Towards a Worldwide Movement Against the Covid-19 Mandates

The Canadian Truckers’ Convoys that converged in Ottawa on January 29 are helping to energize the growing global movement favoring freedom and common sense over the atrocities enabled by unbridled medicalized tyranny. A good representation of Canadian truckers began to coalesce as a political group in opposition to the travesty of forcing mandated jabs on large groups of people.  

The thousands of men and women who opted to transport their grievances to Ottawa easily saw the disastrous implications of making the acceptance of COVID shots a necessary condition of employment, education, as well as citizens’ participation in many other facets of society’s ebb and flow. The truckers, moreover, were quick to see the obscenity of extending mandatory injections towards the segregation implicit in instituting vaccine passports.

Following in the wake of the massive physical, mental, and economic devastation wrought by the lockdowns, the creation and enforcement of injection mandates further highlights the megalomania that has come to infect much of our governing class. With the well-orchestrated backing of media propaganda, governments continued to align themselves in lockstep coordination with the agendas of globalists, corporatists, transhumanists, and legions of self-promoting opportunists.

The fixations and priorities of our globalist Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, demonstrate much about the larger patterns of thought and action through which we have been living for two years. Generally speaking Trudeau leaves little room for average people to play meaningful roles in developing Canada’s national and foreign policies.

Trudeau tends to take his guidance, from secret proceedings in supranational venues that do their political business at levels of interaction far above international relations. Trudeau is far from alone among government leaders in applying this approach especially to the formulation of COVID policies.       

As in most countries, the public’s initial willingness to accept Canada’s lockstep COVID policies has depended on the media’s 24/7 cultivation of mass hysteria. Experience over time has made it abundantly clear that the media’s purposeful traumatization of large portions of the people is meant to overwhelm even the possibility of rational discourse on the power grabs taking place in the name of public health.

In what must go down in history as one of the classic examples of political ineptness ever put on the public record, Trudeau initially dismissed the truckers’ convoys and their supporters as a “small fringe minority…. holding unacceptable views [that] do not represent Canadians.”

See this.

The absurdity of Trudeau’s now-notorious comments were contradicted even at the time the PM made them by the avid attention showered by large segments of people on the truckers’ road trips to Ottawa. The spectacle attracted the enthusiastic participation of large numbers of Canadians who happily went outdoors to brave in the frigid mid-winter climate of northern North America.

In big cities, small towns, tiny hamlets and on hundreds of highway overpasses, Canadians of many backgrounds and political persuasions gathered together in memorable displays of national unity. As Canadians we expressed our menaced freedoms of assembly, conscience and expression in scores of locations along thousands of miles of the Trans-Canada Highway. This patriotic display of love of country during a very troubled time will forever command a unique place in the social and political history of our country.

In spite of the media’s crude effort to defame and demean this indigenous display of resistance to COVID lunacies, the continent-spanning scale and boldness of this display of popular resistance cannot be denied. It continues to provide compelling evidence that there was nothing small or fringe or minoritarian about this outpouring of popular sentiment.

The dramatic mobilization of the big rigs and their independent-minded drivers was greeted with massive approval especially by working class and middle class Canadians. Generally speaking, however, the ruling class and their woke acolytes were not amused. Through their media extensions our governing elites tried to downplay the local, national and international significance of this upsurge in political self-empowerment by essential workers who refused to be compliant.

There were many manifestations of enthusiastic endorsement of the truckers’ decision to bring a very important collection of political messages to distant officials gathered in and around Canada’s Parliament.  After two years of invasive government intrusion into basically all facets of our private and public lives, finally there seemed to be some hope of relief on the horizon. Millions of Canadians decided simultaneously that the country’s truckers had the capacity to lead a collective turning of the corner back to some measure of sanity and common sense.   

The time was right to look back at the government’s initial directive in early 2020 to shelter in place for two weeks in order to flatten the curve of hospitalizations. That original order was repeated, extended, reinforced, and built upon to bring about almost two years of increasingly repressive treatment by our arrogant governors.

In the process our governments and the media morphed into many varieties of COVID Officialdom. Nothing other than COVID seemed to matter to the tyrants who had taken control. The full gamut of government policies was seemingly downgraded in favor of highlighting a ubiquitous policy to meet in a multiplicity of ways the alleged threats of COVID-19.

