The Inevitability Of Nuclear WW3 if Western Patriots Won’t Strike Surgically at the Enemy from Within

It is always wise to consider the views of the Russian cabinet members and financial advisors, when it comes to understanding how the Empire’s war against Russia in Ukraine is going to develop in the near future.

In this article, numerous firm opinions expressed by Sergey Glazyev in various interviews given to Russian media in the past will be discussed. Glazyev, a former advisor to Russian President Vladimir Putin, holds respected opinions within the Russian government hierarchy despite leaving his official Kremlin position in 2019.

They will demonstrate the wide distortion of Western views on Putin, often likening him to the “new Hitler,” which stems from propaganda propagated by the Western Military Industrial Banking complex (MIBC) and their portrayal of Putin as a Gulag-enforcing Stalin from the communist USSR of the 1930s.

The Attacks by the Western MIBC (Military Industrial Banking Complex) will also be addressed.

Trump’s Two-Faced Presidency

During Trump’s tenure as US President, he displayed anti-establishment tendencies in certain aspects. However, his approach to the trade war with China was aligned with the establishment, as desired by the MIBC, which aimed to dismantle China through this economic conflict.

When this strategy proved unsuccessful, the focus shifted from incessantly vilifying China in the US media to demonizing Russia instead.

The motivations behind targeting China were evident due to its remarkable economic growth, which saw a tenfold increase since 1995, compared to a mere 15% growth experienced by the US economy during the same period.

Additionally, China managed to avoid significant inflation rates observed in other Western nations, primarily because their monetary printing coincided with substantial economic expansion that absorbed a significant portion, although not all, of the monetary influx.

Conversely, Western nations faced soaring inflation rates due to excessive printing of US dollars and Euros by their central banks, without corresponding substantial economic growth as witnessed in China. Consequently, many Western central bankers inadvertently made inflation their primary export to other nations.

The Global Pandemic vs China?

Glazyev holds a strong belief that the coronavirus was a deliberate biological attack orchestrated by the US with the aim of weakening China.

He views this attack as the second phase of the Western MIBC’s strategy, following the unsuccessful outcomes of Trump’s trade war in achieving the desired economic effects.

In subsequent sections of this article, Glazyev’s perspectives on the global economy will be examined to provide a comprehensive analysis supporting his theory that the coronavirus was a biological warfare attack intended to destroy China—a claim that can be considered highly plausible.

While it is evident that the Chinese government implemented extreme and unscientific lockdown measures in their most densely populated cities, resulting in significant financial and psychological burdens on millions of their citizens, Glazyev contends that the US’s biological warfare assault on China failed to generate the anticipated economic chaos.

Now that the information regarding the US MIBC’s funding of gain-of-function research that weaponized the coronavirus in Wuhan, China has become widely known, it becomes evident why Trump’s continuous demonization of Asians by referring to it as the China virus aligns with the MIBC and establishment narrative.

Trump’s characterization of the coronavirus as the “Chinese virus” can be compared to labeling the iPhone as a Chinese phone, considering its manufacturing in China due to Apple’s investment in production. Such a characterization would be met with considerable ridicule.

However, despite the fact that the gain-of-function research conducted at the Wuhan lab received funding from US organizations like EcoHealth Alliance, the National Institutes for Health, Dr. Fauci’s NIAID, and Dr. Peter Hotez, who channeled over $6 million through a grant for such research in Wuhan, Trump successfully labeled the coronavirus as a “Chinese virus.”

This rhetoric inadvertently played into the hands of the MIBC establishment, while Trump also carried out actions that challenged the establishment, thereby infuriating them as well. It is worth noting that if Glazyev believes that the coronavirus was a US biological warfare attack on China, it is highly likely that Russian leadership, including Putin, are well-informed about Glazyev’s beliefs.

Combining this with Glazyev’s understanding of the US CIA-led coup in Ukraine, which aimed to remove Viktor Yanukovich and install the US-backed Poroshenko as a puppet leader, and his analysis that Russia made critical errors in handling the Ukrainian crisis post-coup, including allowing US Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland to invest billions in Ukraine for propaganda dissemination and the manipulation of hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian citizens, it becomes clear that believing Russia will refrain from retaliating against a NATO nation is a simplistic viewpoint.

“Revolution of Dignity” in 2014

Glazyev goes further to claim that the US “tricked” Russia into permitting their occupation of Ukraine, subsequently training Nazi sympathizers in military academies funded by the US for future warfare, and converting a significant number (around 150-200 thousand) of Ukrainian citizens into mindlessly obedient combatants following orders from Zelensky’s administration.

