Defense Minister Warns of Direct Russia-NATO Conflict, A Global Showdown Between West and East

Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin delivered a stark message at the International Security Conference in Moscow, asserting that Russia and Belarus could inevitably engage in a direct confrontation with NATO in the future.

Khrenin highlighted the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, which he characterized as evolving into a broader “global confrontation between the West and the East.”

Khrenin pointed to the escalating arms expenditures in Western nations, asserting that the trend leads to an “undeniable” outcome: a high likelihood of direct military clashes with NATO down the line.

Khrenin also underlined Belarus’ perspective on strategic deterrence, highlighting the country’s consideration of reintroducing tactical nuclear weapons to its territory. This, he suggested, could be an effective deterrent measure.

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s announcement in March about placing Russian nuclear weapons in Belarus was framed as a response to the UK’s supply of toxic depleted uranium ammunition to Kiev.

Russian Foreign Ministry official Aleksey Polishchuk later articulated that the removal of these weapons hinges on the removal of US nuclear missiles from Europe, coupled with the dismantling of related infrastructure.

While Ukraine’s Western supporters have denied direct involvement in the Ukrainian conflict and have refrained from providing certain advanced weaponry that could escalate tensions with Russia, they have contributed over $100 billion in arms to Kiev.

Moscow has persistently cautioned that each subsequent weapons shipment brings the US and NATO closer to active participation in the conflict.

Additionally, the Kremlin has accused Western nations of endorsing terrorism by enabling Ukraine’s drone attacks on Russian civilians.

Khrenin asserted that a broader geopolitical agenda is at play, claiming that the European power elites are dedicated to a global conflict against the East.

He painted the proxy war in Ukraine as a trigger for a potential third world war, placing the planet on the brink of catastrophic confrontation.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has echoed similar sentiments, framing the conflict as a manifestation of the US and its allies’ efforts to obstruct the emergence of a multipolar world order.

Putin’s viewpoint contends that Russian troops are not merely combating the Ukrainian military but are facing off against the entire Western military machinery.

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