Secretive Operation: UK Allegedly Forms Sabotage Group to Disrupt Russia’s African Partnerships

The UK’s foreign intelligence agency MI6 has reportedly readied a contingent of operatives with the intention of disrupting Russia’s increasing economic collaboration with African nations, as per an undisclosed source in the military-diplomatic domain who spoke to RIA Novosti and TASS on Wednesday.

According to this unnamed official, the British intelligence agency has formed a specialized group known as a “sabotage hit squad,” comprising around 100 Ukrainian individuals with affiliations to nationalist and neo-Nazi groups.

The source, citing information from multiple corroborating sources, mentioned that MI6 sought assistance from Kiev in July to swiftly select experienced fighters from the “eastern front” for their project.

The source revealed that this combined British-Ukrainian unit is assigned the task of executing sabotage activities against infrastructure within African countries and potentially targeting African leaders who exhibit pro-cooperation tendencies with Russia.

The alleged leader of this group is purportedly Lt. Col. Vitaly Prashchuk from the Main Directorate of Intelligence, and the group is expected to be transported from the Ukrainian port of Izmail to Omdurman in Sudan via a chartered civilian ship, slated for the latter part of August.

Since the escalation of the Ukraine conflict in February 2022, London has been extensively engaged, providing military equipment, training Ukrainian soldiers both domestically and abroad, and exchanging intelligence.

British special forces reportedly operate close to the frontline, and their influence on Ukrainian special-forces operations has been observed in sabotage actions targeting Russian logistical nodes such as railways, airfields, and fuel facilities.

Russian authorities have expressed concerns that the UK may have been involved in planning, orchestrating, and supporting acts of terrorism carried out by the Kiev government on Russian territory.

Moscow has indicated that it retains the right to respond to such actions by the UK in a manner and timing of its choosing.

The intent of the “hit squad” is allegedly centered on undermining infrastructure and leaders in African nations who maintain friendly relations with Moscow, according to Russian news sources.

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