Reading Glazyev’s words evokes a sense of his disdain for Russia being deceived into a war in Ukraine, as he believes that if Russia had responded back in 2014 after the CIA-led coup, it could have potentially avoided the large-scale battles that have already taken place.

Moreover, when considering Glazyev’s assessment of the Ukrainian war, it becomes important to acknowledge the presence of individuals in Ukraine who possess similar intelligence and have not been “zombified” into mindless robots by Victoria Nuland and Volodymyr Zelensky.

These individuals likely despise Zelensky and the CIA for the damage inflicted on their country’s future. However, the reason we have not heard about these Ukrainians who detest Zelensky is because both Zelensky and the Western media have effectively silenced them.

Zelensky has demonstrated his power to imprison US citizen Gonzalo Lira for criticizing him without facing any consequences from the US government.

It is certain that numerous Ukrainian journalists critical of Zelensky, who has sent countless untrained Ukrainians to their deaths on the war’s frontlines against Russia, have also been incarcerated.

The fact that the US MIB complex promotes its war against Russia in Ukraine as a fight for “democracy” while simultaneously allowing its own citizens to be imprisoned for exercising free speech, permitting Zelensky to suppress all his critics with impunity, and enabling the suspension of democratic elections in the name of “democracy” is a complete distortion of democratic principles.

Furthermore, contrary to the Western belief that Putin is akin to Hitler or Satan, propagated tirelessly by the Western Military Industrial Banking Complex-controlled media, the truth is quite the opposite. Russia has repeatedly made efforts to negotiate peace in Ukraine, only to be met with rejection from the Western MIBC, as documented by Putin, leading to further escalation of the conflict.

Britain’s Historical Precedent

Glazyev draws a comparison between Britain’s involvement in World War I and the current US engagement in Ukraine against Russia.

According to Glazyev, Britain’s loss of its empire to competing powers like Russia and Germany prompted its decision to instigate World War I.

He argues that Britain successfully achieved its desired outcome after the war, which involved the complete economic collapse of not only Russia and Germany but also the Austrian-Hungarian and Ottoman empires.

Glazyev asserts that the Western MIBC is using Britain’s blueprint from WWI to wage economic warfare in an attempt to trigger the economic collapse of China and Russia today, as both countries pose a significant threat to the existing US/UK empire.

Furthermore, Glazyev explains that once a post-World War economic power structure is established, the Ruling Class consistently makes decisions aimed at obstructing the economic progress of any nations that pose a threat to its global economic dominance.

The Ruling Class is willing to employ any means necessary, including military, psychological, and biological warfare, to maintain its superior position. This is particularly notable as China, India, and other non-NATO nations have taken the lead in the development of GenIV nuclear energy technology.

Pentagon’s Biowarfare Lab in Ukraine

Despite the US-funded media’s immediate denial of Glazyev’s claims regarding the discovery of US-funded biowarfare laboratories in Ukraine, it is crucial to consider a significant fact that is often overlooked, distorting the understanding of the potential next escalation phase of the US/UK war against Russia in Ukraine.

Regardless of whether these claims are Russian propaganda or truth, it is highly likely that the top echelons of the Russian military establishment believe that the evidence they have gathered supports the following conclusions:

  1. The Western MIBC initiated a trade war against China with the aim of causing economic destruction, but their efforts proved unsuccessful.
  2. Faced with the failure of their economic war against China, they resorted to a biological war by intentionally releasing a virus from the Wuhan labs, with the goal of inflicting economic damage on China. Additionally, there are claims made by Glazyev, although unverified, that bioweapons targeting ethnic Slavs were being developed in Ukraine.
  3. When both Phase I and Phase II of the MIBC’s war against China failed, they intensified their endeavors to undermine Russia, a campaign that began several years ago with the CIA-led coup in Ukraine in 2014.
  4. The US MIBC invested billions of dollars in indoctrinating hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians to harbor hatred toward Russia and unconditionally support Zelensky, without considering moral implications.

Regardless of the truth or falsehood of the four points mentioned above, it is not relevant whether the reader personally believe in their veracity.

What is crucial is that the top echelons of the Russian military likely hold the belief that all four points are true.

Moreover, they may also subscribe to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Sy Hersh’s exposé alleging that the US/UK committed an act of eco-terrorism by sabotaging the Nordstream gas pipelines.

Additionally, they have witnessed significant amounts of economic aid and weaponry flowing from the Western MIBC into Ukraine since Russia’s invasion, with the purpose of targeting Russian soldiers.

