Deep State ICC Back Pedals on Duterte, ICC Withdrawal Pushes Through

Sensing the gravity of the Philippine withdrawal from the International Criminal Court ICC, the body is sending a representative to “talk to Duterte.” What these stooges don’t understand is once Duterte made a decision, it is not just mere rhetoric.
Duterte’s spokesman, Atty. Harry Roque, who himself specializes in international law and was instrumental in fact of the Philippine’s earlier signing of the treaty, asserted on several occasions that the ICC could only come in when the local courts are not functioning properly. Certainly, that is not the case.
So, the ICC has no rationale why it must enter the Philippine jurisdiction.

The Duterte leadership continues to enjoy a high level of respect among its peers and within the Philippine population at large.
In fact, recent global “happiness” survey is standing at more than 90%. This is the case even when not all of his countrymen is aware of the BUILD BUILD BUILD economic infrastructure program which highlights 70+ priority projects.

Duterte’s accomplishments so far is not lost in Russia, which recently expresses its support on the government’s position regarding ICC.
Russian Ambassador to the Philippines Igor Khovaev said the Russian government fully understands the reasons of President Rodrigo Duterte to withdraw from the Rome Statute ratification, which will result in the ICC losing jurisdiction over the Philippines.
He said just like the Philippines, the Russian government also signed the Rome Statute, which created the ICC, years ago, but they never rectified such document, which later on led to their withdrawal.
“In our assessment, the ICC is not a (actual) judicial body. All its activities are highly politicized and it is used as an instrument to put political pressure on selective government, on selective countries, so we cannot accept such an approach,” he said.
The Philippines inked the Rome Statute on December 28, 2000 and ratified and endorsed it in August 2011, under the watch of then President Benigno Aquino III.

The ICC withdrawal is sure to create a domino effect on other member countries which are disillusioned with this interventionist tool to remove leaderships that are uncooperative to the Deep State’s wishes.
However, there is still great danger for the incumbent Philippine government as the Jesuits are very much alive and kicking in the country. In their silence, they cannot be expected to just watch how their political infrastructure is undergoing self-destruction within the Liberal Party, judiciary, and mainstream media.
It is imperative, therefore, for the Philippine population to maximize the accessible internet to educate themselves of the danger that the Society of Jesus poses to the country.

11 thoughts on “Deep State ICC Back Pedals on Duterte, ICC Withdrawal Pushes Through”

  1. Check out the latest Q Anon post number 963. It backs up the Alliance Insider who says the Alliance is at Stage Five for arresting the top cabal BEFORE OR ON SATURDAY (USA time):
    Here is the Alliance Insider article: Duantless Dialogue 3-21-18… “ALLIANCE INSIDER: ‘Stage 5 Will Start By This Weekend’”
    The air is electric – there is strong potential for profound change to happen THIS WEEKEND around the world. I believe Trump is about to play his long awaited ‘Trump’ card.

      1. When the time comes you grow a brain that’ll answer your “since when” question.

  2. The world needs to change and elect more leaders of the Calibre of Mr Duterte. I admire the man and his approach to international interference by others. The Jesuits should also be on his list of expulsions.

  3. He has much more courage than ALL Western leaders an I can only wish he and the Pilipinos great success

  4. Great move on Duterte’s part. He has to play like a chess master against this evil Cabal that controls everything in our planet. The most difficult thing to accomplish to awaken everyone as to who really are the evil ones.

  5. I wish Duterte and the people of the Philippines the very best of luck and much success. Trading with the BRICS countries may prove worthwhile.

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