This one pervasive policy is based on claims of the need for a wide array of emergency responses to a supposedly new coronavirus. To this day no evidence has been produced to prove that the supposedly novel virus day has been isolated and identified.

The core strategy coming from governments and their elaborate arrays of propagandistic media conduits has been to persuade all members of the general public to regard one another as active or potential biohazards. These efforts by COVID Officialdom to blast apart the perceptual basis of social cohesion have been concerted and intense. The process was helped along by the effort to put us behind mandated masks and surrounded us in many of our transactions with plexiglass barriers. In many ways we were muzzled, downgraded and dehumanized.

At the same time we were ruinously prevented by the nonsensical lockdowns from continuing many of our human interactions including those involving commerce, education, religion, culture, recreation and sports. All these impositions were imposed in ways well calculated to constrain our capacities to organize in resistance to the very aggressive denial of our human and constitutional rights.  

As the lockdown of our rights and freedoms intensified, we were showered with a barrage of hollow celebrity endorsements lauding the restrictions. A good example of this phenomenon is in the content of a WHO-backed television special. It featured in April of 2020 the likes of Lady Gaga, Elton John, the Rolling Stones, and the perennial COVID con man, Stephen Colbert.

Well-known personalities were recruited from many fields, including sports and Christian religion, to contribute to a giant PR spinorama. Its purpose was to induce the public to suspend its critical facilities and to accept that the overturning of our lives was justified and even sensible. Unfortunately too many people took the bait. See this.

Many of us who worked hard to stay informed and retain our capacity for reason are only now starting to come to grips with the monumental scale of the multi-faceted frauds to which we have been subjected. In the eyes of a significant segment of the population, that official narrative of COVID-19 is fast coming undone.

For instance how can we avoid seeing the broader and darker implications of the disastrous elevation of the gene-modifying injections as if no other sound treatments for the COVID contagion were available? Government and the most corrupted branches of the medical profession joined forces to deny the public access to safe and effective natural remedies providing protection from the real or imagined incursions of the celebrity virus.

With natural remedies such as Ivermectin pushed to the sidelines, we were assaulted by misleading advertising pitches followed by coercive pressure to accept the dangerous clot shots. These COVID jabs have proven to be anything but safe and effective. The evidence continues to grow that the ineffectiveness of the COVID injections has implications that cut far deeper than a failure of immunization.

Media agencies, with the publicly-funded broadcasters like the BBC and CBC leading the way, have conspired to deny the public any factual basis for meeting the conditions of informed consent when taking part in a giant medical experiment still in its early stages. The deceptions continue to come at us with rapid-fire intensity.

The truckers’ convoy is offering a well-grounded antidote to the speciousness of power that has been reaching all-time highs especially since the lies and crimes of 9/11 initiated the twenty-first century. The action now centered in Ottawa is signaling in Canada and beyond that some relief from the onslaught of COVID dictates might be in sight.

The growth of the resistance has spread throughout North America where demonstrations of support and solidarity have burgeoned especially on both sides of the Canada-US border. One of the demonstrations resulted in an ambitious action by truckers and their supporters at a crossing point on the international border near Coutts Alberta. This extension of the political protest in Ottawa helped incite disarray in the fractured provincial government of Premier Jason Kenney. See this.

Since transport by truck is a near universal requirement of organized human societies throughout the world, the Canadian example is proving to be contagious. It has been announced in a headline, for instance, that “Canada’s Freedom Convoy Has Inspired Truckers in Europe, Australia and USA to Hold Freedom Rallies Around the World.” See this.

The truckers’ stand in Ottawa is providing a prototype of how average people can meaningfully organize and express power through civil resistance and peaceful noncompliance. Thoreau and Gandhi would have approved. Freedom convoys embody a means to register serious grievances and principled positions through a combined application of carrot and stick tactics.

Right now the emphasis must be to pressure governments and their globalist handlers in the banks, the media, and the “think tanks” to pull back from the attempt to exercise such intense authoritarian control over our bodies, our minds, our behavior, our institutions and even our spirits. In the final analysis the current clash comes down to a confrontation between a very materialist urge to dominate nature, including human nature, and a worldview with room to embrace spiritual and religious inspirations.

Under these conditions how can we fail to contemplate the sublime mysteries expressed in the amazing workings of healthy human immune systems as a divine marvel of the natural world? What is to be said of any supposed public health policy resulting in disabling attacks on natural immunity through forced injections?  See this.