For readers who predominantly rely on the news narratives presented by networks such as MSNBC, CNN, and publications like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Economist, and the Wall Street Journal, it is probable that they perceive the aforementioned assertions by Glazyev as Russian propaganda. It is likely that some readers will consider certain claims to be true while regarding others as false.

However, when faced with a conflict between opinion and reality, what truly matters is the reality itself. The reality is that the Russian military establishment, constituting their MIB complex, probably believes all of the aforementioned points to be true. Once this understanding is established, it becomes certain that a response is forthcoming.

What type of response can we expect from Russia, and where might it occur?

The likely form of response and its location remain subjects of speculation.

Military and biological strikes are deemed unlikely, given Russia’s demonstrated restraint in the war against Ukraine to minimize harm to civilians.

It should be noted that some allegations of atrocities committed by Russian troops, such as the rape of Ukrainian civilians, have been propagated without substantiating evidence.

While acknowledging that war breeds atrocities, both Ukrainian and Russian forces may have been involved. However, many of these allegations lack verifiable proof and have been embraced by some despite that fact.

Although Glazyev has not explicitly addressed this potential course of action, it is conceivable that Russia could respond through cyber warfare, leveraging their reputation for having skilled hackers.

Inevitability of A New Arms Race

Glazyev’s statement about the inevitability of an arms race resulting from significant technological shifts occurring every fifty years suggests that a new world war could emerge roughly once a century, as he noted in the post-World War II era.

It has been 84 years since the last world war. China’s advancements in GenIV nuclear energy has surpassed that of the United States. This development holds immense importance in determining the dominant force in energy development for the next century.

Consequently, the Western MIBC may have motivations to impede China’s progress by resorting to a biological attack, allowing NATO nations time to catch up.

Moreover, reports from various sources, both Western and Eastern, have indicated China’s superiority in AI technology compared to the United States. Considering the close ties between China and Russia, their dominance in these crucial technological domains could establish Eurasia as the economic powerhouse of the future.

Unfortunately, an examination of Russia’s viewpoint regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine has yielded a troubling deduction: the Western MIBC intends to heighten the conflict until they elicit a significant reaction from China or Russia, culminating in a global war that seeks to cripple both countries economically.

While some may consider this hypothesis far-fetched, the lack of firsthand experience with a world war leads many citizens in NATO nations to overlook its potential consequences and unwittingly support further escalation.

However, the presence of historical parallels between the current situation in Ukraine and the conditions preceding World War I and World War II should not be disregarded. It is a common trait of human nature to overlook real possibilities when we lack personal experience with them.

The fact that billions of people worldwide choose to ignore this mounting possibility does not invalidate its existence.

A similar point was made in the past regarding the risks associated with keeping significant savings in the global banking system, as exemplified by the events in Cyprus in 2013. During that time, two banks seized nearly 50% of savings exceeding 100,000 euros, despite ample historical evidence serving as a warning. Regrettably, these concerns were largely dismissed at that time.

Furthermore, a comprehensive understanding of a global conflict should extend beyond conventional military escalation, considering the advancements in technology since World War II that enable non-conventional warfare and its potential for significant casualties.

It is worth acknowledging that the worst-case scenario, involving a tragic escalation of World War III with direct hostilities between NATO nations and Russia/China, is a distinct possibility based on extensive research into the Russian perspective.

Despite Putin’s efforts to ease tensions through a straightforward agreement for Ukraine to demilitarize and abstain from joining NATO, the rejection by the Western MIBC suggests that achieving de-escalation depends on their willingness to embrace peace—an outcome that currently appears highly improbable, given the motivations outlined in this article regarding the MIBC’s pursuit of war with Russia.

Mitigating the Fall Out of an Upgraded Conflict

As the consequences of the MIBC’s actions primarily impact citizens rather than the top echelons of the military-industrial-banking complex, it is prudent for those seeking a decent quality of life beyond the current decade to consider relocating from densely populated, economically and technologically significant regions in Russia, China, the US, and the UK.

Furthermore, if Russia does not want to provoke the biggest NATO bear in launching a counterstrike, it is conceivable that large cities in France and Poland are also at risk for a Russian counterstrike. This would serve as a smaller scale warning to the Military-Industrial-Banking complex machines of the US and the UK, alerting them to the brink of a massively destructive World War.

Given the magnitude of such a decision to uproot one’s entire life and relocate to another city, it is not expected for anyone to blindly believe the hypotheses proposed in this article. However, it is encouraged for all readers to thoroughly research the information presented here in order to become better informed about the situation and to assess the realistic probability of escalation leading to a Russian counterstrike.

