$4 Billion and Counting: The D.C. War Machine Feasts on Ukraine

After going a full administration without a new war to fill their coffers, the D.C. defense industry has finally found their next big prize. After dismissing the prospect of diplomacy between Ukraine and Russia, the Biden Administration continues to flood Ukraine with an endless supply of military hardware, while using extraconstitutional means to perpetually lengthen the size and scope of America’s involvement in the Russia-Ukraine war.

Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson had their time to shine, but now it’s the defense contractors’ time to hoover up all it can from the taxpayer-funded Beltway regime. Welcome back to your place in the spotlight, and hop on back aboard the U.S. taxpayer gravy train, Boeing, Raytheon, Lockheed, and friends. There’s an ongoing inter slavic conflict 5,000 miles away from our shores, and the war machine is ready to eat.

On Tuesday, Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (who served on the board of Raytheon prior to his appointment) kicked off what he deemed a “historic meeting” of more than 40 allied countries, with the purported goal to “help Ukraine win the fight against Russia’s unjust invasion.”

And how exactly will Lloyd Austin accomplish such a task?

That will be pursued, according to the Pentagon’s brightest minds, through arming up Ukraine with an endless supply of military supplies, such as heavy weapons, vehicles, fighter jets and the like.

There will be plenty of near future opportunities to facilitate the flow of weapons to Ukraine, Sec Austin said during his comments. “The coming weeks will be so crucial for Ukraine, so we’ve got to move at the speed of war,” Austin added, explaining that this newly formed “Ukraine Security Consultive Group” will be meeting monthly. Yes, monthly. This “consultive group” will bring together the defense industries of 40 allied countries in order to inundate Ukraine — which is the most corrupt country in Europe — with Western arms and aid.

The Biden Pentagon and its friends have ambitious plans for Ukraine, acknowledging that Kiev will be leveraged as the tip of the spear in this apparent fight against Russia. On Tuesday, the U.S. defense chief pledged that Russia will be “weakened to the degree that it cannot do the kinds of things it has done.”

In respect for America’s 21st century foreign policy tradition, the White House is operating with complete disregard for the U.S. Constitution. Congress did not declare war on Russia, yet the Biden Administration has announced a blank check policy to actively participate in a war occurring in the Russia-Ukraine border region. Over $4 billion dollars worth of weapons have already flooded into Ukraine over the course of 2 months. Artillery, unmanned drones, Raytheon-made javelins, you name it. It’s all going to Kiev.

There seems to be no transparency or tracking mechanism in place for the warp speed weapons deliveries. The Biden Administration has already acknowledged that they have no idea where the weapons are ending up once they enter Ukraine.

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