The Fraud of Public-Private Partnerships

Like Angela Merkel, Emanuel Macron, Gavin Newsom, Chrystia Freeland, Jeff Bezos, Tony Blair, Mark Zukerberg, Bill Gates along with many other leading performers in the Crazy COVID Circus, Justin Trudeau is an alumnus of the Davos school. Often associated with annual gatherings that take place in the Swiss resort town of Davos, this school is contained within the larger framework of the World Economic Forum.

The WEF has long included various versions of a Leaders of Tomorrow program in which Justin Trudeau has taken part. An avid promoter of transhumanism as the basis of what he calls the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Karl Schwab is the founder of the WEF.  

The WEF was established in Geneva Switzerland in 1971, the same year as Justin Trudeau was born. The organization specializes in pushing on governments and on so-called “civil society organizations” the agendas of global corporations and their bankers. Civil society organizations often claim to represent some average and some oppressed people. Most often, however, their real function is to promote the agendas of rich funders, George Soros often prominent among them.

The WEF is one of a number of partnered, Swiss-headquartered institutions. These organizations include the Red Cross, the World Health Organization (WHO) and Bill Gates’ supranational organization, the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization, GAVI.

Switzerland is the place where warring parties often conduct secret negotiations especially in the realm of high finance. This heritage is being drawn upon as Geneva is once again a major site of secret negotiations involving the attempted global coup presently underway. The cover for the global coup attempt is the worldwide health emergency misleadingly categorized by the WHO as a pandemic .

Like the WEF, GAVI seeks to justify itself as a mecca of so-called “public-private partnerships.” Many of the machinations of Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Justin Trudeau and their globalist cronies are described as public-private partnerships. Public-private partnerships usually describe the process of getting governments to buy into schemes hatched by the leadership of big corporations and their bankers.

When government officials adopt the agendas of globalist elites, they steal away influence from the very people they are supposed to represent. Accordingly, when governments become servants of globe-trotting plutocrats who are often devoid of national allegiances, they deprive the public of opportunities to influence the policy directions of their own national governments.

The resulting disenfranchisement is compounded by the censorious nature of a uniformly biased media. Its strident determination to withhold and block the flow of crucial information deprives the public of the knowledge resources they require to survive and to thrive. In particular, it cripples the public’s capacity to make good electoral decisions bolstered by the attribute of truly informed consent.

Accordingly, the proliferation of so-called public-private partnerships helps disguise the reality that the so-called public has been stripped of democratic opportunities to influence their own governments. In the process of deciding policy, Trudeau, it seems, is looking much more to Davos rather than to the Canadian truckers whose rigs are parked in Ottawa. How long will the truckers stay there?  

In 2010 Schwab essentially handed over an important platform to Bill Gates in order to initiate the so-called “Decade of Vaccines” at the WEF’s annual gathering in the lavish settings of Davos. The Decade of Vaccines conveniently culminated in 2020 with the initiation shortly after Event 201 of the manufactured COVID crisis.

According to Joss Evans’ essay on “Karl Schwab’s WEF Alumi,” many of the graduates of the Davos-based Young Leaders’ Program have come to fill positions of power throughout the supposed pandemic. In these roles Schwab’s initiates have uniformly acted in conformity with the policies adopted and defended by Justin Trudeau. The WEF alumni have been zealous and steadfast champions of  “zero-covid strategies.” These strategies include “lockdowns, mask mandates and vaccine mandates.” See thisthis and this.

PM Trudeau’s politics both domestically and internationally have lined up well with the positions of both Schwab and Gates. In the name of a “Great Reset” their project has been to transform the manufactured COVID crisis into a radical remaking of the world’s political economy.

With an emphasis on further facilitating the concentration of wealth and power through renovations in global banking, proponents of the Great Reset have put a high premium on eliminating the few remaining remnants of national sovereignty. The WEF disguises its globalist agenda of expanded corporatism behind a veneer of pseudo-ecological ornamentation. The organization’s leaders describe, for instance, their wish “to achieve a carbon-neutral, nature-positive economy and halt biodiversity loss by 2030.” See this.

The WEF has become one of the leading magnets of functions that once belonged firmly to the realm of responsible governance in national parliaments and legislatures. These tradition-bound institutions have been the site of many functions now taken over by supranational processes whose functionaries speak the technocratic language of, for instance, the Great Reset and public-private partnerships. Such partnerships have no real place for “the public” especially when it comes to having any influence over the implementation of COVID-19 globalism.