Fortunately, Americans are already fleeing cities like San Francisco due to its deteriorating conditions caused by political leadership, resulting in a significant exodus. It is likely that a new tech center will emerge elsewhere in the United States, and if one chooses to live there, it is advisable to reconsider staying in what may become the new “tech center” of the country.

Understanding MIBC’s Control Over Legacy Media

If this is the first time you’re encountering such an viewpoint, it’s likely because the MIBC’s efforts to censor dissenting voices and control the media narrative have been highly effective.

Independent analysts who offer alternative perspectives, such as Max Blumenthal and Alexander Rubinstein from the Grayzone, retired US Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor, and former Marine Corps intelligence officer Scott Ritter, can provide valuable insights that challenge the mainstream media’s pro-war agenda.

By listening to these authoritative individuals, who consistently offer critical viewpoints to counter the mass media propaganda, you’ll gain a more realistic and thought-provoking understanding, similar to the perspective presented here.

Due to the MIBC’s extensive control over the media landscape, there exists a vast majority of individuals who believe falsehoods compared to the few who actively seek out and discover the truth. This phenomenon is not limited to matters of war but extends to various subjects, including finance and investing.

A striking example is the unwavering support that ignorant Americans and Ukrainians exhibit towards Zelensky, despite his detrimental policies that undermine the future of their respective nations.

These individuals, influenced by the MIBC propaganda machine in America and Ukraine, are unaware that Zelensky is a ruthless tyrant who has imprisoned numerous Ukrainian and American journalists for exposing the truth about him.

When opposition is silenced and truth is suppressed, tyranny prevails. Zelensky’s rise to power in Ukraine is directly linked to the Western MIBC’s objective of preserving its global economic dominance.

Consequently, it is within Zelensky’s personal interest to perpetuate the destruction of his country. The longer the war persists, the more he can remain in power and divert millions of dollars, allegedly provided by NATO nations, into his own pockets, as investigative journalist Sy Hersh has claimed.

Remember Zbigniew Brzezinski?

Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski, the Polish-American diplomat known for his involvement in supporting mujahideen resistance fighters in Afghanistan, expressed a clear MIBC policy in the 1980s and early 1990s, which involved creating Al-Qaeda and ISIS terrorists.

Despite the dismissal of historical lessons by many, a comprehensive understanding of present-day conflicts can be gained through the study of history.

Brzezinski’s doctrine emphasized the necessity for the US to disrupt Ukraine’s alliance with Russia in order to prevent Russia from becoming an economic threat. This perspective shaped the Western MIBC’s belief that gaining control over the Eurasian economy would be pivotal in dominating the global economy, regardless of the methods employed.

It is worth considering the potential blowback that could result from training Ukrainian Nazis to fight against Russia, which may inadvertently impact Israel in the future Middle Eastern context.

One undeniable aspect is the Western MIBC’s unwavering commitment to its objectives, without considering the potential consequences of their actions on themselves or their allies. Their myopic approach even neglects the opportunity to strengthen those they view as their adversaries while pursuing their destructive goals.

For instance, the inadvertent release of the Stuxnet virus in 2010, originally developed by Israel and US intelligence agencies to target the Iranian uranium enrichment program, may have provided Russian hackers with the necessary code to launch retaliatory cyberattacks against NATO nations involved in the current conflict in Ukraine.

Today, these Russian hackers could employ modified versions of the code to target critical infrastructure in the US, UK, Poland, or France. It is remarkable that the blueprints for the chaos and destruction being sown by the MIBC are openly available for anyone to read, leading to highly predictable consequences.

However, despite the accessibility of this information, the majority of people in the world still choose to believe the propaganda propagated by the MIBC, as they are conditioned to do so.

Cyber Warfare

If Russia refrains from launching a counterstrike and remains passive, they are aware that the Western MIBC would perceive it as a sign of weakness. This could potentially encourage the reckless actions of the Western MIBC, leading them to consider detonating a dirty bomb on Russian soil as part of their next phase of attacks.

For the US/UK MIBC, escalating the conflict against Russia to include a dirty bomb attack serves two purposes:

  • Firstly, it would result in the loss of innocent Russian lives, which may potentially sway public sentiment against Putin within Russia.
  • Secondly, such an attack would generate global opposition to the further development of GenIV nuclear energy, particularly as the leading nations in this field are currently non-NATO countries.

