Russia Seeks to Deepen Cooperation with Islamic World

Valentina Matviyenko pointed out that Russia vividly demonstrated the immense creative potential of living together in peace and harmony, and in close contact with members of different nationalities, religions and cultures.

MOSCOW, July 29. /TASS/. Russia is interested in deepening cooperation with the Islamic world, Federation Council (the upper house of parliament) Chairperson Valentina Matviyenko said in a video address to the participants in the 12th International Economic Summit dubbed “Russia-Islamic World: KazanSummit 2021.”

“Russia is interested in deepening ties with Islamic countries. “Our country, with its historical experience and everyday practices, vividly demonstrates the immense creative potential of living together in peace and harmony, and in close contact with members of different nationalities, religions and cultures,” the Federation Council speaker pointed out.

She welcomed the summit’s traditional approaches, namely “the determination to build a system of international economic relations free of unfair competition, political and other kinds of pressure.”

The senate speaker noted that discussions focusing on the most pressing issues related to Russia’s relations with the Islamic world were underway at the summit, including Islamic financing, ways to boost Russia’s ties with Muslim countries in relation to joint investment projects and ethnic businesses as a response to the challenges of our time.

Matviyenko wished the summit’s participants success in building business contacts and enhancing the atmosphere of trust, “which is the guarantee of a true partnership.”

Some forces in Pakistan seek to replicate Taliban’s actions — Russian envoy

Zamir Kabulov noted that Pakistan is interested in Afghanistan returning to normality and becoming a reliable trade and economic bridge connecting Pakistan and Eurasia.

MOSCOW, July 29. /TASS/. Some forces in Pakistan would like to replicate what the Afghan Taliban movement (outlawed in Russia) did and destabilize the situation in the country, Russian Special Presidential Envoy for Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov said during an online briefing on Thursday.

“Pakistan is Russia’s solid partner. We are on the same wavelength as top Pakistani officials who have made public statements that they are not interested in Afghanistan turning into an Islamic Emirate that would influence Pakistani society, where there are forces that would be inspired by the Afghan Taliban’s experience and would try to destabilize the situation,” he pointed out.

“Pakistan, along with Russia and almost all neighboring countries, is interested in Afghanistan returning to normality and becoming a reliable trade and economic bridge connecting Pakistan and Eurasia,” Kabulov noted.

The Russian presidential envoy emphasized that a rise in tensions between Kabul and Islamabad had been caused primarily by the domestic political situation in Afghanistan. “Sometimes it seems that when those in Kabul who are supposed to protect their land from the Taliban fail to do that, they start searching for someone to blame and always consider Pakistan to be a suitable scapegoat,” Kabulov said.


Due to their flip-flopping foreign policy and outright hypocrisy, no country wants to deal with the Western Oligarchs anymore. Those who are still cooperating with the latter are either forced to do so under threat of being toppled, or have no other option but to be in bed with like minded psychopaths.

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One thought on “Russia Seeks to Deepen Cooperation with Islamic World”

  1. Witnessing the rise to globalism being stunted by the mis-steps of Western-led globalization, the other great powers of the world were left with few other choices but to revive unilateralism within themselves and in the process reluctantly again slipping into great-power rivalries. Given this background, Russia’s attempt to influence its Muslim neighbourhood, and the larger “Islamic” world beyond, is perfectly understandable. Thus, the able articulation of this very pitch by both Valentina Matviyenko and Zamir Kabulov definitely does not come as a surprise at all. Also Russia at this point in history is fortunate to be led by a team of highly rational and result-focused leadership, under Putin and Lavrov, that fortunately also has the betterment of the rest of humanity too at its heart, unlike the cases elsewhere where, regretably, the leaderships are more greed-inspired and destruction-focused. Anyway, though Pakistani society is idealistic and mainly imbued with spirituality and naturally sympathises with the plights of the Afghans and as a result tends to politically back the Talibans, the Pakistani leaderships, are highly realistic, very calculative but also remains too staunchly secular for an aspirationally-Islamic state, often quite irrationally so. They deliberately go against the overwhelming Islamic sentiments of their peoples. Given this mixed reality, though Afghanistan may gradually fall to the Taliban, Pakistan and, this time, more Muslim states may recognise them, in a changed form, still the Pakistani leadership would continue to remain cautious of that Taliban-led government and seek to work with the other regional and great powers, save perhaps with India, to nevertheless, stabilize a regime-changed Afghanistan. So, yeah Russia is definitely making the right moves !

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