed that “Bolivia belongs to God” and that the Pachamama, a goddess revered by the indigenous people in the country, would never return to it.

Bolivian Senator Jeanine Anez gestures as she poses for a picture after she declared herself as Interim President of Bolivia, at the Presidential Palace, in La Paz, Bolivia November 12, 2019

Military & Police Given Carte Blanche to Persecute MAS Supporters

Although the international community has urged the Bolivian authorities to bring an end to the repression of anti-coup protesters, the so-called interim government has given the military a carte blanche to go after the demonstrators.

A 15 November 2019, decree says that the members of the Armed Forces participating in operations to restore order and social stability are exempted from criminal liability if, in accordance with their constitutional functions, they act in the manner of legal defence.

The decree was condemned by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR/CIDH), which stated that the legislation violates international standards and encourages brutal repression. The organisation outlined on Friday that 23 people had died and 715 people had been injured since the beginning of the institutional and political crisis in Bolivia.

Military members patrol the streets in La Paz, Bolivia November 12, 2019
Military members patrol the streets in La Paz, Bolivia November 12, 2019
Hunt for Morales and MAS

While the declared aim of the self-proclaimed interim president was the announcement of new general elections, Bolivia’s de facto government has focused on the persecution of the leaders of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS) even going so far as to throw into question MAS’ participation in a new vote.

The threats have mainly come from de facto government minister Arturo Murillo, who on 14 November announced the start of a “hunt” for the former head of the Bolivian presidential administration Juan Ramón Quintana and Raúl García Linera, brother of former Vice President Álvaro García Linera, who is in exile in Mexico.

Murillo also said that a unit of the General Prosecutor’s Office will be formed to arrest MAS lawmakers for promoting “subversion and sedition”.

For her part, Anez signalled Friday that MAS’ participation in the next election is not guaranteed as it is up to the Supreme Electoral Tribunal to decide “whether or not MAS will run again”.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ The self-declared government previously claimed that Evo Morales could not participate in elections again, adding that MAS still could join the race. Anez also threatened to prosecute the ousted president if he returns to the country.

The Jesuit military organization has been nurturing politicians ready to supplant the will of the people all over the globe. They are the silent enemies of humanity that’s behind the systematic suppression of free energy systems and the preservation of the elitist social structures.

We cannot move on to the next level of our economic, political and spiritual evolution without exterminating these parasites completely!

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