While it would be a miscalculation on the part of the MIBC to believe that an attack on Russian soil would turn Russian citizens against Putin (given his already high approval rating of 83% among Russians), it would hinder economic growth not only in Russia but also in China, India, Indonesia, and other Eurasian nations. The US/UK MIBC recognizes that controlling these regions is crucial for its continued global economic dominance.

Thus, for the sole purpose of preventing such an attack on the motherland, it is imperative for the Russia MIBC to execute a show of force against the Western MIBC in the near future, either before the end of this year or the end of the following year. And though it is evident that such a counterstrike is highly undesirable, as previously mentioned in this article, it is believed that the likelihood of such an event occurring is significantly elevated given the escalating nature of NATO’s actions in Ukraine.

If a peaceful resolution is not achieved this year, the probability of a forceful response is exceedingly high.

The most probable manifestation of this show of force would be through a meticulously orchestrated cyberattack targeting critical infrastructure in a major city within the US, the UK, Poland, or France. This cyberattack could disrupt financial systems, the electrical grid, transportation networks, or even essential services such as sewage treatment and water supply systems.

Furthermore, given the advanced capabilities of Russian hackers, it is likely that they possess the expertise to obfuscate their tracks during the cyber assault and potentially disseminate propaganda to attribute blame to another nation or proclaim their own innocence. Among the options of military, biological, or cyber attacks, a precisely executed cyberattack, considering the proficiency of Russian hackers, presents the highest potential for maintaining plausible deniability.

It is prudent, therefore, to advocate for a negotiated peace agreement within the coming months.

The gravest consequences of an executed cyberattack would be borne by innocent civilians, while the deranged individuals within the Western MIBC who desire such an attack to plunge the world into a devastating global conflict for the sake of economic dominance would escape unscathed.

However, based on the interpretation of Glazyev’s reflections, just as it was impossible to prevent the British Empire from triggering World War I due to its pursuit of imperial interests, there seems to be little chance, at present, of halting the US/UK MIBC from escalating the conflict in Ukraine into a full-blown world war.

As emphasized before, the crucial factor lies in whether Russia and China also perceive little to no possibility of averting a new world war. Unfortunately, the Western MIBC has provided them with no indication to think otherwise at this juncture.

Thus, from extensive reading of Glazyev’s essays and listening to his interviews, it appears that he contends a forceful retaliatory strike on the soil of a NATO nation is the sole solution capable of preventing a full-blown world war. In his view, only such a strike, rather than peace negotiations, can give the bloodthirsty members of the Western MIBC any pause.

Alternatively, a surgical strike on the parasitic decision makers and wargamers of the other side by highly qualified local operatives can also be voluntarily executed.


In order to sustain their economic growth, Glazyev has emphasized the necessity for both Russia and China to abandon the US dollar.

He highlights instances where the US/UK MIBC seized foreign reserves and stole gold from nations like Venezuela, Afghanistan, Iran, and now Russia, as a warning that reliance on USD reserves and the SWIFT system is not stable.

Glazyev argues that if other nations realize they no longer need to be controlled by their commitment to USD reserves, they can also free themselves from dependence on US multinational corporations, the US dollar, and US technology.

With advancements in technology development by Asian nations, Glazyev believes that non-NATO nations can adequately meet all their economic needs.

As a result, Glazyev’s advocacy for Eurasian nations to detach their economic future from US companies and the USD may have hardened the resolve of the MIBC to escalate their war against Russia and China in an attempt to economically destroy both nations.

Glazyev also discusses why he believes Donald Trump will not win the upcoming 2024 US Presidential elections. While Trump’s demonization of China during the Covid pandemic aligns with the MIBC’s agenda, his decision to kill the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement, which would have granted multinational corporations more power than sovereign governments, has made him a target of the MIBC.

Regarding suspicions of Elvira Nabiullina’s being compromised by the Western MIBC, Glazyev indirectly confirms them by accusing the Bank of Russia of aiding US hedge funds in profiting from ruble speculation and influencing the prices of gold, oil, industrial metals, and grains according to the Western MIBC’s interests. However, Glazyev has not directly named Nabiullina as the weak link within the Bank of Russia.

He also emphasizes the need for non-NATO nations to establish an alternative currency backed by a basket of commodities. This is now being pursued at warp speed by Iran and other Middle Eastern countries, China and Russia.

The era of Western Hegemony is reaching its conclusion, and the responsibility for determining whether this transition will be peaceful rests with the citizens of the countries within the Collective West.

They must understand that all of the deep underground military bunkers (DUMB) are not for them but exclusively prepared for the high profile Nazis and Khazarian Mafia family members, and their closest allies only.

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