Russia To Assist Nigeria in Revitalizing Its Steel Industry

The largest steel mill in the African nation was constructed through a collaboration with the Soviet Union. Over the years, Russia has remained a reliable ally for Nigeria, and the two countries have developed a strong government-to-government relationship.

During the Russia-Africa forum held in St. Petersburg, Mary Ogbe, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Steel Development, expressed Nigeria’s intention to seek Russia’s assistance in reviving its aluminum and steel mining sector, with a particular focus on restoring the steel plant located in Ajaokuta, built by the Soviet Union around 44 years ago.

The goal is to make the plant operational again to drive Nigeria’s industrialization efforts.

The forum is facilitating increased cooperation between Russia and Nigeria, extending to various sectors such as health, agriculture, infrastructure, and energy enhancement.

The Nigerian delegation received positive responses from Russia, especially regarding energy projects, as industrialization requires a reliable power supply.

In addition to attracting Russian companies to participate in energy projects, Nigeria is also interested in acquiring appropriate technologies for oil and gas extraction.

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  1. It’s a good gesture of Russia to show not only to African nations but also to the whole world that they are reliable and dependable partners to those countries in dire need of assistance.

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