Almost invariably the power vested in wealth is paramount in determining the worldwide changes that are killing the middle class and transforming legislatures into museum artifacts pre-empted by the secret clubs and the transactions of multi-billionaires. These billionaires have added more than 50% of net worth to their portfolios in their self-interested management of the manufactured COVID crisis.  They are reported to be $4 trillion richer as unemployment, suicide and bankruptcy rates skyrocket among average people. See this.

Accordingly, Justin Trudeau’s background as an inheritor of dynastic wealth and power may have added an extra surge of drama into the mid-winter showdown in Ottawa between our globe-hopping Prime Minister and our salt-of-the earth truckers. As Jeffrey A. Tucker observed of the showdown in his essay, “Justin Trudeau Ducks the Great Truckers Revolt,” what we are witnessing is shaping up to be “one of the most significant clashes in the world in the great battle between freedom and those governments that have set out to crush it.” See this.

Reflecting on the larger implications of what has transpired, former US congressman Ron Paul observed, “We Are All Canadian Truckers Now.” See this.

Trudeau, Schwab, Gates and the other leading proponents of the Great Reset have many ambitious plans. Some of these plans are openly promoted while others are being carried out surreptitiously. Included among the more covert objectives is the radical depopulation initiative that has now been initiated. One of the markers of the plan’s existence is the drive to universalize the gene-altering clot shots that will shorten the lives of millions of jab recipients. How many of the jab victims have already died and why is the full extent of this mortality being so aggressively withheld from the public?  

Functional vaccines are known to prevent the taking in and outward transmission of targeted contagions. Neither of these functions are fulfilled by the COVID-19 injections. The gene-modifying procedures stimulated by the clots shots produce proliferations of pathogenic spike proteins that create havoc especially throughout cardio-vascular systems.

We have no reason to assume that the present preoccupation of the pharmaceutical industry with the making of genetically-modified humans is benign or even well intentioned. The aim of this type of intervention may well be to introduce the procedures and precedents supporting the production of transhuman beings. As already noted, Karl Schwab presents himself as an expert authority on transhumanism.

The goals being brought closer to hand might well include the remaking of our posterity as bio-digital organisms. For the genetic engineers coming on stream, these altered human organisms might well be idealized for their more thorough integration with global networks of surveillance, social credit scoring, cashless financial transactions, pervasive robotization, and deeply-invasive Artificial Intelligence, AI.

Triple-Jabbed and Still Catching COVID

As Trudeau was attempting to slither away from any face-to-face exchange or encounter with the leadership of the truckers, he invoked the presence of COVID as justification for his elusive behaviour. At first he said he had been in the presence of someone with COVID but he  had subsequently tested negative. Then a few hours later Trudeau explained that he had been triple jabbed but had been diagnosed as positive for COVID while being “asymptomatic.”

Putting aside the compelling argument that at least one of his jabs appeared to involve playacting rather than reality, his next comment raises many fundamental issues. The Prime Minister proclaimed, “Everyone please get vaccinated and boosted.” Why would any conscious and reasonable person follow such instructions from an individual who had just declared he had caught COVID even after being triple jabbed. See this.

Apparently without realizing it, Trudeau was essentially announcing what his own case clearly demonstrates. The clot shots don’t work to prevent the spread of the celebrity coronavirus. In fact they encourage the development of many pathologies that have already caused many millions of injuries and many outright deaths in the human population.

Many medical practitioners have been well rewarded for conspiring with government officials to hide these damning facts from the general public. They have attempted to black out the information on injection deaths and injuries. Much information on this topic, however, is available to those with both the capability and independence of mind to look outside the digital domain dominated by the heavily censored legacy media.

Trudeau’s abject failure to change his narrative to take account of the fuller picture of what is actually going on, is being replicated through the broad sweep of COVID Officialdom. Increasingly its operatives have blood on their hands. For starters, Trudeau and his Chief Public Health Officer, Theresa Tam, have blood on their hands. Joe Biden has blood on his hands. The fake journalists at the CBC and the BBC have blood on their hands. The administrators of many universities have blood on their hands.

The constant flow of disinformation peddled by tens of thousands of communications agencies has been depriving millions of people of all the evidence they need to make sound life-and-death decisions for themselves and their children. Injection deaths and injuries are not rare aberrations. The jabs-for-jobs injections are doing a world of harm while they offer few if any benefits other than temporarily holding back the discriminatory wrath of the injection zealots employed in COVID Officialdom.

We have been subjected to a monumental scam whose protagonists are exploiting the imagery of public health as a cover for the installation of a broad array of precedents and procedures whose object is tyrannical control of the public.

Jagmeet Singh is one of the figures that keeps Trudeau’s two-time minority government afloat in the Zoom environment that has been made to replace Parliament over much of the previous two years. Singh is a Sikh who is leader of the New Democratic Party of Canada (NDP). The NDP has inherited the left-leaning legacy of social democracy in Canada. It is the political equivalent in Canada of the Labour Party.

The Liberal Party led by Justin Trudeau cannot command a majority of votes in Canada’s House of Commons. Thus Trudeau requires additional votes from the MPs representing other parties in Parliament. In this environment Trudeau often looks to Jagmeet Singh and his national NDP party to contribute the backing he needs to keep his minority Liberals in power.

Like the opposition parties in most Western governments, Singh has been an enthusiastic supporter of even Justin Trudeau’s most extreme COVID policies. In fact in many provincial legislatures, NDP MLAs often complain that prevailing COVID restrictions of governments do not go far enough. The NDP wants more masking, more lockdowns, more social distancing and more mandatory injections.

This background helps establish the context of a startling tweet made by Singh when the truckers touched down in Ottawa. Pointing to the party with the second highest number of MPs in Parliament—what is known in our constitutional monarchy as Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition Party— Singh said the following:

“Today Conservative MPs have endorsed a convoy led by those who claim the superiority of the white bloodline and equate Islam to a disease.” See this.

This criticism of the truckers collectively and of Conservative MPs generally as Islamophobes and as people who believe in “the superiority of the white bloodline” seems astonishing to me. Of course no evidence is offered to support this slur.

As far as I know, no mainstream media agency paid the slightest attention to this accusation by one of Ottawa’s most high-profile politicians. Such hyperbole, I suppose, has been “normalized” to become a dog-bites-man story. Singh’s condemnation of truckers seems well in line with Trudeau’s assertion that those opposed to his COVID policies can be collectively categorized as “racists and misogynists.”

The rules were very different when it came to the claim by some that Confederate and Nazi flags had been spotted in the Ottawa demonstrations. I am not aware of any proper investigation to make sure that these images weren’t planted by partisans seeking to discredit the messages of love, unity, equality, and hope brought to Ottawa by the truckers’ convoy. This technique for the demonization of political opponents has become all too common in recent times.

The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) together with B’nai Brith Canada seemed to side with Trudeau’s efforts to dismiss all of the Ottawa demonstrators as representatives of a fringe minority dominated by racists. Both ethnic organizations are agencies of the powerful Israel Lobby in Canada. Shimon Koffler Fogel, the CEO of the CIJA, made his position very clear. Rather than comment on matters of substance being decided by the Canadian government in venues where Fogel has a seat at the table, he resorts to damaging innuendo. He calls on those he condemns “to crawl back under the rock they slipped out from.” See this.

The determination of the truckers to stay stationed in place and to remain in Ottawa until their issues are seriously addressed, is predictably being criticized. There can no longer be any doubt about the notorious slant of a biased media whose propaganda as apologists for power is now widely understood by those paying attention.

So don’t look to the legacy media for fair coverage of the dynamics of what is about to happen in subsequent phases of this showdown, one that very likely will determine the political future of Justin Trudeau. His opposite in Parliament has already been eliminated. On 2 February Erin O’Toole was ousted from his position as leader of the federal Conservative Party. Its leadership is now up-for-grabs.

The nosedives in the popularity of Canada’s Prime Minister and the former Leader of the Opposition Conservative Party have occurred simultaneously with announcements that many COVID restrictions are being eliminated in eleven European countries as well as in Israel. Finally it is absolutely clear that there is no political consensus supporting the power grab of the protagonists who have seditiously manufactured the COVID crisis. See this.

Dr. Anthony J. Hall is a renowned author, emeritus Professor of Globalization Studies at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada. He has been a professor in the Canadian university system since 1982. Dr. Hall, has recently finished a big two-volume publishing project at McGill-Queen’s University Press entitled “The Bowl with One Spoon”.

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